Saturday, 2016-06-04

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UmeaboyI have fixed the errors with the mountpoints now. :)04:16
UmeaboyIt was easier than I thought. :)04:17
UmeaboyI ran in to this error now thou:
adeen-sUmeaboy: Try adding bouncy castle packages. ( apt-get install libbcmail-java libbcmail-java-gcj libbcpg-java libbcpg-java-gcj libbcprov-java libbcprov-java-gcj libbctsp-java libbctsp-java-gcj )04:21
Umeaboyadeen-s: Then I got this:
UmeaboyI updated the same link.04:23
adeen-sUmeaboy: Show me the previous error again.04:25
UmeaboyHere are all the libbcmail related hits in Wily:
adeen-sUmeaboy: Run this outside of HABUILD_SDK -->04:31
adeen-sjava -jar /home/user/mer/android/droid/out/host/linux-x86/framework/dumpkey.jar build/target/product/security/testkey.x509.pem build/target/product/security/cm.x509.pem build/target/product/security/cm-devkey.x509.pem > /home/user/mer/android/droid/out/target/product/scorpion/obj/PACKAGING/ota_keys_intermediates/keys04:31
Umeaboyadeen-s: Tried your line and a line with my username in it, but it gave me: bash: java: command not found04:33
Umeaboyjava -version says bash: java: command not found04:34
UmeaboyShould it say that in the Mer SDK?04:34
UmeaboyOr should I exit even from that?04:34
adeen-sUmeaboy: exit the MerSDK04:35
UmeaboyWhich one do I install?04:39
UmeaboyI don't know why it isn't installed already.04:39
UmeaboyUnless I have to install it afterwards.04:39
adeen-sUmeaboy: Leave it here. Try from the HABUILD_SDK. If doesn't work then try from local terminal after installing java again.04:41
Umeaboyadeen-s: Do I choose to install  * default-jre ?04:42
UmeaboyJust double checking so I know what to add to my custom HADK.04:42
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adeen-sUmeaboy: Check the output of java -version from inside HABUILD_SDK to confirm that.04:46
Umeaboyadeen-s: ^^04:47
UmeaboyCan I run the command now?04:48
adeen-sUmeaboy: Run that from within the HABUILD_SDK. Maybe it will work.04:49
UmeaboyWould java -classpath bcprov-jdk15on-147.jar:. encrypt help?04:55
adeen-sUmeaboy: Don't worry about the error. Is the target file created ?04:56
adeen-sUmeaboy: I doubt that the above line will help. It is meant to execute a program by the name of encrypt.04:57
UmeaboyOK. I can't find where the file is supposed to be placed. in the $OUT directory?05:00
Umeaboyadeen-s: Is this OK as a result?05:02
Umeaboykristoffer@kristoffers:~/mer/android/droid/out/target/product/scorpion/obj/PACKAGING/ota_keys_intermediates$ ls05:02
UmeaboyThe file is empty.05:03
adeen-sUmeaboy: try make hybris-hal again.05:04
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UmeaboyShould I have to rerun source build/ and breakfast scorpion again?05:11
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UmeaboyNow it seems to be running fine. Keep crossing your fingers. :)05:13
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Umeaboyadeen-s: Make completed successfully. :)05:25
adeen-sUmeaboy: great.05:28
Umeaboyadeen-s: This is odd thou:
UmeaboyObviously I'm at the 5.4.1 chapter.05:30
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adeen-sUmeaboy: Nothing's odd about that. Those are just warnings that can be ignored. Fix them if you if you want. It does not cause any trouble.05:34
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Umeaboyadeen-s: OK.05:40
UmeaboySo, the next thing to do is to setup ScratchBox?05:41
Umeaboyadeen-s: Thanks for helping me btw. :)05:46
adeen-sUmeaboy: You're Welcome.05:46
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UmeaboyCan I ignore bash: sb2-init: command not found ?05:52
UmeaboyThe HADK doesn't even mention a fix for that.05:52
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locusfgood morning06:36
kimmoliLitew: thanks and wtf - how you plugins-bad builds in obs ?^806:41
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adeen-sUmeaboy: That should not happen after setting up the scratchbox target.08:57
adeen-sLitew: On your port of armani, how were you able to fix bluetooth. I'm working on Redmi2 and am stuck there.08:58
adeen-sLitew: I already went through your commits and i seem to be missing sys/modules/hci_smd.09:02
mal-adeen-s: your device might have some different driver, your kernel config doesn't have hcismd09:17
mal-adeen-s: do you have /sys/class/bluetooth, if yes what is in there?09:18
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adeen-smal-: Yes i have /sys/class/bluetooth but its empty.09:20
kimmoli hm gst-plugins-bad builds in fresh subproject09:21
Umeaboyadeen-s: OK, but I did follow the guide exactly step by step. So far everything has been working fine.09:22
mal-adeen-s: pastebin ls /sys/module/09:23
UmeaboyAdding the right shortcut to sb2-init in $PATH didn't work either.09:23
adeen-sUmeaboy: You need to be in MerSDK while trying sb2-init.09:26
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kimmoliadeen-s: ooc, does it have a tv tuner?09:28
adeen-skimmoli: None that I'm aware of.09:30
kimmoliok. seems it is common that kernel configs are bloated with mucho crap, e.g. xc4000/xc5000 tuner drivers09:31
Umeaboyadeen-s: It's a bit confusing to read hadk in that chapter thou.09:31
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UmeaboyMERSDK $09:31
Umeaboycd $HOME09:31
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adeen-skimmoli: but that shouldn't cause any trouble. ;)09:33
mal-adeen-s: have you tested bluetooth in cyanogenmod?09:34
UmeaboyShould I see scrambled output when running curl -O $TARBALL ?09:34
adeen-smal-: Yes it worked in CM.09:35
UmeaboyIt ends up with 62; in many lines.09:35
adeen-sUmeaboy: Stop the download. Its downloading to the screen not the file.09:35
adeen-sUmeaboy: restart it again.09:36
mal-adeen-s: ok, I cannot figure out what driver it uses, could you pastebin the .config file somewhere in $ANDROID_ROOT/out09:36
adeen-smal-: It uses the hci_uart.09:37
mal-adeen-s: you added that yourself in Mer modifications09:38
mal-so it's not in cyanogenmod09:38
UmeaboyTyping hadk when I've just entered the Mer SDK isn't working.09:39
Umeaboybash: hadk: command not found09:39
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UmeaboyOnly way to get into the HABUILD_SDK is to run ubu-chroot -r $MER_ROOT/sdks/ubuntu09:39
mal-adeen-s: a little comment about your PR in hybris-boot, could you change the commit message to match the PR title ([wt88047] Add Xiaomi Redmi 2 to fixup-mountpoints) you can do that with git commit --amend09:40
mal-after that I can merge it09:40
adeen-smal-: Ok09:41
Umeaboyadeen-s: Here's my custom HADK with the fixes I did previously:
UmeaboyHave I missed to do something?09:43
UmeaboyI think I've double checked every line, but I don't know.09:44
adeen-smal-: I did edited the file directly on the remote and so i could not just amend the commit without syncing it first. I closed the PR and created another one with the required message.09:49
adeen-sUmeaboy: Something must be wrong with mersdk profile if you cannot execute the function hadk.09:51
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Umeaboyadeen-s: Yeah, but I did copy the text straight from the HADK PDF document and I checked that no other character was included as well such as any space or dots or commas....09:53
UmeaboyI think if I made something wrong I'd see an error about it.09:54
UmeaboyI I'm doing all theese lines.09:55
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UmeaboyI could be wrong thou.09:56
UmeaboyAnyway........ I'm going out for some time. I'll be back later tonight I think.09:56
UmeaboyIf anyone should want to talk to me just send me a memo and I'll read it when I get back.09:57
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adeen-smal-: I have "bluetooth" and "bluetooth_power" in /sys/module while in cm.10:00
mal-adeen-s: can you edit the commit a little, there is one extra space in the beginning of this line
mal-adeen-s: that's already quite small thing but looks better is all of the cases are on the same column10:02
adeen-smal-: Done10:09
mal-adeen-s: not like that, always use --amend, we don't want many commits10:11
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adeen-smal-: I could delete my fork of the repository and start again with just one commit ?10:13
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mal-adeen-s: I would just clone the git repo and reset --hard to the first of your commits and then --amend and finally force push10:16
kimmoligit reset --soft HEAD^3 or something10:17
mal-that's one way10:18
adeen-smal-: Somehow got it done. Is it fine now ?10:20
mal-adeen-s: merged, thanks10:22
adeen-smal-: Thank you.10:23
adeen-smal-: This is from CM -->
mal-adeen-s: did you have any problems with video codecs or camera?10:29
mal-adeen-s: could you check also the /sys/class/bluetooth on cm?10:31
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adeen-smal-: No problem with videos or camera.10:31
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adeen-smal-: /sys/class/bluetooth is there but is empty on CM too.10:32
kimmolido you have hci* commands?10:34
kimmolihciattach is for bluettoth uart init10:35
kimmoligrep dmesg for tty10:37
adeen-skimmoli: OK10:37
kimmoliand what does "rfkill list" say10:38
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adeen-skimmoli: [    0.000000] Kernel command line: selinux=0 console=ttyHSL0,115200,n8 androidboot.console=ttyHSL0 androidboot.hardware=qcom msm_rtb.filter=0x237 ehci-hcd.park=3 androidboot.bootdevice=7824900.sdhci setenforce=0 lpm_levels.sleep_disabled=1 enforcing=0 phy-msm-usb.floated_charger_enable=1 androidboot.emmc=true androidboot.serialno=551ee04a androidboot.baseband=msm10:38
adeen-smdss_mdp.panel=1:dsi:0:qcom,mdss_dsi_r69431_720p_video board_id=S88047C1:board_vol=103860410:38
adeen-sCan't open RFKILL control device: No such file or directory10:39
kimmolias nemo?10:39
adeen-sas root10:39
adeen-skimmoli: mal-: Could it be because of
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mal-adeen-s: you can try to enable that11:17
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tbrYounes: you'll especially want to have a look at this
Younesthank you :)11:37
* tbr has no knowledge about any of those devices, but someone in here might, so asking questions and waiting is a good choice11:37
Youneswhere can I download the roms from? XDA maybe?11:38
Younesbtw... that helped alot11:41
NeKitdid anyone setup i486 Scratchbox target?11:43
NeKitI still can't do that for some reason11:43
NeKit[nemo@arch ~]$ sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH gcc main.c -o test11:44
NeKitcollect2: error trying to exec '/usr/bin/ld': execvp: No such file or directory11:44
NeKitcollect2: ld returned 255 exit status11:44
kimmoliYounes: i have oneplusX in daily use. Some of stuff is broken. If you need android support or multirom, then i'd say it is better just sit tight and wait.11:49
kimmolibut it is stable, i just broke my 4-days uptime due rebuilding kernel to add usb-uart support11:50
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Youneskimmoli: so I wont be able to run android apps on any of these devices?11:58
NeKitYounes, unless you use sfdroid12:00
NeKitany idea why I can execute ld from /usr/bin or if I invoke /lib/ manually, but not through PATH:
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YounesNeKit: looks like sfdroid is only available on Nexus 4/5. right?12:05
NeKityes, but it's being ported to CM12 devices12:06
Younescool, thanks12:06
kimmoliYounes: yes, that was the "wait" part12:08
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kimmolipersonally idgaf android so...12:08
Youneskimmoli: I agree... but I want to use sailfish as my main device and I need some of the apps.12:10
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UmeaboyNokius: Are you here?13:16
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UmeaboyI haven't been able to complete the sb2-init part of the HADK.13:17
UmeaboyFor some reason I can't enter HABUILD_SDK just by typing hadk like discribed in that part.13:18
UmeaboyEverything else has worked like a charm so far.13:18
adeen-sUmeaboy: hadk is not meant to enter the HABUILD_SDK.13:19
Umeaboyadeen-s: So the result is normal then?13:20
Umeaboy"no such command found"13:20
mal-Umeaboy: are you already in mersdk when you try to run that?13:20
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adeen-smal-: I there another option for bluetooth since i dont have hci_smd ?13:25
mal-adeen-s: not sure, probably needs some investigation how that works in cm, try checking logcat and dmesg when you enable/disable and use bluetooth in cm13:27
mal-maybe that will tell what we need to do, comparison of logs from sailfish and cm might also help13:28
Umeaboymal-: Yes.13:30
UmeaboyWhat can I do to fix this? I know I double checked that I didn't make any misstakes in the hadk. This feels more like a bash issue. I could be wrong thou.13:33
Umeaboymal-: Here's the HADK that I've used so far:13:34
UmeaboyI shortened it to only contain the actual commands.13:34
Umeaboy.hadk.env DOES exist in $HOME13:36
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mal-Umeaboy: so you run sdk in normal terminal and see that the terminal changes to mersdk and then hadk command doesn't work?13:37
mal-Umeaboy: do you have .mersdkubu.profile and .mersdk.profile13:38
UmeaboyI am debugging it all the time by reinstalling Ubuntu several times whenever I get to a halt.13:38
mal-Umeaboy: you have an typo $HOME/mersdk.profile it should be $HOME/.mersdk.profile13:39
UmeaboyI can show you with a screen dump.13:39
UmeaboyChanging that.13:39
UmeaboyMy bad.13:40
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UmeaboyI'll begin with a reinstallation soon. :)13:46
UmeaboyI'll be back.13:46
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adeen-smal-: Strange. I have /system/etc/ which points to hci_smd once but there is no hci_smd. Bluetooth still seems to work.13:58
adeen-sFrom CM13:58
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mal-adeen-s: but that might not be used as it's just one case14:07
mal-adeen-s: was there anything interesting in logs?14:08
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mal-adeen-s: what does getprop tell in cm14:10
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adeen-smal-: ^14:11
mal-adeen-s: can you see anything related to bt in logcat in sailfish14:12
adeen-sHow was bluez implemented in mako ? Did they need this patch -->
mal-adeen-s: wondering if either of these is run in sailfish
mal-adeen-s: it might be that you need to patch your kernel14:14
mal-adeen-s: you can try that patch and see what happens14:14
adeen-smal-: tried that (sort of) and got several errors about missing header files. So i tried adding those files from googlesource but then got invalid pointer error.14:16
Litewkimmoli: yep, i just created package in new subproject and thats all i did. Local building fails with same errors you had about and others14:17
adeen-smal-: Although i must mention that the patch was not successfully applied.14:17
kimmoliLitew: yes, i managed to build it also on obs with clean subproject14:17
kimmolibut i'll eventually need it to build within nemo:hw:devel:...14:17
kimmolias the upstream bug by MSameer seems to be stalled14:18
mal-adeen-s: you could look into some other similar device kernel and look for that from there14:18
mal-I need leave now, I'll be back later tonight14:19
adeen-smal-: I looked into a few devices with the same SoC but none of them mentioned hci_smd. Good night.14:19
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Litewkimmoli: can we 'bump' this bug somehow?14:30
MSameerkimmoli: I don't have enough time to test the new patch by building an RPM and handing it to you, waiting for feedback and talking to upstream14:31
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MSameerkimmoli: so me having to be the middleman is what stalled it14:31
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kimmoliMSameer: it is now built, Litew did test it14:31
MSameerkimmoli: which patch?14:31
kimmolii managed too building it in obs, so testing now14:32
kimmoliiirc this is the newer14:32
MSameerand does it work?14:33
Litewyes, images don't rotate now after taking a picture in jolla-camera app14:34
MSameerdon't rotate?14:34
kimmolithe effect was like that14:34
kimmolithey did show correctly for a few secs when transition from camera to roll14:35
kimmoliand then it noticed "aww no exif orientation" and rotated it to landscape14:35
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kimmoliMSameer: tested here too. works.14:37
MSameerI will try to find time to update upstream bug14:37
kimmolihmm. moment.14:38
kimmolii had old gst, as debug shows that eoi 88378014:38
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kimmoli 0:00:16.284989213  3129 0xb3652c90 WARN                  jifmux gstjifmux.c:344:gst_jif_mux_parse_image:<jifmux0> Couldn't find an EOI marker14:43
kimmoliyes it works...14:43
MSameerI will try to find time to update upstream bug14:45
kimmoliok thanks14:45
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Thaodancan anyone tell me how to fix this?  QSEECOM: qseecom_ioctl: failed qseecom_receive_req: -512 it seams that it keeps my phone awake when trieng to enter sleep16:08
Thaodanits fp216:08
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Nokiusnope was and afk16:35
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Umeaboymal-: As I now ran the java command that I was told to do it failed by saying no such file found.17:22
UmeaboyThe bouncycastle error is gone.17:22
UmeaboyHere's my error running breakfast scorpion:
UmeaboyI added the missing dot and that didn't give me any error this time either.17:24
UmeaboySo, how can I solve this?17:24
UmeaboyI did NO other misstake this time.17:37
UmeaboyHave to reboot.17:45
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UmeaboyGot passed that problem.17:57
UmeaboyI think.17:58
UmeaboyCompleted successfully.17:58
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UmeaboyStill can't make the sb2-init command working thou.18:15
UmeaboyIt fails when you run grep :$(id -u): /etc/passwd >> etc/passwd18:15
Umeaboybash: etc/passwd: No such file or directory18:16
UmeaboyThe HADK document does not tell you to exit the HABUILD_SDK.18:16
UmeaboySo what's the solution now?18:17
UmeaboyMy bad again, but still it fails with bash: sb2-init: command not found18:28
UmeaboyWhat the fudge am I doing wrong?18:28
mal-just make a thorough comparison of your process with hadk pdf18:40
kimmolipage 4 (1.2.1) tells how identify what is run where18:44
Umeaboymal-: Can I safely install and use nano in the HABUILD_SDK to add my hostname to /etc/hosts? It doesn't seem to be preinstalled.19:04
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UmeaboyOr do I have to do it manually from the host system?19:05
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mal-if it complains something about hostname you can ignore that19:10
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Litewadeen-s: you can try to add SMD as HCI transport and check if works:
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Litewhm, this link is better:
Litewmal-: does your device get right bluetooth MAC-address when after running script?22:53
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