Sunday, 2016-06-05

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NeKithow can I create patterns without libhybris adaptation?05:28
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kimmoliLitew: on onyx, i had to do a few tricks to get it correct05:47
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adeen-ssledges: Carepack: zhxt: ballock: rinigus: On the port for mako, When this commit was added What other changes did you need to do ?05:53
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mal-Litew: doesn't look very correct, something like 00:00:00:00:xx:xx07:01
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kimmoli/system/bin/btnvtool -p 2>&1| sed -n 's/ //g;s/.*://;s/\./\:/g;y/abcdef/ABCDEF/;1p'07:07
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kimmolionyx wifi mac was also crap07:10
adeen-smal-: Tried that patch. It was missing two header files. I added them manually again. then i get this error --> /home/adeen-s/mer/android/droid/kernel/cyanogen/msm8916/drivers/bluetooth/hci_smd.c:185:2: warning: passing argument 1 of 'hci_recv_frame' from incompatible pointer type [enabled by default]07:15
adeen-serror, forbidden warning: hci_smd.c:18507:15
mal-adeen-s: did you try that latter link by Litew, which has the latest file07:17
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mal-kimmoli: wondering if that is also wrong on fp2, it's something like 00:0a07:17
mal-I thought I fixed that already07:18
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adeen-smal-: Litew: Thanks.07:25
kimmoliaccording to IEEE, 84-cf-bf is Fairphone OUI07:26
mal-kimmoli: looks like my change to fix tethering broke that07:27
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mal-kimmoli: does that work on onyx?07:28
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kimmolii have not tested tethering iirc07:29
mal-kimmoli: I meant correct MAC07:29
kimmoliyes now i have it07:29
mal-kimmoli: now it works again, had to readd sleep 1 to wifi-module-load.service07:29
mal-*sleep 1007:29
mal-interesting that onyx works without that07:30
kimmolineed to squash these but
kimmolithe sleep didnt help on onyx07:30
kimmolii cherrypicked stuff from cm1307:30
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kimmolitethering works07:45
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mal-kimmoli: do you have the correct BT MAC address in settings device info?08:22
kimmolii have something there08:32
mal-kimmoli: did you add any hack for that or does it just work?08:33
kimmolithis hackety08:37
kimmolicheck do you have btnvtool08:37
mal-kimmoli: yes, that btnvtool gets the correct MAC08:42
mal-kimmoli: just wondering what in android sets the property bluetooth.hciattach=true because that should initialize bt correctly but it is not set08:43
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UmeaboyI've made it a bit further, but I was just wondering how long time for ngfd-plugin-droid-vibrator.spec to build it's stuff.08:47
UmeaboyHalf a day?08:47
Nokius_should not take so long08:48
kimmolimal-: imho rfkill should do it. i made udev-rule to trigger on rfkill08:48
kimmoliUmeaboy: i heard someone else had same issue08:48
Umeaboykimmoli: OK.08:49
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mal-Umeaboy: just try again if it seems to be stuck, it does that randomly08:51
UmeaboyIs cp: cannot stat `.//kickstart/attachment_hybris': No such file or directory really meant to happen on purpose?08:53
* Umeaboy goes to take a shower for a while08:54
mal-kimmoli: where is that udev rule, cannot find it in your config repo08:54
kimmoliissue8 branch08:55
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mal-ok, need to think08:57
* dr_gogeta86 back on flo ... hybris12.1 09:01
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mal-kimmoli: actually that btnvtool MAC doesn't look good, I doubt the correct would end with 0:0:009:22
adeen-smal-: Can i add droidmedia and audioflingerglue to patterns ?09:28
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mal-adeen-s: you need to add only gstreamer1.0-droid and pulseaudio-modules-droid-glue09:30
mal-droidmedia will be included by the first one09:30
adeen-smal-: Ok and audioflingerglue ?09:31
mal-that will be pulled in by the latter09:32
adeen-smal-: ok. I can play local videos but cannot plaay the ones from youtube. Logcat and journalctl both do not say anything about it either.09:33
Umeaboymal-: Still nohing seems to happen......09:36
UmeaboyI DID rerun it.09:36
UmeaboyThe marker for the prompt is blinking.09:37
UmeaboySo I think SOMETHING is happening.09:37
UmeaboyThe HDD light is not flashing much.09:37
UmeaboyI'll leave it during the day and come back later to see if something has happened in a good way.09:39
kimmolithis is only that even smelling like a solution for this ^09:47
kimmoliUmeaboy: ^09:47
kimmolikeyword ngfd-plugin-droid-vibrator build stuck hang09:48
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UmeaboyThe file exists for me.09:55
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OSNLabHello, guys. Who knows how to deal with "Download (curl) error for '' Error code: Unrecognized error Error message: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate" errors?10:31
adeen-sOSNLab: hadk pdf last five lines of section 4.210:33
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OSNLabNo. It works.10:36
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OSNLabI faced with this problem in section six "sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R zypper ref --force"10:37
mal-OSNLab: which release are you trying to build?10:44
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mal-OSNLab: pastebin output of sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R ssu lr10:49
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mal-OSNLab: btw, you should remove that testing2 repo and add the common repo as defined in faq line 44810:55
mal-OSNLab: on my build environment sdk repo is disabled10:55
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UmeaboyGotta go. I'll see what happens tonight.10:57
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mal-OSNLab: I just redid the whole chapter 6 and it worked without problems11:02
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OSNLabmal-: I redid it too. It doesn't work:(11:09
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mal-OSNLab: and no other problem with chapter 6?11:17
adeen-sOSNLab: try restarting the SDK ;)11:17
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adeen-smal-: On the adaptations/libhybris wiki, what does usb_net_status mean? Is it USB tethering or just USB connectivity ?11:19
mal-adeen-s: I think just that for example ssh through usb works11:20
mal-i.e. developer mode11:21
OSNLabman-: No other problems.11:21
OSNLabadeen-s: did try11:22
OSNLabMay be something with network.11:22
adeen-smal-: So I'm marking it as working.11:24
mal-OSNLab: did you remove the target manually before redoing chapter 6, i.e. from $MER_ROOT/targets/11:25
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mal-adeen-s: are you interested in trying FM radio?11:29
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mal-adeen-s: the instructions for fm rafio are at the end of faq11:34
adeen-smal-: Yes I was indeed working on that. Another thing is that I have terrible battery backup which I want to fix.11:38
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adeen-smal-: This message is spammed in the logcat -->11:42
adeen-sD/AKMD2   (  894): g_resetdoe is NULL.11:42
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mal-battery backup?11:57
adeen-smal-: excessive battery consumption.11:58
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mal-adeen-s: pastebin dmesg and logcat again, preferrably quite soon after reboot12:10
adeen-smal-: Cannot build radio iris transport as module. I had a hissing header file which i got from Xiaomi_kernel_opensource. Now i have this -->
mal-adeen-s: not sure if building it as a module is always needed12:18
mal-adeen-s: do you see /dev/radio0 device?12:19
adeen-smal-: yes12:20
adeen-scrw-rw---- 1 audio     audio         81,  13 Jun  5 16:31 radio012:21
mal-adeen-s: then try adding the needed configs and see if fm radio works12:21
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adeen-smal-: Ok12:22
adeen-smal-: I won't need to modprobe here then
mal-adeen-s: no, the instructions should say that such a service is only needed if built as a module12:26
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adeen-smal-: PirateFM now allows me to change the frequency (unlike last time) but still no audio output.12:46
mal-adeen-s: do you have headphones connected?12:46
adeen-smal-: yes12:47
adeen-sbut i connected them after i started the radio.12:48
mal-adeen-s: does it find a working radio channel?12:48
mal-it shoudl show the RDS info12:48
adeen-smal-: Headphones are just repeating the sound from the microphone.12:50
adeen-si cannot change the frequency either.12:50
mal-adeen-s: ok, you added the configs and you have the packages from common?12:51
adeen-syes i have them12:53
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mal-adeen-s: you managed to get bluetooth working?13:13
adeen-smal-: Yes13:14
mal-very good13:14
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adeen-smal-: I also created a PR to the msm8916 kernel on mer-hybris with the fix for bluetooth.13:15
mal-adeen-s: once again you fixed a typo with a new commit, you could easily integrate all of those 3 commits into one13:17
mal-adeen-s: and you don't need to do a new PR to fix such things, you can change your branch and it will be updated automatically to that PR13:18
adeen-smal-: I did not understand that last part. Like, if i create a new branch, It will be updated on all its forks ?13:19
mal-adeen-s: no, you edit the current branch with those commits and then overwrite the branch on github13:21
adeen-smal-: " then overwrite the branch on github" How ?13:22
mal-git push --force13:22
mal-adeen-s: so this is the procedure you should do, git clone that repo, then git reset --hard da765841e16c54c7270a7a9bfb0abc55c33f51b7 and then make the changes that you have in those last two commits and then git commit -a --amend and finally git push --force13:24
adeen-smal-: Thanks.13:26
mal-adeen-s: naturally the repo you clone is your own, now the mer-hybris one :)13:27
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mal-I'll be away for a while again13:36
adeen-smal-: Ever since i added the fm radio configs, I cannot turn off bluetooth.13:36
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NeKit# e.g. Nexus 7 (800 x 1280) displays the pixel ratio is 800/540~=1.4814:33
NeKitNexus 7 is 7-inch, right?14:33
NeKitwhat would be the pixel ratio of the 8-inch device with the same resolution then?14:33
Nokius_dr_gogeta86 flo is back :)14:34
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kimmoliadeen-s: try restarting pulseaudio while you hear echo14:53
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UmeaboyThe previously mentioned file exists, but the script won't go passed ngfd-plugin-droid-vibrator.14:55
UmeaboyCan I build without it?14:55
adeen-skimmoli: OK14:56
UmeaboyWhen running that script I see this error before coming to ngfd-plugin-droid-vibrator and I'm fairly sure that this is not the cause of the problem, but I could be wrong thou:
Umeaboyadeen-s: ^^14:58
UmeaboyI have solved everything before that.15:00
adeen-sUmeaboy: ngfd is known to cause issues. If you try several times, it will eventually build successfully.15:00
adeen-sUmeaboy: You could skip it if you like. and shift to ff-memless ( Check hadk-faq )15:01
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adeen-sCan i assign /dev/radio0 to both radio and audio ?15:25
Umeaboyadeen-s: The real issue seems to be the spec file itself.15:31
UmeaboySince every other spec file works just fine.15:32
Umeaboyadeen-s: I'm no expert, but if you have no other mountpoint to point it to I guess you can.15:33
adeen-sUmeaboy: once it works, it will take less than a few minutes. Or you could try building it manually.15:33
Umeaboyadeen-s: What's the best way to build it manually?15:33
adeen-sUmeaboy: Just like it is done in the build_packages script.15:34
UmeaboyNow I ended up with this error:
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kimmoliyou need to added common repo15:37
kimmolisee logs15:37
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Umeaboykimmoli: Common repo? In the Mer SDK? I didn't see any such instructions in the HADK.15:46
kimmoliit is in faq iirc mal- did add it there15:47
UmeaboyOK, but the current HADK hasn't been updated since 15th of December in 2015.15:48
kimmolifaq L7715:48
NeKitshould tracker-miner-fs scan /, including /proc and other directories there?15:48
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UmeaboyThere's no repo added in the for ngfd-plugin-droid-vibrator15:50
UmeaboySo, no wonder it can't find it.15:50
Umeaboymal-: Can you update those links in the file so that it'll find what it needs?15:53
mal-Umeaboy: if there is no repo listed in it will assume it's in mer-hybris github with the name listed16:02
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Umeaboymal-: OK, but in the jolla-hw-adaptation-scorpion.yaml file in droid-configs/patterns/ I already found - droid-hal-scorpion-detritus.16:17
UmeaboyThe script still won't work.16:17
Umeaboywhen it comes to ngfd-plugin-droid-vibrator.spec16:18
UmeaboyEvery other spec file works thou.16:18
mal-Umeaboy: like it has been said many times, there is some random problem with vibrator package, it just freezes sometimes when using, trying again is recommended as waiting won't help16:30
Umeaboymal-: I DID that. 5 times.16:34
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UmeaboyWhat's the cause of this freeze?16:34
mal-nobody knows16:35
mal-it's random, just try again16:35
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UmeaboyWeird....... Now it's working again......16:52
UmeaboyThis doesn't seem to be a coinsidence.16:52
UmeaboyI'm not sure, but git pull and git update-submodule is missing in some spec files.16:54
UmeaboyDon't know if THAT'S the real cause thou.16:55
UmeaboyBtw...... Now I got an error about missing deps for geoclue-provider-hybris16:57
Umeaboyconnman-qt5, qofono-qt5 and qofonoext. Should I try to install them with zypper?16:58
mal-Umeaboy: those are in the common repo17:04
mal-Umeaboy: run this sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -R -m sdk-install ssu ar common
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UmeaboyMerSDK kristoffer@kristoffers:~/mer/android/droid$ sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -R -m sdk-install ssu ar common
Umeaboyconnman not AVAILABLE17:41
UmeaboyDBus call failed, falling back to libssu17:41
Umeaboymal-: And now run the script again?17:42
UmeaboyDid that....... now lets see.17:45
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Litewmal-: kimmoli same here, i get wrong mac, tried your btnvtool line but it shouts something weird, now i can get right mac with /system/bin/hci_qcomm_init -e -p 2 -P 2 -d /dev/ttyHSL0 2>1 | grep -oP '([0-9a-f]{2}:){5}([0-9a-f]{2})'19:24
*** speactra <speactra!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:24
Litewbut it works if i run this manually, i get bootloops with this line in (but works with sleep 10s)19:25
mal-Litew: interesting that hci_qcomm_init does return correct mac19:25
Litewmal-: yes, i'm trying to use it in script but i don't know why it bootloops, seems like it runs too early19:26
mal-probably, I'm also trying now19:26
*** eyome <eyome!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:26
mal-sleep is a good solution :)19:27
Litewmal-: definitely :P19:27
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*** Thaodan <Thaodan!~Thaodan@2a02:908:1d40:160:76d4:35ff:feeb:7e6b> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:29
mal-hmm, now it doesn't work anymore19:32
R-Zwhelp, time to try porting sailfish on OnePlus2, I've got pretty much no idea what I'm about to do so this is going to be fun19:33
NeKitR-Z, cool19:34
mal-I believa that is a little problematic currently as sailfish doesn't support 64-bit android19:34
R-Zoh well, into the trash goes my plan then19:35
NeKitI bought the device to have before I leave China, but didn't try to do anything with it yet19:35
NeKitit can be possible if hwcomposer 32-libs are working19:35
NeKit*32-bit libs19:35
mal-it might be, not sure if anyone has tried19:36
Litewmal-: did you run it before echo 1 > hcismd_set?19:36
ghosalmartinwhat android does the 1+2 use?19:36
ghosalmartinif its 6 then not working19:36
mal-Litew: I was just trying manually after boot19:37
NeKitAndroid 5.119:37
NeKitboth present19:37
mal-looks like 12.1 is also available19:37
NeKitghosalmartin, did you investigate building 64-bit libhybris?19:37
Litewah, then turn off BT via GUI, echo 0 > hcismd_set, run hci_qcomm_init from above and echo 1 > hcismd_set again. then turn off bt and check hcitool dev19:38
ghosalmartinNeKit: nahh my cm13 was breaking due to not being able to build boot.img19:38
ghosalmartinNeKit: but am told theres a few 32bit casts, so things may break then19:38
Litew*turn on bt and check hcitool dev19:38
Litewadeen-s: check if you have enabled rfkill in kernel config (about turning off bluetooth)19:39
NeKitthey surely do, but I only tried building libhybris in Arch AArch64 chroot, since no Mer target to try with19:41
Litewmal-: draft of bt init script i'm working on:
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:45
mal-Litew: I have a working script, not a pretty one but works19:49
mal-I at leas shows the correct MAC address19:50
Litewthanks to kimmoli now i know that writing mac to /var/lib/bluetooth/board-address will show address in UI :)19:52
mal-that first waits until the BT is up then turns it off, gets the MAC address and starts it again19:52
Litewmal-: will check now how it works during reboot19:53
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Litewmal-: yep, it works and shows right mac in UI and hcitool dev19:57
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mal-good to hear that it work on your device also19:58
ThaodanLitew: seq is not needed you could just set your max try var to 15 and count down.20:01
Thaodanthis is  faster20:02
LitewThaodan: understood, seems like i don't need my script since mal-'s is working for me too20:03
Litew thanks20:03
kimmolimal-: on onyx hci_qcomm_init just complais can not find device smd3 tjsp20:04
mal-kimmoli: it does that if you don't first echo 0 > /sys/module/hci_smd/parameters/hcismd_set20:04
mal-kimmoli: try my script on onyx20:05
*** ced117 <ced117!~ced117@opensuse/member/ced117> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:07
Thaodanmal-: I improved your script a bit:
Litewmal-: just for info - i can see USSD-answers if i send USSD codes that require user response, for example send number 1 or 2 in reply20:11
mal-Litew: ok, I haven't tried those on yet20:12
mal-Thaodan: does that affect much?20:14
Thaodanno that much but it will be faster cause you call no external program20:16
ThaodanI think this much when starting20:16
Thaodan*means much20:16
Litewmal-: i'm trying on - ussd-answers still don't show up as they were in
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mal-Thaodan: just verified that your modified script also works20:42
mal-there was really no reason why it wouldn't have worked but tested anyway20:42
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Thaodanglad that I could help.20:44
mal-nice to have these kind of small fixes just before releasing a new image20:45
Thaodanimage for which device?20:50
*** humroben7 <humroben7!~humroben7@> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:54
humroben7hey there everyone20:54
humroben7I'm currently still working on getting wifi working as expected on my xperia L20:55
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)20:55
humroben7Currently I do everything manually, which is fine for the moment, but I will like to be able to use the sailfish interface to manage Wifi at some point20:56
humroben7I do like how I can SSH into the phone, loving tha feature already :)20:56
kimmolimal-: will test bt script tomorrow20:56
kimmolibeen busy with
humroben7also, I can confirm that the LED on the xperia L does work, so this can be updated
*** nh1402 <nh1402!~Thunderbi@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)21:11
humroben7Any suggestions in how I can configure a systemd service for dhcpcd for autonegotiating an IP address?21:15
*** speactra <speactra!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)21:23
humroben7I found a udhcpd service in /lib/systemd/system, and I found out that there is supposed to be a config file for it in /run/usb-moded/ however this is empty. Should this contain stuff? or should I create a udhcpd.conf manually?21:28
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Litew!seen Mister_Magister22:36
merbotLitew: Mister_Magister was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 1 week, 6 days, 2 hours, 12 minutes, and 5 seconds ago: <Mister_Magister> So what is point in screen lock limit?22:36
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humroben7I'm back23:26
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