Monday, 2016-08-15

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saidinesh5tmp.mount: Directory /tmp to mount over is not empty, mounting anyway. .. could this be causing any issues?06:41
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saidinesh5Also Aug 15 10:46:56 Sailfish systemd[1]: Job dev-mmcblk0p22.device/start timed out. (where /lib/systemd/system/firmware.mount:#     mount vfat /dev/mmcblk0p22 )06:44
saidinesh5and Aug 15 10:46:56 Sailfish systemd[1]: Job dev-mmcblk0p21.device/start timed out. (where /lib/systemd/system/persist.mount:# /dev/mmcblk0p21      /persist        ext4   ) ...06:45
saidinesh5but i see both of them mounted in the booted system..06:46
saidinesh5 as  /dev/mmcblk0p21 on /persist type ext4 (rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,nomblk_io_submit,nodelalloc,errors=panic,data=ordered) and /dev/mmcblk0p22 on /firmware type vfat (ro,relatime,uid=1000,gid=1000,fmask=0337,dmask=0227,codepage=cp437,iocharset=iso8859-1,shortname=lower,errors=remount-ro)06:47
saidinesh5so i am guessing they are handled by systmed-remount-fs06:56
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juicemedrFaustroll, thanks!08:07
drFaustrollLitew: I have no idea... but works08:08
drFaustrolljuiceme: np08:12
juicemeactually I think now what's the problem;08:14
juicemeI was told it is possibly slow to lock because A-GPS does not work08:14
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juicemeI thought it should work since the device sees the satellites, but actually it is just so; satellites are found but lock is not achieved until it can download the ephemerals and if it is done from satellites, it is *slow*08:16
juicemeso now I need to know how to get the device to connect to a satellite info provider via network.08:17
ghosalmartinjuiceme: theres a project somewhere about it...08:18
ghosalmartinkimmoli ^^08:18
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saidinesh5need to debug what's causing this heisenbug.. sensors + audio failing at times..08:26
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drFaustroll_juiceme: I have no idea since i look on aqua fish and locks fast nicely on the right location10:51
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r0kk3rzjuiceme: my agps was utterly terrible until i installed sailfish-maps13:00
r0kk3rzbut that was pre-earlyaccess release13:00
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saidinesh5so my logcat is being flooded by : .. error about fastcharging and error about failure to initialize /dev/adsprpc-smd14:28
saidinesh5openat(AT_FDCWD, "/dev/adsprpc-smd", O_RDONLY|O_NONBLOCK|O_LARGEFILE) = -1 EPERM (Operation not permitted) specifically at that call from strace14:29
mal-saidinesh5: what permissions does that device have?14:30
saidinesh5the permissions for that file : crw-rw---- 1 system media 241, 0 Aug 15 14:25 /dev/adsprpc-smd14:30
saidinesh5same as android mal-14:31
mal-saidinesh5: try changing it and see if the error goes away14:31
mal-saidinesh5: is that adsprpc-smd somewhere in /init*.rc14:32
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* saidinesh5 checks14:32
saidinesh5only / adsprpcd /system/bin/adsprpcd this mal-14:32
saidinesh5the daemon which is crashing on me14:32
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saidinesh5and nope mal- changing the file permissions doesnt seem to work14:33
mal-saidinesh5: what user is that running as?14:33
saidinesh5service adsprpcd /system/bin/adsprpcd    class main   user media    group media14:34
juicemer0kk3rz, I *do* have sailfish-maps installed :)14:35
saidinesh5also mal- openat(AT_FDCWD, "/system/lib/", O_RDONLY|O_LARGEFILE|O_CLOEXEC) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory) could be related ... i dont have that file.14:36
juicemeand the maps behave just like other GPS dependant applications; it takes 10 minutes befor GPS gets lock and starts to feed location to apps...14:36
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saidinesh5mal-: full strace:
juicemeso does anyone know what package provides AGPS?14:37
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juicemeand how to debug whetehr it is working correctly?14:37
mal-probably not working, it needs some servers which are open, not sure if it's possible to configure those in the current middleware14:40
mal-there is going to be an alternative for that, cell tower based location service, not yet fully operational though14:40
juicememal-, how is agps working for everybody else then??14:41
mal-it's not14:41
mal-in ported devices14:41
juicemehow do people cope with it then... it takes AGES to get a lock14:42
mal-they wait14:42
juicememmh... what about what r0kk3rz says; 16:00 < r0kk3rz> juiceme: my agps was utterly terrible until i installed sailfish-maps14:42
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mal-I haven't installed sailfish-maps on any ported device as that cannot be included in the image anyway14:43
r0kk3rzjuiceme: sorry i forgot what channel im in, i was talking jollac14:44
juicemer0kk3rz, wot!14:44
juicemeahh, so it is an "official" device and not a port14:44
juicemewell that makes sense14:44
r0kk3rzsorry for confusion14:44
juicemenp :)14:44
juicemebut hey, anyway, agps needs just a provider which feeds the ephemerals to the GPS engine, right?14:45
juicemeso there's no reason it could not be done in the open14:46
juicemeor am I mistaken there...?14:46
r0kk3rzjuiceme: there was notes in the latest release about moving to Mozilla AGPS rather than HERE14:48
juicemeyes I saw that, but am not sure about the meaning, wasn't that something else than AGPS, rather some WLAN-id type positioning..?14:49
mal-the online mode of that is not yet available though14:49
mal-juiceme: it's cell tower and wlan-database based system14:50
juicemebut I mean, that is different than AGPS (something that works even without GPS hardware, getting location based on the nearby beacons you hear)14:51
juicemeAGPS is getting the ephemerals via HTTP query rather than decoding them off from the satellite subcarrier14:51
juicemesince the bandwith of the SSBC is just few bytes per second14:52
juicemeso that means, it should be doable just laike that14:52
tbrjuiceme: that's a package deal. HERE offers GNSS augumentation as a one stop location thing. They compute based on cell network characteristics, WiFi SSIDs, etc. They also provide the device with AGPS data in the form of almanac, ephemeris data, etc.14:53
mal-you still would need some source for the info14:53
tbralso the on device GPS will use the approximate location reported by the location system server to jumpstart itself.14:54
tbrit's quite intertwined14:55
tbrif Jolla is switching to the Mozilla service, then I would actually expect a degradation of performance. If it will be noticeable to the end user, I'm not sure.14:56
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horuxanhave new rom for moto g 2 ?14:59
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juicemetbr, I get that.15:07
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juicemea question; if previous location is stored and an up-to-date ephemerals would be loaded from network, how much would that speed up the GPS locking?15:08
juicemecompared to current situation which is (I guess) no previous location is used, and ephemerals downloaded from satellite stream?15:09
tbrif you compare against a cold start of a gps with bad antenna (all smartphones have horrible GNSS antennas), then the difference can be massive.15:12
juicemegood, thought so.15:13
juicemeso even that would help, without cell-based/wlan-based augmentation15:13
juicemenext question, is it doable DIY?15:13
juicemeI guess there's an interface in hybris to push ephemerals to the engine15:14
juicemeor if not, it could be provided15:14
tbron most smartphone chipsets, probably no. unless there is some way to feed data in sideways through the remains of android AND the GNSS firmware supports this (most will)15:15
tbralso there is one gps chipset by qualcomm, that's getting open source drivers. it's on the dragonboard410c15:15
juicemewell it *has* to be posible, or else how the official SW does it?15:16
tbrthey haven't implemented any augmentation yet though15:16
tbrI'm not familiar enough with the android innards. It might just be possible to point them back at the google AGPS servers.15:17
juicemewell, think of cyanogenmod or the basic SW package of nexus-5 for example15:17
juicemeunless I am mistaken, you *do* get AGPS with both?15:17
tbra lot of the GPS stuff is closed source binaries15:18
juicemeyes, using google for AGPS is fine15:18
tbrI have no idea how android propagates this information15:18
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juicemewho might know about these things, any idea?15:18
tbrcyanogenmod platform developers15:19
tbrmaybe some of the XDA binary patching brigade (yes, I generalize)15:19
juicemesince it is trarting to look like *somebody* needs to do this and usually that is the guy who has the biggest pains without it :)15:19
juicemeyes, I will try to look that way then.15:20
tbrbtw, note that you'll probably have to sidestep the geoclue side of things for this15:20
juicemeI expect it will be fairly low level thing15:21
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yacukenI want to ask. What about adding timer to yesno func here ? start building mw and go to make tea (:16:21
rinigus-myacuken: I've replaced it with plain yes (calling true) in my tree. best for tea16:33
yacukenrinigus-m: sometime I don't need to rebuild packages.16:36
horuxanplease one exemple for port sailfish16:38
horuxanone script16:38
horuxanno understand hadk16:38
horuxanim change one script hadk16:38
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horuxanwhit one's lines error16:38
horuxancommand not found16:38
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horuxanexample mic16:38
horuxanplease, have one script complete, for my change for my device ?16:39
horuxanthanks ..16:39
yacukenhoruxan: u call mic from mersdk?16:39
horuxanmic on final script16:40
horuxanno build16:40
horuxandownload whit curl ubuntu-trusty and mer-sdk16:40
horuxanand jolla.bz216:40
horuxanwhit on compile16:40
horuxanwhit debian and ubuntu16:40
horuxanno compile16:40
horuxanhave one script complete16:40
horuxanfor my change for my device ?16:40
horuxanplease ..16:40
yacukenhoruxan: hadk is written as a detective. there is a plot and main characters (mersdk & habuild_sdk). very easy to read.16:44
horuxanim removed +verbose to echo16:45
horuxanim removed exec bash, script stop in this row16:45
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horuxanadd mountpoints16:45
horuxanand xml16:45
yacukeninstall mersdk. go to it. install habuild_sdk. go to it. build droid peace. go to mersdk. build mw packages. create fs with mic. smile.16:45
horuxanhow to link ?16:46
horuxanno on google 1 page16:46
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yacukenhoruxan: u remove this ?16:48
horuxanim basical recreate this script16:48
horuxanand no fix error16:48
horuxanchange all +verbose to echo16:49
horuxanadd name in git16:49
horuxanand error persist16:49
horuxanremove ubu-chroot16:49
horuxanno fix ubu-chroot16:49
horuxanno login16:49
horuxanand exit, stop script, im remove it's16:49
horuxanmy script16:50
horuxanmy not,for all16:51
horuxanwhit, no funcition16:51
horuxanno fix errors16:51
yacukenhoruxan: in ur script. line 25. alias sdk. not sdk only16:52
yacukenalso add back exec bash16:52
yacukenor not (if ur environment already reloaded)16:53
horuxanexec bash what line ?16:55
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horuxanotherwise the script is right?16:56
horuxanveery thanks bro16:56
horuxanadd exec bash what line w16:56
horuxanexec bash, error in terminal16:56
horuxanim use sh -x16:57
horuxanfor analisy16:57
yacukenin original script exec bash from line 26. needed for reload ~/.bashrc.16:57
yacukenalso look at this file. check MER_ROOT var. and alias sdk16:58
horuxanok ..16:58
horuxanmore change lines ?16:59
horuxanotherwise the script right ?16:59
horuxanthanks ..16:59
yacukenmay be. I don't use scripts like this. just follow hadk17:01
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horuxanunderstand ..17:04
horuxanmore hadk it's script17:04
horuxanor no ?17:04
horuxanim look on hadk17:04
horuxanthis commands present on hadk17:04
horuxanplease, sorry, you disponibilize you metod for my compilation ?17:05
horuxanvery please ...17:05
yacukenhoruxan: what mean "disponibilize"? my english is bad (:17:06
horuxanmake available, my Inglês is bad, sorry, your script or your method of carrying, could help me, it's hard to find someone to help this irc, thank you brother17:07
yacukenhoruxan: I follow this guide
horuxanubu-chroot funcion in debian ?17:15
horuxanon ubuntu package not found17:15
yacukenubu-chroot in mersdk17:16
horuxanubu-chroot -r $MER_ROOT/sdks/ubuntu17:19
horuxanin ubuntu no have ubu-chroot17:20
horuxanno have ubu-chroot17:20
yacukenno no no. u need to call ubu-chroot from mersdk17:20
horuxancould show me your ready hadk, for me to learn about, did not understand much hadk could show me a ready, I know I'm asking too much, is that the system is too new, there is almost no one to help, thank you ..17:21
yacukenfrom host type sdk (it's alias to $MER_ROOT/sdks/sdk/mer-sdk-chroot)17:21
yacukenur PS1 will be replaces with MerSDK $PS117:22
yacukenand than ubu-chroot -r $MER_ROOT/sdks/ubuntu17:22
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horuxanecho 'PS1="MerSDK $PS1"' >> ~/.mersdk.profile17:31
horuxanecho 'Mersdk="MerSDK $PS1"' >> ~/.mersdk.profile17:31
horuxanecho 'MerSDK="MerSDK $PS1"' >> ~/.mersdk.profile17:31
horuxanthis is ?17:31
horuxanplease, help17:37
yacukenno. follow hadk. step by step. and u will dive into wondeful world of sfos porting (:17:40
yacukenecho 'PS1="MerSDK $PS1"' >> ~/.mersdk.profile17:41
yacukenthis right17:41
horuxanok im change17:42
horuxan-know which brother problem is that taught one rapaizim 15 years as porting to my device, but he uses his favor and never available and I have no experience with script, and do not speak English, it would be easier, you no, you could analyze my port hadk and help me, make available using your nick, could it?17:43
yacukenjust follow official hadk. u don't need perfect english for this.17:50
yacukenif u already have worked cyanogenmod on ur device start from chapter 4.17:51
yacukenfollow step-by-step this guide. write .hadk.env, .mersdk.profile, .mersdkubu.profile. modify ur .bashrc by adding MER_ROOT var and alias to mer-sdk-chroot17:53
horuxanadd bro ..18:03
horuxanstop in exec bash18:04
yacukenu can restart terminal18:04
horuxansorry you time18:10
horuxanmore time18:10
horuxansorry, but it is the first time I post something, I'm trying to one week and not think help, could check the possible errors, I do not know what is going wrong ..18:11
horuxanand I see no line creating a zip sailfish18:11
yacukenjust remove this script. and follow hadk. srsly.18:15
yacukenthan ask if any error will happen18:16
Ingvixwhy does it show here that no one's actively porting grouper even though junnuvi is said to be on the job?18:18
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horuxanone question18:25
horuxanon hybris18:25
horuxanin confused18:25
horuxanhow to ?18:25
mal-hybris-13.0 does not work yet18:32
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horuxanhow to add row off hybris on this script ?19:35
horuxanveeeery pleease19:35
horuxanim never port os ..19:35
mal-what row? I cannot understand what the problem is?19:45
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horuxansequency correct w19:47
horuxanin the script ?19:47
horuxannow add hibris ?19:47
horuxanhow to add hybris on the script ?19:47
*** itbaron <itbaron!~kvirc@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)19:47
horuxansorry *hybris19:47
mal-I don't understand what you mean by hybris, what is that script? why are you not just following the HADK pdf?19:48
*** rinigus <rinigus!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:49
horuxanyes ..19:56
horuxanno understand this part19:56
horuxanone moment19:56
mal-what device are your trying to port?19:56
horuxanthis part im not understand ..19:58
*** elfio <elfio!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:58
mal-what part of that?19:59
horuxanadd repo init -u git:// -b cm-11.019:59
mal-horuxan: which device?20:00
horuxanmotorola titan20:00
horuxanin interessed for porting20:00
horuxanits new for my20:00
horuxanyou help me w20:00
horuxanim new here20:00
mal-there is already a sailfish port for titan20:04
horuxanI would like to learn behave could help me? if not too much disturbance20:06
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*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:08
mal-horuxan: why are you trying to make a script?20:08
horuxanto carry a zip sailfish20:09
mal-horuxan: easier to just run the commands as instructed in HADK pdf20:09
horuxanbut not by script? as a port without using script?20:09
mal-I have never made a script20:10
mal-I just run the commands as instructed20:11
horuxanon terminal20:16
horuxanone for one ?20:16
mal-horuxan: notice that MER_SDK $ is not a command, it's telling which enviroment the next commands should be run, you will what is the current environment in the commandline20:21
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horuxanyou help me for the process20:36
horuxanin moment download mer-sdk20:37
horuxanone question you help me ?20:37
*** ahjolinna <ahjolinna!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)20:42
*** ahjolinna <ahjolinna!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:42
horuxanin hadk 2.120:52
horuxanhow to command ?20:52
*** krnlyng|mobile <krnlyng|mobile!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:52
mal-horuxan: just skip that, you can reuse the repos made for titan before if you want later on20:56
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