Saturday, 2016-04-16

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adeen-sAny one got success with 64-bit devices ?05:27
Stskeepsstill fighting with android 6.005:29
adeen-sI couldn't even get 64-bit to work on CM13 for my device. Its 64bit SoC still works on 32-bit05:32
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kimmoliwtf. i included same packages to zip, and now i can hear my own voice when trying to listen fmradio. They worked when installed manually.07:27
mal-kimmoli: that's what happens if you don't have the correct updated packages and the needed configs ready, did you run the routing command07:33
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kimmolipulseaudio-modules-droid is missing a commit07:34
kimmoli DROID_AUDIO_HAL_ATOI_FIX (again :))07:36
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sledges!seen ghosalmartin08:16
merbot`sledges: ghosalmartin was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 4 days, 21 hours, 2 minutes, and 5 seconds ago: <ghosalmartin> kido: that *should* work08:16
sledgesfamous last words:)08:16
sledgesadeen-s: ghosalmartin tried to find a working 32bit CM for his nexus 5x iirc, with no success08:17
sledges*limited success08:17
sledgeshad he managed, it would have been possible to put 32bit sfos just as well (well..:)08:17
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adeen-ssledges: Thanks. I have a similar device as well and I got a 64 bit processor running on arm instead of aarch64.08:18
adeen-sand it works perfectly on CM1308:19
sledgesadeen-s: 64bit processor running on arm instead of aarch64 - but that's one and the same thing?08:19
adeen-sNot exactly. It does not (read cannot) use the 64-bit capabilities08:20
tbrITHM ARMv708:20
adeen-syeah armv7. thanks tbr08:20
tbrARMv8 has a 32bit compat mode, where it supports 99% of all ARMv7 commands and the rest gets emulated by the kernel08:21
mal-kimmoli: why didn't you define that in droid-hal .spec?08:21
* sledges needs more coffee, read "arm" as "arm architecture", not "arm 32bit" :P08:22
mal-kimmoli: or was there some other change?08:22
tbrsledges: because just saying ARM is meaningless in this context, indeed08:23
kimmolimal-: seems i did it here
mal-kimmoli: would be easier in .spec08:23
tbrsledges: apparently the 32bit mode of ARMv8 is called AArch32, surprise :)08:25
adeen-sI've been somehow accustomed to remember arm as the 32-bit version. and aarch 64 of its 64-bit counterpart08:25
sledgestbr: so that's the proper term then:))08:25
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kimmolimal-: and then add "Prefer: droid-hal.onyx" to obs project config?08:29
mal-kimmoli: yes08:29
mal-kimmoli: I have these
kimmoliyeah, seems there is such for onyx too08:31
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kimmolipatched repo works, but i dont get how that spec changed world...09:30
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mal-kimmoli: the define ends up in android-config.h if I remember correctly09:57
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kimmoliah hadk 7.2. but i need to update those buil rpm's in obs droid-hal-onyx before it takes effect on pulseaudio-modules-droid package built in obs ?10:01
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mal-kimmoli: yes10:25
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vevgenievHello, I have an issue with the proximity sensor - it's disabled by default11:51
vevgenievif I enable it with mcetool --set-ps-mode=enabled it works fine11:51
vevgenievhow can it be enabled in the configuration?11:51
taaemsledges: ping11:55
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vevgenievAlso does anyone know the location of the hardware keyboard layouts?12:06
vevgenievmal-: ping12:15
sledgestaaem: pong12:16
taaemCould i possibly include the exfat implementation from here in a image? because i always have to install the packages after a fresh install and for the user-friendlyness its not so nice12:18
mal-vevgeniev: these are these that do some of the layout stuff
mal-vevgeniev: then there is the remapping code in qt12:19
mal-vevgeniev: for different layouts12:20
sledgestaaem: you can create your own distro ;)12:22
vevgenievmal-: thanks12:24
vevgenievmal-: How can I enable the proximity sensor in the configuration of mce?12:24
vevgenievDoes the remapping code in QT use conf files?12:28
mal-vevgeniev: no config files that I know of12:43
mal-vevgeniev: proximity sensor should be enable by default12:44
vevgenievmal-: it works only if I execute mcetool --set-ps-mode=enabled12:50
vevgenievfor some reason it's disabled by default12:50
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BluesLee_sledges ping13:07
sledgesBluesLee_: pong13:09
BluesLee_sledges what are the latest news from the porting front?13:09
BluesLee_sledges: i checked the portability wiki but there is no device which is really superior than the nexus 513:11
BluesLee_sledges: sfdroid works well, i switched the sensors hw lib, video recording is still broken, next sfos update seems to be miles away13:12
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BluesLee_sledges: what about a sfos port to a tablet like nexus 7, 1013:12
sledgesBluesLee_: all porting news: and :)13:14
sledgesBluesLee_: fairphone is nearly superior :P13:15
sledgesnexus4 actually now is better than nexus5 ;)13:15
sledgesand looking at those rounded screen edges, is the best sfos swiping experience :)13:15
BluesLee_nexus4 would be a downgrade, fairphone is too expensive for me13:16
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BluesLee_sledges: only video recording doesn't work everything else is cool13:16
vevgenievsledges: Does nexus4 still require unblank-restart-sensors?13:17
sledgesvevgeniev: ping ballock and rinigus for that (oops both offline:))13:17
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vevgenievsledges: thanks, I will :)13:18
adeen-sAnyone else experiencing issues while syncing from googlesource ?13:20
sledgesBluesLee_: video works on n4 ;)13:21
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BluesLee_sledges: it worked on the nexus5 too, someone broke it;-)13:22
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sledgesBluesLee_: it's the way android codecs work, i think it was always hit and miss, info is in the bug ;)13:24
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spiiroinvevgeniev: do "grep ps_enabled /etc/mce/*.conf" if there are hits, check from which rpm the config file comes from13:30
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vevgenievspiiroin: No hits unfortunately :(13:32
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spiiroinvevgeniev: any chance you would have disabled it yourself? the setting persists over reboots13:32
BluesLee_sledges regarding the portability wiki: what is the difference between sony z3 compact tablet and sony xperia z3 compact tablet?13:33
vevgenievspiiroin: Not that I remember13:33
spiiroinvevgeniev: another possiblity is of course that there is some script/something that disables ps during startup13:33
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sledgesBluesLee_: you read that wrong: one is tablet, the other is phone13:34
vevgenievspiiroin: is it possible to have  a race condition - I mean mce loading before the proximity sensor is available?13:34
vevgenievspiiroin: I already had similar issue with LEDs13:35
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BluesLee_sledges you are right, so the tablet is nearly ready13:35
spiiroinvevgeniev: logically it is handled (mce tracks sensorfwd on dbus & evdev sources via inotify)13:35
spiiroin...but there is still room for problems on mce ->  sensorfwd -> android hal -> kernel drivers route13:36
vevgenievspiiroin: I just rebooted my phone, and the proximity sensor is disabled again :(13:36
spiiroinvevgeniev: disabled in mce? or enabled but events are not flowing?13:37
BluesLee_sledges i would miss bluetooth most, rotation is not that important on a tablet13:37
vevgenievspiiroin: No events in Messwerk13:38
spiiroinvevgeniev: at some point there was some issue like: enabling sensors failed if sensor was started at display off13:38
BluesLee_sledges is the port new, who is scorpion, are there inages to install13:38
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vevgenievspiiroin: what's the workaround for this problem?13:39
spiiroinvevgeniev: to check you could compare what happens if you restart sensorfwd while display is a) on b) off13:39
adeen-sBluesLee_: scorpion is the device codename AFAIK13:39
BluesLee_who is the porter?13:40
sledgesBluesLee_: Nokius is the porter, you can find his photos on my twitter feed13:40
spiiroinvevgeniev: not sure about workarounds, just remember that there was fix for something like that13:40
NeKitBluesLee_, which tablet?13:40
vevgenievspiiroin: you're right, it's related to the display13:40
vevgenievspiiroin: I have unblank-restart-sensors and the proximity suddenly works after unlocking the hone13:41
BluesLee_nekit sony z3 compact, hardware would be okay for me13:41
spiiroinlpotter: do you happen to remember if there was a bug/fix for starting sensors in display off?13:41
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NeKitJolla Tablet kernel source is incomplete13:42
spiiroinvevgeniev: there might be a race on bootup. the display state is undefined for a while. if sensorfwd starts at that point, might have same effect as starting in display off13:42
NeKitmissing external drivers, which are symlinked in driver/external_drivers and built into kernel13:43
spiiroinvevgeniev: if that is the cause, workaround might be: tinker with sensorfwd.service so it starts a bit later13:43
vevgenievspiiroin: restarting sensorfwd when the display is on also fixed the issue13:43
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StskeepsNeKit: huh?13:45
vevgenievspiiroin: it's related to the other problems, I have with sensors13:45
vevgenievspiiroin: the orientation stops working after a while and unblank-restart-sensors doesn't fix the issue13:45
NeKitStskeeps, Android-IA kernel have some drivers put outside kernel folder, but they are built into kernel13:46
NeKitJolla released only the kernel folder13:46
NeKitthere are camera, drivers and intel_media symlinks inside drivers/external_drivers, which point to modules dir outside of kernel dir13:47
BluesLee_nokius ping13:48
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StskeepsNeKit: could you send me a mail at about that? is an oversight13:49
Stskeepsalso i guess i owe you a beer for actually checking..13:50
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NeKitI've just ordered cheap dualboot Bay Trail tablet, if custom kernel can be built for it, Jolla Tablet adaptation can be probably mostly reused13:54
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NokiusBluesLee_: pong14:13
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BluesLee_nokius can you tell me more about your port for z3 tablet? it looks nearly ready for distribution14:14
NokiusBluesLee_: few things are not working atm14:15
Nokiusbut yeah to us it to checkout some webapges it works well14:15
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BluesLee_nokius i am interested to buy a tablet, 8 inch probably14:18
Nokiuslet me check the box14:21
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Nokiusyes 8"14:22
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Nokiusthe screen is nice14:24
StskeepsNeKit: thanks14:24
NeKitthank you for help14:24
NokiusBluesLee_: my github repos are upto date so u can build it easily yourself and help to fix missing parts :)14:30
BluesLee_nokius when i get one, i will do, so far i am watching out for a tablet as i will not get a jolla tablet14:31
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corvinuxAny idea
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sledgescorvinux: use this for ubu-chroot instead:
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sledgescorvinux: tell me if helped15:38
kimmolimal-: you remembered correctyl, that define ends up in android-config.h15:41
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mal-kimmoli: yep, now you don't need to patch pulseaudio droid mudule anymore, makes maintenance easier15:55
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corvinuxsledges: I didn't helped, the same error persists,
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corvinuxsledges: It didn't helped, the same error persists,
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corvinuxAny ideas
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mal-corvinux: run this manually: java -jar /home/corvinux/mer/android/droid/out/host/linux-x86/framework/dumpkey.jar build/target/product/security/testkey.x509.pem build/target/product/security/cm.x509.pem build/target/product/security/cm-devkey.x509.pem > /home/corvinux/mer/android/droid/out/target/product/pollux/obj/PACKAGING/ota_keys_intermediates/keys17:23
mal-corvinux: then try again17:23
mal-corvinux: that's a known problem17:23
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taaemlbt: ping17:33
sledgestaaem: whatsup?:)17:39
corvinuxmal-: thanks,it worked17:45
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kimmolireview appreciated ( taaem )18:06
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taaemsledges: can we get onyx repos under nemo:testing?18:09
mal-kimmoli: aren't policy-settings-common and pulseaudio-policy-enforcement and ohm-plugins-misc already automatically installed18:13
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mal-kimmoli: also
mal-kimmoli: assuming you have new enough submodule for configs18:15
kimmolihmm. yes some of those are18:15
kimmoliok, only ohm-plugin-route & qt5-qtmultimedia-plugin-mediaservice-irisradio not18:17
mal-kimmoli: so if you update the submodule and add qt5-qtmultimedia-plugin-mediaservice-irisradio and geoclue-provider-mlsdb you'll achieve the same result18:18
mal-kimmoli: route is there if you update the submodule18:18
mal-kimmoli: also you can drop the sensor configs after updating the submodule18:20
mal-kimmoli: I assume those are the default ones18:20
* kimmoli checks18:21
kimmolithese sparse/etc/xdg/QtProject/Sensors.conf ??18:21
mal-kimmoli: yes, and sparse/etc/sensorfw/primaryuse.conf18:22
kimmoli#       deleted:    sparse/etc/sensorfw/primaryuse.conf18:24
kimmoli#       deleted:    sparse/etc/xdg/QtProject/Sensors.conf18:24
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sledgestaaem: will do in few hours, afk now18:56
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kimmolierhm, where does the driver version tag come from?
kimmoliwhich repo?20:51
mal-kimmoli: probably from droid-hal-version-onyx20:58
kimmoliah yes, thanks again mal-21:01
mal-kimmoli: looks like there is some inconsistency in here
kimmoliyeah, its the ff-memless definition21:03
mal-kimmoli: different repo for webhook than tar_git21:03
kimmolistill wip21:04
mal-yep, missing tag will cause ugly version in about page21:04
kimmolithis is now merged, so could proceed with droid-hal-version-onyx too...
kimmolibtw, the piratefm started and worked right after installing it21:07
mal-very good21:07
kimmoliwhen installing pkgs manually, it needed killall tickling and stuff21:07
kimmolionly thing that bothers is that α3 taaem build is ~50Mbytes larger than mine :)21:08
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corvinuxmal-: I'm trying to build uild ngfd-plugin-droid-vibrator package and nothing is happening. Any idea?21:11
corvinuxthis is from this logfile /home/corvinux/mer/devel/mer-hybris/ngfd-plugin-droid-vibrator.log21:16
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sledgeskimmoli: taaem: you are now maintainers:
kimmolitnx sledges21:48
sledgesno, thank you!21:51
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