Monday, 2016-02-22

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gehidoreselinux=0doesn't change the build result, nor does removing it from the defconfig, nor does matching those cherry picked changes...01:21
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gehidoresledges: might you be here?04:42
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gehidore to anyone that might have an idea why this is blowing up, I did a checkout on the kernel to revert all my changes and get a fresh log.05:14
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kimmolisledges: if you ask, ask also for 1.75 for onyx :P05:34
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dr_gogeta86morn guys06:24
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gehidoredr_gogeta86: I don't seem to be making any headway even with following your instructions, any further suggestions?08:09
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stephgso what's easiest/best practice for porting multiple devices wrt hadk, repo etc.08:26
dr_gogeta86trials and errors :-)08:27
nh1402_workdamn it no Z6.08:28
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d4g6k11Hello Porters. Just found out the Intex Aqua Fish will only be sold in India. I don't live there so can someone tell me which phones that best run ported SailfishOS?09:03
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nh1402_workd4g611: Nexus 5, the upcoming Fairphone 2 port, Galaxy Nexus, Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro09:10
mal-recently also oneplus one and x have quite good support and being worked on quite much09:14
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nh1402_workI'm assuming the Turing phone will also have good support.09:15
d4g6k11Its a pity fairphone won't ship to me (Australia). I'm tempted by the oneplusone or nexus5. Is there a reason the oneplustwo gets no love?09:18
nh1402_workARM 64 bit09:19
nh1402_workSailfish/mer doesn't currently work with ARM64 yet. But work is being done on it, ask ghosalmartin and Stskeeps about that.09:20
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nh1402_workonce that works then it should open up Sailfish to a wealth of new devices.09:20
d4g6k11I'll read up on it. Thanks for taking the time. I appreciate it. Cheers.09:21
stephgdr_gogeta86: no I mean, do people hack the hadk shell function and run in the same sdk? or run multiple sdks? or move repos about or...09:22
mal-stephg: I hve several definitions in .env and I activate the correct ones depending on the device09:23
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nh1402_workanyone going to get any of the new Xperia X line phones?09:24
mal-stephg: mainly just different ANDROID_ROOT for each device, except for xperias which even share the android sources09:24
stephgmal-: thanks, any gotchas?09:26
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mal-stephg: which devices are you thinking about, how similar are those?09:27
t4rynStskeeps: how long do you think aarch64 will take?09:29
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stephgmal-: it's this nexus 6, so very not similar at all09:34
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mal-stephg: ok, same or different android base?09:37
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stephgaosp and prolly 5.0 not cm1109:40
mal-ok, you basically can use the same android root for devices with the same base, you just have to play with some symlinks for rpm/ and hybris/droid-configs/09:41
mal-for rpm you can just copy all of the .spec files there if you want09:42
mal-for configs it's more complicated09:43
mal-here's an example for my xperias
stephgsounds to me cleaner to havea different path/env09:43
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stephg... and in the worlds most horrid twist of fate the damn volume-down button on this nexus 6 is broken :(10:18
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stephgphew adb works :D10:24
stephgand fortunately the bootloader menu loops :D10:25
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nh1402_workstephg: so you have to indirectly get to fastboot mode then, if you need to.11:09
stephgnh1402_work yeah I'm in and unlocked11:10
stephgso quetion then now, given this device had both a 5.0 and a 6.0, which should I flash back to to start with aosp?11:10
mal-there is no 6.0 base yet, at least a verified one, ghosalmartin has made some port based on aosp611:12
stephgok so sounds like 5 then...11:13
mal-that's at least verified to work11:14
mal-I need to test my cm13 base, it built fine11:14
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stephgfinal irritating question: do people care about subversions? my thinking is to go for the last/latest 5 release: 5.1.111:30
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wesblsledges: are you here? :)11:58
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stephgugh bootloader troubles flashing back to 512:15
stephgmay be stuck with 612:15
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Nokius_A1Ko/ form mwc venue12:17
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stephghow's it going nh1402_work12:17
stephghow's it going Nokius_mwc12:18
locusfehlo Nokius_mwc12:18
Nokius_mwcgreat so fare except that I missed to bring my ID in the morning and hat to go back12:18
Nokius_mwchacking a bit in the find7s atm12:18
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nh1402_workstephg: fine be that way :)12:23
wesbli want a fairphone with sailfish os :D12:23
stephgwesbl: they're coming, s00n :)12:23
wesblstephg: :o12:23
smurfynettried to migrate my jolla to fp2 android to test at least the hardware but i really dislike android, so i stopped. and will wait until sailfish gets released.12:39
wesblstephg: do you know anything about a possible smart cover for the fairphone2?12:40
kimmoliwesbl: dirkvl is doing something afaiu.12:41
wesblkimmoli: but what is it? something like a toh?12:41
kimmolidunno yet12:41
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taaemspiiroin: any idea why this doesn't work
* spiiroin looks ....13:05
taaemso the intex phone has dual sim so next release will bring proper dual sim support?13:05
spiirointaaem: can't spot anything obvious. what do you get with 'evdev_trace -i' from touch evdev node with that patch?13:07
taaemwill check this evening but that should work right?13:08
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tortoisedocis aliendalvik available as separate package?13:10
kimmolispiiroin: taaem: mce eats those...13:10
kimmoliand yes, -i... taaem you need to make sure it enabled KEY_POWER (not that 249) for the input device13:11
spiiroinkimmoli: "evdev_trace --identify" is not eaten away -> does it list power key as event that can be emitted?13:12
taaemtortoisedoc: properitary software so no13:12
taaemkimmoli: you have your onyx now?13:12
tortoisedoctaaem : is it standalone? as in, if I repackage it from say official jolla sw?13:12
taaemtortoisedoc: prona13:13
taaemprobably no13:13
kimmolitaaem: nope13:13
taaemkimmoli: okay then i will look into that this evening13:13
kimmolispiiroin: i just realised what you asked ;)13:13
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dr_gogeta86I saw full dual sim support13:14
dr_gogeta86I want it13:14
kimmolifwiw it should say KEY_POWER and some KEY_???  (unless you use my patched mce)13:14
dr_gogeta86btw still after 3yr13:14
dr_gogeta86JOLLA SBJ design rulez13:14
taaemspiiroin: got the commit from here
taaemthats for CM13 but13:16
sledgesvgrade: any luck yo?:)13:16
taaemdr_gogeta86: i like that they keeped the design :P13:16
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vgrade_wsledges: will make a new image tonight with moved libcutils + other fixes mentioned before13:24
kimmolitaaem: it should enable correct bit, so it should work (imo)13:25
dr_gogeta86vgrade_w, everything i build is going to bootloop13:26
taaemkimmoli: i'm still wondering what the KEY_F4 does13:26
taaemdouble tap resume...13:26
kimmoli //doulbe-tap resume13:27
taaemon stock its always that that gets emitted for double tap maybe i should change that also13:27
kimmolii dont think anything cares about F4 ?13:27
vgrade_wdr_gogeta86: kernel options, selinux ?13:28
dr_gogeta86pulled things from obs13:28
dr_gogeta86btw how ubuntu goes at mwc now with convergence ?13:28
kimmolitaaem: you tested that, and it didnt work? and you enabled gestures?13:28
taaemkimmoli: damn i know what i forgot echo 1 > /sys/... right?13:29
taaemthen it probably works13:30
taaemkimmoli: excactly missed that13:30
taaemkimmoli: we should make a OnePlus X Settings app for triambience and gesture support13:31
kimmoliyep. and get all the gestures operational... maybe through mce additional config files as spiiroin suggested13:34
taaemkimmoli: i wonder if we also could tri-state keys and mce work together13:34
kimmolimce does not block tristate keys, so i assume it does not care about them13:35
spiirointhere at least used to be something for camera: unpressed -> focus -> picture13:36
spiiroinlaunch camera on focus or something like that13:36
spiiroinnot sure though. maybe it was n900 lens cover ....13:37
taaemkimmoli: tristate gets emitted on event0 right?13:37
spiiroinbut normally mce cares just about power key and volume keys13:38
spiiroinrest goes to ui without filtering13:38
taaemspiiroin: kimmoli is there a dbus command for setting silent/vibrate/volume?13:40
kimmolithats what i use13:41
kimmoliand yes it is event013:41
taaemkimmoli: but if i would want to just change volume and not ambience?13:42
stephgas I've now bricked this N6, userdata is mounted as user in android roight?13:43
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stephgmeh ok now any bright ideas how to get into the bootloader when it won't boot and the vol-down doesn't work :/13:58
* stephg wishes for telnet 232313:59
vgrade_wstephg: you may need to resort to spanners14:00
stephgI'm already looking at it in a threatening manner14:01
stephg(problem being it's not mine)14:01
stephg(that said, the screen is cracked and the vol down doesn't work!)14:01
stephgvgrade_w: thanks14:02
vgrade_wtried sucking it :)14:02
stephglol I don't know where it's been :P14:03
stephgyeah need to get one of those plectrum-looing jobbies14:05
vgrade_wstep 4. you may be able to force a button press on ribbon cable14:05
vgrade_wstephg: loyalty card works for me14:06
stephgvgrade_w: nectar? clubcard and their ilk or thinner (can I get away with a debit card)14:07
vgrade_wstephg: anything which is thin enough really, debit would do14:09
vgrade_wdriving license14:09
nh1402_workJustice League of America membership card14:10
stephgok about to move but I'll try that  (now also need something pointy)14:11
stephgthanks all see you shortly14:11
Nokius_mwchacking in the sun now \o/14:35
sledgesvgrade_w: awesome! where did you move libcutils ooi?15:00
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vgrade_wsledges: just out of the way (to home) so /system/lib version gets picked15:01
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Nokius_mwchates wifi15:42
khorben_wants sailfish on fairphone 215:47
mal-it coming, I'm trying to fix the user-friendly installation tonight15:51
Nokius_mwcshould get the cam up or15:52
Nokius_mwcnever done before a service file before15:52
mal-Nokius_mwc: nice and simple15:52
Nokius_mwcwhat I read it should work around our issue15:53
mal-Nokius_mwc: just add some dependencies to that so it will start at correct time, i.e. after droid-hal-init15:53
Nokius_mwcnot sure if I have to write the output to /dev/null15:53
Nokius_mwcmal-: thx15:53
Nokius_mwcmal-: in L3 After=droid-hal-init15:55
Nokius_mwcsorry have no well working clipbaord on the build in X240 keyboard :(15:55
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mal-Nokius_mwc: I think you need to add the .service to that line16:04
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Nokius_mwcah ok16:13
Nokius_mwcI will try it atm16:13
Nokius_mwcTHX! sledges for the hint find7s looks now like Phone!!!!16:14
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khorben_mal-: that's awesome :)16:23
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LitewDualSIM in SFOS \o/:
LitewHope will get it soon for ported devices18:22
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Zombgood afternoon18:26
Zombmal-: I installed on my phone and it gets stuck at boot. I see only the "Sailfish/Xperia" logo. Power button turns the screen on/off, that's all.18:28
Zombmaybe you used another revision? IIRC there are are st18a and st18i18:28
Zombmine should but i, IIRC18:28
mal-Zomb: how fast sdcard do you have?18:28
*** sletta <sletta!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:29
mal-Zomb: can you telnet in the device (ip, port 2323)18:29
Zombit's a class10 but old one, speed is more like class6. No idea how to telnet into it - but I have no clue yet, just guessing :-) There is no cdc-ether class device etc. when I attach USB, only a "SCSI removable" which is not identified properly either18:33
mal-Zomb: telnet 232318:36
mal-Zomb: does ifconfig -a list usb18:37
ZombI know how telnet works but there is no such IP in my lan. neither can it get one because it doesn't have WPA credentials18:37
Zombno usb is ifconfig output18:37
ZombI plug the battery and look what happens with usb on boot18:38
mal-Zomb: just ot be sure you made everything correctly in installation, you installed cm11 defined in instructions from recovery, then installed sailfish image on top of it18:38
mal-and flashed the sailfish kernel18:39
ZombI flashed the boot image from the zip file above with fastboot, booted the cwm, used it to install the zip file which I previously stored on the SD card18:39
Zombcwm messages looked okay. mounted root and /data18:39
Zombcard is 12/4gb partitioned (fat32/ext4)18:40
mal-Zomb: did you install both cm11 and sailfish from the recovery18:40
*** dvogel <dvogel!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)18:40
Zombuhm, no, just sailfish18:40
mal-Zomb: which version of cm do you have on the device18:41
*** Tassadar <Tassadar!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:41
Zombit had cm12 (with the different memory layout) for a couple of months but it sucked. Now I just formated the SD card partitions, reconnected the device, starting it in fast-boot mode, flashed hybrisboot.img , rebooted, got into cwm, installed the zip file above18:42
ZombI cannot see how downgrading back to cm11 would help but I could try doing that and try again18:43
mal-Zomb: let me explain18:43
mal-Zomb: sailfish is built based on a specific cm, cm11 or 12.1, you have to have that installed before installaing sailfish18:44
*** marxistvegan <marxistvegan!~marxistve@fsf/staff/marxistvegan> has quit IRC (Quit: marxistvegan)18:44
Zombok. I will do that. I was just thinking that you use the kernel only and not much else.18:44
*** TimGremalm <TimGremalm!> has quit IRC (Quit: WeeChat 0.4.2)18:45
mal-Zomb: to make sure everything works, in recovery format all partitions i.e. data and system then install the cm11 zip specified in instructions (naturally the image for your device with the same date) and then install sailfish18:45
*** marxistvegan <marxistvegan!~marxistve@fsf/staff/marxistvegan> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:45
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mal-Zomb: it uses android /system for device drivers etc18:45
Zombalright, alright, got that. I skipped the bit "install this cm11" in the middle of the instructions18:45
ZombI see... they don't come for free. sorry :-)18:45
mal-Zomb: it there for a reason :18:45
*** olesalscheider <olesalscheider!~olesalsch@exherbo/developer/olesalscheider> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:49
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nh1402Zomb: If you're thinking of compiling and running sfdroid on your Xperia Ray, then think again. I don't think there's enough ram available for it to run both Sailfish and Android.19:04
nh1402sfdroid != sailfish19:05
mal-nh1402: where did you get the idea that he's trying to use sfdroid?19:06
ZombI did not plan to run any Android app on this device. It basically has hit the memory wall 2-3 years ago.19:06
nh1402I didn't, I just said that in case19:06
Zombrunning more than one app on cm12 is a pain19:06
nh1402mal-: does the Xperia Ray have Jolla store access?19:09
mal-nh1402: can't remember if others than iyokan has it, those are all in the waiting list19:10
Zombaaah, it finally finished installing, let's try booting19:11
*** sletta <sletta!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)19:15
*** drFaustroll <drFaustroll!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:24
Zombok, flashed cm kernel from , formated system/data/cache, installed the that cm11 from CWM, rebooted into bootloader again, flashed  hybris-boot.img, rebooted into cwm, installed  sailfishos-urushi-release-, rebooted from cwm19:24
Zombnow almost the same picture as before19:24
Zombjust a couple of kernel messages more19:24
*** wesbl <wesbl!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:25
Zombbut wait, maybe I need a driver19:25
Zombthis is not cdc-ether, right?19:25
mal-Zomb: which os are you using?19:25
ZombDebian Unstable with custom built kernel19:26
mal-Zomb: does ifconfig show usb now?19:26
mal-that log shows that telnet is ready on the device, no idea why it doesn't show the interface, on some cases the interface is not named usb19:28
Zomb$ grep NET .config | grep -i usb |grep not.set|wc -l19:28
Zombgotta fix that, will report later :-)19:28
tbrInteresting, I'm starting to see cherry trail tablets on Aliexpress that advertize dual boot into android in addition to windows19:29
mal-Zomb: also you did the installation in a little complicated way, you could have just flashed the hybris-boot.img and the gone to recovery, formatted the partitions and then flashed both cm11 and sailfish19:30
Zombwho knows, I wasn't sure whether the CWM from hybris-boot.img isn't some special version that needs to be used19:31
mal-Zomb: just a question, when you rebooted the device did you have usb cable connected?19:35
Zombthis time, yes, since the battery might be weak19:35
mal-ok, not sure how easily it goes to the charging mode19:37
mal-might be quite easy, try rebooting without the cable19:37
ZombI just removed the cable and battery, insterted battery, well, it doesn't boot19:37
Zombled blinks quickly and that's all19:38
mal-maybe charge is low19:38
mal-Zomb: there is a problem that the charging mode does not always show anything19:38
Zombthe things behaves weird. I attached the cable, and it got into S1boot mode (greed led light, no picture)19:39
mal-no idea what mode that is19:40
ZombIIRC it's the sony "super flash bootloader" mode which can be used with the "FlashTool" tool to install sighed update images19:41
*** sletta <sletta!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:44
mal-Zomb: also if you forcefully shutdown the device by removing the battery when sailfish is running it can corrupt the sailfish rootfs sometimes19:44
ZombI was reckoning it shouldn't become a problem since it appeared to be idle19:47
* Zomb has to reboot the new kernel, cu19:47
*** Zomb <Zomb!~be@2a02:8070:a1ab:fd00:225:22ff:fe06:27bf> has quit IRC (Quit: Verlassend)19:48
*** Zomb <Zomb!~be@2a02:8070:a1ab:fd00:225:22ff:fe06:27bf> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:59
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Zombusb network drivers were not the droids I was looking for. The one in question is rndis and is in USB Gadgets section, not USB network devices. sic.20:00
Zombanyhow, I have a telnet session20:00
Zombthere are hundres of those binder events reported all the time. Problem?
mal-Zomb: show output of systemctl20:03
Zombalready on it20:03
mal-Zomb: check what does /system contain, does it look like android /system partition content?20:04
Zombwould say so.
mal-Zomb: please get the output of just systemctl, without status20:06
Zombweird, I was expecting something related to wayland but cannot see much20:08
mal-hmm, that is missing one very important service, droid-hal-init20:14
Zomb# find /system/ | grep droid.hal20:16
Zomb-> nothing20:16
mal-it's in /lib/systemd/system/20:16
Zombyup, found it already :-)20:16
mal-try running systemctl restart droid-hal-init.service, and check the logs, journalctl -f for example20:17
Zombhey, I see a new picture on the screen20:17
Zombapparently the battery loading icon20:17
mal-ah, so you are in charging mode20:18
Zombyeah, guessed so20:18
mal-that exlains it20:18
Zombhow to reboot, just reboot?20:18
mal-systemctl reboot maybe20:18
Zombwoah, I see colorfull pictures20:20
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*** mal- <mal-!~mal@> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:26
ballockIs there a flashlight app for porters? I mean like one that does not need to bundle gstreamer?20:26
mal-ballock: for fp2 and onyx, might work on others, depending of the sysfs path20:26
Zombmal-: just the first real experience on real hardware, awesome20:27
mal-Zomb: so it works now? good20:27
Zombseems to work, indeed20:28
ZombMem:    446744k total,   390624k used,    56120k free,    10272k buffers20:28
Zombso far, so good20:29
ballockmal-: so, where can I get it? It's not in fp2 obs, at least not in the one I'm looking at.20:29
*** sletta <sletta!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)20:30
Zombaaaaand it just rebooted while I was configuring the user account20:30
ballockmal-: Thanks, looks like what I need... almost. I do have a different path. I've got /sys/class/leds/spotlight20:33
ballockbut the prblem is that setting it's "brightness" is not enough. It reverts to 0 automatically.20:34
ballockPerhaps I need to do something with /sys/class/leds/spotlight/power/control ?20:34
mal-not sure20:34
ballockIt has 'auto' in it.20:34
ballockthe led works in camer, that's sure. Just flashed in my eyes. Works too well.20:35
ballockUnless "spotlight" is not really the flash LED. But there's not much else - there are three red-green-blue leds that prolly control the RGB led on the front,20:36
ballocklcd-backlight and spotlight.20:37
mal-sounds like it's that, but how to use it20:37
ballockThere's no other LED in this device other than the flash light, so...20:37
kimmoliyou should find that led deeper in sysfs too20:37
kimmolion sbj, it was made available in /sys/kernel/debug/flash_adp1650/mode20:38
*** andorreta <andorreta!42f95dd4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:39
ballockLooking for 'brightness' gave me ./devices/i2c-0/0-0053/leds/spotlight/brightness20:39
*** andorreta_ <andorreta_!42f95de9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:40
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:41
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ballockI just googled for the spotlight path, there's a guy who used it on android. His code snippet:20:45
ballockstatic void setLevelCovertly(int value) {Shell.exec("echo " + value + " > "+ getSysFsFile());}20:45
*** andorreta_ <andorreta_!42f95de9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)20:45
Zombmal-: anyhow, thanks!20:48
Zombthe problem with hal-init... and charning mode not displayes, does it need to be reported somewhere?20:48
mal-I can invetigate that20:48
mal-Zomb: so when did it start to show the charging on display?20:50
Zombimmediately after systemctl start droid-hal-init20:50
mal-ok, so then it's fixable20:50
Zomband btw, is there any way to make Home button behave like power button?20:51
Zombyou know, the power button on Ray is very climsy20:51
mal-there might be some way20:51
kimmoliballock: basically that is what my app does too20:51
Zombdig around with evtest or something?20:52
mal-Zomb: probably just some configuration of mce20:52
ballockkimmoli: Yes. But it does not invoke the shell to run an echo to the file :p20:52
ballock(I know, I looked)20:52
mal-ballock: does that work from commandline or not?20:52
ballockmal-: nope.20:53
kimmoliis there something else than brightness?20:53
ballock../power/control (with content 'auto')20:53
kimmolion onyx, i needed to write 0 before it accepted any value, or new value20:53
kimmoliiirc that is typically what is under power/20:54
ballock/sys/class/leds/spotlight/max_brightness says 25520:54
ballockecho 0 > .../brightness then echo 255 > .../brightness doesn't help20:55
ballockspotlight/ has:20:55
ballockbrightness      device/         max_brightness  power/          subsystem/      trigger         uevent20:55
LitewTheRealJohnGalt_: ping20:55
LitewTheRealJohnGalt_: any luck with bluetooth audio?20:55
*** M4rtinK <M4rtinK!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:55
ballock/sys/class/leds/spotlight/power/ has:20:55
ballockautosuspend_delay_ms  control  runtime_active_time  runtime_status  runtime_suspended_time20:55
*** marxistvegan <marxistvegan!~marxistve@fsf/staff/marxistvegan> has quit IRC (Quit: marxistvegan)20:59
kimmolihmmm whats "trigger" ?20:59
*** piggz <piggz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)20:59
ballockkimmoli: it has [none] touch-online mmc0 heartbeat usb-online pm8921-dc-online battery-charging-or-full battery-charging battery-full battery-charging-blink-full-solid wireless-online rfkill0 rfkill121:00
ballockweird, looks like the front led actions21:01
ballockno, not even that21:01
kimmolidoes max_brightness read 255?21:01
ballockand regarding led handling, I was modifying the lcd-baclight led and it does work and it does affect the backlight. So I'm sane.21:02
vgradeanyone seen this one before, camera records video, appears in gallery but only shows first frame when played.  Videos play fine on host PC21:03
*** nh1402_ <nh1402_!~Thunderbi@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:03
vgradewill try some bbb videos21:04
*** nh1402 <nh1402!~Thunderbi@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)21:05
*** nh1402_ is now known as nh140221:05
ballockkimmoli: I made a while sleep 0.1; cat .../brightness; done loop and launched camera to shoot some flashes21:06
ballockthe brightness value seems not to change while the camera shoots the flash21:06
Zombmal-: is it ok to add urushi to and fill with my results?21:07
mal-Zomb: yes, as far as I know everything that works on iyokan works on those others (except some regressions in the last release)21:08
Zombcameras don't21:08
mal-Zomb: there is a fix for the camera21:08
Zomb"camera sony" not finding anything21:09
mal-Zomb: just a moment21:09
Zomboh, nevermind, it just should be considered for the next release, IMHO21:12
mal-Zomb: what does /etc/dconf/db/vendor.d/jolla-camera-hw-urushi.txt have? does it contain flashValues=[2]21:12
Zombyes, [apps/jolla-camera/primary/video]21:13
mal-Zomb: also mobile data is not working in that image, it used to work but the wrong version of a package was installed21:13
mal-Zomb: how about under [apps/jolla-camera/primary/image]21:13
Zombit's also there21:13
Zombvi and change?21:14
mal-no, unless there is flashValues=[1, 2, 4]21:14
ballockharbour-flashlight doesn't work for me due to some error GStreamerTorch::createAndStartPipeline:44 - Failed to create pipeline, src is  0x0 , sink is  0x021:15
ballockI tried looking at the source, but hey! There's no source!21:15
ballockAnd the owner claims to bundle some gstreamer libs due to harbour rules.21:16
kimmolioh that famous flashlight :)21:16
ballockThere's no much phylosophy in it, I guess, just... it's *the* flashlight, there's no other in the store.21:17
kimmoliany other findings from /sys ? led, flash, spot related stuff?21:17
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:18
kimmoliwell, it used to log when user uses it to a private server21:18
ballockYup. Saw that.21:18
mal-Zomb: edit /etc/gst-droid/gstdroidcamsrc-0.conf and remove 0 = auto nand 2 = on from under [flash-mode]21:18
TheRealJohnGalt_ballock: there's also
TheRealJohnGalt_Litew: I've been rather busy recently, and haven't had a chance to look into it yet.21:20
Zombdid so, rebooting21:20
LitewTheRealJohnGalt_: ok21:21
TheRealJohnGalt_Litew: are you on hammerhead and can confirm the bluetooth bug? I'll post on the forum to make sure it's not just me.21:21
TheRealJohnGalt_Or a regression*21:22
ballockkimmoli: searching... there's bus/platform/drivers/pm8xxx-led/pm8xxx-led, some weird /sys/devices/platform/soc-audio.0/sound/card0/input3/capabilities/led /sys/devices/platform/msm_ssbi.0/pm8921-core/pm8xxx-keypad/input/input1/capabilities/led, /sys/devices/platform/msm_ssbi.0/pm8921-core/pm8xxx-led/leds, /sys/module/leds_pm8xxx/. Nothing else than the above leds/spotlight along with its class and devices dir entries.21:22
ballockTheRealJohnGalt_: oh, thanks, will take a look21:22
LitewTheRealJohnGalt_: no, my device is armani (xiaomi redmi 1s), but i have similar problems with bluetooth headsets - no voice at all21:23
mal-Zomb: how's the performance of sailfish compared to cm in your opinion?21:23
TheRealJohnGalt_ballock: the dev has a "detect path" option, but also notes, "If your phone shows up as "Unknown" you can manually edit the configuration file at ~/.config/harbour-hammerhead-torch.conf and specify the device name and path to the control file. If your control file is not auto-detected please let me know so I can add support for your hardware"21:24
TheRealJohnGalt_the dev is active on the maemo forum, so you could contact him there with the path and device if needed.21:24
Zombmal-: camera works!21:25
Zombhard to say ATM. Booting is equally slow, maybe a bit slower. Have not tried that many apps yet. Some of them take longer to start (camera) but most before are responding good21:25
mal-yes, some apps are slower than others21:26
Zombfeels snappy, only sometimes there are lags. I checked the memory state already, seems to be caused by swapping21:26
TheRealJohnGalt_Litew: bluetooth works for me right after boot. The issue is that it dies after screen off, and then when I go to turn it off, it *looks* to turn off on the device, but actually stays connected. In my car, I actually had to turn my car off and on again to get it to disconnect and reconnect on a new boot (then same problem).21:27
TheRealJohnGalt_workaround is to leave the screen on for me21:27
Zomband I don't have an account yet... CM with google apps starts eating memory as soon as gapps are installed and know your account21:27
TheRealJohnGalt_So far I've just enabled the leave screen on while charging option, and plugged it in when I use bluetooth.21:28
stephgvgrade: video problem still there on restart of gallery, reboot?21:28
vgradestephg: yea, youtube big buck playback is ok21:30
vgrade for the logs21:30
stephgvgrade that's... weird21:30
LitewTheRealJohnGalt_: hmm, its not similar problem then, i think. Cause bluetooth works fine for me, its all about pulseaudio and bluez4 configuration.21:32
stephgvgrade: so to narrow down:- tried another (sfos?) video played back via the gallery?21:32
kimmoliballock: /sys/devices/platform/msm_ssbi.0/pm8921-core/pm8xxx-led/leds/spotlight/ has brightness and that does not do a thing either?21:33
TheRealJohnGalt_Yeah. I'm not sure what screen off has to do with bluetooth dying, but it's totally fine if I just leave the screen on.21:33
Zombandroid home button is not working at all, is there any way to assign activities to it?21:33
stephg(if you have sfos devices to ahnd,...)21:33
ballock/sys/devices/platform/msm_ssbi.0/pm8921-core/pm8xxx-led/leds/ has only blue green and red21:33
Zombscreen rotation is not working. configured to auto in settings.21:33
ballock/sys/class/leds/spotlight links to /sys/devices/i2c-0/0-0053/leds/spotlight21:36
mal-Zomb: not working in any app?21:37
stephgvgrade: for that matter, that video on another sfos device (just trying to rule codecs and whatnot out)21:37
mal-Zomb: by default home button does nothing, there is UI way to activate it21:38
*** nh1402 <nh1402!~Thunderbi@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)21:39
Zombhm, ok, in browser and terminal rotation works21:39
mal-Zomb: yes, not all apps have landscape mode21:40
vgradestephg: good idea thanks, for tomorrow though, nn all21:40
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stephgnn vgrade21:50
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:50
*** smurfynet is now known as smurfynet|afk21:50
ballockAfter I changed /sys/class/leds/spotlight/power/control from 'auto' to 'on', I can set brightness and the value stays there. But the light doesn't turn on.21:52
TheRealJohnGalt_Zomb: If you care, there's a patch for adding rotation and lanscape layouts to more apps if you're okay using patch manager.21:59
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ballockI just tried running "Falldown" and it says:22:02
ballock[W] unknown:23 - file:///usr/share/harbour-falldown/qml/main.qml:23:1: module "QtSensors" is not installed22:02
ballock     import QtSensors 5.022:02
ZombTheRealJohnGalt_: I don't know yet what mean but I suppose it's something like Xposed from the Android world22:02
ballockNow, I'd guess that's some package missing, as the sensors are runnning fine and Messwerk confirms that's the case.22:02
Zombanyhow, will experiment tommorow, time to say good night22:03
TheRealJohnGalt_Zomb: , you can install it from warehouse, and find patches for tweaks or additionally functionality there as well. Granted, it can be dangerous and patches must be disabled between updates.22:04
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TheRealJohnGalt_My favorite is enabling the "sneak peak" option, since it works flawlessly on hammerhead :)22:05
kimmolitaaem: <<WIP>> but i need to giveup for tonight22:08
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taaemkimmoli: okay no problem22:09
ballockOk, found it, I'm missing some qt5-declarative-import-sensors22:09
kimmolinow it integrates in settings, and shows current values22:09
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ballockI found there's gstreamer0.10-droidcamsrc and gstreamer0.10-droideglsink. I guess they are what's required to make harbour-flashlight work. But they're not out there on the market. Where do I get them?22:27
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taaemhow do i enable a service on build time?23:43
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