Thursday, 2016-09-08

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yacukensledges: cool. thanks (:04:23
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kimmoliyacuken: how you pushed 0 commits?04:56
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yacukenkimmoli: where?05:14
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kimmoli07:53 < merbot> 0 commit(s) pushed by yacuken to master branch of
yacukenkimmoli: ah this. commit, than revert at once (my mistake). than remove this commit\revert06:05
yacukenI think merbot fell behind me (:06:06
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kimmoliah ok.06:18
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yacukenhow to update package on obs? or it's need a time?06:28
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* yacuken afk07:01
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sledgesyacuken_zz: tag the git repo (create new release), for example here:
sledgeswebhook will then trigger automatic rebuild on obs (and it will have a nice version on RPM, not some mater+asidua1asoiu4ouvioub+git+20161234456 :)07:41
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nh1402_worklooks like someone is working on a CM rom for the Axon 7, only problem being the unlockable bootloader is only for Americans09:35
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drFaustrollsledges: crazy busy... conference season10:24
drFaustrollthen holiday...10:24
sledgesdrFaustroll: i heard sfdroid it not rock solid on cm12 still :{10:24
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt[: ^10:24
sledgesi.e. not ship shape10:24
nh1402_worksledges: I have not been around for 3 weeks so I have no idea what's been going on, on that front.10:26
nh1402_workbut now since I'm back I can get back to work on my bit for sfdroid.10:29
sledgesnh1402_work: krnlyng  told me android is not sleeping when it should on mako at least10:29
sledgesballock: rinigus ^10:29
sledges!seen piggz10:30
merbotsledges: piggz was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 1 week, 4 days, 22 hours, 10 minutes, and 56 seconds ago: <piggz> douglasbritox: im not sure I follow you ..... are you still having a build problem?  the 2 ways to fix it are to supply the dependancy, or remove the dependancy by editing that file that is somewhere on your computer, under hybris/droid-configs/patterns/10:30
rinigusnh1402_work, sledges: re sleeping: no, android is sleeping. I just hit another sfos bug since I was testing it away from home, without net [that bug is fixed now, ]. there are issues with sleep, as I was told by krnlyng, but not pathological insomnia.10:33
sledgesrinigus: ok, sounds calming;)10:35
sledgesgood job on bug! so you'll roll your own buteo in :common now? ;)10:35
rinigusnh1402_work, sledges: on mako, CM12-based, sfdroid does not qualify for rock-solid, that's for sure. we had an idea to use the same CM12.1 base, so that should help to use the same sfdroid patches across several devices. I used falcon12 tree.10:35
sledgesfor us to use10:35
sledgesyet ultimate hurdle for hammerhead is: we can't really host TheRealJohnGalt['s brewed sfdroid-ready cm zip on devaamo10:36
sledgesso need some other way to patch base (
sledgesthanks tbr for clarifying devaamo case10:36
rinigussledges: ballock was looking into making binary diff between CM12.1 that is released by CM and the one we could use. we'd like to roll out that 'updated' CM without vendor blobs as a part of SFOS image.10:37
mal-sledges: what changes does that custom cm image have?10:37
rinigussledges: that technique should be possible to use for n5 as well10:38
tbryes, if there is a way to just distribute an "overlay", which consists of open source and redistributable data, that would be so much nicer10:38
rinigusmal-: for us, its use of a newer CM12.1 release, yog7d. n4 and n5 had earlier releases. as a result, you'd have to make all hybris and sfdroid patches work on that. alternative is to join forces and use yog7d for several devices10:40
mal-yes, I remember that some devices use older cm release10:41
rinigustbr: overlay is an idea. it should also work with multirom - so we are limited to 2 images (CM official and SFOS). SFOS we control and should be able to incorporate our CM overlay10:41
tbrrinigus: I just meant the concept. No idea about actual implementation :)10:42
rinigussledges: re buteo: I'd recommend very much to use an updated version. so far, I have seen only improvement of cpu sleep and I haven't encountered any problems. if someone could put it in common, that would be great. and it would make ported devices better that the released ones who would have to wait till 2.0.4 :)10:44
sledgesrinigus: how about you put it there? what's your obs username? ;)10:49
mal-sledges: rinigus I'm already adding that10:50
rinigussledges: I have never used OBS and, realistically, I just don't have time to do that for few weeks for sure. sorry guys ...10:51
rinigusmal-: too soon :)10:51
sledgesrinigus: no probs ,)10:52
sledgesand thanks mal-!10:52
tortoisedoc2.0.4 :O11:06
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ruthenianboysledges: Hi. Ping me back if you are availabe11:58
sledgesruthenianboy: on and off12:01
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ruthenianboysledges: just curious what is currenc situation around harbour for ported devices. And if possible, I would like to get access to harbour with my dev. So I need your help :)12:03
drFaustrollsledges: I have no idea on that side12:05
sledgesruthenianboy: it's not ready, please stay tuned ;) we're working on something big, that enabling ported devices will be part of that;)12:11
ruthenianboysledges: could you reveal litle bit more info about that? :)12:14
TheKitghosalmartin, you might want to sync with Ubuntu version12:16
TheKitdoing this fixed segfault on OnePlus 2 for me with 32-bit userspace12:16
ghosalmartinTheKit: have there been changes?12:16
StskeepsTheKit: the qcom shader crash?12:17
nh1402_workruthenianboy: this is where speculation comes in12:17
ghosalmartinStskeeps: looking at the commits nothing in there about it12:18
TheKitno, unfortunately, this is CM1212:18
sledgesruthenianboy: that's enough for the time being;) just for you to understand to be patien;)12:18
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ruthenianboysledges: np. Just tried. So line 150 of hadk-faq-v2 is not applicable right now?12:29
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nh1402_worksledges: how is qt5.6 migration going? could we be looking to see it in an upcoming update?, or is it still a few months away?13:05
horuxanhi all13:08
horuxanon the repo13:08
horuxanthe folder android/droid13:08
horuxanor android/droid/.repo ?13:08
saidinesh5the .repo/ contains all the manifest files you need and the project objects used by git..13:09
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sledgesnh1402_work: looking good13:48
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nh1402_worksledges: any date set?13:54
sledgesnh1402_work: has it ever been? ;))13:56
sledgesbut you get brownie points for trying:))13:56
iAmVilleHmm, why aren't there any armv8(aarch64) adaptions of libhybris yet?13:58
iAmVilleThe only 64bit device i see is a redmi  which uses 32bit proprietary libs13:58
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nh1402_worksledges: last I heard was "a few months time" at the meeting iirc, and now it's been a few months time.14:00
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sledgesiAmVille: ghosalmartin started port on Nexus 5x, long journey yet way under way already14:02
sledgesspeaking of which14:03
sledges14:57 < divis1969> I've found that ubuntu-touch does not use ldsyscalls in the bionic for 5.1.1 branch:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/phablet-5.1.1_r3614:03
sledgesStskeeps: ^14:03
sledges14:59 < divis1969> So they do not have build issue for 64 platform (libc_common.a(__bionic_clone.o)(.text+0x18): un14:03
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sledges..resolvable R_AARCH64_CONDBR19 relocation against symbol `__set_errno_internal') which I have on sailfish14:07
ghosalmartinsledges: ubuntu fixed that by getting rid of the code causing the issue14:08
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sledgesghosalmartin: the reason i'm pinging Stskeeps: :)14:12
ghosalmartinsledges: its the issue thats plagued aarch64 since i first started working on an n5x port14:12
sledgesstarted from >=cm1214:13
sledgesunrelated: why are there two of these commits? :)
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sledgeshybris-13.0 looks fine14:13
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ghosalmartinfine how?14:14
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sledgesghosalmartin: just talking about the unrelated thing; the duplication of that commit is probably due to rebase
ghosalmartinohh, git issues14:14
sledgesyea kinda14:15
sledgesanyhow, Stskeeps is your man on that patchwork14:15
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divis1969does it means that commit from hybris-13.0 can be used on hybris-12.1 to successfully build aarch64 on 12.1?14:16
sledgesdivis1969: nope14:17
sledgesit's the same commit14:17
sledgesi just noticed that on 12 is committed twice in the log14:17
sledgesalong with other mer patches14:17
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divis1969  and differs and the issue with R_AARCH64_CONDBR19 can be fixed on 13.014:20
ghosalmartin<divis1969>: have ubuntu made any other changeS? or just disabled the libdsyscalls patch?14:20
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divis1969I do not know - I'm new for ubuntu and new to sailfish :-) , I've just found this difference.14:22
ghosalmartinah fair enough14:22
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TheKitgot GUI running on OnePlus 2/hybris-12.1 :)14:23
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ghosalmartinon aarch64?14:24
TheKit32-bit libs14:25
ghosalmartinshame the 5x doesn't have cm12.114:26
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sledgesdivis1969: mal- ported to hybris-13.0, probably changed as needed to apply the patch14:29
sledgesTheKit: \o/14:29
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nh1402_workghosalmartin: ah yes, the lg g4 port you tried didn't work14:51
ghosalmartinnh1402_work: well i was porting cm12 to nexus 5x, using lg g4 binaries, it didnt og well14:52
dr_gogeta86ghosalmartin, doesn't use that s*it14:55
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marmistrz_ghosalmartin: ping14:59
TheKitis there any way to determine what cm13 changes break libhybris? maybe by building cm12/cm13 hybrid15:00
ghosalmartinmarmistrz: hey up15:01
marmistrz_We talked about the aarch64 Sailfish15:01
marmistrz_Did you heard about the Turing Phone Cadenza?15:01
ghosalmartinturing sounds like a joke15:04
ghosalmartinor crazy15:04
ghosalmartinor high15:04
ghosalmartinpick the most logical sounding one15:05
nh1402_workmarmistrz_: not that vaporware scam junk that's supposedly going to get 2 to 4 SoCs to talk to each other over a wireless standard through USB15:05
ghosalmartinam curious how jollas been dealing with them15:08
marmistrz_Yep, doubt anyone'd buy it.15:08
marmistrz_But they want Snapdragon 830.15:08
marmistrz_99% sure it'll be aarch6415:08
marmistrz_So I'm curious too whether they have talked about it with Jolla.15:09
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marmistrz_Besides, I doubt it'll work :P15:09
marmistrz_It may be worth to talk with Jolla folks on the community meeting anyway, since if they want to license sfos to any higher-end phones, they'll need aarch64 compat anyway15:11
ghosalmartinits more curious why Jolla are lending their name and product to what seems to be a bit of a scam15:11
nh1402_workwell if they are indeed going to release an Snapdragon 820 version by the end of the year, then Jolla should be working with them to get aarch64 compatibility15:12
marmistrz_Turing wants to ship Cadenza in 2017 and the not yet released Snap 83015:13
nh1402_workyeah but they also said they wanted to release an 820 version of the "original" Turing phone, if such a thing even exists.15:13
nh1402_workby the end of 2016 iirc15:14
marmistrz_Yep, that's true.
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marmistrz_Anyone of you plans to attend the next community meeting?15:18
ghosalmartinwhen is it?15:18
marmistrz_tjc says that 3rd Oct 201615:19
marmistrz_09:00 UTC15:19
ghosalmartinif am online :)15:21
marmistrz_The same for me, I'm not sure. Anyway, it'd be worth to ask on the meeting if Jolla is involved in any aarch64 stuff. As far as I looked through the irc logs, nothing on this subject15:27
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yacuken_zzsledges: thanks. that's what I need15:28
*** yacuken_zz is now known as yacuken15:29
nh1402_workmarmistrz_: I think it's been asked previously, although I don't remember the answer or how long ago it was asked.15:30
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ghosalmartinmarmistrz_: i assume simple its not a priority at the moment because they have other stuff to do :P15:57
ghosalmartinmarmistrz: ^^15:57
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yacukenkimmoli: ping16:42
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akhilhi, can anyone help me in porting sailfish to my redmi note 3?16:48
akhili don't know much about rom porting16:48
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mal-akhil: looks like that device only has cyanogenmod 13.0 available, currently sailfish porting is not possible, only up to cm 12.1, there is work being done to make porting also cm-13.0 possible but not ready yet16:52
akhilmal: thanks, i just wanted to ask if it is possible with unofficial cyanogenmod 12.1. (link:
mal-akhil: if you can find the sources for that then it might be possible16:58
mal-akhil: do you have which version of that device, there seems to be two versions, qualcomm and mediatek17:00
akhilmal: i have the qualcomm version.17:02
mal-akhil: that's good, those are easier to port17:03
akhilmal: i found the source for that rom too17:03
mal-akhil: that link you gave seems to be for mediatek version17:03
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akhilmal: sorry about that, here is the link for qualcomm
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mal-akhil: using that unofficial cm12.1 it should be possible to port17:06
mal-akhil: but I only see the cm13.0 branches in the source repos listed there17:07
akhilmal: it's source link is dead. i'll try contacting the developer.17:07
akhilmal: can you give me instructions?17:08
mal-akhil: this is the basic guide for porting
mal-akhil: and if there are problems then this channel can help17:09
akhilmal: thank you a lot!17:10
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marmistrzwhat's the progress on cm-13.0 hybris?17:15
mal-akhil: just noticed a problem with your device17:16
mal-akhil: maybe, sailfish currently only works with 32-bit android afaik17:17
akhilmal: ohh, i hope sailfish support 64-bit android devices soon. thanks for the details17:19
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marmistrzakhil: there was a talk about aarch64 Sailfish today and yesterday. See the IRC logs.17:22
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marmistrzor maybe was it today and on Tuesday? For sure, twice.17:22
TheKitakhil, it should be possible if the device has cm12.117:22
TheKitbut not straightforward for now17:23
mal-TheKit: any idea what TARGET_2ND_ARCH in means?17:23
mal-TheKit: that device seems to have both arm64 and arm targets17:23
TheKitmine (oneplus2) too actually: := arm17:24 := armv7-a-neon17:24
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TheKitI thought all the aarch64 devices have arm as second ARCH17:24
TheKitand on Intel devices they also set it to ARM for houdini17:25
mal-TheKit: there seems to be both 32 and 64 libs in the zip, kernel is 64 bit17:25
*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:25
TheKitat least 32-bit core and OpenGL libs are required for every device, otherwise it won't be able to launch old apps17:26
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kimmoliyacuken: pong17:39
*** tortoisedoc <tortoisedoc!5872b4a9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:40
tortoisedocTheKit :
tortoisedocalmost there17:41
tortoisedocnow i have exception on init..17:41
TheKitvxd392... I wonder why17:41
TheKitprobably due to kernel/hardware differences17:41
tortoisedocs/393 39217:41
tortoisedocwhats that?17:42
TheKithardware video decoder17:42
TheKitwell, you should be able to disable it to proceed for now17:42
yacukenkimmoli: your camera-settings-plugin. I'm trying to commonize it. and send u PR. but I can't find license17:44
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tortoisedocTheKit : related I guess?17:48
kimmolilicense is missing17:48
TheKityes, but that's for newer kernel17:49
*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:49
yacukenkimmoli: yep. remove hardcoded onyx- and load resolution file from /etc (can be added to sparce dir on droid-config)17:50
tortoisedocI should be able to see it from BIOS no?17:50
*** eyome <eyome!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:51
kimmoliyacuken: yep ok. make it look in settings if etc not found17:51
kimmoliand yacuken add license too :) pick one17:52
yacukenkimmoli: ah. and russian translation added too17:52
kimmolithats in transifex?17:54
yacukenkimmoli: yes. I copy and translate de version17:55
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tortoisedocTheKit : next one, lock_timer_base_isra17:58
TheKitno idea about it17:59
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Yaseenin the release for bacon , we will have ota support?18:18
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mal-sledges: I cleaned up the common repos, not sure what to do with some of the packages in testing, maybe downgrade to the versions of
mal-sledges: I mean for
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sledgesmal-: hmm that's more complex can of connotations :) it sure sounds proper, just adds downgrade/cleanup/upgrade maintenance overhead for every update23:02
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