Wednesday, 2016-06-08

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junnuviuurgh, what can cause device to reboot instantly when logging in as nemo? This will not happen if droid-hal-init is stopped04:08
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Nokiusjunnuvi: may modem is blowing up?06:18
Nokiustry this06:19
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junnuviNokius: I don't have modem at all, Nexus 7 (grouper)06:25
junnuvihmm.. connect(76, {sa_family=AF_LOCAL, sun_path="/dev/socket/property_service"}, 31) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)07:01
junnuviah sorry droid-hal-init is not running07:01
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junnuviaccess("/system/lib/hw/", R_OK) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)08:15
junnuviwhy? File seems to be there08:15
junnuvino it's not :D08:22
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ghosalmartinso this oyster phone, still vaporware?09:40
Nokius_ghosalmartin: :D09:44
Nokius_junnuvi: ah did know that09:44
ghosalmartinwell it has an 64bit processor, so am curious how thatll play out09:45
ghosalmartinNokius_: did you do the qt 5.6 work?09:46
Nokius_ghosalmartin: and even MT09:46
Nokius_ghosalmartin: what work?09:46
ghosalmartinbuilding qt5.6 for sfos09:46
ghosalmartini remember someone linked to packages a while back, but cant remember who09:47
Nokius_no should I09:47
Nokius_it's nh1402_work or?09:49
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nh1402_workNokius_: you what?10:14
Nokius_did you do the qt 5.6 work?10:15
nh1402_workI'm afraid not.10:15
nh1402_workbut someone seems to be doing it
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ghosalmartini remember someone had qt5.6 packages for sfos10:24
nh1402_workghosalmartin: qt 5.4 was needed for the quicksilver chromium app not sure how he got around that.10:28
ghosalmartinhe built the required bits10:28
ghosalmartindoes anyone have the irc log searcher? or a link to it10:29
Nokiusghosalmartin: google ?10:32
ghosalmartinNokius: no luck, there was a script that would download the mer logs10:32
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ghosalmartinthank you Litew10:51
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ghosalmartinit was piggz11:01
ghosalmartinhe was working on qt5.611:01
NeKitis it possible to find the packages?11:05
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taaemghosalmartin: or use
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* ballock is porting nexus4 (mako) to cm12.113:01
ballockI found the guys @cm removed "service qrngd /system/bin/qrngd -f" from init.rc13:02
ballockDid the Qualcomm random number generator go passé?13:02
ballockThat's between cm-11 and cm-12.113:03
* ballock just tried cross-checking hammerhead and only to find hybris-11.0 as the last branch on
nh1402_workinteresting, that is now putting more weight on me porting sfdroid to cm12.113:10
entilisn't that the prerequisite for getting sfrdoid onto the fp2?13:11
nh1402_workentil: not quite no, the base for the fp2 is AOSP 5.113:12
nh1402_workgranted the underlying version of Android is the same13:12
ballocknh1402_work: no worries, that's just a small hobby project of mine ;)13:12
nh1402_workit would put all the popular devices inline with a cm12.1 base I think.13:13
nh1402_workballock: although krnlyng has the nexus 4. He would then have a device to help with the port. If he's free.13:16
nh1402_workporting sfdroid that is, he doesn't have sailfish porting experience as far as I knwo.13:17
ballockyeah, he did beautifully provide the previous ones13:17
ballockI can see they did, intentionally revert the qrngd service in cm1213:18
ballockI wonder why that is...13:18
nh1402_workI would put it down to racism13:19
ballockI would put it down to a friekin dislike on writing commit messages.13:20
ballockCome on, the commit messages are supposed to give *reasons*13:20
entilnh1402_work: now I got confused again :D fp2 has google's android on it but when I install sfos, it comes with some aosp stuff as well?13:21
ballockI can see what they are doing in the code, but I won't guess the reason unless... well, I put in a lot of effort13:21
ballockand no, the commit message:13:21
ballockRevert "mako: Enable QRNGD"13:21
ballockis not a bloody reason.13:21
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ballockbut since I found in some different source tree they also remove the qrngd package13:22
ballockI guess that's really really intentional.13:22
ballocknh1402_work: regarding "popularity" - do you know if we can guess how many people are using a port?13:26
mal-from devaamo you can see how many have downloaded an image13:27
mal-but not all ports are there13:28
nh1402_workentil: yes, there is an underlying Android base used for the drivers (otherwise unused), modifying that base would allow you to use Android in Sailfish. Which is what sfdroid is, modifying the underlying Android base to run inside Sailfish.13:36
entilnh1402_work: oh! I always thought it'd use the android system that's in there13:36
entilthe google android one13:36
entilcuz afaict it's left intact when sfos is installed13:37
nh1402_workentil: during the install process of Sailfish you're installing android, and then Sailfish on top of it. Not sure if it's different for the fairphone 2.13:37
entilI can't remember how the partitions are laid out, but if it's installed on userdata, that's separate from the main os, right?13:38
nh1402_workbut the android during the install procedure is what is modified, so there isn't 3 OS's on the phone when you use Sailfish with sfdroid, it's the "normal" 2.13:38
entilnow that I found whisperfish, it's actually only whatsapp-on-sfdroid that's missing that's keeping me from taking the fp2 into good use :(13:39
nh1402_workentil:  do you not use the fp2 then?, or do you just run Android on it?13:40
entilnh1402_work: I don't really use it13:41
entilbecause unfortunately I rely on whatsapp a lot13:41
nh1402_workbecause if you don't use it then in theory you can load on the fp2 on Sailfish while the other device is on your person with an internet connection and setup for whatsapp web13:41
entilmal- told me it would be safe to run even a current version, though it doesn't have an OTA update app, because that's up and coming and I understood that can be installed later without a reflash13:41
entilsure, but then I'd also have the sim card in the old device and do all phone calls and stuff through it13:42
entilthat's a bit of a hassle, I'd just prefer to switch13:42
NeKitunrelated, but I wish people actually persuaded others to switch from WhatsApp due to them getting people with unofficial clients banned (even ICQ didn't do that)14:02
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entilof course14:05
entilnow some friends of mine migrated away from signal because the ios client (allegedly, haven't seen it) sucks, of course to whatsapp14:05
entilbecause it got the crypto as well14:05
nh1402_workNeKit: not practical, they would have to make their entire contact list (or at least to those you actually talk to) switch over to this alternative, where as many of them may use Whatsapp or another messaging app as their primary source of communication, so you would have to make them switch from that too14:06
entilit's a sad day for privacy14:06
nh1402_workNeKit: and then those people would have to tell people in their contact list to switch, and so on.14:07
ballockSMS in Poland is still the communicator. It's got weak crypto, is stored at providers' in plaintext and is easily accessible by the forces,14:09
ballockbut it does not require any third-party app on your device to run.14:10
ballockwhatsapp adoption here is not really flying14:10
entilballock: you can advocate for signal, it rules14:11
entilthough I haven't tried whisperfish for sailfish yet14:12
NeKitnh1402_work, yeah, but it's better than using something and eating the cactus14:12
NeKitin practice it's possible to use multiply clients14:13
nh1402_workbut you would be using the client for a specific person only.14:16
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ballockCan somebody check on his cm12.1-based build tree, if make hybris-hal produces libselinux?15:03
ballockCause I don't know if I should seek in the android tree where this gets untied, or if I should just leave it defunct (disabled in kernel).15:04
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NeKitwhere can I change browser's pixel ratio?17:40
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NokiusNeKit: should be same as ratio for SFOS see FAQ for it17:51
NeKitI didn't understand completely what PIXEL_RATIO means17:53
NeKitis it screen proportion or...?17:53
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kimmolirelative to sbj17:59
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NeKitkimmoli, sbj is Jolla Phone?18:40
NeKitso, for example, if ppi in Android build.prop is 160, it should be 0.65?18:41
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NeKit# PIXEL_RATIO should be close to the value of horizontal_display_resolution/54018:42
NeKitif I use this, it's 1.48 as on Nexus 7, but it's 8-inch device18:43
NeKit# diagonal_display_size_inches/4.5 * horizontal_display_resolution/54018:43
NeKit8/4.5 * 800/540 = 2.6318:44
NeKitconfused with this18:44
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kimmoliNexus 7 is 323 ppi, so something like 1.3218:53
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kimmolior choose closest "supported" 1.25, or scale your icons with
kimmoliif it is this nexus 7??,Google-Nexus-7-2013/phones/8153,802118:55
NeKitthat one has FullHD screen18:57
NeKitFAQ mentions Nexus 7 with 800x1280 screen18:57
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UmeaboyNokius: Hi!18:58
UmeaboyHow did you managed to get the IMEI in your Scorpion?18:58
UmeaboyI'm not getting any.18:58
UmeaboyI have two sim cards.18:59
UmeaboyOne for Universal (the use Telenor's network) and Telia.18:59
UmeaboyNeither gets an IMEI.18:59
Umeaboydmesg doesn't show anything about the modem in the end.19:00
UmeaboyWhat else can I check?19:00
NeKitmine should be 188 ppi19:00
NeKitin Android build.prop screen density is set at 16019:01
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UmeaboyWith the Telia SIM card I get a IMEI when calling *#06#.19:04
UmeaboyBut with Universal I don't.19:04
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NeKitdoes sbj have 1 set as pixel-ratio?19:18
NeKitso... hm, for Onda it should be 0.76 then19:19
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NeKitnow it's better, but font is still pretty blurry in web-browser for some reason19:22
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NeKitfor Jolla Tablet pixel ratio seems to be 1.5 by the way19:27
kimmoli330ppi, it is heavily rounded19:27
kimmolibut there is also a factor of from which distance you operate the device19:28
NeKitso 0.75/0.76 then19:28
Umeaboymal-: Does Sailfish use systemd?19:28
NeKitit does19:28
UmeaboyI need to check some logs why the LTE isn't working.19:28
Umeaboydmesg isn't really helpful.19:29
UmeaboyHow can I be helped?19:32
NeKitdoes journalctl work?19:32
NeKitbut no idea about LTE itself19:33
UmeaboyNo journal files where found19:33
NeKitdo you do it as root or as nemo?19:33
Umeaboynemo. I don't know the root passwd.19:33
NeKitdevel-su journalctl19:33
UmeaboyAnd password?19:34
NeKitit's set in Settings - Developer mode19:34
UmeaboyNothing wrong in journalctl.19:36
UmeaboyLast row says Jolla kernel: IMEM DT static mapping successful19:37
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NokiusUmeaboy: so u get under SFOS the IMEI with USSD CODE?19:45
UmeaboyNeKit: What log files besides the output of journalctl -xe do I need to get in order for my bugreport on to be upvoted?19:45
UmeaboyNokius: With the Telia SIM card, but not with the Universal SIM card.19:46
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UmeaboyUniversal is my main SIM card.19:46
NeKitI don't think is for unofficial devices19:46
NokiusUmeaboy: u have the non windy device?19:48
Nokiusah okey19:49
Nokiusrpm -qa | grep ofono19:49
Nokiuswhich version u have of ofono ?19:50
UmeaboyHave to check.19:50
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UmeaboyNokius: ^^19:55
mal-ok, so the old one19:55
UmeaboyWhat can I do? WiFi is working.19:56
mal-so calls and are not working?19:57
mal-*and sms19:57
mal-try updating package from common repo, instructions are in faw19:58
Nokiusthx mal-19:59
Nokiusalso check my repo on github19:59
NokiusUmeaboy: the commit I did to get wifi up
UmeaboyNokius: Wifi IS working. :)20:00
UmeaboyIt's just LTE isn't even in the list of Network modes to use.20:01
Nokius21:58 < mal-> try updating package from common repo, instructions are in faw20:01
Umeaboyifconfig doesn't even show a connection for it.20:01
UmeaboyIn the FAQ? I can't find that part in the HADK.20:03
mal-Umeaboy: missing LTE in settings is normal20:03
mal-Umeaboy: it will be fixed in upcoming sailfish release20:03
mal-Umeaboy: faq listed in topic of the channel
NokiusUmeaboy: are u using my repo as droid-configs source?20:06
Nokiusgn8 o/20:07
UmeaboyNokius: Yes I am.20:08
UmeaboyI haven't completed the HADK yet so I'm using your ALPHA zip at the moment.20:08
UmeaboyDid you build your zip for cm-12.1 or cm-13.0?20:09
UmeaboyWeird........ After I added the common repo and ran devel-su zypper up and installed every update there was the option to switch to cellular network just disappeared.20:33
UmeaboyWhen I use Wifi to login to my Jolla account that I have made a while ago it complains about the IMEI.20:33
UmeaboyIt did install a new version of ofono.20:34
UmeaboyNokius: ^^20:34
UmeaboyCould not register the device IMEI. The IMEI for the device hasn't been saved.20:35
UmeaboyThat's the login error I get.20:36
UmeaboyNow what?20:36
UmeaboyI have activated my Jolla account.20:36
UmeaboyI can login to it on account.jolla.com20:37
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pketoUmeaboy: what device do you have? it might be that does not accept it20:44
Umeaboypketo: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet20:48
UmeaboyAlso know as Scorpion.20:48
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pketoUmeaboy: yeah, I think that is not on the list. But the checking is broken and unnecessary, and we will get rid of it as soon as there is time20:52
pketoor it might be also something else if it's actually complaining about the IMEI... I don't directly remember how it was and would need to check the code20:55
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Umeaboypketo: What's the connection name supposed to be in ifconfig for LTE?21:11
UmeaboyBecause I can't see anything like that.21:12
UmeaboyIt doesn't seem to be created.21:12
UmeaboyIf I check in Settings -> About the device I see a IMEI which is weird.21:17
UmeaboyThe check should validate this IMEI. Right?21:18
UmeaboyAny way to login with a workaround?21:18
*** spider-mario <spider-mario!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:39
NemnoHello, is there a way to reset the simcard detection... it's not always detected on a reset on my phone (FP2)21:40
*** minimec <minimec!~minimec@unaffiliated/minimec> has left #sailfishos-porters21:40
Nemnoow after a few reboots.. now my T-Mobile is back again ...pfew.. is there a commandline tool to for checking simcard problems... This time i didn't pull out the simcard and reinsert it in m'n old phone... I just rebooted I think 4 times21:43
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UmeaboyNemno: You could check with devel-su journalctl21:45
Umeaboyand/or dmesg21:45
UmeaboyAnd I suppose adb logcat from the computer would work as well.21:45
*** tux|dude <tux|dude!~tuxdude14@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:45
Nemnonot yet... journalctl dumps the same stuf as dmesg? can i filter for simcard specifics (phono...something is the gsm interaction if i'm not remembering.. correctly)21:47
UmeaboyYou can always use grep to filter. ;)21:48
Umeaboydevel-su journalctl | grep ofono21:48
UmeaboyFor example.21:49
UmeaboyNemno: Did it work?21:51
NemnoI'm checking right now... ssh21:52
UmeaboyYou can always add the common repo mentioned in the piratepad faq.21:52
Umeaboydevel-su ssu ar common
UmeaboyAnd then run devel-su zypper up common21:54
Umeaboyand then run devel-su zypper up21:54
UmeaboyAnd answer y.21:54
UmeaboyReboot and check.21:54
UmeaboyI'm struggling myself to get LTE working in Scorpion.21:55
UmeaboyI don't get an IMEI for my SIM card.21:55
UmeaboyAt least according to Settings ->About the device21:55
UmeaboyIf I call *#06# I do see a IMEI.21:56
Nemnothank you for the response... I'm read the through the but will hit the pillow with my head now.21:57
UmeaboyYou're welcome.....21:58
UmeaboyHope it works.21:58
UmeaboyI have to wait a while longer before it'll work in my device thou.21:58
UmeaboyBut I do have a upcoming device to try to port Sailfish OS to. :)21:59
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UmeaboyLenovo Yoga Tablet 3 Pro LTE 10 inch.21:59
UmeaboyIt shouldn't be to hard to get Cyanogenmod installed on it. :)22:00
UmeaboyGotta go.22:14
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