Friday, 2016-08-12

sledgesdrFaustroll_: mobile network/data ui is up \o/00:04
sledgesnow let's try some cloud backup..00:05
drFaustroll_sledges: that shall work00:05
drFaustroll_sledges: tested it already00:05
sledgesdrFaustroll_: cool! i remember were there issues?00:05
yacukenwhat packages I need for usb modes switch? it's switch only from command line. not from ui.00:13
sledgesyacuken: what does settings->usb say? always ask?00:15
yacukensledges: developer mode as default. set always ask not work00:17
sledgesyacuken: what are other options?00:19
drFaustroll_sledges: sensors... but that is for 12.100:20
drFaustroll_sledges: for update matters little00:20
yacukenusb_moded_util -d return ask00:20
yacukenor developer_mode00:21
yacukenor pc_suite00:21
yacukenbut only usb_moded_util -s works00:21
yacukensledges: ^^00:21
sledgesyacuken: what are the options in the UI?00:22
sledgesnext to always ask and dev00:22
drFaustroll_yacuken: usb_moded android00:22
drFaustroll_yacuken: and few others depending what you need00:22
yacukensledges: Mode: diag_mode, Mass storage, PC connection, Charging only00:23
yacukendrFaustroll_: alls packages?00:26
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drFaustroll_yacuken: usb-moded-connection-sharing-android-config00:27
yacukendrFaustroll_: installed00:29
drFaustroll_you shall get tethering now00:30
sledgesyacuken: so your problem is that Always Ask doesn't work00:30
sledgesit might be because it doesn't fit on your screen due to too many options;)00:30
yacukensledges: my problem is always not work.00:31
yacukenui set usb mode. but only "usb_moded_util -s {mode}" really change it00:31
sledgesyacuken: ah....00:35
sledgesso which mode starts by default?00:36
sledgeswhen you plug cable in00:36
sledgesdoes that reflect what's in settings?00:36
sledgesat least00:36
yacukensledges: developer mode from first boot00:36
sledgesyacuken: telnet or also ssh?00:37
yacukensledges: first telnet. than (after seeing pass) ssh00:38
yacukenwhen I set mode in UI I also have this mode in "usb_moded_util -d"00:40
yacukenbut "usb_moded_util -q" reply developer_mode00:40
yacukenwhen I set mode with "usb_moded_util -s pc_suite" I have this mode in "usb_moded_util -d"00:41
yacukenbut UI show developer mode00:41
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sledgesyacuken: perhaps usb_moded needs to be launched with some different argument (if you check logs, there were issues solved with -a, but my memory may be wrong)00:51
sledgesmal- might know more00:51
yacukensledges: try now. nothing01:02
yacukensledges: and always ask is broken01:03
yacukenTrying to set the following mode ask01:03
yacukenSorry an error occured, your request was not processed.01:03
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sledgesrinigus: left you a message in the backlog:)07:55
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rinigus-msledges: thanks for reply (re 2.0.2)!08:16
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rinigus-mI still can't figure out why n4 cm12.1/2.0.2 build asks for sim pin twice. So far headless chicken approach with disabling settings in ril_configuration didn't work, maybe newer ofono is needed. Please let me know if someone has seen something similar on their devices08:29
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ghosalmartindoes it still ask for it when sims taken out?08:30
rinigus-mghosalmartin: don't know, haven't removed sim from this phone ever. what would it tell?08:33
ghosalmartinrinigus-m: who knows, i usually just start trying different things to debug a problem08:37
ghosalmartinif its a sim pin issue, does it only ask 1 time for a pin when theres no sim08:37
rinigus-mi see. I'll try to debug it a bit later today, maybe i can catch also something from the logs while unlocking sim. seeing whether sim pin is asked without sim could also give a clue, thank you08:40
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sledgesdrFaustroll (and other Nexus5 users): since 2.0.0 another party can hear their own voice echoing during the call; was there a fix for that?08:58
sledgesvia headphones, loudspeaker, and earpiece, no matter how much i cover them microphones (some internal echoing?..)08:59
sledgesusing cm1108:59
sledgesas base08:59
mal-sledges: some missing symlink? at least those fixed such a behaviour on fp209:01
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rinigus-m_sledges: check which microphone do you use, if its the dmic with noise cancelling or not. for n4, fix was libhybris one-off patch09:13
sledgesmal-: cheers!09:14
sledgesrinigus-m_: then would be good to update libhybris for n5 too:)09:14
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rinigussledges: yep. but you could also check if that's a problem: logcat | grep mic. if its not something like dmic-*, but something it calls default (headset-mic) then libhybris fix should help.09:22
sledgesrinigus: no dmic:)09:23
rinigussledges: that's after calling, right? do you see headset-mic or something like 'selecting default microphone'?09:28
sledgesrinigus: i think so
sledgesis when i switched to all possible outputs whilst talking:)09:30
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rinigussledges: Error 522 with pastie :( . will check in few minutes. you could also see if one of the properties is misread. for that, run  getprop | grep audio . among listed ones, find the one with the longest name. for me, its . in the buggy libhybris, getprop would return empty string instead of the value09:38
rinigussledges: pastie is back - and you have what seems to be analog mic.09:39
sledges[]: [true]09:39
sledges[]: [digital]09:39
rinigussledges: yep, but try now to run getprop with an argument: getprop .09:40
sledgesempty line afterwards09:41
rinigussledges: CONGRATULATIONS! you have been hit by libhybris one-off bug. by compiling bugfixed version, you will enter into 21st century of the voice calls09:42
sledgesrinigus: building.. :D09:47
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sledgesrinigus: getprop
sledgesrinigus: V/audio_hw_primary(  971): enable_snd_device: snd_device(36: voice-dmic-ef)10:05
sledgesthanks pal!!10:05
rinigus-m_welcome! I'd suggest to do the same now for all devices. :)10:05
sledgesi'll put it in -hot10:06
sledgesPSA ^^10:06
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dr_gogeta86change buildprop ?10:18
rinigus-m_dr_gogeta86: use fixed libhybris10:19
rinigus-m_so build.prop is read correctly10:20
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* yacuken afk11:12
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juicemehey ho.15:37
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juicemeNow I agin got a rootfs, (hammrhead/ all builds correctly withou hitches and gives me the zip15:38
juicemeHowever, in booting I end up in mer boat loader, with no UI15:38
juicemeThat happened before (with grouper/older_release) but I cannot for the world remember how I fixed it15:39
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juicemeso, how can I see why it stops the boot?15:40
juicemeI can get in from 232315:40
juicemesledges, ping15:40
juicememal-_, ping15:41
drFaustrolljuiceme: you do it wrong.. that shall boot without any issue both cm11 and vm12.1 bases15:44
juicemedrFaustroll, I just reboot after flashing, and that's where I end up15:45
juicememy image is based on cm12.115:45
drFaustrolljuiceme: the image is not built correctly this is what I can say15:45
juicemewell can you help me debug where's the problem ten?15:46
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saidinesh5juiceme: check /init.log ?15:47
juicemenothing suspicious there15:47
saidinesh5journalctl ?15:48
juicemejust a minute, I rebooted it to get fresh logs15:48
juicemeheh, journalctl says "No journal files were found."15:50
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saidinesh5so systemd isnt started yet?15:50
juicemeso does that mean maybe systemd is not running15:50
juicemei suppose so15:51
saidinesh5check once?15:51
juicemewhy would that be?15:51
juicemesh-3.2# ps aux | grep system15:51
juicemeroot         1  0.4  0.0   4252  1840 ?        Ss   00:05   0:00 /lib/systemd/systemd --unit=default.target15:51
juicemeroot       464  0.0  0.0   1916   524 pts/0    S+   00:08   0:00 grep system15:51
juicemeso it seems systemd has been started15:52
saidinesh5so systemd is running.. so why couldnt it start journalctl?15:52
juicemeno idea15:52
saidinesh5try starting journalctl manually?15:52
juicemewhat's the command?15:52
* saidinesh5 checks15:53
saidinesh5it should be in the .service fiiles in lib/systemd/system15:53
mal-juiceme: which source repos did you use for building?15:54
mal-that looks like systemd hangs, are you sure kernel configs are correct15:54
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juicemesaidinesh5, by manually starting it, now journalctl works15:55
juicemeso even as systemd starts, parts of it are not runing15:55
juicememal-, exactly what do you mean by which repos? I followed HADK meticulously.15:56
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juicemewhich should work fine with hammerhead I think15:57
mal-juiceme: why did you redo that, hammerhead had those ready15:57
juicememal-, do you have a known-good kernel config stashed somewhere?15:57
mal-juiceme: I don't quite understand what you are trying to do and especially why15:58
juicemehuh? just building me a device15:58
juicemeI do not understand?15:59
Guest16673juiceme: well i've got the same problem with lg g2 which is relative to hammerhead15:59
saidinesh5hammerhead already has binaries right?15:59
saidinesh5working images...15:59
mal-yep, why not reuse those as much as possible15:59
juicemesaidinesh5, sure, but why would I want to use ready-made binaries when I can build my own?15:59
mal-juiceme: did you use the hammerhead repos on mer-hybris?16:00
juicemeit caznnot be difficult to make it to work, as it has been done before16:00
saidinesh5well it can stilll be a lot of work deepending on the repos you use..16:00
juicememal-, followed HADK 1.1.2 by letter16:01
juicemeso, which are the correct repos?16:01
mal-you are doing it the hard way, which doesn't make much sense16:02
mal-everything is ready there16:03
saidinesh5juiceme: the ones in the hadk are the repos without the needed patches iirc16:03
juicemeyes, I suppose so.16:03
Guest16673mal-: can i use this repo for my lg g2?16:03
mal-but if you realyl want to reinvent the wheel, go ahead16:03
saidinesh5Guest16673: nope. tried something like that with my Xiaomi,  which is closer to Nexus 5 too.. didnt work16:04
mal-Guest16673: you can look there for hints but reusing doesn't work16:04
juicemeso I need to put in the repository as in chapter 5.2 ?16:04
mal-juiceme: change the correct branch here and it should work
juicememal-, in a way I am not trying to reinvent the wheel. I just want to build a working image for everyday use. to build it myself to get a feel of the system, how it is done16:05
mal-juiceme: but if you are not reusing the existing repos you are in my opinion reinventing the wheel16:06
juicememal-, I did not know about patched repos :)16:07
juicememal-, the hammerhead.xml file you just gave me is HUGE when compared to what I have :)16:07
juicemeso it seems I indeed am missing a lot16:08
mal-juiceme: how do you think the existing images for hammerhead were built?16:08
mal-juiceme: you could have guessed the repos are somewhere16:08
juicememal-, I thought the basic bits given in HADK as example would work OK16:10
juicemeso, to retry.16:11
saidinesh5juiceme: the hadk was about how to port a new device...from scratch. so the repos used there are also scratch ones16:11
mal-juiceme: just take a little look at the repos and you'll how much different those are from the example16:11
juicemeDo I just put the new config to $ANDROID_ROOT/.repo/local_manifests/hammerhead.xml and rebuild?16:11
saidinesh5mal-: btw. where do i look into   to find out which component is requesting sensorservice for my camera?16:12
saidinesh5juiceme: the kernel should work. not sureabout where it would fetch gst-droid or audioflingerglue from...16:13
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juicemehow to do the rebuild without wiping and restarting?16:15
saidinesh5you dont have to wipe imho16:16
juicemeis just "repo sync --fetch-submodules16:16
saidinesh5yup.. after you replace the manifest of course16:16
saidinesh5at most you may want to rm -rf the out/ directory16:16
juicemethe one in $ANDROID_ROOT/.repo/local_manifests/hammerhead.xml ?16:16
juicemerepo sync fails; fatal: error parsing manifest /home/juice/mer/android/droid/.repo/local_manifests/hammerhead.xml: not well-formed (invalid token): line 49, column 8816:19
saidinesh5your xml file isnt properly formatted?16:19
juicemecould be16:21
juicemejust pulled what mal- told me to16:21
mal-juiceme: did you modify it?16:22
juicemejust notices that it says hybris-11.016:22
juicemethat does not work with cm12.1, I guess?16:22
juicemedid not modify, just dropped it to local_manifests16:22
mal-juiceme: you made some mistake probably16:22
mal-that should work16:22
juicemebut you gave me hybris-11.016:23
juicemeshould be 12.1, right?16:23
mal-juiceme: line 49, wtf?16:23
juicemeno idea16:23
mal-that manifest I linked has only 8 lines16:23
mal-juiceme: how did you save it?16:24
juicemeoh damn16:24
juicemesorry my fault16:24
juicemeI used wget to pull it16:24
juicemeand of course it gets whole github page...16:24
mal-that doesn't work, you need to use the raw version to do that16:24
* juiceme bangs head to wall16:25
juicemeokay, now it stared syncing repo16:26
juicemeah, needs --force-sync to override my local stuff16:27
juicemeokay, after syncing is finished, do I just continue from "droid-hal-device16:29
saidinesh5build the hybris-boot first16:30
juicemeokay, after syncing is finished, do I just continue from "7.2 packaging droid-hal-device"16:30
mal-saidinesh5: do not says hybris-boot, it's hybris-hal16:30
mal-saidinesh5: hyrbis-boot is just one part built by hybris-hal16:31
juicemechapter 5.416:31
juicememake -j4 hybris-hal16:31
mal-saidinesh5: hybris-boot could build just the kernel and nothing else16:32
saidinesh5didnt know that16:32
saidinesh5mal-: what other parts would hybris-hal build other than hybris-boot?16:33
saidinesh5Ahh interesting16:34
saidinesh5servicemanager takes care of starting things from init.rc right?16:34
juicememal-, why's there no branch "hybris-12.1" for the hammerhead.xml?16:35
juicemesome other devices *do* exist on that branch...16:35
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mal-juiceme: someone forgot to add it16:39
juicemeargh, seems my repo just cnnot easily be synced because I have the local stuff16:40
juicememaybe I just should "rm -rf .repo" and start over again.16:40
mal-juiceme: did you notice that you have to modify all the repos in that manifest16:41
juicemeit'll take a bit longer but seems I just cannot avoid it16:41
juicemewell easier to delete it all and start over16:41
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mal-juiceme: no16:41
juicemetakes time but I can afford that16:42
mal-juiceme: you can seen the repos needed in the list I pasted earlier16:42
juicemewhy not?, will it cause othe problems?16:42
mal-you consider changing a few lines too much compared to redoing everything?16:43
juicemeyou mean the ones in the xml file?16:43
mal-juiceme: maybe I'll just give you the manifest so we can move on16:43
juicemesounds good16:44
mal-it's not rocket science16:44
saidinesh5so do i disable the RTC service or is it needed for anything?16:45
mal-just disable it16:46
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saidinesh5weird.. grep -rin rtc /init* returns me nothing!16:47
juicememal-, well now it seems to me this is rocket science after all16:48
mal-juiceme: why?16:48
mal-saidinesh5: something like timeservice of similar16:48
juicemewith the xml you put in pastebin, it still compalins when i sync repo16:48
juicemeerror: in `sync --force-sync --fetch-submodules`: revision hybris-12.1 in mer-hybris/android_kernel_lge_hammerhead not found16:48
mal-remove --fetch-submodules for first run16:49
juicemeso how does this differ from manned mars-mission, then?16:50
mal-it should be quite easy to check what manifests exist in mer-hybris16:51
juicemewell the thing is, working with repo and manifests is new to me.16:51
juicemeI have used git for years and I understand in theory that this is just to bind in multiple git repos16:52
juicemebut I lack the concepts needed to use it16:52
juicemethe syntx of the files is not obvious to me16:53
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juicemeoh, now it synced! marvellous16:54
juicemenope, still something not right.16:57
juicemebreakfast fails in build/core/ *** Unable to determine HOST_ARCH from uname -sm: Linux i686!.  Stop.16:57
juicemeand same goes with make -j4 hybris-hal16:57
mal-did you rerun repo sync with the --fetch-submodules16:57
juicemesorry, was in mesdk, not ha_sdk16:58
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juicememal-, yes I did sync submodules too, but was in wrong chroot17:00
juicemenow it started building17:00
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mohhsodoes sailfish works on HUAWEI Media Pad M2 8.0??17:56
smurfynetany suggestions for a copatible cheap tablet which runs sailfish? Onda V820W looks good, but where to get it?18:00
mohhsodoes sailfish works on HUAWEI Media Pad M2 8.0??18:04
smurfynetmohhso: a list is here: , if cyanogen mod works it could be possible that it can be ported18:06
mohhsook thanks18:06
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drFaustroll_sledges: so all cosher with the update last night?20:03
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sledgesdrFaustroll: yes, pushed libhybris today, fixed incall echo, thanks rinigus for the tip20:29
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