Monday, 2016-06-06

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Litewmal-: kimmoli: after reflashing image i'm getting this error too after running hci_qcomm_init:  init_transport: Cannot open /dev/ttyHS0: No such file or directory02:44
Litewif i run setprop smd and then again hci_qcomm_init, error message changes to:  init_transport: Cannot open /dev/smd3: No such device02:44
Litewodd, hci_qcomm_init worked before reflashing02:45
Litewhm, now it looks better03:33
Litewsolved by
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neochapay why can not map device ? :(06:10
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kimmolimal-: that script gives me wifi mac for bt mac06:24
adeen-skimmoli: Which script, I got wifi mac address but i am missing bluetooth address myself.06:26
kimmolithis version06:33
kimmolireverted back to my own06:33
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adeen-sLitew: CONFIG_RFKILL is not set in my kernel, but bluetooth works fine until i try to get fmradio working. It has got something to do with the permissions of /dev/radio006:38
adeen-skimmoli: That script works for me. I got a valid Bluetooth address.06:40
mal-kimmoli: I got different addresses, the difference was just 106:40
kimmolistrange things06:42
kimmolimy bt address might be just random, but it is better than, empty or same as wlan mac06:43
kimmolineed to check from other phone what it is06:44
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mal-kimmoli: on jolla phone the difference is one bit but on a different part WLAN is xx:xx:xx:00:xx:xx, BT is xx:xx:xx:01:xx:xx06:49
Umeaboymal-: I think the sb2 command could be the reason for this spec-file to sometimes freeze.06:51
adeen-smal-: kimmoli: I compared with the ones from CM and my bluetooth address is same.(So the script looks good) but my wlan mac is different, it is a random address.06:52
mal-kimmoli: maybe check from android on onyx?06:52
kimmolimal-: yep, need to check06:53
mal-adeen-s: does the wlan address have 00:00 at the beginning?06:53
adeen-smal-: 00:0a:xx:Xx:Xx:Xx06:54
mal-kimmoli: on fp2 it in the last part, so seems reasonable that it could be correct, I'll check from android to be sure06:54
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kimmoliadeen-s: that is the fallback address06:56
kimmolicheck that the three first numbers matches IEEE OUI06:57
adeen-skimmoli: yes06:57
adeen-sit is 00:0a:f506:57
mal-adeen-s: add ExecStartPre=/bin/sleep 10 to wifi-module-load.service just before ExecStart line06:58
mal-not sure how long the sleep needs to be but that works for me06:58
kimmolii sleeped 1min, not helping... 10sec starts to get annoying already06:59
UmeaboyHow does WARNING Rule not converted: subsystem adf07:00
UmeaboyWARNING Rule not converted: devname uevent_devname07:00
Umeaboyaffect the script?07:00
mal-kimmoli: at least I have a very fast boot even with that07:01
kimmolii get wifi (ssh in) just before lockscreen shows up07:02
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mal-kimmoli: systemd-analyze: Startup finished in 5.929s (kernel) + 18.795s (userspace) = 24.724s07:07
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mal-kimmoli: looks like startup time stays the same even if I shortened the sleep in wifi-module-load.service to 5 seconds, also wifi still works07:10
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mal-kimmoli: just a thought, what would happen if we call the android bt initilization shell script from that script of ours07:19
mal-I'll do some testing later today07:20
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adeen-smal-: Still incorrect wlan mac.07:41
UmeaboyContinuing to Create and configuring the Kickstart file doesn't work when I apply > tmp/$KS07:45
UmeaboyI did create the directory.07:46
adeen-sUmeaboy: the file path in hadk is incorrect. it is missing hybris folder before droid-configs.07:47
adeen-smal-: kimmoli: /bin/sleep 10 worked. got the correct mac.07:47
mal-adeen-s: good07:47
Umeaboyadeen-s: Isn't there a more up-to-date HADK somewhere?07:48
mal-I think there must be some better way to do that, something somewhere has to change when wlan is up, need to do some investigation07:48
adeen-smal-: seems to break bluetooth for me. FM then works (although without audio) but bluetooth stops.07:49
adeen-sUmeaboy: That's just one small mistake.07:50
Umeaboyadeen-s: There are more "small" misstakes that can create a chain reaction you know. :)07:51
UmeaboyIn the end you just have a broken guide.07:51
mal-adeen-s: that breaking bluetooth seems quite odd, do you have only /dev/radio0?07:53
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adeen-smal-: yes. just one /dev/radio0. nothing else with the name of radio. It is the same as in CM.08:22
adeen-sghosalmartin: Morning. How's your port of the 5X ? Did it work ?08:23
adeen-sUmeaboy: i haven't been able to identify any other mistakes in the hadk.08:23
ghosalmartinadeen-s: nah :P08:26
mal-adeen-s: very strange, pastebin dmesg both with and without that udev rule08:26
adeen-smal-: Ok08:26
mal-adeen-s: also get logcat of both just in case08:27
adeen-sghosalmartin: Maybe you need to modify the bootloader to get 32-bit android to work.08:27
ghosalmartinadeen-s: well the issue is that hybris doesn't work on cm1308:28
ghosalmartinthen maybe a 32bit/64bit frankenstein might work08:32
adeen-smal-: dmesg without that rule -->
adeen-sghosalmartin: I Didn't know about the hybris issue.08:33
ghosalmartinadeen-s: yeah its a new issue, being looked at atm08:34
nh1402_workghosalmartin: have you tried using the mainline kernel?08:39
ghosalmartinnh1402_work:...not at all tbh, no idea if mainline support will be there, i mean it is qualcomm08:39
adeen-smal-: logcat without rule -->
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nh1402_workghosalmartin: CPU wise it will probably be fine as it's standard ARM cores, not sure about the GPU although I just found this not sure if that helps08:46
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nh1402_workbut that would be getting it to boot, beyond that I'm not sure what/if anything else would work.08:47
Umeaboyadeen-s: What about the common repo? I see no instructions in the HADK on how to add that or better yet that you HAVE to add that.08:49
UmeaboyI used Ctrl F to find common repo in the HADK and no such hit.08:50
mal-Umeaboy: that is only in faq08:50
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UmeaboyOK...... So now what do I do?08:52
ghosalmartinnh1402_work: it would certainly be interesting as hell08:53
ghosalmartinnh1402_work: yeah that should work... :O08:54
ghosalmartindoes that mean I can do a complete pure build, no need for android subsystems in anyway??08:55
nh1402_workin theory, I think, yes. The only thing you would need Android for is a chroot image for sfdroid as far as I can tell.08:56
mal-Umeaboy: what do you mean?08:58
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Umeaboymal-: How do I correct the filepath in the HADK?09:01
mal-Umeaboy: the path in the sed command should have hybris/droid-configs09:02
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adeen-smal-: Bluetooth seems to be fine even after fmrules. The only thing i changed was my hcismd-up script. FM works fine too but i had to kill pulseaudio first.09:04
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mal-adeen-s: hmm, I haven't noticed problems with audio in FM09:07
mal-adeen-s: anything interesting in logs?09:07
UmeaboyAre the packages available in the Mer OBS yet?09:08
UmeaboyI'm wondering if I should skip that part.09:08
mal-what packages?09:08
UmeaboyChapter 8.2 and the WARNING message in the box.09:09
ghosalmartinnh1402_work: hmm might have to give it a shot later then09:09
mal-Umeaboy: do not run the commands below the warning box in 8.209:10
UmeaboySo, skipping to
Umeaboymal-: Can I ignore sudo: effective uid is not 0, is sudo installed setuid root?09:19
UmeaboyI got it when running $ANDROID_ROOT/tmp/Jolla-@RELEASE@-$DEVICE-@ARCH@.ks09:20
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UmeaboyGotta go.09:34
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NeKitghosalmartin, did you have Qt 5.6 test packages?09:40
ghosalmartinNeKit: nahh, someone was giving them out, was it you? I can't remember anymore, all the days are merging into one09:40
NeKitno, not me, I thought it was you :)09:41
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ghosalmartinif I had to guess, was it Nokius?09:41
NeKitI can't find it in logs, weird09:44
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ghosalmartindo we have any instructions on creating a pure port?11:12
NeKitnever found it11:16
NeKitwhat is the device you want to try?11:16
mal-locusf: ^11:17
ghosalmartinnexus 5x :P11:17
ghosalmartinsince it seems theres inline support for the adreno chip inside the 80811:18
mal-I think modem would a real problem, graphics and some other parts might be possible11:18
adeen-sghosalmartin: Did you check with the cm-12.1 branch of the kernel
ghosalmartinseems to have some info11:20
ghosalmartinbut there won't be any modem support11:21
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locusfghosalmartin: umm nope11:28
locusfno instructions11:28
locusfmainly its build mesa -> build kernel -> package -> run11:28
nh1402_workghosalmartin: I thought the mainline approach was mainly to see if you could get Sailfish working in the first place and see the Aarch64 mer thing working, than to actually use it for a proper port.11:28
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ghosalmartinnh1402_work: yeah it would be tbh11:36
ghosalmartinlocusf: so as a complete noob, would I have to build mesa in any particular way, I Assume for wayland?11:37
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adeen-s!seen madhu11:39
merbotadeen-s: madhu was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 2 days, 19 hours, 28 minutes, and 35 seconds ago: <madhu> today my phone was stopped working so I again flash the os but after I connect the pc with phone and try to ssh WARNING: REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED! error has came11:39
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NeKitlocusf, how did you package it for RPI2? I mean, most of scripts are targetted at libhybris devices11:50
locusfNeKit: vgrade already had the proprietary blobs packaged11:51
NeKitI mean building final image11:52
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NeKit - mesa.spec I used for Intel, modified from mesa-llvmpipe to upgrade it to later version11:57
locusfits a normal .ks12:00
NeKitwhat about patterns/other stuff?12:02
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locusfthe regular sailfish patterns work12:17
locusfjust the adaptation packages are added in a linear fashion12:17
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NeKitany repositories to look at?12:27
ranterAnyone porting to Asus ZenPad 10? That's Intel Z3560 1,83 GHz Quad-Core, Android 5.0 Lollipop12:40
NeKitranter, do you have unlocked bootloader?12:41
NeKiteven better if it originally was on KitKat12:42
ranterNo, I don't have a device, considering buying one12:43
NeKitno idea what would it take to run custom kernel on branded device12:43
NeKitI've Sailfish OS running on Chinese tablet with Intel SoC though12:44
NeKitZ300C or Z300CG?12:46
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ranterNeKit: Z300CL12:56
ranterNeKit: How well does Chinese tablet work?12:57
NeKitnothing fancy, but the hardware itself is supported12:59
NeKitsometimes overheats, especially when on charge, but it seems to be similar with official Jolla Tablet12:59
brodolfoNeKit, these models are available just on chinese stores?13:05
NeKitor AliExpress13:06
brodolfoplease, share the name/model of your tablet with us :)13:06
NeKitOnda V820W V3 (not Cherry Trail "CH" version)13:07
brodolfooho thanks a lot13:09
adeen-s_mal-: ril crashed again -->
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adeen-smal-: ^^13:15
ghosalmartinlooks like I know what am doing tonight13:17
ghosalmartinNeKit: that paste was dead :(13:17
mal-adeen-s: try to get more of the journalctl output with -a13:18
adeen-smal-: Leaving that for next time. As always, a reboot fixed it.13:25
adeen-sAre there other apps apart from piratefm for using fmradio ?13:31
mal-not at the moment13:31
adeen-sAlright. So kimmoli: Ever experienced echo while playing radio ?13:33
mal-what kind of echo? you mean the microphone audio?13:33
adeen-smal-: Yeah.13:33
NeKitghosalmartin, sorry, a habit to set short expiration times13:36
mal-that mean pulseaudio has the incorrect input device active but what is causing the routing/input selection to fail is not known13:36
adeen-smal-: Which doesn't cause trouble once i restart pulseaudio.13:37
kimmoliadeen-s: yes i have echo issue, which comes and goes13:39
kimmolisometimes i need to play stuff with mediaplayer13:39
kimmolii think this needs some quality time with jusa_13:40
adeen-skimmoli: Ok. Thanks. Which device does this happen on ?13:40
ghosalmartinbluetooth headset needs some loving on cm12.113:40
kimmolibut i also loose all media volume controls sometimes13:40
adeen-skimmoli: the symptoms look oddly familiar.13:41
kimmoliadeen-s: oneplusx onyx13:41
kimmolibt audio works fine here13:41
ghosalmartinit does work fine on just audio, but answering calls it goes bad13:41
ghosalmartinvery staticy13:41
adeen-skimmoli: mal-: try to restart pulseaudio, I get this -->13:49
adeen-s[root@localhost nemo]# pulseaudio -k13:50
adeen-sE: [pulseaudio] main.c: Failed to kill daemon: No such process13:50
mal-adeen-s: do not start pulse audio as root and not like that, use systemctl to restart it13:50
jusa_as root, systemctl-user restart pulseaudio, as nemo, systemctl --user restart pulseaudio13:50
jusa_but running pulseaudio or pa client as root will not work13:51
adeen-smal-: jusa_: Ok13:52
adeen-sThat works. But Fm still cannot be played through speaker. When i select the option to play through speaker, I get output on the right earphone instead of speakers.13:56
jusa_there isn't really support for fmradio routing through speaker yet, it's something that's under work atm and should soon land to policy-settings-common etc..13:57
adeen-sjusa_; Thanks.14:01
mal-adeen-s: that speaker icon is for mute I think, which doesn't really work14:01
kimmolifor me it mutes just left channel14:04
kimmoliso works 50%14:04
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mal-kimmoli: there is some bug in drivers or firmware, you should mute it some other way14:06
adeen-skimmoli: Same for me. mal-: If its for mute, then its working in a reverse manner for me. It works when it is crossed and does not when it appears as a speaker giving output.14:06
kimmolispiiroin: FYI: when BT connects to car, screen comes up. but with Ddim it stays on/dim. with charger connect, it blanks.14:06
kimmoliadeen-s: it tells what happens14:07
kimmoliwhen you press. it shows reverse state14:07
adeen-skimmoli: Ah, the thought did cross my mind.14:08
ghosalmartinlocusf: so turns out when building aarch64 mesa was already built :
ghosalmartinthat mean I can just happily build kernel that matches the mer kernel spec and then were away?14:15
NeKitghosalmartin, no, it's mesa_llvmpipe14:37
NeKitsoftware rendering probably14:37
NeKitvery old Mesa version is used in Mer14:37
NeKityou need to enable support for your hardware when building mesa14:38
ghosalmartin*sigh*, ill take a look at it when i get i guess14:40
NeKitit should work with mesa_llvmpipe with software rendering though14:41
ghosalmartinmight try that first since its already built and then build ha in later14:43
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NeKitshould be  --with-gallium-drivers=freedreno I think for yours14:54
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locusfghosalmartin: yes NeKit is right, its too old15:08
NeKithm, Adreno 430 should be also supported by freedreno15:08
ghosalmartinmight try that15:11
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mal-wondering about fp2 compass sensor problems, it seems the TYPE_ORIENTATION sensor type used in sensorfw was deprecated a long time ago in android API, could it be that they dropped that already on some implementations?16:54
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adeen-smal-: I built and flashed a new image but wifi wouldn't work. I had to change the wifi-module-load.service to get it to work. I added ExecStart=/sbin/insmod /lib/modules/3.10.49-blackhawk-g77b48ae-dirty/wlan.ko17:02
mal-adeen-s: what kind changes did you make in that image?17:11
adeen-smal-: Nothing. i just added all those changes in the previous image to sparse and built a new one.17:12
mal-adeen-s: you might have kernel modules that are not compatible with the kernel, i.e. you have built the kernel with some changes but didn't rebuild droid-hal packages after that17:13
mal-I had that kind of problem when I did some kernel testing17:14
adeen-smal-: I did build_packages before making new image.17:14
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mal-could porters of other cm12.1 based ports test the compass operation, does it seem to work or not?19:06
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Nokiusmal-: u got a lot of praise to night :) one guy use the fp2 as daily driver with the port :)21:05
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Nokiusthe sort way to enable the cam shutter aarrg21:45
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Nokiusokey if I lunch cam videoplay back stops working :(22:03
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ThaodanNokius: if the battery live wasn't that bad and whatsup still workin23:35
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Litewfor Mister_Magister and others who met obex session and bluetooth socket initialization errors in logs - i managed to solve this problems with file transfering ober BT by adding nemo user to bt_stack_admin group (reboot is needed)23:50
Litewadeen-s: ok23:51
Litewdon't know is it good idea (adding nemo to bt_stack_admin), maybe it's better to change group of bluetooth socket instead23:57

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