Wednesday, 2016-09-07

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nh1402_workghosalmartin: long time, how's things09:06
ghosalmartinnh1402_work: morning, hectic, you?09:10
nh1402_workghosalmartin: back at work after 3 and a bit weeks off, haven't used a laptop or driven a car during that time either, and good news at work that I won't be working on the iOS app for a while, been put on to something else.09:17
ghosalmartinnh1402_work: seems like great news, although am tempted to venture to the dark side(swift)09:17
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nh1402_workghosalmartin: Contrary to what you might think you're actually not tempted at all.09:29
ghosalmartinnh1402_work: it would be useful to know09:30
nh1402_workIt would but don't let the bad code practice of swift dribble out to other programming languages.09:32
nh1402_workghosalmartin: ^09:32
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ghosalmartinnh1402_work: what kinda bad practices?09:33
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nh1402_workghosalmartin: not using semi colons, how loops and if statements work09:36
ghosalmartinI don't use semi colons in Kotlin, doesn't seem to be that big an issue09:37
nh1402_workghosalmartin: did you manage to make any progress on the aarch64 front then?, using it as your main device?09:52
ghosalmartinnh1402_work: i wish, well zypper is now working, so next step is to fix a few middleware packages breaking, then fix whatevers up with obs, package it all up, throw it into a tar and see what we get09:53
ghosalmartinto just get systemd starting would be nice09:53
nh1402_workghosalmartin: what was the problem with zypper in the end?10:07
ghosalmartinnh1402_work: the host side zypper wasn't updated10:07
nh1402_workghosalmartin: I thought that was one of the first things you checked when you found that it wasn't working10:20
ghosalmartinnh1402_work: no i updated the zypper on the target10:20
ghosalmartinand that still broke, because the Mer SDK zypper i was using was out of date10:20
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divis1969I've found that ubuntu-touch does not use ldsyscalls in the bionic for 5.1.1 branch:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/phablet-5.1.1_r3611:57
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divis1969So they do not have build issue for 64 platform (libc_common.a(__bionic_clone.o)(.text+0x18): un11:59
divis1969resolvable R_AARCH64_CONDBR19 relocation against symbol `__set_errno_internal') which I have on sailfish11:59
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horuxanan> hi all12:34
horuxan<horuxan> good morning12:34
horuxan* dharman ( entrou12:34
horuxan<horuxan> im have error on sudo mkdir -p $ANDROID_ROOT12:34
horuxan<horuxan> mkdir: missing operand12:34
horuxan<horuxan> one people have idea to fix this error w12:34
horuxan<horuxan> ?12:34
divis1969you seems did not define that ANDROID_ROOT12:37
horuxanim now12:54
horuxanchown: missing operand after "mynick"12:55
horuxanhave idea divis196912:55
divis1969what is the command?12:56
horuxansudo chown -R $USER $ANDROID_ROOT12:58
divis1969ANDROID_ROOT is not defined again13:02
sledges2.0.2 is out \o/13:11
sledgesPSA ^13:11
sledgesdrFaustroll_: TheRealJohnGalt[: how's things? :D13:11
saidinesh5sledges: so i can finally put my image on xda and nag them to help me fix the bugs?!13:13
sledgesyacuken: awesome! i forgot to ask you if you would like to build bacon on OBS please?
sledgessaidinesh5: one yes :) also I think you asked me (via ghosalmartin) earlier how to stop re-downloading big android repos: repo init --mirror flag might come in handy for you :) first repo init --mirror ... in a separate folder (and repo sync), afterwards repo init PATH to that folder13:15
* saidinesh5 facepalms13:15
saidinesh5exactly half way through redownloading my CM13 clone now!13:15
saidinesh51Mbps connection ftw13:16
nh1402_worksaidinesh5: wait, your base is CM13?13:16
saidinesh5nope.. trying to port multirom to CM13 based rom13:16
nh1402_work1Mbps or 1MBps/13:16
saidinesh5Mbps.. download speed of 110KBps. finished my Data cap of 50GB this month already . so from 10Mbps to 1Mbps now13:17
nh1402_workthat must feel like a real kick in the pants13:18
saidinesh5oh it does. started the 13GB download yesterday night. still at 43%13:18
horuxanother error on repo init -u git: fatal13:19
horuxanCouldn't find remote ref refs/heads/master13:19
horuxanhave idea to fix it ?13:19
saidinesh5horuxan: could youpaste that full error? sounds like you specified a wrong "revision" for that repo13:20
nh1402_worksaidinesh5: ISP's having terrible infrastructure and have extortionate pricing where you are then?13:21
saidinesh5i actually downgraded my plan to the (10Mbps for ~10$ ) here because i was working in another city where it was (10Mbps for 50$) .. moved back here but already paid for this 10Mbps plan for 6months.. so stuck with it13:23
saidinesh5otherwise there is a 60Mbps plan not too expensive here...13:24
saidinesh5interesting.. i was on a build. how do i upgrade my scratchbox target to ?13:26
sledgessaidinesh5: ssu release; version --dup13:27
sledgessaidinesh5: but that version delta has no API/ABI breakages, so might as well not do that13:28
saidinesh5Ahh so i just download and extract the new image?13:28
sledgesthere isn't one yet:)13:29
sledgesjust use .48 target as before13:29
saidinesh5Ahh.. aye13:29
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saidinesh5that link says not found horuxan13:35
saidinesh5you forgot to add branch there13:41
saidinesh5repo init -u git:// -b hybris-11.0 .. something like that. which device are you trying to port to horuxan?13:42
saidinesh5the available branches are: hybris-10.1 , hybris-11.0, hybris-12.1 , and hybris-13.0(is supposed to be not ready yet)13:43
saidinesh5the version numbers reflecting cyanogenmod's versions btw.13:43
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yacukensledges: sure. but... it is hard ( i'm never working with obs (: )14:15
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sledgesyacuken: first please create mer account if you haven't got one yet via and then log in to https://build.merproject.org14:35
entilfunny shit, 65M swap and vm.swappiness = 40 also eats away at caches and behaves otherwise as aversely to swapping as 12814:39
entiland of course this was the wrong channel, sorry, disregard14:39
yacukensledges: done14:41
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sledgesyacuken: congrats! you're the maintainer now :)
sledgesnow follow from line 394 and in a bit you should be able to create an image \o/14:43
* yacuken woohoo (:14:43
sledgesyacuken: i will be able to test that image in a few days too :)14:44
sledgesgot bacon here ;)14:44
sledgesfeel free to build image ;)14:45
* yacuken too many buttons O_o14:55
yacukensledges: repositories -> add repositories -> and then (pick one... -> nemo:devel:hw:commom)?14:55
mal-sledges: now that is out maybe it's time to clean the common repos on obs again or at least limit build of some of dependency stuff only to lower versions15:03
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sledgesyacuken: yep, many buttons, but only for today :D once setup, you shouldn't get back to it;) and oops you're right, first you have to add sfos repo; updated pp ;)15:06
sledgesmal-: good idea!15:07
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mal-sledges: I'll need to compare the versions on common repo to those on jolla c and then decide what to do for each package, also by looking at commit history of those15:28
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sledgesmaybe such script could be handier:)15:37
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mal-sledges: there is only a dozen packages so not that much15:39
sledgessure, just looking long term15:39
entilmal-: File '/repodata/repomd.xml' not found on medium ''15:43
entilwas this not correct?15:43
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mal-entil: devel doesn't have version specific targets only sailfish_latest_armv7hl15:45
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entilok, I just remembered that it was devel and REELASE=
entilthe wiki instructions would work a-ok if I ssu rr extra and use RELEASE=latest then?15:46
entilwith devel instead of testing, of course15:47
mal-entil: not like that, RELEASE should be but in the repos you need to replace RELEASE with latest_armv7hl15:48
mal-entil: devel is a little different15:48
entilah ok15:48
entilwhat's the change from to btw? is this a jolla patch whose changelog I can easily find?15:49
mal-not very easy to find, just some small but important bug fixes between those version15:50
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entilI'm doing an upgrade to first, though I doubt that's necessary. just something I thought I'd do in the mean while15:53
mal-entil: do nto do that15:54
mal-no reason to go to
entilit's already upgrading, but I can do the next step without rebooting in between15:54
entilI did this because I wasn't sure if you'd be online, and it doesn't matter that much ;)15:55
yacukensledges: I need to write spec file manually? Or...?15:55
yacukensledges: like this15:55
sledgesyacuken: yes, just replace device name; source0 looks irrelevant15:57
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entiland it's not "latest" but "latest_armv7hl"16:00
yacukensledges: same source name for droid-hal-iyokan (example on hadk-faq-v2)16:00
entiland it's not "sailfishos_latest_armv7hl" but "sailfish_latest_armv7hl"16:02
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sledgesyacuken: then definitely irrelevant :D16:04
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yacukensledges: check please16:26
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* yacuken successfully build droid-hal-bacon on obs. wipes sweat from forehead16:41
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mal-yacuken: you are missing some configuration for bacon on obs17:28
mal-yacuken: you need change the project config to something like this
yacukenmal-: already found this. thanks17:33
mal-yacuken: you are missing some parts of that17:35
yacukenmal-: correct?17:37
mal-looks ok now17:37
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yacukenlbt: ping17:41
yacukenfaq say ask u for "patternize" nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:bacon17:43
yacukenand one more question17:46
yacukenthis package need to be created manually?17:47
mal-yacuken: that will appear when the patterns are updated17:47
yacukenmal-: ah. ok17:48
mal-yacuken: if you join #mer-boss you can monitor such things17:48
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yacukenmal-: many thanks (:17:51
mal-yacuken: maybe trigger rebuild of some package so maybe then the patterns are updated, not sure if that was needed17:51
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ruthenianboysledges: Hi sledges. Are you there?18:48
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sledgesruthenianboy i am now, but you not:)21:58
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sledgesyacuken: _pattern is now there (i made it happen by deleting droid-config-bacon binaries [by clicking its "sailfish_..._armv7hl"] which caused a rebuild, and patternisation action too:)22:21
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