Saturday, 2016-06-25

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TheRealJohnGaltsledges: is it alright if I keep cm12.1 stuff in a home project on obs until there's a good sfdroid implementation on 12.1? It will still allow future OTAs, and changing repos on device is easy when we get ready to merge.06:06
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Mister_Magisteri have problem with make hybris-hal
mal-did you run source build/ and  breakfast $DEVICE06:59
Mister_Magisteroh what a mistake!06:59
Mister_Magistermal-: not found07:07
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mal-Mister_Magister: could you pastebin your local manifest07:13
mal-Mister_Magister: at which stage does that error show07:13
Mister_Magisterat build_packages07:14
Mister_MagisterProcessing files: droid-hal-titan-detritus-0.0.6-201606250704.armv7hl07:14
Mister_Magistererror: File not found: /home/mister/mer/android/droid2/installroot/gpecheck.sh07:14
Mister_Magisterwithout detritus too07:15
mal-show your .spec from rpm/07:15
Mister_Magisterit's from github
mal-Mister_Magister: remove the /\ from there07:18
mal-and run again07:18
Mister_Magisterok :D07:18
Mister_Magisteri thought the same when i saw it07:19
Mister_Magisterif something borken just remove it XD07:19
mal-yes, those straggler_files might change between cm11 and cm12.107:19
Mister_Magisterunderstand :D cm12.1 may not need files that cm11 need07:20
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mal-so if you get some other complains during build like that you can just remove or add files to straggler_files07:22
Mister_Magistermal-: i have to add 2 files to .spec :P07:22
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TheRealJohnGaltMister_Magister: when in doubt (not just for this, for anything), try looking at the hammerhead or onyx cm12.1 branches as well.07:47
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Mister_MagisterTheRealJohnGalt: good idea08:02
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Mister_Magisterbut Warning: repo problem: nothing provides geoclue-provider-hybris-community needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-titan-1-1.noarch,08:03
Umeaboy!seen Thaodan08:04
merbotUmeaboy: Thaodan was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 2 days, 8 hours, 25 minutes, and 11 seconds ago: <Thaodan> its fp208:04
TheRealJohnGaltsorry, I don't know about that one Mister_Magister. I don't have it in my repos for hammerhead. Do you have a ks for the cm11 build for your device?08:05
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TheRealJohnGaltbtw, top 5 repos here are cm12.1 for hammerhead (can probably forget the kernel repo for now):
mal-Mister_Magister: you should change that to geoclue-provider-hybris in patterns here
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Mister_Magistermal-: i thought the same just forgot to rebuild packages08:09
TheRealJohnGalt^ ah, then you're building it with :)08:09
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Mister_Magisteri know :D08:10
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TheRealJohnGaltmal-: know if there's a package or update that wasn't needed for cm11 builds but is needed for 12.1 for radio (and put in ks)? I lost my old ks, but had repos on github. No radio on my new builds.08:13
TheRealJohnGaltWhen I originally built, I was using your testing2 repo. But now I guess it's just the "common" repo from the hadk-faq08:14
mal-yes, common repo should be used, either testing or devel08:14
mal-those are the same currently08:14
TheRealJohnGaltah, okay. Using devel now. Any packages I should check for that could affect radio and would be in ks?08:15
mal-did you need detritus?08:16
TheRealJohnGaltI have that elsewhere already (had all repos pushed to github).08:16
TheRealJohnGaltso it's installed08:16
TheRealJohnGaltugh, no camera either on the new build :/.08:16
mal-logs would be nice08:17
Mister_MagisterTheRealJohnGalt: can i know what phone do you have?08:17
TheRealJohnGalteverything was working and pushed to github, then I was dumb and thought "oh, I have the repos so I can wipe my mer working directory and sync on a new install"08:18
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt: sure!08:18
Mister_MagisterTheRealJohnGalt: i know that feel bro. I had the same. I had to remove mer because of disk error and after syncing nothing were working08:19
TheRealJohnGaltyeah...last build various apps didn't work and "devel-su journalctl -r" gave me an error, but then I got checksum errors on the next build. Every build something different breaks, lol.08:21
mal-TheRealJohnGalt: btw, you have old format for this
TheRealJohnGaltah, ty mal-. What's the new format?08:22
mal-TheRealJohnGalt: probably you won't need that unless you have to change something08:23
TheRealJohnGaltare the packages backwards compatible?08:23
mal-TheRealJohnGalt: 4g is enabled by default08:23
TheRealJohnGaltah okay, cool.08:23
TheRealJohnGaltwill have logs when I can ssh in again. It takes a few restarts.08:27
Umeaboymal-: Any major changes to Scorpion the last days?08:28
TheRealJohnGaltnot seeing anything about camera in journactl log, but lots of ril spam
UmeaboyIf only I could get 4G working in my just like Nokius managed to get.08:29
UmeaboyThe ofono solution didn't work for me.08:30
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TheRealJohnGaltI suspected something's missing in the ks that's breaking radio and camera...not so sure now that I look at onyx's ks :/08:35
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wickwirehi everyone!08:37
Umeaboywickwire: Is your build of SFOS based on the first version that it came preinstalled with?08:39
TheRealJohnGaltsledges: the good news is that I've got the obs stuff just about done, figured out, and ready to push whenever I can get a functional hammerhead build :).08:39
wickwireUmeaboy: didn't understand the question08:40
wickwireare you talking about the original android rom running on the device?08:41
wickwireI'm unsure08:41
wickwiremy device was acquired in Portugal08:41
UmeaboyYou have a working Multirom version as well?08:41
wickwirehowever I used a stock rom from the UK afterwards08:42
wickwirebut everything worked normally08:42
UmeaboyOnly thing I don't like with it is the qfuse.08:42
wickwireI'm using multirom, but it's not doing the actual dual booting it was meant to08:43
wickwireit just reboots to recovery08:43
wickwirestill, it allows me to swap between sfos and cm from the recovery, with a reflash08:43
wickwirebetter than nothing I suppose08:43
wickwireok found it - warranty issue08:45
wickwirewell the S4 is quite an old device, but admittedly there might be unused units out there08:45
wickwirebut that is hardware apparently so not much to do about it08:46
wickwireit would be the price to pay for trying out something different on it, I guess08:46
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sledgesawesome! if there's anything you need, ask:) i have nexus5 ready for tests right here:)08:51
TheRealJohnGaltsledges: is there anything you can think of that would be missing from ks that could break radio and camera? I wiped my local mer working directory thinking restoring wouldn't be a big deal since I had all repos pushed to github. I've already patched frameworks/av, done the system/core/rootdir/init.rc setenv change, and built/installed droidmedia and08:53
TheRealJohnGaltlibcameraservice prior to building packages.08:53
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt: do you have a .zip where everything worked? ;)08:56
sledgesif it's a config, diff -ur can save your bacon ;)08:56
TheRealJohnGaltAs do many others, lol.08:56
sledges(same goes for old working .ks vs new)08:57
TheRealJohnGaltsledges: by "config," you mean something that would go in a repo? Because the repos on my GH are up to date from the working build. I just don't have the old ks.08:57
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sledgesTheRealJohnGalt: config as in something under /etc08:58
kimmolitaaem: good morning. issues 3,12,14 - others have a PR08:58
bluesleeTheRealJohnGalt: just drop a note on tmo or here if you need testing, i have several n5s08:58
TheRealJohnGaltsledges: ah, then that doesn't matter since all repos are up to date from the fully working builds. So /etc/ should be the same.08:59
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt: i suggest you unzip the two .zips and run diff -ur08:59
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt: did you do repo status before nuking your current build? ;)08:59
bluesleeTheRealJohnGalt by the way, i would focus on cm12, ota and functionality, sfdroid should be done afterwards09:00
TheRealJohnGaltsledges: yes, everything was committed...except the ks, system/core/rootdir/init.rc setenv change, and frameworks/av/ patch.09:00
bluesleehi, by the way09:00
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt: run diff pls in the background, whilst we hunt for real problem;)09:01
TheRealJohnGaltblueslee: ty, currently trying to get back to a working build state. Already have the obs packages almost ready to go, just need to do the former. Also, I'm not doing anything with sfdroid, that would be piggz and nh* recently IIRC.09:01
kimmoliMSameer: any news for the exif issue?09:03
UmeaboyWho has the zip for i9305? I have googled it, but can't find it.09:06
Mister_Magisternothing provides gstreamer1.0-droid09:08
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TheRealJohnGaltMister_Magister: L183-221 (at least):
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TheRealJohnGaltsledges: complete diff (looking through now, a few erronneous files due to how I extracted):
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TheRealJohnGalt /var/lib/statefs/system/provider-ofono.conf differs greatly09:18
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bluesleeTheRealJohnGalt understood09:19
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mal-TheRealJohnGalt: Only in old/usr/lib/droid-devel/symbols/system/lib: libdroidmedia.so09:23
TheRealJohnGaltaha, that explains camera (though still don't know why).09:23
TheRealJohnGaltI'll repackage droidmedia again and manually install to test09:24
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mal-TheRealJohnGalt: check the old file just to be sure09:24
mal-I mean the current file09:24
mal-what does is contain09:24
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TheRealJohnGaltmal-: I actually wiped that install, going to install again and test the old there to see. It will be ~10 minutes. Then I'll have the new one installed to test.09:28
mal-TheRealJohnGalt: I suggest you also try to copy the ril_subscriptions.conf I linked to you device and see what happens09:29
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sledgesTheRealJohnGalt: also diff your current .ks with
sledgesyou'll find some repo hacks in there09:30
TheRealJohnGaltmal-: okay, will do. Although it did work on the old release.09:30
mal-TheRealJohnGalt: it had older ofono09:30
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sledgesyep, diff suggests you're using other ofono version09:31
mal-TheRealJohnGalt: how old was the previous release?09:31
* TheRealJohnGalt looks09:31
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nh1402TheRealJohnGalt: going to knuckle down and work on it today09:33
TheRealJohnGaltsledges: re: ks, I did that early on this time:
mal-TheRealJohnGalt: is that the old one?09:34
TheRealJohnGaltthat's the new one.09:34
TheRealJohnGaltmal-: I don't have the ks that corresponds to the "old" path in the diff that was fully functional.09:35
TheRealJohnGaltnh1402: nice! You've seen ?09:36
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UmeaboyGotta go!09:43
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TheRealJohnGaltmal-: sledges: good news, ril_subscriptions.conf fixed radio. symbols/devel didn't fix camera.09:48
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mal-TheRealJohnGalt: is it the same for front and back cameras?09:54
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mal-GST_DEBUG=droidcamsrc:5 to the rescue09:55
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mal-TheRealJohnGalt: check logcat10:01
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt: the diffs in the ks the link i provided you for should reveal anything went amiss10:02
sledgesno new inventions since iirc:)10:02
mal-just thinking if there is the usual audiopolicy problem10:03
TheRealJohnGaltsledges: yeah, major different in the old ks. I checked that early on. Only repo change I know of for sure is that it's no longer using mal's testing2 repo (though his new ril_subscriptions.conf fixed radio).10:03
mal-TheRealJohnGalt: common contains the same stuff that testing2 used to contain10:04
TheRealJohnGaltyes, I understand.10:04
TheRealJohnGaltmal-: yeah, W/AudioSystem(  736): AudioFlinger not published, waiting..., then lots of I/ServiceManager(  736): Waiting for service media.audio_flinger...10:06
TheRealJohnGaltbasically lots of:10:07
mal-TheRealJohnGalt: is minimediaservice and minisfservice running?10:07
TheRealJohnGaltYes: media      736  0.0  0.3  27348  6384 ?        Sl   02:55   0:00 /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/minimediaservice system     737  0.0  0.0  17580  1724 ?        Sl   02:55   0:00 /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/minisfservice10:08
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt: and adaptation0 and other "sed"s?10:09
TheRealJohnGaltsledges: yes, the ks's are basically identical except for packages (none of which are critical).10:09
sledgesre camera: TheRealJohnGalt: is setenv working properly? and replaced? if yes, overwrite the orig one in /system/lib to doublecheck (make backups)10:10
mal-TheRealJohnGalt: try this if you don't have it already
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt: re ks: ok perfect10:10
* sledges signs out for a while10:10
mal-yes, libcameraservice might also be an issue10:11
kimmolimal-: TheRealJohnGalt: that was for media.audio_policy not _flinger... ?10:11
mal-kimmoli: yes10:11
TheRealJohnGaltoriginally I didn't build with that mal-, but that helped camcorder behavior. I'll do that again. ty for the reminder10:11
kimmoliis there miniafservice ?10:11
mal-kimmoli: that shouldn't be needed for camera10:12
TheRealJohnGaltI never did those audioflingerglue steps of hadk-faq the first time.10:12
kimmolijust referring to this ^ >>  Waiting for service media.audio_flinger...10:13
mal-that is indeed strange10:13
kimmolibtw. this is better reference, it as both required commits:
merbotMer bug 1550 in .Other "Video recording freezes camera due missing audiopolicy service" [Task,New]10:14
TheRealJohnGaltyeah, I'll grab both those.10:20
TheRealJohnGalthowever the first time, camera at least worked without them (just camcorder had issues).10:20
TheRealJohnGaltold is no go as well10:21
kimmolibuilding alpha4, i should have everything about'ish in place. we'll see10:23
kimmolinot merged in repos, not in obs yet10:23
kimmolii really would not like to spin my own systemd...10:24
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TheRealJohnGaltOkay, I need sleep. Later today I'll grab those commits, do the audioflingerglue stuff to test, repackage droidmedia, rebuild it all, then try a fresh build. At the very least, it will have radio working again.10:30
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kimmolihmm, mic finished strangely fast imo. 35 minutes11:01
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kimmoliand i have been doing this stuff now for 100 days. it is uptime of my hadk laptop :)11:02
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nh1402oh come on, the VM isn't building because it's runs out of RAM, I've added more swapspace, I've given 5GB ram the max virtualbox will allow me to give, and it still doesn't work, I try and install linux mint 18 beta on the laptop directly and it freezes after a few seconds11:17
nh1402is there a linux distro that works with Skylake CPU's?11:20
kimmolistill at broadwell11:29
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nh1402going to try fedora as that seems to come with the linux 4.5 kernel12:06
kimmolii use opensuse12:08
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kimmolimal-: hmm. i got corrent wifi mac now on first boot after flash (controversory what i just said)12:10
kimmolibt mac looks random12:11
nh1402kimmoli: which kernel version does it come with?12:14
mal-primary camera video recording fails in my latest build, everything else works :(12:15
mal-video encoder fails12:16
kimmolinh1402: 4.1.12-1-default12:18
mal-hmm, I might want to update my patched gstreamer12:21
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kimmolicamera not working..  CameraBin error: "Could not initialize supporting library."12:31
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kimmolithat needed a reboot12:36
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mal-interesting, video recording works also on primary camera if I change the resolution to smaller12:53
kimmolijollaC camres reports fullHD video, but it crashes camera12:55
mal-interesting thing is that for cm12.1 and cm13 on this device they say 720p video recording does not work, but cm11 does not say that13:04
mal-I'll just use the lower resolution then13:06
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kimmolithere might be different camera driver?13:07
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nh1402ok it just refuses to boot to the fedora iso13:09
mal-kimmoli: could be13:09
mal-I should finally try to get my gst-droid patches upstream13:12
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mal-quite odd resolution 864x480, that's not 16:913:26
mal-MSameer: could you have a look at these again (I showed these a long time ago) and see if these look ok and
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wickwiremanaged to get bluetooth working on jfltexx13:51
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wickwireneeds brcm_patchram_plus to work13:51
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MSameermal-: I recall I checked them and we had a discussion. Now do you recall the discussion? ;)13:51
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*** zz_smurfynet is now known as smurfynet13:51
*** monich <monich!> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:52
mal-MSameer: I need to check the logs13:52
*** spidermario is now known as spider-mario13:52
mal-MSameer: there was some talk about negotiations order for the video-size patch13:54
*** phdeswer_ <phdeswer_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:54
MSameermal-: that's why PRs are better even if they stall for months but logs are easy to find ;-)13:54
MSameerkimmoli: I am awfully sorry but I have not done anything :(13:55
kimmolii just need to get my own build to the image...13:57
*** krnlyng|mobile <krnlyng|mobile!> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:05
*** vam52 <vam52!~user@> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:17
kimmolibut still cant build gst-plugins-bad under the nemo:devel:hw:oneplus_onyx , need to build it under "clean subproject"14:20
*** krnlyng|mobile_ <krnlyng|mobile_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:22
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*** NeKit <NeKit!~nekit@> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:32
*** Umeaboy <Umeaboy!> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:51
wickwiremal- I think I have a solution for bluetooth on jfltexx, using brcm-patchram-plus15:03
*** simonvanderveldt <simonvanderveldt!~Simon_van@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)15:04
wickwireat least the device is able to both send and receive files15:04
wickwireagainst both windows and linux15:04
wickwiremy issue now lies with the way this should be wired into the OS15:04
wickwireshould I try something along the lines of dbus15:05
wickwiretrying to intercept the bluetooth switch / bluetooth settings on/off toggle15:05
wickwireor is there another more preferable alternative?15:06
wickwireI'm currently using these scripts >
*** krnlyng|mobile_ <krnlyng|mobile_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:08
kimmoliif you have rfkill, you can hook up stuff to that with udev15:08
wickwirekimmoli I'm unsure but will check15:08
wickwiregrabbed brcm-patchram-plus from here >
Umeaboywickwire: Is the fuse triggered in your S4 or have you managed to use Triangle Away on it?15:09
*** krnlyng|mobile_ <krnlyng|mobile_!> has quit IRC (Client Quit)15:09
UmeaboyOr similar.15:09
*** NeKit <NeKit!~nekit@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)15:09
UmeaboyAs I'm considering purchasing it soon I'd like to know.15:09
UmeaboyHaven't decided completely, but it's tempting.15:10
wickwireUmeaboy: I haven't used Triangle Away on it, so let me check on how to obtain fuse status15:10
Umeaboy4G is confirmed working? Is this the International version of the S4 or from another part of the world?15:10
wickwireI would guess that fuse is indeed triggered in any case15:11
wickwireI bought it in Portugal15:11
UmeaboyOK, but can you please check? :)15:11
wickwireand use it here15:11
mal-nice little flood at #15:11
mal-wickwire: where did you get that brcm-patchram-plus15:11
*** NeKit <NeKit!~nekit@> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:12
wickwireUmeaboy: yep fuse is burned on mine15:13
wickwiremal- I got it from here
mal-wickwire: yes, noticed that after I had already sent the question15:14
wickwireSometimes when enabling bluetooth, wifi gets disconnected15:14
wickwireit's not 100% stable,15:14
wickwirebut it does seem to work15:14
Umeaboywickwire: Besides following the original HADK from, did you add some different repos to build the zip?15:15
UmeaboyI will add thoose to my script.15:15
UmeaboyThaodan: You close? :)15:15
wickwireUmeaboy: no I didn't, but I did follow steps from piratepad hadk-faq15:15
UmeaboyWhich instructions are they?15:16
wickwireUmeaboy: please go here for my build notes >
UmeaboyFrom row to......what row and so forth.15:16
wickwireessentially the blocks about calls not working though sim card is detected15:17
wickwireand gstreamer 1.0 / camera experimental stuff15:17
UmeaboyWish that fix would work in my Scorpion as well.15:17
UmeaboyThe call fix.15:17
UmeaboyOfono solution didn't do the trick.15:18
wickwiremal- the issue I'm now trying to figure out is how to best tie the bluetooth settings button and the switch to enabling/disabling brcm-patchram-plus15:18
UmeaboyProblem with IMEI not being registered as it should still remains.15:18
mal-wickwire: why do you fork that and put it to background15:18
mal-wickwire: why not just add the command from the script to ExecStart?15:19
wickwiremal- patchram kept dumping data onto the terminal so I decided to move it away, I guess it just carried on to the rest15:19
wickwireI was using the service thinking it would be a good approach15:20
wickwirewhile still testing for the correct patchram command line15:20
wickwirebut yes it can be applied directly sure15:20
wickwirehowever I thought that perhaps by using dbus15:21
mal-since that should be run only once and no need to be running all the time15:21
wickwireand capturing the bluetooth button state signal,15:21
wickwireI could then have the brcm custom script handle that15:21
UmeaboyIs there another fix that would work in Scorpion to get the IMEI registered?15:21
wickwirewhile the service would just ensure that the script was always available15:21
wickwireI have an issue where even if patchram has already ran successfully and I have bluetooth on,15:22
UmeaboyMy suspicion is that connman is missing.15:22
wickwireif I turn it off and then on again, it won't work properly15:22
wickwireI have to terminate patchram and run it again15:22
UmeaboyBut that would be wrong as I can get WiFi working as standard.15:23
UmeaboyBluetooth doesn't work as well thou.15:23
UmeaboyIn CM everything works.15:23
wickwireso how is brcm-patchram-plus normally used in a device port for sailfishos, is there an example I can look at15:24
wickwireor I am on uncharted territory?15:25
wickwirein any case, after manually running it, I did get to pair the phone and successfully transfer files back and forth15:26
*** zhxt <zhxt!~zhxt@> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:26
UmeaboySeems to be somewhat outdated.15:26
wickwirehaven't tried bluetooth audio15:26
UmeaboyFrom 2013.15:26
UmeaboySorry. 2014.15:26
mal-wickwire: need to investigate that a little15:26
mal-Umeaboy: not all that is old is outdated15:26
wickwireas long as it works properly for the chipset I'm ok with that15:27
*** NeKit <NeKit!~nekit@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)15:28
wickwiremal- I will keep looking at dbus15:28
wickwiremaybe I can find a way15:28
wickwireto use the bluetooth button state once triggered by the user15:28
wickwireto execute the command15:29
wickwireI would prefer not to mess with the UI QML15:29
wickwirethough I have found it in /usr/share/jolla-settings15:29
mal-wickwire: how does that switching usually happen15:30
mal-wickwire: what does that bluetooth button actually do15:30
wickwiremal- I don't know for sure, but my guess is15:31
wickwireit emits signals from the QML layer15:31
wickwireand reacts to signals from whatever C++ layer below15:31
wickwirecontrols the UI?15:31
wickwireI read that sailfishOS uses something like nemo-dbus15:32
wickwirefor interprocess communication15:32
wickwirein any case,15:32
wickwireI ran dbus-monitor15:32
wickwireas nemo15:32
wickwireand it does detect bluetooth button switch in settings being turned off15:32
kimmolithat was my first toughts, but it ended up in rfkill -way15:33
wickwirethis is the output from dbus-monitor as nemo15:33
wickwireas soon as settings bluetooth button is turned off15:33
wickwirekimmoli is there any example or something I can look at15:34
wickwirealso, as for dbus-monitor picking up bluetooth button being turned on,15:35
kimmolilook first with udevadm monitor15:35
kimmolido you see rfkill when toggling BT15:35
kimmoliif yes,15:35
kimmolithere is rules and script it calls. you can tweak them to do what you need15:36
mal-kimmoli: I don't have that kind of rfkill script on fp215:36
kimmolimal-: i know15:36
*** krnlyng <krnlyng!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)15:36
wickwirethe wifi connection was dropping at the time, so I tried leaving a screen running and outputting to file >
kimmoliit is onyx spezific15:36
mal-kimmoli: ok, I thought I have missed something15:36
wickwirekimmoli thank you I will have a look at it then15:37
kimmolimal-: that was needed to get bluetooth not enabled after every boot (now it is disabled). and onyx needs LE scan before normal scan works (dunno why. taaem figured it out)15:38
wickwirekimmoli: yes I see rfkill lines in both cases, either turning on or off the bluetooth button15:46
wickwireok I will adapt your scripts15:48
wickwireto execute patchram instead of hci_qcomm_init15:48
wickwireand see how that goes15:48
*** krnlyng <krnlyng!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:49
Umeaboywickwire: Is     <project path="mlehtima/audioflingerglue" name="mlehtima/audioflingerglue" revision="master" sync-s="true" /> specific for the S4?15:49
mal-that should not be used anymore15:50
Umeaboymal-: OK.15:51
mal-I pushed everything to mer-hybris repo already15:51
mal-and that was needed only for cm1115:51
wickwirewill remove it on a next build then and clean up the notes15:52
*** giucam <giucam!~giulio@qt/giucam> has quit IRC (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)15:54
Umeaboywickwire: OK, I thought I'd do it for you now to save time. :)15:54
UmeaboyI'm editing the page as we speak.15:54
UmeaboyI guess there are more lines to remove as well outside of the local_manifest,15:58
wickwireUmeaboy: I recall doing that in order to have calls audio working15:58
wickwireI got incoming calls working, but not outgoing calls15:58
wickwireI don't recall why I added to the manifest,15:59
wickwirebut hadk-faqs does have steps for calls not working even if sim is detected15:59
wickwireand audioflingerglue is present15:59
*** giucam <giucam!~giulio@qt/giucam> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:00
UmeaboyGotta go. I'll be back later.....16:01
*** Umeaboy <Umeaboy!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)16:01
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kimmolitaaem: ping17:01
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kimmolisomeone volunteering to review few onyx PR's? one eye more wouldn't hurt17:23
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mal-kimmoli: some question about this why is that droid-hcismd-up.service after bluetooth.service?18:03
kimmolihmm. idk. for some reason i needed to postpone it, or at least i did during my debuggings18:09
mal-kimmoli: because isn't that service supposed to bring up the bluetooth18:10
mal-and logically it should be run before bluetooth service so the hardware is ready when bluetooth service starts18:11
*** marxistvegan <marxistvegan!~quassel@fsf/staff/marxistvegan> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:14
kimmolilogically yes18:14
mal-at least I do that on fp2 but devices can be different18:15
kimmolimy notes does not say the "why" ...
*** marxistvegan <marxistvegan!~quassel@fsf/staff/marxistvegan> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)18:18
mal-kimmoli: my script is quite different
kimmolii tested that and it did give just plain zeroes to me18:21
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mal-kimmoli: some differences then18:22
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kimmoli5 merged 11 to go..18:44
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mal-kimmoli: heh18:48
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* TheRealJohnGalt is wiping his mer chroot and mer devel while he's at it to figure out cam19:26
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TheRealJohnGaltah kimmoli, I actually already had your build and droidmedia commits for MER#155020:08
*** marxistvegan <marxistvegan!~quassel@fsf/staff/marxistvegan> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:09
TheRealJohnGalt^ When I got the log complaining about audioflinger20:11
kimmolidid you have miniafservice running? (is it for all devices?)20:13
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TheRealJohnGaltI didn't build it, but also didn't the first time around when everything worked. Doing it this time.20:19
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taaemkimmoli: pong i will be available for reviewing and stuff in a few hours20:36
*** dirkvl_ <dirkvl_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:39
kimmolitaaem: ok20:39
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kimmolii'll take a nap20:40
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kimmolihmm. /etc/dconf/db/vendor.d/sailfish-components-bluetooth.txt comes from sailfish-components-bluetooth-qt5-0.0.79-10.27.1.jolla.armv7hl21:31
kimmoliit says default_adapter_name='Jolla'21:31
*** SfietKonstantinW <SfietKonstantinW!c2623324@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)21:31
TheRealJohnGaltisn't that just the default name for visibility?21:31
kimmoliyeah. but it is just a ittybitty annoying21:32
TheRealJohnGaltYou'd prefer it to say something like "Sailfish" ?21:33
kimmolior $pretty-device21:34
TheRealJohnGaltfair enough21:34
kimmolineed to make some testings21:36
Thaodanwhat about using the device code name as default setting?21:36
Thaodansame as with hostname?21:36
kimmolimy hostname is localhost now seems21:37
*** phdeswer_ <phdeswer_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)21:39
Thaodanhostname is set in /init.rc atleast on fp221:39
Thaodani think this should be set from /etc/hostname21:40
kimmoliyeah init.rc contains  # basic network init21:41
kimmolietc/hostname says Jolla21:41
Thaodanyes and the hostname is not set by systemd  i thinkj21:42
kimmolijollaC says Sailfish21:43
Thaodanisn't systemd-hostnamed started during boot?21:47
TheRealJohnGalthm, yeah hostname on hammerhead is also localhost21:48
Thaodandont get why nobody saw this21:49
Thaodanits a real issue when using ss21:49
TheRealJohnGaltdamn, shouldn't have wiped droid-local-repo...should've kept ngfd-plugin-droid-vibrator since it freezes ~9/10 tries :/21:53
TheRealJohnGaltwhich reminds me, has anyone figured out why?21:53
kimmolinever freezed here, altough i dont use that anymore21:54
TheRealJohnGaltyou're doing the memless route?21:54
kimmoliJun 26 00:46:03 onyx systemd[1]: Started Hostname Service.21:55
kimmoliyes, memless21:55
TheRealJohnGalthm, maybe I'll do that so I don't need to build it.21:55
ThaodanI tried to compare my desktop with my fp222:00
Thaodanon my desktop network-manager sets the hostname22:00
ThaodanJun 25 09:48:10 odin NetworkManager[629]: <info>  [1466840890.8385] settings: hostname: using hostnamed22:00
ThaodanJun 25 09:48:10 odin NetworkManager[629]: <info>  [1466840890.8385] settings: hostname changed from (none) to "odin"22:00
Thaodankimmoli: do you got a jolla c and could try to search who sets the hostname?22:11
ThaodanI got a Jolla one and didn't found anything currently22:12
kimmolietc/hostname is Sailfish there22:15
TheRealJohnGaltit should be something generic with some unique identifier (like maybe part of mac address).22:23
TheRealJohnGaltso device-4chars of mac, or sailfish-4chars of mac22:24
TheRealJohnGaltfor people with multiple devices.22:24
Thaodanor asked during settup wizard22:24
*** Nemno <Nemno!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)22:26
*** cmazieri <cmazieri!~carlos@> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)22:31
Thaodandoes conmman set the hostname?22:50
TheRealJohnGaltkimmoli: on my gentoo system I never had ngfd-plugin-droid-vibrator freeze during building, but on this opensuse system I have been. What opensuse release are you running?22:51
kimmoliLeap 42.122:54
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*** cybette_ is now known as cybette23:15
taaemkimmoli: ping23:16
kimmolipong taaem23:24
TheRealJohnGaltah hm, tumbleweed here. I think it may have just been a fluke that it didn't freeze on the other system.23:26
taaemkimmoli: so i already looked through most prs again and also the ones you already merged and so far it looks good23:28
kimmolii counted 16 total23:30
kimmoliunder mer-hybris23:30
kimmoliso ok to merge and tag? care to add lgtm to those?23:34
taaemyep will do23:35
*** olafh__ <olafh__!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)23:36
taaemkimmoli: what new daemons are there now? buttonjackd and gesture-daemon right?23:41
Thaodanon jolla the hostname is set by systemd during boot23:42
Thaodansystemd[1]: Set hostname to <Hugin>.23:43
*** Thaodan_ <Thaodan_!~Thaodan@2a02:908:1d40:160:44ce:99e2:fc11:b847> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)23:47
kimmolitaaem: gesture has been there23:49
kimmolionly buttonjackd23:49
taaemah yes23:49
kimmoliand triambience is old (missing the "d")23:50
kimmolibuttonjackd is now in obs,  devel:23:50
*** M4rtinK <M4rtinK!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)23:51
ThaodanI found the issue why hostname is localhost:  /init.rc the hostname is set     hostname localhost , when this is removed the hostname is set properly23:56
Thaodanwhere I need to report this?23:56
Thaodan*do I need23:57
taaemThaodan: which device?23:57
Thaodanfp2 but others had the issue too23:58
Thaodanlike kimmoli23:59
kimmolionyx has that setting in init.rc23:59
kimmoliwhich overrides whatever /etc/hostname says23:59
Thaodanso a generall issue?23:59

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