Friday, 2016-02-19

TheRealJohnGalt_something weird happened (seemingly) out of nowhere on my hammerhead. The portrait layout is messed up. In browser, the buttons in bar are in the wrong place, and my keyboard is ~1/2 the size it should be. Landscape is still working however.00:04
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt_: what did you/we break?:)00:05
TheRealJohnGalt_I have no clue. It was fine when I went to sleep, and strange when I woke up. I got a few notifications, that's about it :/00:05
TheRealJohnGalt_Oh, I installed quicksilver last night, but that's the most "severe" thing I did. And quicksilver still functions correctly00:06
TheRealJohnGalt_I really just want to fix it so I don't need to wipe and setup sailfish again.00:07
TheRealJohnGalt_So I'm open to ideas :)00:12
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt_: means reboot didn't work 8)00:15
TheRealJohnGalt_sledges: yeah, reboot didn't fix it00:15
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt_: a screenshot of anomalies maybe?00:16
TheRealJohnGalt_okay, give me 1min00:16
TheRealJohnGalt_sorry, should've grabbed them first00:16
sledgesnp, got stuff to do anyway:)00:18
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt_: two the same?00:24
TheRealJohnGalt_the keyboard in the first pic is ~1/2 the height it normally is. The portrait layout's messed up in other apps as well (not just browser and keyboard), but landscape is normal.00:25
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TheRealJohnGalt_sledges: oh, sorry. Hold on.00:25
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TheRealJohnGalt_second image showing half size keyboard:
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sledgesTheRealJohnGalt_: and all those padding margins..00:32
sledgesaroudn send button, send button shuld be at the corner, not off00:34
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sledgestaaem: Nokius: vgrade: kimmoli: got camera on bacon \o/00:35
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TheRealJohnGalt_ah, didn't notice that. Some of the apps are unusable from this bug (such as browser). the buttons overlap.00:35
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt_: ui elements are primarily controlled from /etc/dconf/db/vendor.d00:38
sledges(read from)00:38
TheRealJohnGalt_what would cause that path to get changed during "normal" use?00:39
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt_: i'd doubt it's pixel ratio00:40
sledgesbut you could check its runtime value00:40
sledgesdconf read /desktop/sailfish/silica/theme_pixel_ratio00:40
sledgesshould be 2.0 on hammerhead00:40
TheRealJohnGalt_yeah, still 2.000:40
sledgescheck if you got more stuff there inflicted:00:41
sledgesdconf list /desktop/sailfish/silica/00:41
TheRealJohnGalt_just theme_pixel_ratio00:42
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt_: hmmmmmm that's disturbing00:42
TheRealJohnGalt_from my perspective it's like I went to sleep with it fine, and woke up with a totally different layout while in portrait. I went to respond to a text, and could barely type on the undersized keyboard lol.00:43
sledgesuninstall quicksilver? btw where did you install it from?00:43
TheRealJohnGalt_I followed the "zypper-free" way from piratepad (
sledgestaaem: Nokius: vgrade: kimmoli: so you'll need line 130 anyway from ; but to bring camera up you'll need to be running this in a terminal as nemo user: /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/minimediaservice (looks like media user as per init.rc it just does nothing) cc MSameer and Stskeeps to clarify help :)00:45
sledgesthis is for bacon (oneplus one), and hopeful remedy for onyx (oneplus x) and oppo find7 cameras too00:46
* sledges heads to bed00:46
sledgessorry i couldn't be of more help TheRealJohnGalt_ :{00:46
sledgeskeep on fighting!:)00:47
TheRealJohnGalt_sledges: I just removed quicksilver and the quicksilver demo application. I can't remove qt5-qtwayland-wayland_egl, but I could downgrade it to the jolla version. I rebooted without downgrading and no change though.00:47
TheRealJohnGalt_it's a weird bug for sure lol00:47
sledgestry donwgrade that qtwyland then:)00:47
TheRealJohnGalt_actually, not sure it's a downgrade. package versions are the same revisions differ. Quicksilver package is labeled as qt5-qtwayland-wayland_egl-5.4.0+git21-2.armv7hl, jolla labeled as qt5-qtwayland-wayland_egl-5.4.0+git25.1-1.42.2.armv7hl.00:52
TheRealJohnGalt_but it fixed the issue00:52
TheRealJohnGalt_quicksilver fails to launch on jolla provided qt5-qtwayland-wayland_egl package (figured, but was worth a try). So that was the issue :)00:54
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newbieFP2 + SailfishOS, is there reboot issues?01:12
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andorretahi, i'm having a problem when trying to make a port to a nexus 4. I've done everything in the hadk, but when i'm trying to build the packages it says that i'm missing connman-qt, qofononext and another package. I'm using cm12.1 as base. Could someone please tell me how could install the dependencies? They're not in my current repos.02:02
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kimmolitaaem: sledges: iirc there was patched libcameraservice, and while stracing i did run minimediaservice as nemo... without success. worth of retrying anyways.05:10
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gehidoresledges: it looks like it's because /etc/sudoers.d/gehidore is created when the `sdk` alias is invoked and it's created with UID 1000 when it should be created with 005:40
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taaemsledges: \o/05:57
taaemsledges:!6AZ1UCLQ!Jq7lIbUKKczbQOWRqj5E6nqSb5CAGp3bZkeY8k4aXhc this is the patched, should i rebuild hal to get it into image or is it enough to repackage droid-hal?06:03
taaemfor onyx06:03
gehidorealso... "Directory /var/run/dbus is missing in SDK root - please report this bug06:04
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taaemkimmoli: ^06:24
taaemsledges: the patch was only to comment out the lines about sounds correct?06:24
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merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:ux06:39
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:ux06:40
kimmolitaaem: is this same i tested last week?06:42
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:ux06:55
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:ux06:55
newbieFP2 + SailfishOS, is there reboot issues?07:00
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taaeemkimmoli: yes that's the same07:02
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gehidoremmm pulling source now...07:05
gehidorelove how I never manage to saturate the actual pipe to this machine :(07:05
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sheepdogneed help, how to change the camera resolution?07:19
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piggz_how would I go about getting wifi tethering to work? when i click it, nothing much happens07:42
gehidoreas a newbie to this specific channel/port, yet a primary linux user for nearly 20 years, I'd say *logs*07:44
gehidoreyou click it nothing happens, but what got logged?07:44
piggz_just installing sim to test....07:46
piggz_there was a message in the log about a mis-behaving plugin07:46
piggz_i checked the code to see what happens, but it just calls into the connection manager to do it, there is nt much code in the qml07:47
piggz_i guess the problem is with the driver
sheepdogcamera got problem, need help07:58
gehidoreline 15 looks to be that way piggz_08:01
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stephg... friday ...08:02
* stephg runs08:02
gehidoreby 4 minutes... it is surely08:04
gehidorewish that meant something to me still08:04
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gehidoreinteresting, `repo --fetch-submodules` fails constantly after about 3.6G with "exiting due to previous errors" all of which are curl 404 errors... but `repo sync` in the same directory is still running strong 9.2G into it08:19
gehidoreoh spoke too soon08:23
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sledgestaaem: if you rebuild droid-hal, install it, and appears under /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib, then you should run `LD_PRELOAD=/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib/ /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/minimediaservice` (if won't work, copy to /system/lib)09:02
sledgeskimmoli: well, at least that worked for bacon, so hmm, fingers crossed09:02
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sledgeskimmoli: when I ran /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/minimediaservice as nemo, logcat started spitting camera activation bits ("Waiting for battery service" and then firmware loads etc), so was first indication that something's working, then i patched libcameraservice, as it was waiting for media server too otherwise09:10
sledgestaaem: Nokius: kimmoli: you'll have to do mk-cam-conf first, as you never had camera running (camera worked on bacon on cm11, so i already have jolla-camera-hw.txt and such), but if that script starts working, you're on good way09:11
stephgsledges: speaking of which, how long is it supposed to take09:12
stephgand also I don't have an /etc/gstdroid (or whatever path)09:13
stephgwas trying on the m7 yest09:13
stephginfact lets try right now09:13
sledgesinstantly, if locks, you need patch (tell tale from logcat waiting for media service)09:13
stephgok it locked09:13
sledgesfollow -faq for mk-cam-conf , if dirs to configs don't exist, create;)09:14
stephgk, I ran out of time yesterday09:14
stephgwill try today but got the little one09:14
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kimmolisledges: i had no success running mk-cam-conf09:32
sledgeskimmoli: have you just retried?09:33
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kimmolinot just... last week, i have time for retest tomorrow10:23
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sledgesi have one (vague) suspect for proper fix; this is not in hybris-12.1: (and associated commits)10:25
sledgeswill test in few hours10:25
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vgrade_wnice one sledges, in my list for Saturday10:26
mal-sledges: interesting, I have no idea how I forgot to add that10:28
lbtsledges: done nemo:testing:hw:semc patterns + fp2-sibon10:28
mal-lbt: thanks10:28
mal-sledges: wondering how other devices don't have problems with that patch missing10:29
sledgesmal-: but with my findings this patch still seems irrelevant, hence vague:)10:30
mal-sledges: but still interesting why it's missing and what it might cause10:30
mal-sledges: now that I think about it there might be reason why that is not needed, if I remember correctly cm12.1 uses selinux to control which services are allowed and since we don't use it everything is allowed10:32
sledgescould be could be10:34
sledgesi remember talking about that too, yes10:35
vgrade_w was the change to allow nemo10:35
sledgesas there simply was no place to add that patch to (UID checker)10:35
sledgesspeaking the devil:)10:35
sledges cmds/servicemanager/service_manager.c has been moved and rewritten in 12.110:36
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stephgI've just pulled droid-config-device (for which mer-hybris/droid-hal-configs is upstream)10:49
stephgthis sparse file: sparse/etc/pulse/arm_droid_default.pa10:50
stephgwhich is new I think10:50
stephgthat replaces the hack I have of the hammerhead copy one?10:50
mal-stephg: that is the default which works on many devices (the device which need audioflingerglue need a modified version)10:55
stephgmal- k. Just packaging and finishing everything we did yesterdsay10:55
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mal-stephg: the local changes in your device sparse override the default in common sparse10:56
stephgmal-: yeah I'm removing them10:58
stephgsledges: 'Waiting for service media.audo_flinger' is the logcat camera message?11:06
sledgesstephg: yes, needs patched .so11:06
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stephgsledges: don't see anywhere in the FAQ11:14
mal-stephg: 128->11:15
mal-stephg: actually only 13011:16
mal-stephg: I assume you have already disabled the shutter via prop11:16
mal-stephg: could you recheck that with getprop11:17
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stephgah ok different bit11:22
stephgyes will do, thanks11:22
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stephgsledges: had missed it because I'm not aosp, regarding shutter, I have no variable named that, or like that11:26
stephgnearest camera ones I have are init.svc.qcamerasrv and
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mal-stephg: add this to /default.prop and reboot11:27
stephgooi that wouldn't cause mk-cam-conf to behave differently?11:28
mal-stephg: if that is missing mk-cam-conf will probably freeze11:29
stephgmal-: it did11:29
stephgok lets try this again then11:29
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stephgaha so I get a different error now11:34
mal-which error?11:34
mal-stephg: do you have those earlier messages in logcat anymore?11:34
stephgjust pasting them now11:34
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mal-stephg: that error with sensorservice looks interesting, does that occur only when camera is used?11:39
stephgmal-: no idea, I'm currently trying to make the config11:40
stephgwant me to flash CM and watch the logs with the camera?11:40
mal-stephg: android::SensorManager::assertStateLocked is the reason for the crash, so for some reason sensorservice fails11:40
stephgsensorservice an android one or?11:41
stephgsystemd only has a sensorfwd and that is in failed state11:41
mal-stephg: yes the android one11:42
stephgah well my sensors broke as this image doesn't have the hack in let me fix that first such that it is11:42
mal-stephg: I thought you had sensors working11:42
mal-stephg: which hack?11:43
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stephgmal-: I did but I haven't finished building the iamge with those droid-hal-config additions in11:44
stephg(and I reflashed this)11:44
stephgso have just hacked them back in11:44
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stephgbtw how do I make a perment change to the .ks template:- fed up of editing the generated on after every (for the testing ofono repo)11:47
mal-stephg: I have made a script for editing it, just simple sed commands11:49
stephgso you just do it every time after build_packages?11:50
mal-I did, now I use OBS for building the packages11:51
mal-and patterns also come from OBS so I don't have to regenerate the .ks anymore11:52
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stephgok so sensor service11:53
stephghow to stasrt/stop/debug/poke/throw out window?11:53
mal-stephg: so did get sensors working after adding the configs again?11:57
mal-stephg: btw, your configs repo doesn't have the updated submodule yet11:59
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mal-stephg: can you see any sensor related processes in ps aux output11:59
stephgmal-: only sensorfwd12:02
stephggoign to reboot to see if it was there before mk-cam-conf12:02
mal-stephg: that should be there12:05
mal-stephg: could you pastebin logcat after you have rebooted and right after that run mk-cam-conf12:05
mal-the whole logcat12:05
stephgyup will try got baby now12:08
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stephgbtw mal- you know the guy yesterday who had the 'device exposes all mountpoints via mtp)12:11
stephgthat's just happened to me12:11
stephghappens to me maybe 1 in 10 boots if I leve the device plugged into the pc at reboot12:11
stephglipstick not started, able to ssh in, unplug, replug and ssh won't work and pc sees all partitions12:11
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mal-hmm, strange12:13
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andorretahi, i'm having a problem when trying to make a port to a nexus 4. I've done everything in the hadk, but when i'm trying to build the packages it says that i'm missing connman-qt, qofononext and another package. I'm using cm12.1 as base. Could someone please tell me how could install the dependencies? They're not in my current repos.12:16
andorretaAlso i compiled succesfully, but without the geoclue-provider-hybris and it boots correctly. How can i check the logs? because touch is not working, but screen yes. Thanks and please, forgive my manners :)12:18
stephgandorreta: touch not working maybe because you have the wrong event config12:18
stephg(pointed at the wrong event device)12:19
mal-andorreta: for touch check this
mal-andorreta: is there a reason why are doing a cm12.1 based port, there another cm11 port being prepared already12:20
andorretathanks, i'll check it now :)12:20
mal-andorreta: the relevant part in that file is evdevtouch:/dev/input/event212:21
andorretamal-: no, because i want to test how to build and gain experience so later i can help others with the porting and development :)12:21
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stephgmal-: I don't have any sensor processes on boot12:42
stephgso that I sppose is the issue12:42
stephglogcat coming your way12:42
stephgwhat is it with all the paste services breaking today12:43
mal-stephg: not even sensorfwd at boot?12:47
*** piggz_ <piggz_!~piggz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters12:47
stephgsensorfwd yes12:47
stephgno andriod tho12:47
*** piggz_ <piggz_!~piggz@> has quit IRC (Client Quit)12:47
mal-ok, if sensors in for example messwerk work then it's something different12:49
stephgyeah messwerk is all fine12:49
mal-stephg: can you find anything *sensorservice* in /system/12:53
taaemsledges: the new droid-hal on obs should have the included12:59
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taaemmal-: so you don't have to do repo --name=ofono-master --baseurl... ?13:05
mal-taaem: yes, but I reuse the same .ks13:06
taaemmal-: huh didn't know that is possible with obs13:07
mal-taaem: have you even looked if anything changes in the .ks13:08
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taaemmal-: always forgot that but thanks for pointing out13:09
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Nokiustaaem: cam is working on onxy?13:50
taaemNokius: not yet only on bacon13:50
Nokiusgreat no sighthing in Barca haha or with find7s :D13:51
taaemNokius: lets see if we can fix it on other device also, sledges instructions are somewhere here13:51
NokiusI shall get the sensor wroking also13:51
Nokiusdamn work dell has now wroking pageup to see the histroy :(13:52
Nokiussledges: THX!!!13:52
Nokiusfor the hack13:52
mal-taaem: what was the fix for camera on bacon?13:53
*** Siltaar <Siltaar!> has quit IRC (Quit: leaving)13:54
taaemmal-: <sledges> taaem: Nokius: vgrade: kimmoli: so you'll need line 130 anyway from ; but to bring camera up you'll need to be running this in a terminal as nemo user: /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/minimediaservice (looks like media user as per init.rc it just does nothing) cc MSameer and Stskeeps to clarify help :)13:54
taaemNokius: does it work?13:54
*** Siltaar <Siltaar!> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:54
mal-hmm, interesting13:54
taaemsledges: actually it wasn't in droid-hal on obs now its uploading the new one13:55
taaemmaybe we get clarity while MWC13:55
Nokiustaaem: no I wil hack around it to night13:56
Nokiusor over the weekend13:56
Nokiustest_sensor fails still with 013:56
Nokiusmay some links will help me13:56
Nokiussince I have a custom udev-rule14:00
Nokiustaaem: what do u like to upload?14:03
taaemNokius: its a droid-hal package for obs with included14:05
*** mkosola <mkosola!~mkosola@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)14:05
Nokiustaaem: sec14:06
taaemNokius: ?14:07
*** harha <harha!~harha@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)14:09
Nokiuschange to the obs folder in your bukd env14:09
Nokiusremove the old droid-hal pkgs14:09
Nokiusosc ag (iirc)14:10
* Nokius sadly screen in side a screen was not a great idea14:10
Nokiusand cp the new droid-hal pkgs from the local-repo14:10
Nokiusand osc ci14:11
taaemNokius: everythings fine did that already14:11
Nokiusah ok14:11
Nokiusmh read but got it it wrong14:11
*** nh1402 <nh1402!~Thunderbi@> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:12
Nokiustaaem: btw. I had some issue with irssi in the last weeks sorry if I never answered in pm14:12
taaemNokius: np14:15
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merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx14:31
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx14:31
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx14:34
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx14:34
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx14:36
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx14:37
merbotUpdating patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx14:38
merbotUpdating patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx14:38
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gehidoresuccess in cloning!16:50
gehidoreafter I finally found my typo in the manifest16:51
dr_gogeta86how do you do16:51
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gehidoreI do fine, and you?16:53
dr_gogeta86done for this week16:53
gehidoreI wish16:53
gehidoregot today and tomorrow per the norm before I'm done16:54
gehidoresay in $ANDROID_ROOT what should I expect to see after sync with ls -a? I see .repo and kernel should I not also see device?16:56
gehidorethe directory is currently 21G so I know it pulled sources into .repo16:58
gehidoreoh ran the sync again for shits and gigs and now much more shows up16:59
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dr_gogeta86no news for oneplus x?17:06
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piggzhey guys . my laptop died today, so no porting for a while :(18:24
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piggzfor a few days, the power button wouldnt wake it up, so i was closing/opening the lid .... then i stupidly turned it off and now it wont turn on!18:25
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Nokius_\o/ \o/18:51
Nokius_that's how weekends shall start!18:51
Nokius_even thats great weeks!18:51
mal-Nokius_: camera works?18:51
Nokius_got my cam config!18:51
Nokius_mal-: YES!!!18:51
Nokius_THANKS!! everyone!18:52
Nokius_file looks valid18:52
mal-looks normal18:54
pavimal-: I heard the big news from Sony! \รถ/
dr_gogeta86ubuntu related?18:57
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Nokius_ui is the know issue :P18:58
dr_gogeta86i hope for onyx19:00
Nokius_dr_gogeta86: odd that's not working there19:02
vgrade_Nokius_: great news, hope for 1+ tomorrow19:02
dr_gogeta86x or 119:02
Nokius_vgrade_: 1+ is working19:02
Nokius_YEAH!!! front is aslo working19:03
vgrade_Nokius_: yes19:03
Nokius_for me the first time ever!19:03
mal-both x and 1 should work with that fix19:04
dr_gogeta86if onyx doesn't support dual sim soon i'll got a nice lumia crap courtesy of acc*nture19:04
taaemdr_gogeta86: if you have time you can read backlogs and try what sledges and Nokius_ did for cam on opx19:04
dr_gogeta86taaem: i was in a bad mood and crap situation19:05
taaemdr_gogeta86: whats up?19:05
dr_gogeta86this week19:05
dr_gogeta86new job sucks19:06
taaemoh that's bad...19:06
mal-I just finished patching cm13, hopefully it work when I build it19:07
dr_gogeta86need to find another asap19:07
dr_gogeta86isn't a patch19:08
dr_gogeta86is a fork with all that thing you need shutdown19:08
taaemdr_gogeta86: i wish you luck19:09
Nokius_ hihi19:11
mal-dr_gogeta86: ?19:11
dr_gogeta86i saw many changes into volume management19:12
dr_gogeta86selinux crap to disable19:13
dr_gogeta86camera changes19:13
dr_gogeta86lg g3 with 6.019:13
dr_gogeta86seems totally rewritten19:13
dr_gogeta86btw in this week with people with ipads and windows phone got sometime to reflect19:14
dr_gogeta86we are putting an effort similar early days of linux on exotic place19:15
dr_gogeta86we don't have software at all19:15
dr_gogeta86even on linux desktop19:16
dr_gogeta86lockin is still f* there19:16
dr_gogeta86outlook msg file may crash your jolla19:16
dr_gogeta86caligra die even with simple moder xls19:17
dr_gogeta86plus we lost many devs along 3 yrs journey with sfos19:18
*** Litew <Litew!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:18
dr_gogeta86last florian from sailgrande19:18
dr_gogeta86insta changes api to support 2-fa19:18
dr_gogeta86but essentially lockout 3rd parties :-)19:19
dr_gogeta86last good software for sailfish is sailorgram from dax19:19
Nokius_dr_gogeta86: really sad that we lost him :(19:19
Nokius_focus is fixed19:20
Nokius_for cam 019:20
dr_gogeta86but can't compete with the quality and feature fullynes of mitakuulu219:20
LitewAhoy. What controls haptic feedback settings? ffmemless.ini for qt5-feedback? Cause I see long vibration works with ff_memless driver, but haptic feedback doesn't19:20
dr_gogeta86i think they did it to be pulled in jolla19:20
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mal-wow, 55 GB of disk space was not enough for building android19:40
mal-I need more disk space19:41
dr_gogeta86i've allocated more then 100tb aws last week ;-)19:42
dr_gogeta86jeff got many bucks due me19:43
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stephgmal-: I have a /system/bin/sensorservice, a couple of libs and some xml config files it seems21:34
stephgoh fucking hell starting it by hand and then running mk-cam-conf worked21:35
stephgso the jolla camera doesn't work but cameraplus does?21:36
mal-stephg: jolla-camera is recommended now21:37
mal-stephg: use this as an example for configs
mal-stephg: usually all you need to change is resolutions21:39
stephgwell the screen res is the same as that21:39
mal-stephg: the imageResolution_* parts21:39
*** marxistvegan <marxistvegan!~marxistve@fsf/staff/marxistvegan> has quit IRC (Quit: marxistvegan)21:42
mal-you can find the resolution if you run for example GST_DEBUG="*:5" mk-cam-conf ..., there is a lot of output but somewhere in there are the resolutions21:43
stephgmal-: ah ok I resorted to finding pictures by the phone on flickr :P21:49
mal-stephg: maybe easier :)21:50
mal-stephg: does it work now?21:50
stephgdoes sensorservice need to be running21:51
mal-seems like it, no idea why it's not21:52
stephghm still not yet21:52
*** dvogel <dvogel!~dorianvog@2a01:e35:1386:6020:223:54ff:fe9c:8773> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)21:52
mal-stephg: did you run dconf update as root after editing that file21:53
stephgjesus you weren't jocking about output...21:53
stephgmal-: no just rebooted21:53
mal-ok, that's ok also21:53
mal-stephg: if you look at the output I suggest redirecting it to a file for investigation21:54
stephgthat's exactly just what I've done :D21:54
stephgbut all of that colour output makes it very ugly21:55
stephgthink I have it21:56
stephghm stil nothing22:00
stephgjournal shows this when messing with camera settings in the UI: [6834]: [W] CameraBinSession::processBusMessage:1027 - CameraBin error: "Internal data stream error."22:00
stephgugh ok I'm going to bed22:03
stephgnot going to get this done tonight22:04
stephgnight all22:04
mal-that usually indicates that the jolla-camera-hw.tx is incorrect22:04
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