Thursday, 2016-02-18

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madhusudanI have ported sailfish os to redmi1s second sim isnot detecting i have ubuntu os on pc can i connect phones terminal to ubuntu pc terminal06:56
madhusudancan i fix phones bugs on ubuntu terminal06:57
madhusudanwhat is the procedure06:57
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mal-madhusudan: the support for dual-sim is only in latest ofono and the support for it in UI is going to be in some later sailfish release, perhaps 2.0.207:43
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dr_gogeta86mal-: is buildable the dual sim?08:10
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mal-dr_gogeta86: ofono is08:14
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taaemwhen trying to build a fresh image this appears: nothing provides ambient-icons-closed-z@ICON_RES@09:27
taaemin mic create09:27
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sledgestaaem: line 240
sledgestaaem: (and then see logic)09:31
taaemsledges: have that
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taaemsledges: maybe i should update that submodule09:34
sledgestaaem: there were no changes regarding icon res, how does submodule look like here at yours?
taaemsledges: found the issue, forgot to change the @ICON_RES@ in the pattern on obs09:42
sledgestaaem: that should be automated:
taaemsledges: i did the patterns manually on obs, don't know how to do that properly09:43
taaemused some python script in the sdk09:43
stephg\o/ audio working09:44
sledgestaaem: could you show? that should not be done like that09:44
taaemstephg: great09:44
sledgesstephg: \o/09:44
sledgestaaem: _pattern is generated automatically09:45
taaemsledges: how to do that?09:45
sledgesthis manual approach might or might not work09:45
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taaemsledges: it kind of works09:45
ghosalmartinthankfully my n5 seemed to charge happily, just needed some charging in recovery09:46
sledgestaaem: you are now a maintainer:
sledgesbest to point webhooks to all repos where applicable, and ask lbt to "patternise" that project ^09:47
sledgesghosalmartin: jumpstart?09:47
ghosalmartinsledges: just left it in recovery and it charged, its odd that the bootloader didn't charge it, but atleast we know the recovery can. and now ti charges fine09:48
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sledgesghosalmartin: yes, so it means it charges in sfos as well, just needed a jump start as new battery:)09:49
ghosalmartinsledges: well I've had this battery for a month or two and using it for a month or two, so it should be working09:49
sledgesdid it go below threshold?09:50
ghosalmartinsledges: whats the threshold level?09:50
sledgesghosalmartin: there shouldn't be any09:50
sledgessomething went astray in your case09:50
ghosalmartinsledges: basically when I booted into sfos battery level was 0%09:51
ghosalmartinand it complained there was an issue with charger09:51
ghosalmartinso I tried to charge with bootloader, but that was just stuck "charging for a while" then a red led light and a reboot09:51
ghosalmartinstill 0% level09:51
sledgessure, just asking in what state have you left that battery before?09:51
ghosalmartinbut I left it for a while in recovery and boom09:51
ghosalmartinsledges: define state?09:51
sledgescharge level09:51
sledgestime in a drawer09:52
ghosalmartintime in a drawer = none, Nil. I forgot to charge it overnight and this occured09:52
sledgesok, so basically you left it to drop down so low that sfos shutdown09:53
sledgeshas that happened before or you always remembered to charge it before it depletes?09:53
ghosalmartinits happened before and charged fine, this is first issue09:53
sledgesok, here's the trick: sfos as primary rom means it cannot shut down properly - if you power off, it reboots instead - can you confirm?09:55
sledgesat least used to be an issue in the past09:55
sledgessfos as secondary doesn't have that problem, thanks to multirom09:55
sledges(a workaround really:)09:55
taaemsledges: should i also create webhooks to the mer-hybris and sailfishos git repos?09:55
sledgestaaem: (search for nemo:devel:hw:lge:hammerhead and simulate that structure)09:57
taaemsledges: i use wh anyway just to make sure that webhooks are on github enabled09:58
taaemsledges: i don't need geoclue-provider-hybris-community anymore right?09:58
sledgestaaem: yes, wh is the way, enabling webhooks on github is another question09:58
sledgestaaem: correct09:58
taaemsledges: where should i use libqofonoext? in my own repo?09:59
sledgestaaem: it's already here:
ghosalmartinsledges: surprisingly mine shuts down, not reboots10:00
sledgestaaem: just add that repo as additional repo to obs repo :D10:00
mal-sledges: was there a reason why you didn't add that to :testing?10:00
sledgesmal-: yes, didn't have the time:)10:01
mal-ok :)10:01
sledgesghosalmartin: then it's fixed then:))10:01
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ghosalmartinsledges: i wanna assume so :P i did only update the other day10:02
sledgesghosalmartin: then idk how your battery went down the drain (pardon the pun)10:02
ghosalmartinsledges: haha its okay, as long as we know to just put ti in recovery if it happens again, and
sledgesghosalmartin: sure, yet interesting still what happened:)10:03
taaemsledges: can you merge this into master?10:03
spiiroinsledges taaem: nope; it is likely to break other hw (n5 iirc)10:04
taaemspiiroin: ah okay then i will use your repo10:05
spiirointaaem: I mean if it works, I can try to modify it so that it can be merged10:05
taaemspiiroin: it works10:05
spiiroinok, it was just a quick and dirty hack - did not look around it too much ;-)10:05
lbttaaem: sledges: nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx patternised10:05
taaemlbt: thanks \o/10:06
spiirointaaem: btw, could you file a mer bug (for mce) about that - so I have some bug to refer to?10:06
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx10:06
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx10:06
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx10:07
taaemspiiroin: should i add it to the mce package?10:07
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx10:08
spiirointaaem: the bug, yeah: mer bz -> product = mer core -> component = mce10:09
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx10:10
merbotMer bug 1509 in mce "Add configs for OnePlus X (onyx)" [Task,New]10:10
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx10:10
merbotUpdating patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx10:10
spiirointaaem: thanks10:11
nh1402ghosalmartin: did you get round to re-basing n5 with CM13?10:11
ghosalmartinnh1402: kinda, and then stopped :P10:11
ghosalmartinsomethings breaking in build_packages10:11
stephgnot that I'm looking at it yet but what should I start with for the N6? the only CM I see for them are 13 and are nightlies10:12
stephgthere don't seem to be any milestones10:12
stephgwould there be aosp? (it did have both an android 5 and a 6)10:12
ghosalmartinstephg: i just went with aosp10:12
stephgghosalmartin: right10:12
stephgalso an n6 or was yours the n6p or l or whatever its called10:13
ghosalmartinstephg: patches are already on my repo in github if you wanted a play around10:13
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx10:13
stephgghosalmartin: super thanks10:13
spiiroinlbt, Stskeeps: adaptation stuff has not been migrated to mer git, right? so is still valid?10:13
lbtit should be in mer afaik10:14
lbtsledges: ^^ ?10:14
taaemspiiroin: i also have blink in /sys/class/leds/color10:15
Stskeepsspiiroin: should be in mer-hybris typically10:15
taaemsledges: ah should i point the webhooks to github or
sledgeslbt: what Stskeeps said10:16
sledgesmer is hw independent:)10:16
lbtsledges: we could do with a wiki page (!) explaining the rationale (and tbh I thought the mce-plugin-libhybris was a generic plugin subsystem  to enable hw-specific adaptations - so technically it's HW-independent :) )10:17
spiiroinIf it is there ... can someone give a pointer? I can find only mce & mce-dev repos from git.merproject.org10:17
lbtspiiroin: it's not migrated10:18
spiiroinlbt: so, for now, github is the place10:19
spiiroinlbt: ok, thanks10:19
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sledgeslbt: so is this: :) but those two packages (and all in mer-hybris) need to be compiled against android-headers10:19
lbtany reason mer-hybris itself is not in mer gitlab ?10:20
lbtjust thinking consistency of MRs and co-located src10:20
lbtnot today though :)10:20
sledgestaaem: package needs to be called qtscenegraph-adaptation-droid10:22
sledgesdue to
sledgeslbt: agree, it would land under mer-hybris namespace10:23
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx10:24
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx10:27
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merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx10:29
taaemsledges: last question hopefully how do i add nemo:devel:hw:common to my repo10:29
sledgestaaem: 17:17 < sledges> ballock: i just added line 11 for you:
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx10:31
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx10:33
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx10:34
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taaemsledges: btw we got a wip multirom for onyx10:52
taaemand thanks now it works image is building10:53
sledgesnow with all standard repo names you'll be able to make a nice OTA for it too10:55
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taaemsledges: just enabled sailfish on the new repo11:02
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx11:03
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx11:03
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx11:04
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx11:05
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx11:06
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx11:06
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx11:06
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx11:06
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx11:06
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx11:06
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx11:06
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx11:06
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx11:06
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx11:07
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx11:07
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx11:07
sledgeslbt: could we haz patternized pls?11:07
sledgesand also all under :)11:08
sledges*patternised ;)11:08
merbotUpdating patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx11:08
merbotUpdating patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx11:10
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sledgesnext door neighbour's old MG Rover from 2003 has been stolen :(11:35
sledgesi think it's time for cctv, thought i lived in such a quiet area11:35
sledgeswhy would someone nick such car?:D11:35
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taaemsledges: any news about store on new ported devices?11:37
sledgestaaem: still in the queu11:38
taaemsledges: kay11:38
sledgesping after mwc;D11:38
taaemsledges: will do :P11:38
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sledgesah, probably they steal rovers for parts, as no-one roduces them parts anymore11:39
taaemI won't be able to help you all after next week, will be away for some time maybe i can come a few times here but no development i think11:39
sledgestaaem: ok, sad to see you part, but now you're very well working on a hit-by-a-bus theory:))11:41
drFaustrollsledges, he was lucky... will get from insurance more than will get from scrap11:41
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taaemsledges: everything is up on github i think :P i will come back for sure :D11:41
sledgesdrFaustroll: all his worktools were in that estate..11:43
sledgestaaem: great, i promise camera will be running then:D11:43
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taaemsledges: that'd be great :P11:44
taaemI'm thinking about making an alpha release before i leave so people can test and so on, but don't know if that is good idea11:45
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sledgestaaem: yes, let's do this, part with a bang :D11:46
taaemsledges: so next week its release time :P or maybe this weekend lets see11:47
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sledgestaaem: ok, i'll retweet:)11:48
taaemsledges: will ping you when i have a release ready image :) i then also need access to images.devaamo.fi11:49
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sledgestbr is the man:)11:49
mal-spiiroin: about the led paths talked earlier today, on 2011 xperias the paths are the same /sys/class/leds/red/ etc, but I really thought that the leds used to work, even others used to report led as working, I need to test some older images to see if it really was working or not11:52
tbrtaaem: codename of the device?11:52
taaemtbr: onyx11:55
spiiroinmal-: the difference might be in the blink etc controls; if something is missing/different from something that has working backend -> matching brightness control files != match11:55
spiiroinmal-: and what we want to avoid with this new device is: if it requires only brightness files to be present -> it must not be probed 1st11:56
tbrtaaem: what username do you want on the machine?11:56
taaemtbr: taaem11:56
taaemmy standard nick :P11:56
spiiroinso the probing order needs to be changed -> more strict is tried 1st11:56
spiiroinand yes, the way it is done now is not maintainable. we need to have the backends in the code, but probably we should have config file to say which one to use and what are the paths11:57
spiirointhat would avoid false positive matches with devices that have similar sysfs structure11:58
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mal-spiiroin: so xperias only have brightness and max_brightness, no blink12:03
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spiiroinmal-: well, taaem just mentioned there is "blink" too - not known yet what it does12:04
spiiroindetails at
merbotMer bug 1509 in mce "Add configs for OnePlus X (onyx)" [Task,New]12:05
spiiroinhmm... that != xperia12:05
stephganyone know if line 149 in the FAQ is correct?12:06
stephgcreaterepo $ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICEmk-cam-conf12:07
stephglooks like there's a / missing?12:07
mal-stephg: no, somebody had messed up12:08
mal-stephg: I fixed it12:08
sledgesPSA: RFC: added OTA tutorial draft to line 340
stephgsledges: lines 171 looks already to have been integrated? (I already have those lines)12:17
sledgesstephg: yes cheers
sledgesi just struck them through12:20
stephgwill add comment in FAQ12:20
stephgah ok12:20
stephgsledges: one last thing: by 'Rebuild droid-hal-$DEVICE' you mean build_packages roight?12:21
stephgor hybris-hal12:21
stephgthe latter I suspect? (or shall I just build all the things :D)12:22
sledgesstephg: the former, pls fix:)12:22
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stephg\o/ mic just crashed my X /facepalm12:44
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sledgesah, locusf beat us to it:))13:01
*** birdzhang_afk <birdzhang_afk!~birdzhang@> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:08
*** happy-dude <happy-dude!uid62780@gateway/web/> has quit IRC (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)13:09
ghosalmartinWhen updating to my network seems to drop out after booting after sometime, is that known?13:10
*** spiiroin <spiiroin!~spiiroin@2001:998:2a:dead:bdeb:e559:e983:9531> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)13:11
*** AmadeusXNet <AmadeusXNet!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)13:11
sledgesghosalmartin: when already updated you mean?13:11
sledgesdrFaustroll: ^^13:12
*** birdzhang <birdzhang!~birdzhang@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)13:12
nh1402sledges: does that mean the nexus 4 could work with the mainline kernel. (same SoC as Xperia Z)13:13
nh1402i suppose the same can be said nexus 513:13
nh1402for the *13:14
sledgesnh1402: depends on modem and graphics i'd think13:16
ghosalmartinsledges: what do you mean by already?13:16
sledgesghosalmartin: what do you mean by "When updating to"13:16
ghosalmartini have updated to and now this is happening13:16
ghosalmartinalthough it could be my networks fault13:16
sledgesright ok13:16
sledgestry mobile data?:)13:17
ghosalmartinjust curious if anything hlike it has happened13:17
ghosalmartinand signal just drops13:17
sledgesnot heard other reports13:17
ghosalmartinprobably giffgaff just playing up13:18
nh1402ghosalmartin: i'm also on giffgaff13:18
ghosalmartinnh1402: maybe hardware then, sim slot loosew?13:19
nh1402can't really say anything about signal right now, very weak were i am currently13:19
*** Gabs5807 <Gabs5807!> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:20
*** lake11 <lake11!~denis@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)13:26
*** lake11 <lake11!~denis@> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:26
sledgesghosalmartin: try another phone? ;)13:29
ghosalmartinsledges: at work atm :P13:29
*** lake11 <lake11!~denis@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)13:43
*** Gabs5807 <Gabs5807!> has quit IRC (Quit: IRC for Sailfish 0.9)13:44
*** Gabs5807 <Gabs5807!> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:45
*** lake11 <lake11!~denis@> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:45
sledgesballock: merged you PR13:46
*** marxistvegan <marxistvegan!~marxistve@fsf/staff/marxistvegan> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:49
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*** blackjack4it <blackjack4it!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:13
blackjack4ithi there :D how's going?15:13
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stephghi all, FAQ line 176 says that repo is not needed however pkcon search name gstreamer1.0-droid-tools shows nothing15:16
stephgoh nevermind I found it on my computer15:16
sledgesblackjack4it: check what's HOT ;) (first link in topic)15:18
blackjack4itok :D15:18
*** misprint <misprint!~misprint@gateway/shell/> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:21
*** blackjack4it <blackjack4it!> has left #sailfishos-porters15:26
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locusfsledges: heheh :)15:30
*** rss351 <rss351!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:31
*** misprint <misprint!~misprint@gateway/shell/> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:34
stephgwhat does /sys/fs/pstore do15:35
*** misprint <misprint!~misprint@gateway/shell/> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)15:38
*** sletta <sletta!~sletta@> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:39
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mal-wohoo, first successful OTA update on fp215:45
*** Gabs5807 <Gabs5807!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)15:52
*** laxtlo <laxtlo!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:57
*** smurfynet is now known as smurfynet|afk16:00
stephgfucking yes video works :D :D \o/16:01
mal-stephg: yay16:05
stephganyone know off the top of their head how to rotate screen without sensors?16:05
stephg(want to make video of full screen video...)16:05
*** happy-dude <happy-dude!uid62780@gateway/web/> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:05
stephg(for twatter)16:05
mal-stephg: have you tried adding the sensor configs16:05
mal-if you haven't already16:05
stephgmal-: don't think I have yet16:06
mal-stephg: these
mal-stephg: since you say als sensor work I would assume others might also after adding those16:06
stephgcool ok let me hack them in now16:07
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~ghosalmar@> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:07
ghosalmartinsledges: the android major, minor and platform version, are they env variables?>16:07
*** misprint <misprint!misprint@gateway/shell/> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:08
stephgmal-: lol worked first time :D16:11
mal-stephg: install messwerk so you can test if all work16:12
stephgmal-: yeah doing that via harbour now16:12
stephgthey all work16:13
mal-stephg: you don't have to add those sensor files to your configs repo if you update the submodule, you can search the web on how to do that16:13
stephghow to test gps?16:13
mal-stephg: first try with test_gps on commandline16:14
mal-stephg: if it works then build and install
ghosalmartinhas anyone built the new gps glue for hammerhead16:18
stephgstarted, what does it actually do?16:19
stephg(sorry for late reply, am tethering and jolla went flat :D16:19
mal-stephg: pastebin the output16:19
stephgbeen like that for 5 minutes or so now16:20
ghosalmartinstephg: does it have lock?16:22
*** Nokius_ <Nokius_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:22
mal-hmm, usually it output something like starting session16:22
rss351Is there an example manifest for fp2?  I'm still having trouble with new cm12.1-based builds for the z3c, and am considering going back to a aosp5.1.1-based build16:23
mal-rss351: what kind of trouble?16:23
stephgghosalmartin: I'm indoors so potentially not yet16:24
stephgI've moved it to nearer the window16:24
ghosalmartinstephg: I think it was said should lock veryyy quickly16:24
mal-stephg: I suggest you try building the middleware, it at least doesn't crash so should be safe16:24
ghosalmartinstephg: do you have hammerhead version?16:24
*** dirkvl <dirkvl!~dirkvl@> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:24
stephgghosalmartin: I have no modem so no agps16:24
ghosalmartinstephg: what device?16:25
*** Nokius <Nokius!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)16:25
stephgmal-: ok. am catching up on documentation and making my todo list, I need to bake all this stuff in and don't want to lose anything16:25
rss351mal-: it seems to build okay, but when I flash the boot.img and try to boot sailfish, the phone hangs at the "Sony Xperia" flash screen16:25
stephgghosalmartin: HTC One (m7)16:25
stephgrss351: does it hang? have you tried telnet/ssh16:26
rss351mal-:  I can't telnet into the device, but when I do connect the usb cord, my computer (ubuntu) tries to mount all of the partitions on the phone16:26
mal-rss351: also what does dmesg on host pc tell if you have usb cable connected during the boot up16:26
stephgrss351: you may be able to telnet earlier in the boot process:- occasionally mine will do that if the boot has gone wrong16:27
mal-so it might end up in a special debug mode, I had similar problem on fp216:27
mal-usually dmesg on host will tell what is happening16:27
rss351mal-: thanks, let me check16:28
rss351I'm also having trouble (re-)building ngfd-plugin-droid-vibrator this morning -- it seems to hang...16:29
mal-stephg: yes, always a good idea to add everything right after fixing, and not like I did during my xperia porting, I had something like 2-3 months between image builds at one point16:29
mal-rss351: I have read about that kind of problem in logs, very strange16:29
stephgmal-: at the moment I don't remember what I did this morning so it really is a necessity16:30
*** nh1402 <nh1402!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)16:32
mal-stephg: did you try the latest ofono?16:33
*** smurfynet|afk is now known as smurfynet16:34
stephgmal-: I have slava's installed yeah16:35
stephggoing to look at that next once I have this all done16:35
stephghmm still no lock16:36
*** dirkvl <dirkvl!~dirkvl@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)16:38
stephgrss351: if you're quick you'll be able to get on the telnet then16:39
mal-rss351: if can modify the rootfs I suggest you disable some services by adding this kind of symlinks ln -s /dev/null /etc/systemd/system/droid-hal-init.service and the same for these service user@100000, lipstick, ofono16:43
*** Lipevakala_ <Lipevakala_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:45
mal-rss351: I have some ideas what could cause such reboot16:45
*** CarlosMazieri <CarlosMazieri!> has quit IRC (Quit: using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12)16:46
rss351still no luck on the telnet16:47
rss351and no luck building ngfd-plugin-droid-vibrator (this morning)16:47
mal-rss351: can you edit the rootfs from recovery though adb?16:47
rss351mal-: let me flash cm back on real quick16:48
*** Lipevakala_ <Lipevakala_!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)16:52
*** Lipevakala_ <Lipevakala_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:53
*** tanty is now known as tanty_off16:54
rss351mal-: okay, I'm in the rootfs through adb16:54
*** Gabs5807 <Gabs5807!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:59
*** drFaustroll <drFaustroll!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)16:59
mal-rss351: then add those symlinks and try booting sailfish again16:59
*** drFaustroll <drFaustroll!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:00
*** laxtlo__ <laxtlo__!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:01
*** sletta <sletta!~sletta@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)17:03
rss351mal-: so ln -s /dev/null /etc/systemd/system/user@100000.service and ln -s /dev/null /etc/systemd/system/lipstick.service17:03
*** laxtlo <laxtlo!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)17:05
*** Maelvon <Maelvon!~Maelvon@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)17:12
sledgesghosalmartin: one way to find out: envsetup...; breakfast $DEVICE; echo ...; for sure it's available within make worlds:)17:12
ghosalmartinsledges: build_packages is meant to be run from the mer sdk? not the ubuntu sdk, right?17:13
ghosalmartingotta go17:14
ghosalmartinill check on it later tonigh :017:14
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~ghosalmar@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)17:15
*** laxtlo__ <laxtlo__!> has quit IRC (Quit: kfd)17:19
stephgrss351: when you say no luck building?17:22
stephgyou mean the build becomes a zombie?17:22
rss351stephg: yep, it hangs17:25
rss351mal-: still no luck when booting sailfish17:26
rss351mal-: I get essentially the same dmesg output17:27
stephgrss351: ok I have the same problem17:29
stephgI went through build_packages 20, maybe 30 times and it built once, I copied the output dir and the rpm and then put them back manually now17:30
stephgbasically I don't build it any more17:30
stephgit will build eventually17:30
stephgyou just have to be persistent17:30
stephgbut it's tedious :/17:31
mal-rss351: did you add symlinks for all of those services?17:31
mal-rss351: how long does it take for it reboot, you might need to set the ip address for usb network interface on host manually17:31
rss351mal-: yes, I added the symlinks for droid-hal-init.service, user@100000.service, lipstick.service, and ofono.service17:34
rss351I chrooted into the rootfs in adb17:34
rss351the reboot seems quick17:35
*** Gabs5807 <Gabs5807!> has quit IRC (Quit: IRC for Sailfish 0.9)17:36
*** Gabs5807 <Gabs5807!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:38
rss351mal-: wait, when I turn the phone on after I've flashed hybris-boot, the phone just hangs at the splash screen -- it doesn't (appear to) reboot itself17:39
*** Gabs5807 is now known as Gabs5807_17:41
*** Gabs5807_ is now known as Gabs5807_off17:43
*** drFaustroll <drFaustroll!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)17:44
mal-rss351: that's what we want, do you see usb network interface on host pc with ifconfig -a for example?17:45
*** Gabs5807_off is now known as Gabs580717:45
*** electrolux is now known as electrolux_off17:45
*** Gabs5807 <Gabs5807!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)17:47
*** Gabs5807 <Gabs5807!d9ea4e12@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:49
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*** Gabs5807 <Gabs5807!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:52
rss351mal-: but the phone never rebooted - it always would just hang at the splash screen17:52
*** Gabs5807 <Gabs5807!> has quit IRC (Client Quit)17:53
rss351mal-: no, I don't see the usb0 interface on the host (ifconfig -a)17:53
rss351mal-: is there a way to disable the usb mass storage interface?17:54
*** Gabs5807 <Gabs5807!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:55
stephgsledges: pingles:- any preferred twatter handles to @?17:55
sledgesstephg: re?17:57
*** Gabs5807 <Gabs5807!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)17:57
stephgsledges about to hit 'tweet' on a, er, tweet with vid of my phone with sensors, video, audio17:58
stephgI have 15 chars left: am doing jollahq, the phone's owner and that mexican fella17:58
stephgbut can do more17:58
stephgjust wondering if I missed anyone obvs17:58
mal-rss351: so it still ends in the state where it mount everything?18:01
rss351yes, if I plug in the usb cord after turning on the phone18:02
stephgmal-: that occasionally happens to me on m718:02
stephgbut I know for a fact that telnet, and briefly ssh are available before18:02
mal-rss351: what partitions does it mount?18:03
*** Gabs5807 <Gabs5807!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:03
rss351mal-: it tries to mount all 25 or so partitions18:03
mal-it's possible that the userdata file system is corrupted, it happens if sailfish ens up rebooting many times18:03
*** Gabs5807_ <Gabs5807_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:04
mal-rss351: so go to recovery and format data partition and then reinstall sailfish, add those symlinks again via adb and try booting sailfish18:04
*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius18:04
rss351but I think it only successfully mounts about 4 or 518:04
mal-rss351: and in adb run sync before rebooting so that the symlinks are really written to the device18:05
ballocksledges: thx, the kernel's left18:08
ballockoh, and droid-config-mako18:10
rss351mal-: thanks, I'll give it another try18:10
ballocksledges: take your time, though.18:10
ballockthe updated patterns are ok, at least voice calling works. How do I test geoclue-providers?18:15
sledgesballock: i don't get notifications, please put PR links on this channel (also for more eyes)18:16
ballockoh, ok18:17
ballock and
*** piggz_ <piggz_!~piggz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:20
sledgesballock: commented both, cheers!18:24
piggz_general testing went ok again today .... need access to jolla store :)18:24
*** Zucca <Zucca!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)18:27
*** Zucca <Zucca!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:29
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otwieraczBTW, to fix nexus5 problem the stupid way, just create systemd t imer:18:37
otwieraczThis should restart sensorsfwd service every 5 minutes.18:38
otwieraczalert: dirty hacking18:39
*** piggz_ <piggz_!~piggz@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)18:40
ballockkrnlyng: is "[fixup] Kernel oopses with bionic applications" proper header note for your nexus4 kernel patch?18:49
gehidoremoin, reading over I note that we're not telling tar to place all the contents of the mer chroot into a specific director thus extracting an entire system over top of an existing system, surely this must be a mistake? I would expect to be using something to the18:52
gehidoreeffect of -C $MER_ROOT/sdks/sdk/18:52
sledgesgehidore: welcome aboard!18:54
sledgesgehidore: i think you're already chdir'ed18:55
gehidorehrm... *oh* I'm misreading my error message then... bwahaha teach me to work in the morning18:56
gehidoreI was reading it as if it was trying to place a new node in /dev rather than sdk/dev18:57
gehidorecheers sledges :D18:57
gehidorenow to work around cgroups not allowing a new device node inside this nspawn container :/18:57
*** Tassadar <Tassadar!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:58
gehidoreresolved that by untarring it from the host system... simple fixes for simple issues I suppose18:59
*** Zucca <Zucca!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)19:00
sledgesgehidore: you're welcome pal:)19:00
*** Milo- <Milo-!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)19:02
*** piggz_ <piggz_!~piggz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:03
gehidoreI shall keep you in the loop19:07
sledgesgehidore: what's the device?;)19:07
gehidoretinkering with Moto X 2nd Gen19:09
gehidoreone more for ya here19:11
gehidoreafter invoking the chroot with `sdk` I'm greeted with a user bash prompt, yet the next "fix" commands require elevated permissions19:11
gehidoreMerSDK bash-3.2$ zypper ar curlfix19:13
gehidoreRoot privileges are required for modifying system repositories.19:13
gehidoreand sudo requests a password19:14
sledgessudo it is then;)19:15
gehidoreanywho headed to the paying work... bbl19:19
sledgesgehidore: did you chown after untarring? as per pdf19:20
piggz_any known issues with prox not working, when all other sensors work ok?19:25
*** Lipevakala_ <Lipevakala_!> has quit IRC (Quit: IRC for Sailfish 0.9)19:29
sheepdogunable to change camera resolution, need help19:31
sledgessheepdog: did you manage to get screentapshot to work? you need to click on the overlay icon19:32
sledgessheepdog: Settings->Apps->Camera ; but it should be set to max on ported devices, not really supporting variable crop/aspect ratio resolutions atm iirc19:33
sheepdogphoto resolution just 1 mpixel19:34
sledgessheepdog: which device?19:35
sheepdogredmi 1s19:36
sledgessheepdog: you'll need to ping Litew porter19:39
sledgessheepdog: resolutions file could be tweaked, can you run mk-cam-conf ?19:39
sledgesin terminal19:40
sledgesalso, here's is the main file you'll be inspecting with Litew:
*** Gabs5807 <Gabs5807!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)19:43
sheepdoghow to edit? sledges19:47
sledgessheepdog: enable developer mode19:47
sledgesvia settings19:47
sledgesit should alreaedy be enabled19:47
sledgeslaunch Terminal app19:47
sledgesand use "vim" editor19:47
sledgesor ssh in via wlan or usb19:47
* sledges goes offline for a bit, could anyone take over our dear customer? :)19:48
piggz_sledges: sorry, off to pub :D19:51
otwieraczare there any additional repos for jolla store on N5 port?20:01
*** andorreta <andorreta!4f6d338e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:02
*** Zucca <Zucca!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:06
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*** marxistvegan_ is now known as marxistvegan20:12
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*** spider-mario <spider-mario!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:18
mal-otwieracz: jolla store uses what it uses, no way to add more repos for it20:19
mal-otwieracz: what do you need for it?20:20
otwieraczWell, after selecting „Where am I?” from drop-down menu, I've saw message packege „sailfish-maps” not found in jolla store20:20
mal-otwieracz: that is only available on official jolla devices20:21
otwieraczI see.20:21
otwieraczOnly poor maps for N5?20:21
mal-there are others only probably, maybe in warehouse20:21
otwieraczWhat's warehouse?20:21
mal-it's a frontend for
*** sheepdog <sheepdog!~chatzilla@> has quit IRC (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 44.0.2/20160210153822])20:22
*** Laxtlo_ <Laxtlo_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:23
mal-so an non-controlled "store"20:23
*** Tassadar <Tassadar!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:30
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gehidoreI must be in a different part of the pdf as I see no chown in that section or subsection.21:29
* gehidore reads in entirety again21:29
mal-gehidore: which chapter21:32
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sledgesgehidore: use search:)22:28
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sledgesgehidore: sorry my bad, mixed up with target creation22:39
sledgesgehidore: you need to doublecheck if you used sudo tar --numeric-owner -p -xjf $HOME/$TARBALL and check sudo ls -l /etc/sudoers.d/22:39
sledgesafter entering `sdk`22:39
sledgesit should be owned by root22:40
sledgesin "Setup the Mer SDK" chapter22:40
sledges00:10 < taaem> sledges: I have a question about this file what should be  PART_REAL_1? the mmcblk of the boot partition?22:40
sledgestaaem: yes:)22:41
taaemsledges: ah thanks22:41
krnlyngballock: i would include "crashes/SIGILL" but yeah i think it's fine :)22:55
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ballocksledges: updated the pulling branch23:21
*** Zucca <Zucca!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)23:30
sledgesballock: all merged \o/23:32
sledgesballock: now you can tag to trigger obs build , just made you admin there23:32

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