Sunday, 2016-08-14

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yacukenjuiceme: pastebin ofono log? on my tablet mobile data works only if start ofono with specified ril plugin00:06
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yacukenfinally setup my environment for multiple device support. it's was so easy (:01:04
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juicemeyacuken, thanks.09:16
juicemeyacuken, on my device there is only one file in /var/lib/environment/ofono/09:16
juicemeand it is called "noplugin.conf" so I suppose there is no plugin for some reason :(09:17
juiceme[nemo@Sailfish ~]$09:17
juiceme[nemo@Sailfish ~]$ ls -la /var/lib/environment/ofono/09:17
juicemetotal 1209:17
juicemedrwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Jun  2  1970 .09:17
juicemedrwxr-xr-x 7 root root 4096 Jun  2  1970 ..09:17
juiceme-rw-r--r-- 1 root root  362 Aug 13 13:34 noplugin.conf09:17
juiceme[nemo@Sailfish ~]$09:17
mal-that file is supposed to be there09:21
juicemeokay, it is OK even when it says OFONO_ARGS=--noplugin= in it?09:23
juicememal-, any ideas how to debug what's the problem with mobile data?09:23
mal-juiceme: incorrect ofono version I assume, there was some issue on hammerhead about that which was fixed with new ofono and some config change09:25
juicemewhere to get the new ofono in my build?09:25
mal-that's in faq09:26
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NeKit<yacuken> finally setup my environment for multiple device support. it's was so easy (:09:52
NeKitwhat's the secret to doing it right?09:52
NeKitsingle CM tree?09:52
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morlindear all, is it possible to flash and run sailfish 2.0 on an n9?10:17
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juicememorlin, I see why not. It would probably need a lot of work10:24
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morlinjuiceme: i was thinking about binaries and a guide :-)10:32
morlini guess you answered that question, then ...10:33
morlini have previously tried following a guide for installing sailfish 1.0 on my n9, but with download sites in 404. is there a newer, and working, guide?10:34
mal-morlin: is this working ?10:37
juicememorlin, haven't tried n9 port for a long long time. I guess it is more or less abandoned thing which is a shame really as the device is just killer in the HW format :)10:38
morlinmal: i will try it. is there a guide?10:38
mal-morlin: I assume you can use this
morlinjuiceme: i loved having the n9 as a phone, and it is stille working, but i need an updated os and distro :-(10:40
mal-too bad I don't have an n910:40
juicememmh, Harmattan does have the basic functions pretty well covered, what's more you'd need?10:41
morlinmal: that is the guide i have previously tried, but it stops at various places ...10:41
morlinjuiceme: updates. maybe not necessary?10:41
juicemewell, no updates of course but the stuff that exists works fairly well10:42
juicemeand there have been a number of patches to the most obvious bugs, like the emojifix in sms'es and so on10:42
morlinok. the real reason for being interested in sailfish on the n9: my girlfriend an i both had an n9. recently we bought jollas. now i wish to give each of our children an n9, and preferably with sailfish10:42
juicemea marvellous reason, I admit! :)10:43
mal-morlin: where does it fail?10:43
morlinmal: a year ago i think i stranded when trying to get the ubiboot image10:44
morlintoday i tried, but already at the firmware images there were only 404s10:45
morlin(skeiron and mrcrab)10:45
drFaustrolljuiceme: which base?10:46
juicemedrFaustroll, now you lost me, which base?10:47
drFaustrolljuiceme: here is a ks for 12.1 that may help you!AjXaD77Ov_QMihLvyxLrICRNYCMs10:47
drFaustrolljuiceme: which cm base do you use10:47
juicemethanks, yes, ased on cm12.110:47
juicemebased  on cm12.110:47
drFaustrolljuiceme: ok i did a 12.1 base based on the ea and our devel repos and there is no other issue bar the sensors10:48
drFaustrolljuiceme: and i used 12.1 the official one if you want sfdroid speak with TheRealJohnGalt[ you need some magic in cm10:48
juicemewhat's the sensors issue, is it the one that it uses a lot of cpu?10:48
mal-morlin: how about the links here
drFaustrolljuiceme: no.. this time uses no cpu... and then no sensors working10:49
mal-morlin: that has some firmware links10:49
juicemesfdroid not necessary, i don't use android, never even installed it on my jolla device10:49
juicememal-, now I got LTE started in my device :)10:52
drFaustrolljuiceme: good then you shall have no issues10:53
juicemedrFaustroll, still the gps problem10:53
juicemedevice finds the constellation correctly, but does not give position...10:54
drFaustrolljuiceme: takes time10:54
morlinmal: i will look into that. but maybe i will just keep harmattan on them, if i can find an application distribution point (shop/store). the nokia store does not work anymore.10:55
drFaustrolljuiceme: you can use some experimental cell helper10:55
drFaustrolljuiceme: there are some new packages10:55
juicemedrFaustroll, do you have a pointer for me?10:56
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drFaustrolljuiceme: look in th eks and devel repos11:08
juicemewhat's the sensors issue, can anyone point me to it?11:29
juicemehas it got something to do with not working compass/gps ?11:30
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juicemeNow my GPS just started working by itself, why!11:44
juicemeI don't understand it...11:45
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frozengeekhey all, I am running sailfish on my oneplusX, and It used to work fine, now I changed network provider and I can't get mobile internet working, ofonod says: " data reg changed 0 -> 3 (denied), attached 0" but I already checked the settings a couple of times and can't figure it out. btw: voice and sms work fine.13:02
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yacukenNeKit: something like this
NeKitnice idea with symlinks14:28
kimmolifrozengeek froze...14:30
juicemeAllright, now it more or less seems that all bits function on my device.14:59
juicemecouple of oddities though;15:00
juiceme1.) GPS works well but takes a *really* long time to get a fix, even though gpsinfo shows a horde of satellites visible15:00
juiceme2.) bluetooth headset works really nice with spotify & netradio, but there's a horrible noise with voice call15:01
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morlini've got at good job, and i did not get permission !?!?18:14
morlincome to think about it, i did not even ask him ...18:14
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* yacuken go to work ):19:11
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juicemewhat's the way to get battery statistics on SFOS ports?20:03
juicemeOn sbj1 there's "upower" but I could not find that on repos?20:03
rinigusjuiceme: what stats do you need? if need values at this time moment, look at /run/state/namespaces/Battery/ . if need logger, install collectd and its gui :)20:10
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juicemerinigus, I need the current battery capacity20:12
juicemeI have a cronscript that logs battery usage every 30 min20:12
juicemeOK, seems /run/state/namespaces/Battery/ChargePercentage is what I need. Thanks!20:13
rinigusjuiceme: well collectd can do that for you :)20:13
juicemenever used that...20:13
juicemewhat's it for, collecting statistics?20:14
rinigusjuiceme: yes. all kinds of them (battery, cpu, net, ...). I still have to work on sailfish port of it, develop gui further, but it should cover most of the needs. there will be some changes in databases in future while its merged with upstream, but its excellent for collecting stats20:18
juicemerinigus, cool but overtly complicated IMHO :p20:22
juicemewhat I have is just a cron line that logs the current power loevel to a flat file20:23
rinigusjuiceme: :) I see. never looked into it from that point of view.20:23
juicemewho needs a gui when you can work with text files20:24
juicemebut I grant if omething more complicated is needed, sure, a logger daemon could be handy. Or if you need more resolution than what cron provides (60 seconds)20:25
rinigusjuiceme: well, its easier to see on gui which makes graphs for you. in case of network, also integrates the packages into total consumption. and if you want to see what was the distribution of used cpu frequencies, you might need something with a graph20:25
juicemeI make graphs from my file with gnuplot :)20:26
rinigusjuiceme: on phone high resolution would lead to lots of pointless wakeups, eating your battery. so, keep wakeups low. I use as a default 2:3020:27
rinigusjuiceme: gnuplot is just right for it. well, I use rrdtool for generation of graphs in that gui, so they are both classical approaches.20:28
juicemeyes, rrdtool works well too, if you can integrate it into your data colleting utility.20:30
rinigusjuiceme: collectd uses it as a main backend, so, in sailfish, all data is in that format20:31
rinigusjuiceme: but, coming back to original question,  /run/state/namespaces/Battery should be a canonical place to look for that in sailfish. there are few other stats that can be picked in the dirs nearby20:32
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juicemeyes, I looked into that and it has loads of intresting info.20:32
juicemesay, you would not know why the GPS is so slow to lock on my Hammerhead port? gpsinfo shows that it sees a lot of satellites, but still the positioning icon just flashes on/off and it takes about 10 minutes before there is valid positionoing data...20:34
juicemeHowever, when it gets locked, it is very accurate and stays locked well20:34
juicemenothing inteesting appears in journal20:35
rinigusjuiceme: now, as you could see in /run/state, there is no data on GPS. I looked a bit around and I could not find even where can I find (without qt) whether GPS is on. so, with GPS, I don't know where to get data covering its state :(20:36
juicemeyeah, seems it is one of the more obscure thingies :(20:37
juicemesame thing used to be on N9, the positioning works with bölack magic :)20:39
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drFaustrolljuiceme: inside gps is always slow like hell20:48
drFaustrolljuiceme: install the mlsdb geoclue and shall be better uses both wifi and cell data20:49
juicemedrFaustroll, tested it outside the house :)20:49
drFaustrolljuiceme: though not very precise but may put you in the right country if big enough20:49
drFaustrolljuiceme: strange20:50
juicemeis msdb-geoclue in some repo?20:50
juicemeThe crazy thing is, that the satellite info is really available. for example, gpsinfo shows 7/22 satellites or so..20:52
juicemeit just takes *ages* before suddenly the location data starts to flow20:53
drFaustrolljuiceme: devel common20:57
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juicemedrFaustroll, cannot find "devel common" by that name, what's the repo?21:00
juicemedid "ssu ar devel-common"21:03
juicemebut after that pkcon refresh says "Fatal error: Failed to obtain authentication."21:03
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drFaustrolljuiceme: i do not use pkcon21:12
drFaustrolljuiceme: zypper21:12
drFaustrolland you need devel-su or root21:13
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juicemeI thought I was root!21:14
juicememy bad :)21:14
juicemeit still won't work, both zypper and pkcon complain about the same thing;21:15
juicemeFile '/repodata/repomd.xml' not found on medium ''21:15
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drFaustrolljuiceme: you added the wrong thing21:31
drFaustrollthis is what needs to be added21:31
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LitewdrFaustroll: mlsdb geoclue needs Mozilla API dev key to work, doesn't it?22:49
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