Thursday, 2016-06-09

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NeKitpiggz, were you the one who worked on Qt 5.6?04:42
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HerrieNeKit: We already have Qt 5.6 on sister project LuneOS. We share a lot of fundamentals, so there shouldn't be too many technical challenges hopefully04:47
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HerrieWe've been upgrading with each release of Qt from 5.2 to 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 and now 5.604:47
HerrieSo a lot of things have been made to work along the way already such as wayland, qt wayland, hwcompositor etc04:47
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piggzNeKit: yes, i have qtbase built so far05:22
piggzHerrie: ah, cool05:22
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NeKitHerrie, does it also use Lipstick or...?05:30
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HerrieNeKit: No we don't do Lipstick ;)05:39
HerrieBut we do QtWebEngine for example ;)05:39
HerrieWe piggyback on meta-qt5 OE layer ;)05:40
Nokiuspketo: the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet aka Scorpion is not in the list it's a prealpha port05:43
Nokiussince when is the IMEI related to the sim :s05:44
Nokiusbtw. gm05:44
HerrieIs there any list with pre-alpha ports?05:52
HerrieI'm looking for a replacement for my N4 which went in for RMA but couldn't be fixed, so will be getting a full refund ;)05:53
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HerrieJust most devices on look quite old as well ;)05:56
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NokiusHerrie: all I know as source06:52
HerrieNokius: I'm looking more as a replacement device for my N4 since i'll get my money back07:01
HerrieJust not sure if there are any alpha/wip ports for other target devices that are not on above wiki?07:01
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Nokius_Herrie: ah fp2 and onxy have good build07:09
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kimmolicompass not working, so don't get lost07:14
junnuvi Ideas why this happens? Anyone?07:15
entilHerrie: I have the fp2 and I can vouch for it being awesome, despite the fact it doesn't have sfdroid yet07:15
entilHerrie: having the store supported, and warehouse, and updates (although cli-only so far) checks most of the important boxes, and it's a really nice phone07:16
mal-junnuvi: which device?07:16
mal-junnuvi: also you have not defined EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer (or =fbdev)07:17
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mal-junnuvi: check line 30 of faq07:19
Nokiusmal-: junnuvi is working on flo07:19
junnuvinope, grouper07:21
junnuvimal-: ^07:21
Herriejunnuvi: This is what we use in LuneOS for Grouper:
HerrieWe have some issues with Maliit sometimes it seems, but for the rest it seems to work in general.07:34
nh1402_workHerrie: I've heard that LuneOS uses an lxc container, how is that working out.07:37
junnuviHerrie: ok, didn't seem to help07:41
Herrienh1402_work: That was all setup before i got involved, but it seems to work oK07:43
HerrieWe recently upgraded from lxc 1.0.1 to 2.0.0 without issues it seems :)07:43
nh1402_workHerrie: Have you thought about getting sfdroid to work on LuneOS?07:46
Herrienh1402_work: Yes ;)07:48
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HerrieBut we're lacking manpower currently, so it's not high on priority list yet, but it will be sometime07:48
HerrieWe first want essential stuff working :D07:48
nh1402_workHerrie: When it comes time, head on over to #apkenv07:51
Herrienh1402_work: GReat07:51
HerrieIt probably shouldn't be too hard to get it working but who knows07:52
nh1402_workand once its working we can discuss where we can take it.07:53
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junnuvimal-: should mount command show /system mount as well? /system has files on it but mount command does not show it as mounted08:34
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junnuvihmm, maybe I will try from scratch with cm1110:23
junnuvithis way seems to have dead end10:24
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mal-junnuvi: so adding the EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev didn't help? have you gotten a strace of that failure?10:32
junnuviactually droid-hal-init was not running on latest gdb, I can paste again with droid-hal-init running10:33
junnuvibut starting it as service causes reboot, so I need to start it manually10:33
mal-always remember to run droid-hal-init first, otherwise it will fail10:34
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junnuvimal-: yes ofcourse, always except when I forget it :)10:38
junnuvimal-: strace
mal-junnuvi: again you haven't defined EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev10:39
mal-junnuvi: you have to define it manually like this EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmlscene -platform hwcomposer main.qml10:40
junnuviit needs to be defined on same command?10:40
mal-or actually you can export it also10:41
mal-but it has to be somehow defined in the current environment, it won't see the define in the conf file10:42
mal-that conf file is used by the service10:42
junnuviyes i have set it manually on previously10:42
junnuvi/usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmlscene -platform hwcomposer main.qml10:43
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junnuvilike that10:43
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junnuviit does not seem to differ even it's defined on same line10:43
adeen-smal-: Repeating error possibly causing battery drain.10:46
junnuvimal-: and gdb output (with doid-hal-init running)
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ghosalmartinif am building a separate kernel for the 5x, the mainline kernel, should i use the defconfig from the android kernel?10:50
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adeen-sjunnuvi: Change EGL_PLATFORM in /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf to fbdev. then reboot.10:53
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junnuviadeen-s: ok10:58
mal-junnuvi: does /system/bin/surfaceflinger work from commandline10:59
junnuvimal-: yes it does11:00
junnuviadeen-s: it's already set correctly11:00
adeen-sjunnuvi: unmask droid-hal-init and user@100000 and reboot11:01
adeen-sand mask ofono.service11:01
junnuviI think I have tried that already, but I will test it again11:03
mal-adeen-s: that device is a tablet with no mobile network possibilities11:04
mal-junnuvi: could you pastebin your local manifest11:05
junnuviadeen-s: yes, no change.. boot loop11:06
junnuvimal-: no! I have typo there :P11:09
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UmeaboyI think I found a typo in the HADK.11:09
UmeaboyUnless it's intended.11:09
adeen-sUmeaboy: where & What ?11:10
Umeaboy1.2.2 The build area root directory tells you to type export MER_ROOT=$HOME/mer/ whilst 4.1 Setting up required environment variables doesn't have the / in the same row.11:10
adeen-smal-: Ok11:10
Umeaboycat <<'EOF' > $HOME/.hadk.env11:11
Umeaboyexport MER_ROOT="/path/to/mer"11:11
UmeaboyIs that on purpose?11:11
Umeaboyadeen-s: ^^11:12
mal-junnuvi: it fails here meaning that opening framebuffer seems to fail11:12
adeen-sUmeaboy: Not on purpose. Its an error i encountered long ago. You need to use The one in 4.111:13
junnuvimal-: ok, interesting. Any ideas why that will happen?11:14
UmeaboyIt can be confusing for some users when they actually read that part. Maybe add something to the current HADK to explain that or change that line.11:14
mal-junnuvi: I could you try to add this repo to your manifest with path vendor/asus11:14
mal-junnuvi: also this with path vendor/nvidia11:15
junnuviyes sure11:15
Umeaboyadeen-s: Shouldn't cat <<'EOF' > $HOME/.hadk.env contain another > as well?11:16
UmeaboyI mean since cat <<'EOF' >> $HOME/.mersdkubu.profile does contain it.11:16
adeen-sUmeaboy: No.11:16
UmeaboyOK. Just checking.11:17
mal-junnuvi: after adding those make hybris-hal again and build the packages and image11:19
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junnuvimal-: like this:11:19
junnuvi<project path="vendor/asus" name="TheMuppets/proprietary_vendor_asus" revision="cm-12.1">11:19
junnuvi<project path="vendor/nvidia" name="TheMuppets/proprietary_vendor_nvidia">11:19
junnuvirevision missing from last one, but anyway11:20
mal-not sure if both are needed but won't hurt either11:20
junnuviok, no need for sync? just make, packages and image?11:21
ghosalmartinmal: i remember you mentioning a fix for this,, can you please tell me it?11:21
adeen-sUmeaboy: Could you paste link to your custom hadk ?11:22
mal-junnuvi: of course sync those new repos11:22
mal-ghosalmartin: that last link but you should see the exact command for your device in the build output11:25
mal-assuming that is the same problem with keys file not being created11:25
ghosalmartinmy dumpkey.jar file is missing hmmm11:26
Umeaboyadeen-s: Yes. Hold on.................. I think "Ensure you are able to open a shell in the Mer SDK before moving on." is placed wrong.11:26
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UmeaboyDoesn't echo 'PS1="MerSDK $PS1"' >> ~/.mersdk.profile11:26
Umeaboycd $HOME11:26
Umeaboysdk mean that you're able to get a Mer shell?11:26
adeen-sThe storage details in About Device show just the details of /home folder or the whole /data partition ?11:27
mal-junnuvi: hmm, actually this wants to include quite many vendor repos
mal-junnuvi: I suggest you add all of those just in case, those should all be available in TheMuppets github11:29
junnuviOk, thanks. I will try that11:29
adeen-sUmeaboy: Its correctly placed. Its meant to remind us that sdk must work before moving on, nothing more.11:29
Umeaboyadeen-s: Here's my custom HADK:
adeen-sUmeaboy: thanks11:30
UmeaboyAs I'm Swedish I wrote some Swedish sentences here and there. Just ignore them.11:30
UmeaboyHaven't been able to find where exactly to add my hostname into /etc/hosts yet.11:31
UmeaboyI get an error about my hostname if I do it in that situation.11:32
UmeaboyAnd yes I like to run things with as few errors as possible.11:32
UmeaboyAt least visible ones in the output.11:32
UmeaboyAnything in particular that you're looking for in my HADK?11:33
Umeaboyadeen-s: ^^11:33
adeen-sUmeaboy: Was looking for the bouncy castle fix for ghosalmartin and to add it to my gist notes.11:36
adeen-sNot sure about the /etc/hosts. Never encountered an error regarding that.11:37
Umeaboyadeen-s: Can't I add the common repo at the same time as I add the curlfix repo?11:38
adeen-smal-: ^^11:39
UmeaboyI'd like to try that if it's OK.11:40
UmeaboyOr will that cause problems later on?11:41
adeen-sUmeaboy: you can remove it if it causes problems.11:41
UmeaboyOK. How does one remove a repo from the shell then?11:42
UmeaboyGotta go for a while.11:46
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ghosalmartinfor a cm build, which defconfig do i edit? is it the standard one or the cynagenmod labelled one?11:50
adeen-sghosalmartin: The one mentioned in boardconfig*.mk11:51
ghosalmartinright so I have been editing the right one11:52
ballockIs it possible to patternise a home sub-project on OBS?11:58
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mal-ballock: why not move it to nemo:devel:hw?12:01
ballockmal-: blleding edge?12:02
mal-? which device?12:02
ballockmal-: nah, regular mako, but cm12.112:02
ballockI haven't booted it yet, but I found it useful to have obs build for me even for local testing12:03
ballockfor some reason scratchbox hangs on me 9/10 times12:03
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UmeaboyI was thinking.......isn't it about time that we updated the rootfs to at least wily?12:11
Umeaboytrusty is outdated.12:11
ghosalmartinis github down? :O12:12
Umeaboyghosalmartin: You can also check that on
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ghosalmartinahh is ee12:25
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ghosalmartincan someone list what they have inside: out/host/linux-x86/framework/12:59
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ballockI've got a smallish problem:
ballockIt seems that some system/camera_vendor_tags.h file is not included in droid-hal-mako-devel13:11
ballockI know gst0.10 is no longer supported, but meh.13:12
ballocknobody cared to write a flashlight app utilising the qt framework instead of the /sys/class/leds files, so the only one we're stuck with is the closed-source one, based on gst 0.1013:13
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ballockSo, to me it looks like $ANDROID/system/media/camera is not being installed with make hybris-hal.13:14
ballockHow can I add this repo to the hybris-hal targets?13:14
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ghosalmartinballock: do you mean you want the headers?13:42
ghosalmartinballock: update the script inside rpm/dhd/helpers/extract-headers.sh13:43
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ghosalmartinfor anyone that was curious by my error, its because i didnt have unzip14:16
ghosalmartinwhich was causing the compile for bouncycastle to fail14:16
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ghosalmartinexcept it was a silent fail14:17
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adeen-sHow are fmradio and bluetooth related ?15:02
tbrvery often done on the same chip15:03
adeen-stbr: So thats why, one breaks when the other works !!15:04
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mal-adeen-s: what change was it again that broke it? the udev rule?15:15
adeen-smal-: The udev rule is innocent. Its the xpolicy.conf.d that breaks it.15:23
mal-thought so15:25
mal-did you see anything in logs?15:26
adeen-smal-: journalctl and logcat both have no mention of bluetooth. dmesg does show some messages about bluetooth but its the same as that when bluetooth works.15:28
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kimmolibluetooth can be with many names15:30
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adeen-skimmoli: yes i even checked for instances of hci, smd and tty in all those.15:31
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adeen-sLitew: Have you tried adding as a possible fix to the sensors.qcom error ?15:44
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ballockghosalmartin: thx, I was looking there, but it was a little cryptic, and I understand that what this does is to extract from out/target/ to the package targets,16:06
ballockghosalmartin: but the header file does not end up in out/ - it is only in mer/android/droid/system/media/camera/include/system/camera_vendor_tags.h16:07
ballockso it looks like some android build process did not care to include it in out/16:08
ballockThat's why I was asking if I need to include this as a build component16:08
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smurfynetmal-: hi, any chance to get a working sf version for fairphone2 with the latest system.img . Also interested in, but that has a lower prio :). I tried again with my work on sfdroid and noticed that the android services bail out very early due to some audio errors16:48
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mariogripsledges: did you run into this issue when you fixed bluetooth for hammerhead?18:22
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dirkvloh wow!19:27
nh1402ah, the second to last sentence of that video sounds familiar19:28
dirkvl4 MAGNETS19:29
nh1402not any old magnets, neodymium magnets19:30
kimmolitempted to comment on the video19:30
kimmolibut i resist19:30
nh1402you definitely don't find them in every speaker ever made19:30
kimmolibut does it run sailfish?19:31
nh1402at least the "motomods" are supported on more than one phone, and they say next years phones too.19:31
nh1402kimmoli: not yet ;)19:31
nh1402add a SailPi motomod and then it will19:32
nh1402providing someone makes one19:32
kimmolisomething like that one guy made for iphone, to "run android on it" ?19:33
nh1402exactly, except it won't plug in to the usb port on the phone19:33
nh1402I hate the fingerprint sensor placement though19:35
nh1402that's the one19:36
kimmolithisi is something i want19:36
*** Nemno <Nemno!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:39
nh1402kimmoli: ah yes Project Tango19:45
nh1402I wonder if Google paid them (the Tango soft drink) for the name.19:46
nh1402kimmoli: it sounds like an easy way to make 3d models for games, a starting point at least.19:48
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dirkvlnh1402: yeah now i want the moto z21:02
dirkvlfirst pic is all i need21:02
*** taaem <taaem!~taaem@unaffiliated/taaem> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:05
*** smurfynet is now known as zz_smurfynet21:15
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ghosalmartinballock: sorry for the late reply, but this will add it as part of the packages21:21
ghosalmartinso it will be on device21:22
nh1402dirkvl: pcb porn21:32
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UmeaboyHi guys!21:46
UmeaboyHow do you solve the issue at the bottom when running make -j4 hybris-hal?21:47
*** tux|dude <tux|dude!~tuxdude14@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:47
Umeaboymal-: ?21:49
UmeaboyNokius: ?21:50
*** nh1402 <nh1402!~Thunderbi@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)21:56
ballockghosalmartin: thanks, and no problem. I will try that.22:00
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UmeaboySolved the issue.22:18
UmeaboyI'm thinking about running the java line before I run make -j4 hybris-hal to make sure that it works OK since it's complaining about Bouncycastle.22:19
*** cmazieri <cmazieri!~carlos@> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:20
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ghosalmartin<Umeaboy>: whats the BouncyCastle error?22:28
ghosalmartinUmeaboy: try sudo apt-get install unzip22:29
ghosalmartinunzip is required to successfully build BouncyCastle22:29
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