Sunday, 2016-02-21

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gehidore is this failing for the lack of kernel modules or the the context? I'm assuming because I built with a single thread that the context is the point of failure00:28
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taaemanyone knows where the updater-script comes from?01:24
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taaemsledges: kimmoli dr_gogeta86 i think camera can be fixed the same way as on bacon and find7 when we get an image including this commit I found a logcat where HAL can't load camera.msm*.so because of missing symbol which infact is in but somehow it doesn't get preloaded on there01:59
taaem^ maybe not related only dissapears if i preload libopx_cam.so02:16
taaembut the service doesn't start when I do LD_PRELOAD in init.rc but works fine when i do the same as nemo user02:16
dwangoACsledges: I now have working sfdroid on Nexus 5 / Hammerhead but I've discovered that most unfortunately the feature that I switched to the N5 for doesn't work - Bluetooth hands-free audio is nothing but static and is regrettably unusable.02:18
dwangoACsledges: Who did you say had last worked on Bluetooth support?02:19
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx02:20
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx02:20
dwangoAC(Even with Bluetooth I'm still missing a hardware keyboard and am anxiously awaiting a Jolla available in the US with TOH keyboard)02:20
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx02:22
merbotChecking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx02:22
merbotUpdating patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx02:24
merbotUpdating patterns in nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx02:24
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taaemmmh strange d2w isn't working even tho i changed the double tap to report POWER_KEY instead of 25002:34
t4ryndwangoAC: sfdroid?02:52
dwangoACt4ryn: Android in a window03:01
dwangoACt4ryn: Currently only works on Nexus 4 Mako and Nexus 5 Hammerhead03:06
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Nokiusif i change in the init user media to nemo cam will also not start06:42
Nokiusis a rapper needed?06:42
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gehidoresurely a rapper is needed...07:54
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locusfgood morning08:02
sledgesNokius_AFK: yes, i tried to change in init.rc - no luck for proper fix through there yet, we'll need to pick Stskeeps' brainz :)08:03
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taaemdr_gogeta86: for OTA you have to point all repos to nemo:/devel:/ and not nemo:/testing:/10:05
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taaemcan some onyx user test this boot.img if double tap to wake works?!HEoE0aAB!MiHVgu5mKiLWN-q0voS0L5vlH7UqikNuGpOkwBMsp0M10:17
taaemsledges: kimmoli ^10:18
taaemand when doing OTAs one should add all repos that are also in ks right? like master-branch-ofono and so on otherwise it will downgrade the packages10:25
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kimmolitaaem: i forgot my onyx at office... going there later today11:43
taaemkimmoli: okay11:45
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taaemwhy does OnePlus name their X in official OTAs ONE?11:57
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nh1402LG G5 announcement in 12 and a half minutes12:47
dirkvlomg omg omg12:49
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nh1402another phone that could see a landscape hw keyboard attachment12:51
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nh1402and not that disgusting rubbish from Samsung for the S612:51
nh1402which was a portrait keyboard12:51
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nh1402dirkvl: was that sarcasm?12:53
dirkvllet me look up the quote12:54
dirkvlthe verge went idiot on it12:54
dirkvl¨LG is set to lead this charge at MWC with what looks like the most ambitious modular smartphone to date¨12:56
dirkvla slot does not means it is modular.12:56
nh1402I agree12:56
nh1402don't use verge, well actually the only time I do is conference highlights12:57
dirkvl¨LG, because its crazy modular concept resonates with consumers who have grown tired of the same old thing.¨12:57
nh1402sounds like they have no idea what the word modular means.12:57
dirkvlwe have implemented EMPTY SPACE12:57
dirkvlomg omg omg12:57
dirkvl´magic slot´12:58
dirkvlbecause ´slot´ just doesnt resonate12:58
nh1402dirkvl: you hear about Microsoft looking into making Modular PC's. That doesn't really make sense. It's already modular.12:58
dirkvlthey are really leading the charge there12:59
dirkvlpeople have really been numbed by years of boring phones12:59
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nh1402"Wouldn't it be great if PC's were modular" "We're Microsoft, let's make one", "But sir, they already...." "Quiet you, you're always negative. Let's make the world first modular pc"13:00
dirkvli like the cats6013:01
dirkvl*cat s6013:01
dirkvlliked it last year13:03
dirkvllike the new one13:03
dirkvleverything should be ruggedized13:03
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nh1402dirkvl: they keep using the word "play" for advertising the lg g5. But it doesn't come with a game controller, or game controller attachment.13:07
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dirkvlthe slot13:09
dirkvlis empty.13:09
dirkvlempty inside, like all of us13:09
dirkvllg is so deep13:09
dirkvl´play with your empty holes´, was that the slogan?13:10
nh1402they keep saying it's unibody, but the slot is removable.13:10
nh1402i don't think so.13:10
dirkvlits like a duobody13:11
dirkvludibody more like13:12
nh1402time isn't a notification...13:13
dirkvl*BLING* time change happened!13:14
dirkvlit is now *now*13:15
nh1402yeeey, it comes with a smaller battery, and an lcd panel.13:15
dirkvlwhoop whoop for small battery13:15
dirkvlsomeone should make a dumbphone that fits in the slot13:16
dirkvlthat would be perfect13:16
dirkvldimensions known?13:16
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nh1402well at least it comes with ddr4 and ufs 2 memory. So the battery life might not be that bad.13:20
nh1402dirkvl: Size: 149.4 x 73.9 x 7.7~8.6mm13:20
dirkvland the slot?13:21
nh1402not sure about that13:21
dirkvloh a ´friends manager´13:22
dirkvlneed one of those13:22
stephgtbr: I'm supposed to be working and now I just lost 10 miuntes watching spaceballs cliops13:24
tbrmy work here is done! :D13:24
nh1402well the G5 remains on my list as it comes with the Snapdragon 820, 4GB DDR4, 32gb UFS 2.0, and a potential hardware keyboard bumping up the battery capacity considerably (providing they slap on a battery underneath the keyboard.13:24
nh1402the 4gb of ram might come in handy with sfdroid.13:25
nh1402where "they" is whoever ends up making one. Which I'm sure there will be.13:25
dirkvlwell they havent contacted me ;)13:26
nh1402what do you mean13:27
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nh1402ah right.13:28
nh1402their marketing is terrible, like pretty much every company13:32
nh1402the press release is all I want.13:33
nh1402dirkvl: I thought you meant you worked for a company that LG would know to make such a module.13:34
nh1402a shame it's not one of the modules available at launch.13:34
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nh1402dirkvl: I think you might find more about the module system here, once the timer finishes.14:00
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taaemfor cam on onyx for some reason /dev/video1 and /dev/video2 aren't appearing on Sailfish but on CM14:25
dr_gogeta86taaem, i can't still upgrade via ota :-D14:26
taaemdr_gogeta86: try to update from to, sounds silly but i updated some configs14:27
taaemalso you have to add these repos too
taaemand the adaption repo is at nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx14:29
taaemdr_gogeta86: ^14:29
kimmoliand there is a Lg G5 giveaway already
nh1402just realised it doesn't come with force touch, which is disappointing14:48
nh1402i was going to create a patch so that when you do a "hard peek" then it switches to the next open app.14:48
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dirkvl_very unrelated:
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nh1402but it's still in the maybe pile due to the potential module extensions15:06
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mal-droidmedia modified for cm13/aosp6, although I haven't even tested my cm13 based build yet15:06
sledgesgreets from Barca!15:07
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sledgesjust passed RMS on the street - brings luck!15:16
vgrade_\o sledges15:16
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sledgeshey vgrade! good weekend?15:18
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vgradesledges: trying to debug, minimedia, service_manager, binder interactions15:23
sledgesvgrade: permissions hell? ;)15:26
sledgeslocusf: oy;)15:26
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vgradesledges: can't quite put my finger on it as yet, but yea, media vs nemo15:27
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locusfno news on the eastern front re: mainline kernel15:28
sledgesvgrade: and init.rc doesn't like the name nemo, that's for sure15:32
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vgradesledges: you can use 10000015:35
vgradesledges: still no dice15:36
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sledgesvgrade: yep, been there, also juggled with groups via `sudo media`; still nothing16:08
sledgesdevel-su su media16:08
sledges(had to change to /bin/bash in /etc/passwd)16:13
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* stephg new knives are sharp :'( at least the bleeding has stopped now!16:26
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nh1402now for the S7 conference18:01
nh1402not sure if I can stand another terrible marketing campaign18:01
nh1402as soon as their press release releases I'm out of there.18:02
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dirkvlliquid glass display18:02
dirkvlinfinite edges(tm)18:02
dirkvlmultiple blabla18:03
dirkvlin the world18:03
nh1402ok then, it looks like they've released the press release a day early18:03
dirkvltransparent camera lense18:03
nh1402either that or I missed work today18:03
nh1402hmm, no mention of a force touch display in the press release, from what I've read18:07
nh1402another shame.18:07
dirkvlyeah cause force touch is so much better than long press18:08
nh1402unless they missed it out. Looks like the Z6 it is.18:08
dirkvltotally worth the 1mm layer18:08
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nh1402dirkvl: sounds like the closest thing the consumers are going to get to an apology for not including the microsd card slot in the S618:11
dirkvlnot comparable to me18:11
dirkvlforcetouch is bs18:11
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nh1402dirkvl: more levels of input for developers to make use of.18:15
dirkvlyes and since almost to phone has it there is no implementation worth the extra 1mm18:15
dirkvlgiven the existance of longpress18:15
nh1402a context menu being an example use case, and the next app launch thing I mentioned before.18:16
dr_gogeta86hi guys18:17
dr_gogeta86sledges, and others photos photos photos18:17
nh1402longpress can be replaced by this force touch system. I think it's more useful for OS developers than app developers at this stage, I can't really think of any other way to use it. Having said that, i've just thought of another way.18:18
nh1402and boy is my idea a good one.18:18
nh1402in my opinion18:20
dirkvlgot to go18:21
dirkvllong drive ahead18:21
nh1402oh my18:22
dr_gogeta86happy trip dirkvl18:26
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piggzguys, what do you think is important about starting a porting exercise ... see
piggzlast slide18:57
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nh1402piggz: programming knowledge isn't technically needed for porting, right?19:00
nh1402people tend to shy away from porting, and make an excuse like "but I'm not a developer"19:01
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piggznh1402: good suggestion :)19:02
piggzi guess a bit of knowledge can help tho19:02
Litewpiggz: helped me a lot, maybe include it too. 4th slide: meamo -> maemo19:03
piggzthx, i'll add that too19:03
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dr_gogeta86yet another way to call ELOP YOU SUCKS19:25
dr_gogeta86btw tomorrow may I get some post apocalipting "nokia" :-(19:25
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nh1402dr_gogeta86: wasn't he briefly incharge of the devices division of M$ after he sold Nokia's device division over, and then (probably forced to) leave shortly afterwards19:33
nh1402sounds to me as if M$ used him to get Nokia and then cut him loose.19:33
piggzyep, pretty much it19:33
vgradesledges: bingo19:35
sledgesvgrade: \o/ i'm here with bacon19:36
vgradesledges: I caught this after killing minimedia which had been started from init19:36
sledgesshow that fish:)19:36
vgrade , seems the libcutils lib in libexec is missing a symbol.  Move that out if the way all is good19:37
vgradejust looking at why that lib is missing that symbol as its in the source19:38
sledgesvgrade: how come as nemo works? means it was lingering and spits debug opon kill19:41
sledgesi always used /system/bin/stop instead iirc:)19:41
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sledgesvgrade: so nuke ioprio from init.rc? :)19:44
vgradesledges: tried does not work19:45
sledgesmaybe there's an implied one?19:45
sledgesvgrade: there are many others with ioprio19:47
sledgesvgrade: ok, i'll linger on your research:)19:48
gehidoresledges: appears to me that it's not using the /right/ kernel config for the device, I don't see any steps *above* this point in the HADK guide this is in step 5.4 with make -j1 hybris-hal19:48
vgradecamera worked after reboot19:49
gehidorewhich seems to lead to this,
piggzvgrade: did you give up on moto-g port?19:49
vgradecan;t explain the nemo case, but in that case it seems to be picking the right lib19:49
gehidorefor humor I setup a parallel environment and built cm 12.1 by itself and _that_ worked fine start to finish19:50
vgradepiggz: yea, there was someone working on a very similar model19:50
sledgesvgrade: some LD_* environment differences i guess19:50
sledgesvgrade: you can setenv in init.rc too19:51
* gehidore is playing with moto-x-2nd gen19:51
sledgesgehidore: line 153 says cyanogenmod_victara_defconfig19:51
vgradesledges: yea, I added the LD_PRELOAD for patched libcamera service19:52
gehidoresledges: which seems to be the right one yes, just strange to me it later says that it's built without module support19:53
dr_gogeta86taaem, no luck19:57
dr_gogeta86still boot loop while upgrade19:58
dr_gogeta86vgrade, taaem some freshbuilt image for onyx20:00
gehidoremodified the config to see what would happen20:01
smurfynetdid someone try running sailfish on a neo freerunner? :)20:01
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smurfynetah never mind, just realized it has an even crappier cpu than the n900 so it probably is possible to run it but not smooth at all.20:05
gehidorehrm same failure it appears20:07
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tbrsmurfynet: if it has the GTA04 innards, maybe.20:15
tbror a Nekro90020:15
piggzsledges: what work would be needed to get a pixel-ratio 0.75 (for lower res devices?)20:18
nh1402smurfynet: not to be confused with GTA IV20:26
dr_gogeta86taaem, vgrade20:29
gehidore so it _was_ the context issue not the lack of modules20:33
taaemdr_gogeta86: uploading a new image would take til tomorrow, but i could give you my .ks so you can build a fresh image yourself, you just need the mer sdk since everything is builded on obs20:35
dr_gogeta86gehidore, you need to disable sepoll20:36
dr_gogeta86you can lurk many patches outthere20:36
dr_gogeta86taaem, post it I'll assable it in seconds ...20:36
gehidoredr_gogeta86: I'll look into that thanks.20:38
*** WalterN is now known as tiwake20:40
dr_gogeta86which release now ?20:41
dr_gogeta862.0.0.10 or ?20:41
taaemdr_gogeta86: what you want :P i'll used it for
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piggzi thini its done :) ..... giving presentation on wed at local geek meetup22:05
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taaempiggz: just for the record there are some misspelling in there22:14
taaemah nv was correct22:15
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gehidoredr_gogeta86: google keeps telling me I'm looking for disabling selinux is that accurate?22:49
dr_gogeta86but you need to disable sepool22:51
gehidorei get zero hits for sepoll and sepool22:55
dr_gogeta86cherry pick22:59
dr_gogeta86and disable it from defconfig22:59
dr_gogeta86too plus selinux=0 command arg ;-)22:59
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*** smurfynet is now known as smurfynet|afk23:01
gehidorethat's what I was asking re selinux sorry I wasn't clear :|23:03
dr_gogeta86rinse and repeat23:05
sledgesvgrade: yes, can set LD_LIBRARY_PATH an such23:07
sledgespiggz: i could ask for them 0.75 scaled iconpack to be included in 2.0.223:08
sledgesballock: any PRs still open?:)23:09
sledgesreally cool slides piggz!23:12
sledgestweet time?;)23:12
dr_gogeta86are great23:20
dr_gogeta86like a manifesto23:20
dr_gogeta86gn guys23:20
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