Thursday, 2016-08-11

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entilmal-: I don't know if this is a bug or something in sailfish upstream, but jollaopas' gps didn't update while I wasn't looking at it - so maybe it's a jollaopas thing that it needs to be active, or something deep within gps, or just coincidence07:37
entilmal-: also the mobile internet icon disappeared07:37
mal-entil: mobiel internet icon still disappears randomly on alpha207:38
mal-that will be fixed in 2.0.207:38
mal-entil: I'll try jollaopas, although I'm already using 2.0.207:39
entildid 2.0.2 come out?07:44
entilor do you have a secret port of the prerelease?07:44
mal-it's not out officially, it's just a matter of doing an OTA update from certain repos07:45
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entiluntil you proclaim it safe, I won't bother ;)07:47
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rinigusballock: full recompile helped! camera works now08:14
rinigushere is a short summary on N4 2.0.2/cm12.1 state: as far as I can see, it is almost as functional as cm11 based one. works: video playback/camera photos&videos/bluetooth as in cm1108:15
rinigusballock: bugs so far: only main camera works, the selfie one does not. I'd consider it not a bug, but a security feature :)08:16
rinigusballock: main problem is on reboot. when unlocking SIM, I have to enter pin code, press Enter, wait a bit, press Enter again, and only then SIM gets unlocked and functional.08:16
rinigusballock: bluetooth has the same bug as in CM11 - the first call is fine, the next one does not have sound. we can look into it a bit later, I guess. haven't checked in a car on whether contacts transfer. [probably don't since I haven't done anything with bluetooth].08:17
rinigusballock: at present, I am using up-to-date CM kernel with your defconfig extended by several CM kernel options. as suggested in FAQ for cm12.1, ANDROID_CONFIG_PARANOID_NETWORK is enabled and nemo is added to inet group. haven't tried without these settings.08:17
rinigusfor some reason, Jolla Store app shows only 16 apps! that's rather small fraction of it. is it a bug on 2.0.2?08:17
rinigusfinally, to make an image that works out of the box, we need to replace ril_subscription.conf with the one that disables 4G. Unfortunately, adding this file to sparse leads to conflict between droid-... package and ofono config package. I guess I have to modify this when image is generated, right after installing all RPMs. If someone knows how to get out of this pickle, please let me know.08:28
drFaustrollrinigus: you shall not install the ofono-configs-mer08:29
drFaustrollrinigus: or whatever is the name08:29
juicemeWhat's the deal with --runtime=native breaking in mic?08:32
juicememic gives me error RuntimeError: <runtime>Invalid runmode: native08:32
juicemeam building for hammerhead btw.08:33
rinigusdrFaustroll: yeah, I think that was the name of ofono package. but then I have to provide full config, right? and, in future, we would have to track changes in other config files given by ofono-config08:35
rinigusdrFaustroll: and how do we disable ofono-config installation? is there some special keyword/pattern/... somewhere?08:36
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drFaustrollrinigus: it offers i think only a ril config08:39
drFaustrollrinigus: on n5 port that is not installed08:39
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rinigusdrFaustroll: someone provides files at /etc/ofono/push_forwarder.d/{2 files here}08:50
rinigusdrFaustroll: can you point to the ril_config file of n5 port? I wonder if there is a setting that allows me to unlock SIM as usual, without double press on Enter08:51
rinigusohhh, someone changed default hostname to Sailfish. now that's not a happy news for me, as an app dev08:54
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drFaustrollrinigus: that can be fixed easy.. soem deletes in the init.rc08:55
drFaustrollor somethign like that08:55
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rinigusdrFaustroll: you mean the hostname, right? but that wouldn't be done for all ports... anyway, problem is when its changed, not its value. so, in N4 and probably other ports this change would lead to some problems for app users08:57
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yacukengps works (:
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rinigus-msledges: do you know what's the status with jolla store for nexus 4 running it looks like I can login, install maybe 10 apps. in addition, the apps I had earlier are accessible via pkcon, but not GUI. Is it a bug jolla store client?11:33
sledgesrinigus-m: are you saying that there are only handful of apps in the store?11:38
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spiiroinreview/testing appreciated
merbotMer bug 1634 in mce "Improve volume key grabbing" [Task,Assigned]11:43
spiiroin^ mal, kimmoli?11:43
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rinigus-msledges: yes. its as empty as a store in late ussr11:57
sledgesrinigus-m: what's your model string from ssu s?12:04
rinigus-msledges: its Nexus 4 (mako / mako)12:05
rinigus-msletta: release is
rinigus-msledges: ^12:06
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pketorinigus-m: should be fixed now12:12
pketomight need to restart store client12:12
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rinigus-mpketo: thank you very much, it's fixed now. heebo is back!12:14
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sledgesrinigus: libhybris is now up-to-date13:49
sledgescc ballock ^13:49
sledgesdidn't find any issues while testing on tbj,aquafish,jollac,and turing13:49
mal-will soon test on fp213:50
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saidinesh5mal-: what is the best way to disable logd.auditd ? add it to PRODUCT_PROPERTY_OVERRIDES in my
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saidinesh5(on device i had to add logd.auditd=false to my /default.prop)13:56
mal-saidinesh5: does disabling that help for any problem other than spamming the log?13:57
saidinesh5well.. it prevents the logd from crashing, which gave me a working logcat13:57
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saidinesh5and that brought me this logcat for my camera:
saidinesh5minimediaservice is segfaulting for somereason apparently.. and all the delay in start happens while it was logcatting "Waiting for service sensorservice..."13:59
saidinesh5from the documentation logd.auditd is to enable Enable selinux audit daemon14:00
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mal-saidinesh5: there was some talk in channel logs about enabling sensorservice14:02
saidinesh5mal-: there is no sensors.* in my /system/lib/hw14:06
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saidinesh5added sensorservice ot my init.rc .. fingers crossed now14:17
saidinesh5mal-: sensorservice makes the camera work instantly14:24
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rinigussledges: thank you!14:53
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sledgesrinigus: you're welcome; pardon about the delay, but if you look into squash commits, you'll see that back in the day it wasn't only the off-by-one fix, but many others since an update before14:55
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sledgesdrFaustroll: can't see flashlight option on hammerhead Events view/Setting shortcuts15:32
sledgesand no mobile data options15:32
sledgesi version --dupped straight from my oldie beta015:33
sledgesyet i got no SIM in15:33
drFaustrollsledges: i think flashlight was not added in that pattern15:33
sledgesdrFaustroll: i thought that was part of ui15:33
sledgessince 2.0.115:33
drFaustrollsledges: mobile data sounds like expected... dhc needs both patches then15:34
sledgesdrFaustroll: riiiightttt:))15:34
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sledgesdrFaustroll: unless we rollout an update straight to 2.0.2 ?15:44
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saidinesh5sledges: could you create an OBS repo for nemo:devel:hw:Xiaomi:cancro ?15:51
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sledgessaidinesh5: can Xiaomi be xiaomi pls?:)15:53
saidinesh5Aye.. changing it15:53
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* saidinesh5 wodners if that would fix any of the internal bugs15:53
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sledgeswe just have small caps convention15:53
saidinesh5mal__: wb. sensorservice fixed the slow starting camera15:53
sledgesyou should see what's under your $ANDROID_ROOT/device15:53
mal__saidinesh5: thought so15:53
sledgesif you need to alias, you can use rpm_device and rpm_vendor15:54
saidinesh5btw. Vendor is only defined in .hadk.env right?15:54
saidinesh5or wait even in the patterns15:54
sledgessaidinesh5: vendor name directory usually (but not necessarily) lies under $ANDROID_ROOT/device15:55
sledgesand we should aim to match that or otherwise use rpm_vendor15:55
sledgessaidinesh5: also, armani is already under
saidinesh5Ahh.. yup my device/xiaomi15:55
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sledgessaidinesh5: what's your obs username?15:56
saidinesh5same as this. saidinesh515:56
saidinesh5Ahh.. it is %define vendor xiaomi itself15:57
sledgessaidinesh5: have you ever logged in there? pls do so15:57
saidinesh5i have.. just now.. and a few years ago before this15:57
sledgesit can't find you15:58
sledgeslbt: something's afoot:
sledgessaidinesh5: are you sure you don't have other aliases?15:58
sledgescan you link to your homeproject?15:59
saidinesh5nope. not that i know of.. fetching the link15:59
sledgessaidinesh5: pls :)15:59
lbthave you ever logged in there ?15:59 is where you create an account, but you'll need to ask lbt to open the gates16:00
lbtI think we did that recently16:00
saidinesh5logged in now16:00
lbtand go to your home project (link in top right)16:01
sledgessaidinesh5: you're a maintainer now, have a lot of fun!
saidinesh5heh thanks sledges!16:02
saidinesh5lbt: home project is something specific to this device?16:03
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saidinesh5mal__: the weird thing is the /init.qcom.rc in my android seems to have disabled the sensorservice
saidinesh5so do i add the same one?16:10
mal__saidinesh5: maybe something else is supposed to start it16:11
saidinesh5hmm.. could be.. im still getting a ton of kernel panics.. and the same issue with sensors16:11
*** mal__ is now known as mal-16:13
saidinesh5But only one reference to sensorservice at all...  # grep sensorservice /init*                                       /init.qcom.rc:service sensorservice /system/bin/sensorservice16:14
saidinesh5also that service isnt started on android even when camera is running16:15
saidinesh5indeed. also the camera does start after a long time on sfos even without that line on init..16:20
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*** tanty is now known as tanty_off17:15
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*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:38
rinigussledges: thanks, so for next build I can take directly as it is in the script. what's the status of 2.0.2? can we distribute it when its ready, or its not a release yet?17:38
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ghosalmartinmal: can you send me a link for that jolla repo please18:01
*** spider-mario <spider-mario!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:04
mal-ghosalmartin: what repo?18:21
ghosalmartinmal: the one that contains ssu-kickstart-configuration-jolla18:22
ghosalmartini assume its the standard repo?18:22
drFaustrollsledges: ping18:23
ghosalmartinah nevermind found it :)18:23
mal-ghosalmartin: I'm at cinema now, I'll check later18:25
ghosalmartinmal: ah its alright, ive found it, time to build middleware18:26
*** nimoot <nimoot!~HomoSapie@unaffiliated/toomin> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:33
saidinesh5mal-: any idea where to look at for this error?
saidinesh5/dev/adsprpc-smd device initialization error: Operation not permitted18:34
saidinesh5after your cinema is over of course18:35
*** toomin <toomin!~HomoSapie@unaffiliated/toomin> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)18:35
drFaustrollghosalmartin: so... you made it?18:38
*** jayaura <jayaura!~jay_aura@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)18:38
ghosalmartindrFaustroll: nope, i never fixed the zypper bug, but i dont need to atm, i know i can just manually install the packages i require to my target18:39
drFaustrollghosalmartin: yap but you did the dhd18:41
ghosalmartindrFaustroll: dhd?18:41
drFaustrolldroid hal18:41
drFaustrollafter hybris hal you do droid hal18:41
drFaustrollthen mw18:42
drFaustrolland then mic18:42
drFaustrollthen debug18:42
ghosalmartinso yeah dhd is built18:42
ghosalmartinnow its mw18:42
ghosalmartinand ive gotten libhybris to build, and a few others18:42
drFaustrollghosalmartin: did you do the droidmeciad and audioflinger?18:42
ghosalmartindrFaustroll: no didnt make it that far down the list, ive built libhybris and mce-plugin-libhybris18:44
ghosalmartinthose two arent on the list18:44
drFaustrollghosalmartin: but you are very far on the list18:44
drFaustrollthe two you need after hybris hal18:44
ghosalmartinthe issue will arise is when i mic18:44
ghosalmartinbecause sfos has no aarch64 packages, and am unsure if the arm ones will work18:45
drFaustrolllbt: is possible to have a aarch64 target for mer18:45
drFaustrolllike you do the normal zolla ones for sb2?18:45
ghosalmartindrFaustroll: there already is one18:45
ghosalmartinoh right18:45
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:45
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*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:46
ghosalmartinwhat i need is nemo mw and ui]18:48
*** Nemno <Nemno!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:51
drFaustrollghosalmartin: you may want some sound too18:53
ghosalmartindrFaustroll: for now ui will do18:53
ghosalmartindrFaustroll: pulseaudio is broken for the latest android18:56
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)19:01
jusa_ghosalmartin: how?19:04
ghosalmartinjusa_: the qualcomm specific bits are broken or missing, i cant remember anymore, i told you about this a few months back, ive not made much progress since then :P19:04
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:04
jusa_ghosalmartin: ok :P19:05
ghosalmartinjusa_: ive just tried lots of different things to get sfos on there :P19:05
jusa_I could take a look at some point, could you paste again for me for reference the android adaptation sources for the device?19:06
ghosalmartinjusa_: ?19:07
ghosalmartinor the pulseaudio?19:07
jusa_ghosalmartin: what you pasted seems right19:08
ghosalmartinah good good19:12
ghosalmartindont you hate it when you fix a problem but forget how you fixed it19:16
ghosalmartinthe libhybris spec is hardcoded to arm19:17
ghosalmartinthat was the issue19:18
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)19:25
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lbtdrFaustroll: aarch64 will be a standard build when we redo the mer-core repos20:19
drFaustrolllbt: cool... I know you cannot read the future but any idea when?20:31
lbtweeks rather than days or months20:31
lbtI hope to start on this in early sept20:32
drFaustrolllbt: good one... do we get fortran active this time?20:32
lbtI might have time to look at it20:32
*** piggz_ <piggz_!~piggz@> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)20:32
drFaustrolland my question is will we get an updated of gcc?20:32
drFaustrolllbt: and the rest of the core?20:32
drFaustrolllbt: i suspect originally mer was close to opensuse as core20:33
lbtno, it was quite a mix back in meego times20:36
lbtwe still mix suse and fedora20:36
lbtultimately the packaging in mer is quite simple as there's not too many options to support20:36
yacukenhi all20:38
yacukenanyone porting sfos on tablet?20:46
*** louisdk <louisdk!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)20:47
NotKityacuken, which tablet?20:48
yacukenNotKit: any (:20:49
yacukenI'm working on galaxy tab 2 3g 10.120:49
NotKitI have it on Chinese Intel tablet, but that's x8620:52
dr_gogeta86yacuken, got on n7 2013 flo20:52
dr_gogeta86lbt, are you going fro tumbleweed or fedora24 as base ?20:53
dr_gogeta86backport from fedora become a bit difficult nowadays20:53
yacukenNotKit: dr_gogeta86: any problem with browser ui?
dr_gogeta86especially for too newsystemd20:53
yacukendr_gogeta86: NotKit: or camera?
dr_gogeta86no ... i think is something related to rotation20:54
drFaustrolllbt: indeed but now things more complex... arm7 and aarch6420:54
drFaustrolllbt: true things are much better than in that time too20:54
dr_gogeta86I saw far ago you need to force to portrait20:54
drFaustrolllbt: in opensuse things tend to be packaged better in fedora more up to date20:56
drFaustrollbut both pretty decent20:56
drFaustrolllbt: would be nice to have a kernel:head for mer maybe maybe we get one of these mainstream elusive devices20:56
lbtdr_gogeta86: neither really - we tend to use upstream src directly for most stuff20:56
yacukendr_gogeta86: this issue with forced portrait too20:56
*** drFaustroll_ <drFaustroll_!~drFaustro@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:56
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*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~ghosalmar@2a02:c7f:9227:eb00:71b7:12ff:a59:250c> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:57
*** mp107 <mp107!~mp107@> has quit IRC ()20:57
dr_gogeta86yacuken, not this way
dr_gogeta86NotKit, got sfos x86?20:58
*** M4rtinK <M4rtinK!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:59
NotKitI have two tablets - Bay Trail and Cherry Trail based20:59
NotKitBay Trail can just run Jolla Tablet firmware with some tweaks and custom kernel20:59
NotKitfor Cherry Trail, I tried to make adaptation, but graphics work only using MESA21:00
yacukendr_gogeta86: same ): and touchscreen wrong orientation21:05
*** rinigus <rinigus!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)21:23
*** wickwire <wickwire!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:25
*** brodolfo <brodolfo!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:43
yacukenhmm. looks like mobile internet works again for me. just restart ofono with "-p ril" option21:50
*** edgerbernal01 <edgerbernal01!ccc32c4e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:58
edgerbernal01im thinking of porting sailfish to atrix 221:59
drFaustroll_edgerbernal01: good... when you stop thinking and start working... let us know of errors you hit21:59
edgerbernal01well i need help also22:00
yacukenedgerbernal01: just follow sfos hadk (
yacukenon what step of guide u have a problem?22:03
NotKitnot this one?22:04
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*** teve <teve!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:14
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edgerbernal01who wants to help me build a version of sailfish for the atrix 222:16
Litewah, i have atrix 4g (mb860), need to repair touchscreen and try to port sfos to it But it's tegra 2 and CM 10, don't know, if sfos can  even work on it22:22
*** qoh <qoh!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:28
sledgesdrFaustroll_: pong22:32
drFaustroll_sledges: ping22:32
sledgesdrFaustroll_: pong22:33
drFaustroll_sledges: the epee is finished...22:34
sledgeswe can go on like this forever22:34
drFaustroll_sledges: so... did you get network in the end?22:34
sledgesdrFaustroll_: nope, with SIM and reboots, no settings22:34
sledgesbut modem works ofc, just can't get data in22:34
drFaustroll_sledges: ok we need the systemd workaorund probably22:35
drFaustroll_unless you double check and see that the ofono is the right one22:35
drFaustroll_sledges: it may happen the one from jolla looks fresher than the one from common22:35
drFaustroll_sledges: if you double check that the ofono is from common I will add the systemd workaround22:39
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~ghosalmar@2a02:c7f:9227:eb00:71b7:12ff:a59:250c> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)22:42
edgerbernal01litew can you help me with development for atrix 222:42
*** spider-mario <spider-mario!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)22:43
sledgesdrFaustroll_: from testing:common22:43
yacukensledges: u have trouble with mobile internet? sms and calls works?22:44
drFaustroll_sledges: ok... so we need the systemd patch as we knew22:44
sledgesi ignored TheRealJohnGalt['s mods here: and just did the old OTA way22:44
drFaustroll_sledges: I will add the sr tomorrow22:44
*** wickwire <wickwire!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)22:45
drFaustroll_sledges: yes you have the same issue as nh...22:45
sledgesyacuken: yes, we'll add this:
sledgesdrFaustroll_: as per comment, in 2.0.2 that patch is not needed anymore so we'll revert when times comes22:45
drFaustroll_sledges: yap...22:45
sledgesfor now just advertise 2.07122:45
drFaustroll_sledges: but you updated to 2.0.2?22:46
sledgesdrFaustroll_: 2.0.1, as said22:46
sledgesdrFaustroll_: some people might want 2.0.122:46
sledgesand is our hw:testing 2.0.2 ready already?22:47
yacukensledges: this not work for me. I just add --plugin=ril to ofono service and internet works.22:47
sledgesor are we jumping straight from 2.0.0 to 2.0.2?22:47
drFaustroll_sledges: yes it is22:47
sledgesyacuken: probably our mobile data is fine, it just can't be enabled from ui:)22:47
drFaustroll_sledges: i see what you say and now I get the comment22:47
drFaustroll_sledges: we probably shall disable ofono bits from latest and 2.0.222:48
drFaustroll_and then i think things shall work22:48
drFaustroll_sledges: what do you think?22:48
sledgesdrFaustroll_: if we jump straight to 2.0.2 from 2.0.0 fine by me, and no need for patches and then their reverts22:48
drFaustroll_sledges: who wants 2.0.1 will still have ofono in common and add the patch by hand22:49
*** edgerbernal01 <edgerbernal01!ccc32c4e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)22:49
yacukensledges: ah ok. ui fixed with /etc/dconf/db/vendor.d/locks/jolla-settings.txt for me (: and specify ril plugin give me my internet22:50
Litewedgerbernal01: mb865: Texas Instruments OMAP 4430. i'm porting qualcomm-based devices, so no experience here22:50
sledgesrinigus (if you can read this): you ought to release only released versions, 2.0.2 is not public yet (and no-one knows which micro version number the final public 2.0.2 will have); in the mean time you can send around dev-preview images for brave ones, and privately advertise OTA. cc ballock22:50
sledgesdrFaustroll_: ok22:50
drFaustroll_sledges: mal- ^^ will that create any issues for your devices22:51
sledgesdrFaustroll_: ofono remaining on common will only help 2.0.1 people, no matter which device22:51
sledgesand won't do any harm to others either22:51
drFaustroll_sledges: ok.. then I will disable the build22:52
sledgesyacuken: how did you patch /etc/dconf/db/vendor.d/locks/jolla-settings.txt ?22:52
drFaustroll_sledges: you may need to wipe the binaries22:52
drFaustroll_sledges: or lbt22:52
sledgesdrFaustroll_: which build? why wipe? let ofono sit there22:52
sledgesotherwise it'll break for 2.0.1 ones22:52
drFaustroll_sledges: i let it there.. I will disable it for latest and 2.0.2 repos22:52
drFaustroll_but that may not wipe out the already published rpms22:53
drFaustroll_sledges: for once i think i know what I am doing22:53
yacukensledges: here. do not focus on other (:22:54
sledgesdrFaustroll_: disabling build won't wipe, but wiping binaries will wipe binaries:)22:55
drFaustroll_sledges: cool22:56
drFaustroll_sledges: I disabled them22:56
drFaustroll_sledges: can you double check if I missed any?22:57
drFaustroll_sledges: now i get the repo to wipe th ebinaries but last time did not work22:59
sledgesdrFaustroll_: i wouldn't know, but even if you missed, they won't be touched by >=2.0.2 version OTAs22:59
sledgesjust by sitting there22:59
sledgesdrFaustroll_: wiping binaries need build flag enabled23:00
sledgesso it rebuilds, and wipes23:00
sledgesit can't just wipe like that23:00
sledgesobs limitation23:00
sledgesa conundrum..23:00
sledgesbut, oh well:)23:00
drFaustroll_sledges: yap I think last time lbt did the cleanup23:01
drFaustroll_sledges: total failure... wipebinaries gives me a 404 even if enabled23:08
*** qoh <qoh!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)23:08
*** Tassadar <Tassadar!> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:10
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sledgesfughettaboutit then:)23:13
drFaustroll_sledges: but we need to wipe them out23:17
drFaustroll_sledges: otherwise version dup will pick them23:17
*** happy-dude <happy-dude!uid62780@gateway/web/> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:21
sledgesdrFaustroll_: it won't, as 2.0.2 will have never versions23:22
sledgesor am i wrong?23:22
drFaustroll_sledges: nope will not seems23:23
drFaustroll_sledges: you told me when you did version --dup you got installed the one from common23:23
sledgesdrFaustroll_: 2.0.123:24
drFaustroll_sledges: ok... why not 2.0.2?23:25
drFaustroll_sledges: or you wanted stages?23:25
sledgesdrFaustroll_: stages23:31
sledgesas we've never announced 2.0.1 available as OTA (nor 2.0.0 for that matter either:))23:32
sledgesit shows here too:
sledges for Nexus 5:,
sledgesso is the dhd in testing:hw:lge:hammerhead for 2.0.2 ?23:33
sledgesor 2.0.123:33
sledgesdevel is for 2.0.2 surely.. (or already cm12)?23:33
sledgesso if  we're not announcing 2.0.1, and skipping straight to 2.0.2, let me OTA to 2.0.2 right now and see:)23:34
*** olafh <olafh!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)23:35
drFaustroll_sledges: 2.0.223:35
drFaustroll_sledges: devel is 12.123:35
drFaustroll_resting cm1123:35
drFaustroll_and both at 2.0.223:36
sledgesdrFaustroll_: understood;)23:44
sledgesdupping to 2.0.2 ;)23:44
*** nimoot <nimoot!~HomoSapie@unaffiliated/toomin> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)23:48

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