Sunday, 2016-10-30

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RuUserNameHow can I turn on an accelerometer via lipstick option like as evdev? Accelerometer detected in /dev/input/event7 and /dev/input/js012:22
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yacukenRuUserName: look in evdev_trace for accelerometer sensor name. search in sysfs.12:55
yacukenand write sensorfw config. like this
sledgesyacuken: for OTA support expect big public, i'd say everything except BT, Hotspot, Gyro, Magneto, Haptics, RTC al., and FM radio (if avail)
sledgescan still call it alpha and OTA, if anything less than that13:10
RuUserNameand what about light sensor? He must be wrote in this config file?13:11
sledgesRuUserName: that's alsadaptor13:13
sledgesRuUserName: which device are you working on out of interest?13:17
yacukensledges: tab 2 espresso3g (on bottom of page)13:22
yacukenbtw. why sailfish startup wizard aks for wifi before account setup on bacon. and don't aks on tab 213:24
sledgesyacuken: looks like alpha to me (no camera/gps)13:24
sledgesyacuken: does tab 2 ask for wifi during normal device use? (and also when you click "Connect to Internet" on events view)13:25
yacukensledges: yes ): bug with view on camera (like with browser) and gps works when he wants. not me13:26
sledgesyacuken: rotation bug? mal- is on it13:26
yacukenon tab 2 choose lang -> time -> setup/skip account -> done13:27
RuUserNameAcer Aspire Switch 10 (cpu intel Atom z3735f (baytrail-T), wifi/bt rtl8723bs, accelerometer BMA150, sound bytcr_rt5640) I've try to make port without libhybris, with kernel 4.8.4, libdrm 2.4.71 kms plugin and mesa 12.0.1. And now sfos start and function normaly, however sometimes lipstick segfault and before fault I've seen "DeclarativeWindow::itemChange:160 - DeclarativeWindow::Item does not belong to a window unknown:61 -13:27
RuUserNamefile:///usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt5/main.qml:61: TypeError: Cannot read property 'switcherLayer' of null"13:27
yacukenon bacon choose lang -> connect to internet -> time -> setup/skip account -> done13:27
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sledgesyacuken: must be some race condition then if connect to internet works after suw13:30
sledgesRuUserName: congrats on your nice port! what was the first lipstick issue?13:31
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RuUserNamefirst segfault, which I asked a few days ago?13:43
yacuken can I change rtc to green Y?13:43
sledgesRuUserName: yes13:43
sledgesyacuken: it's about RTC alarms - do alarms set in sfos power on your device once their time comes13:44
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RuUserNameFirst issue was write right screen_rotation_angle 0 via dconf, thanks NeKit for this suggestion and for helps with port13:58
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yacukendevice should startup from powered off? >10 years ago I had phone with this feature. droid haven't this14:15
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RuUserNameAnyone knows how to fix my present lipstick fault?14:28
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haadrHi again, anyone know why I might be getting "Unexpected exception", "Receive: script died unexpectedly", "11-Resource temporarily unavailable" on zypper refresh in scratchbox? I'm following the hadk.14:55
haadrhm, refreshing just a single repo works.14:57
r0kk3rzmaybe lbt is breaking things15:00
sledgesRuUserName: can be enabled in kernel, all jolla devices have15:07
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sledgeshaadr: how much memory do you have on your host? `free -m`15:08
sledgesyacuken: can be enabled in kernel, all jolla devices have15:08
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sledgesRuUserName: last bit wasn't for you soz:)15:08
mal-yacuken: I have those wake up from alarm working on fp2 sailfish port15:09
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yacukenhmm... not work for me. ok. one more problem ):15:12
haadrsledges: huh, apparently only 448M free, though 12G available. Refreshing only mer-tools-rolling worked though, only the others give that error.15:15
sledgesyacuken: doesn't work for you on which device? do you have patched kernel?15:16
mal-yacuken: do you have something like this qcom,qpnp-rtc-alarm-pwrup in you kernel devicetree files15:17
sledgeshaadr: try closing few applications to get oom case out of the way15:17
yacukenon tab2. which patch I need? omap rtc was enabled15:17
yacukenmal-: it's on tab2. omap4430. without dt15:18
RuUserNameI dont understand, can you explain?15:19
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sledgesRuUserName: i mixed up the names: this answer was for yacuken: 17:07 < sledges> RuUserName: can be enabled in kernel, all jolla devices have15:23
sledgessorry about that:)15:23
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RuUserNameIt's allright15:26
sledgesRuUserName: about your lipstick crash: switchLayer is a non-error in logs, but DeclarativeWindow has been mentioned and hopefully solved if you search this channel logs15:26
* sledges signs out for now, happy porting! o/15:26
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ghosalmartinhow goes the android 6 port :)15:46
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haadr_hm running ssu in the Mer SDK gives me "ssu: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"15:54
haadr_(I mean sb2)15:55
mal-ghosalmartin: I have most things working except camera (which doesn't work in cm for my device)16:07
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mal-not sure yet about gps16:07
ghosalmartinmal: well test_gps was working from what i remember so hopefully shouldnt be too hard16:11
ghosalmartinalthough i could never get the glue to compile16:11
mal-yes, it seems to say tracking but I haven't yet seen any satellite data16:11
haadr_does anyone know how I would list the URL of a repository in zypper? I'm getting "Valid metadata not found at specified URL" when running, and I think it's related to me not being able to refresh those in sb2 for some reason.16:11
haadr_Nm, found it. Sorry for all the questions, but would anyone know why I get a "error while loading shared libraries:" when running ssu in sb2? Is there some step I need for binding the paths?16:15
mal-haadr_: try using ssu lr16:16
mal-haadr_: show the whole command you are using16:16
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haadr_Okay, first I had the error "Receive: script died unexpectedly" on running zypper ref in sb2. That turned out to be because the built-in repos are specified ala "plugin:ssu?repo=hotfixes". And ssu didn't execute because the the environment library path wasnt set/didn't include the necessary libs in the target folder structure. Is this a bug or did I skip some crucial step to set those env lib paths?16:20
haadr_I got it running by doing "export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./usr/lib" in sb2 in the target directory.16:21
mal-please give the whole command16:25
mal-there should be no need to use any exports16:26
mal-I use this sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -R -msdk-install ssu lr16:26
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haadr_yes, my whole command was at first "sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -R zypper ref --force", as per HADK. Which lead me down the rabbit hole of ssu not running inside sb2, due to the ssu binary not finding That was fixed by setting the libary path var inside sb2, which I've now fixed permanently by doing "sb2-config -t asus-Z00A-i486 setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /home/minion/mer/targets/asus-Z00A-i486/usr/lib"16:32
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haadr_For some reason the library path wasn't set in my sb2. I don't know why, but this way (by setting it), it works. I'm using the i486 sb2 target, not arm, maybe that's why...16:33
haadr_(* wasn't set in the sb2 target)16:34
haadr_(* also used the  -m sdk-install option, forgot that above)16:38
mal-haadr_: did you try that command I gave16:40
mal-that has always worked for me16:40
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mal-without any additional environment variables16:40
haadr_yes, though ty, that's what I started with and gave me error. Now that part works at any rate.16:53
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lbtr0kk3rz: what am I breaking? :)17:14
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r0kk3rzlbt: obs, but i think in this instance it was a local issue17:23
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mal-MSameer: sledges told that there was earlier some talk about adding a new config value somewhere what would define the native device orientation, I have some issues on a device with a landscape framebuffer, do you remember such talk?17:26
MSameermal-: I don't think i recall that17:26
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haadr_Any pointers on why I'm getting "No provider of 'pkgconfig(android-headers)' found." on
mal-that is provided by droid-hal-$DEVICE package, I think the devel one17:29
haadr_do I need to install the one it generated? "Wrote: <snip>/mer/android/droid/RPMS/droid-hal-Z00A-devel-0.0.6-201610301720.armv7hl.rpm"17:31
mal-it should be installed automatically17:31
haadr_actually, now I that I read that line, why is it generating armv7hl rpms if I've specified i486 as the architecture the whole time before this?17:31
mal-I assume you have properly set PORT_ARCH in ~/.hadk.env17:35
haadr_I hope, it's set to"i486". Though it says "# ARCH conflicts with kernel build" above that.17:36
haadr_(the kernel is x86, for the zenfone 2)17:37
mal-that is why we use PORT_ARCH and not ARCH17:37
haadr_Ah okay. But PORT_ARCH="i486" should be correct, no?17:38
haadr_everything else has worked thus far.17:39
mal-I think so17:39
mal-this is the first part where that is really used17:39
mal-haadr_: that is used on beginning of rpm/dhd/helpers/util.sh17:39
haadr_hm yeah there it says  ARCH="${PORT_ARCH:-armv7hl}"17:41
mal-so it should read PORT_ARCH and if it's empty then use armv7hl17:41
mal-haadr_: so you have: export PORT_ARCH="i486"17:42
mal-haadr_: try forcing it in that file and see what happens17:42
haadr_I added echo commands to the beginning of to print out the values of PORT_ARCH and ARCH and after that line both end up as i48617:44
haadr_(without forcing them)17:44
haadr_+ echo _target_cpu is armv7hl17:45
haadr_just found that in the beginning of the output...17:45
haadr_do you happen to know where that is set? the grep is slow....17:46
haadr_Success! (at least for now) Ty, defining device_target_cpu in droid-hal-$ did the trick.17:53
haadr_Still getting "No provider of 'pkgconfig(android-headers)' found." though17:54
mal-haadr_: you can define that in your .spec also I think17:54
haadr_Ah ok17:54
mal-that .inc is included from .spec17:55
mal-haadr_: did it now build i486 rpms17:55
haadr_ah that's where I actually added it, I get mixed up. Still not really familiar with this.17:55
haadr_yes now it built *i486.rpm packages17:56
haadr_at least alledgedly.17:56
haadr_Though it still fails, giving the above "no provider ... found" and "error: Failed build dependencies:" for ssu-kickstart-configuration-jolla, pkgconfig(android-headers) and Though it still fails, giving the above "no provider ... found" a17:57
mal-do you see that android-headers pkg-config file in the droid-hal-$DEVICE-devel package17:57
mal-could you pastebin the whole output of build_packages.sh17:57
haadr_yes thank you, one moment17:58
haadr_mal- :
mal-haadr_: please check the content of droid-hal-$DEVICE-devel package18:01
haadr_the rpm contains a ./usr/lib/pkgconfig/android-headers.pc18:06
haadr_Name: android-headers Description: Provides the headers for the droid system Version: 6.0.1 Cflags: -I/usr/lib/droid-devel/droid-headers18:07
haadr_what might also be weird is that the packages it lists as "Failed build dependencies" all end in i586, not i486...?18:11
mal-good point18:11
haadr_The failed build dependencies are: ssu-kickstart-configuration-jolla, pkgconfig(android-headers) and repomd-pattern-builder.18:13
haadr_Only repomd-pattern-builder is found by zypper search in the mer sdk.18:13
mal-try running sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -R -msdk-install zypper -n install droid-hal-$DEVICE-devel18:16
mal-although that should not be needed18:16
mal-maybe it's some issue with arch18:16
haadr_huh. The install in sb2 completed, and then at the end of it now asked me whether I wanted to upgrade droid-hal-Z00A-devel. It then proceeded to install that,  and then again failed with "No provider of 'pkgconfig(android-headers)' found" and the failing build dependencies as before..18:21
mal-check whzt you have in droid-local-repo18:22
haadr_I noticed this in the log: /usr/bin/pkg-config: /lib/ version `GLIBC_2.17' not found (required by /usr/bin/pkg-config). Important?18:23
mal-not sure18:23
haadr_content of droid-local-repo:
haadr_well, installin ssu-kickstart-configuration-jolla and repomd-pattern-builder in sb2 seems to have made those not be listed as failed dependencies anymore at least.18:29
haadr_running pkg-config in sb2 gives pkg-config: /lib/ version `GLIBC_2.17' not found (required by pkg-config)18:30
haadr_probably the issue...18:30
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haadr_I think it doesn't properly handle the paths. I also had the issue where I need to fix LD_LIBRARY_PATH.18:34
mal-yes, that could be the cause for the issue, but what is the reason18:35
haadr_Hm, I dont know. I followed the HADK pdf guide to set up everything...18:35
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mal-haadr_: just wondering, the sb2-init has some hardcoded arm stuff in it18:45
haadr_hm yeah. I'll double check everything I guess, maybe I did something incorrectly during set up of sb218:46
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haadr_mal- : I should use ./opt/cross/bin/i486-meego-linux-gnu-gcc instead of /opt/cross/bin/$PORT_ARCH-meego-linux-gnueabi-gcc, correct? There is no gcc with a filename containing gnueabi for i486.18:55
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mal-haadr_: you should use what is available19:00
TheKithaadr_, yes19:02
haadr_hm, yeah, I used that one. Tried initing sb2 again, same result.19:02
TheKitwhat is yours sb2 init command?19:03
mal-haadr_: did you change /usr/bin/qemu-arm-dynamic to something else19:03
TheKitjust removing it worked fine for me19:03
haadr_The first time I removed it19:03
haadr_since I couldnt find a qemu for i486 anyways...19:04
TheKitrunning qemu-user for i486 on x86 host is kinda overkill19:04
haadr_TheKit: my init: sb2-init -d -L "--sysroot=/" -C "--sysroot=/"  -m sdk-build -n -N -t / $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH /opt/cross/bin/i486-meego-linux-gnu-gcc19:04
haadr_Yes that's what I thought too.19:05
haadr_I guess this is the likely culprit though: /usr/bin/pkg-config: /lib/ version `GLIBC_2.17' not found (required by /usr/bin/pkg-config)19:05
TheKitthe command seems to be the same with mine19:06
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haadr_LD_PRELOADING the in the target directory for sb2 just gives me pkg-config: relocation error: /home/minion/mer/targets/asus-Z00A-i486/lib/ symbol _dl_find_dso_for_object, version GLIBC_PRIVATE not defined in file with link time reference19:08
RuUserNamehaadr_: what are you trying to do? If you trying port to x86 and use armv7hl tarball you need to install few package19:08
haadr_I'm trying to build sailfish for the x86 zenfone 2. So I've used the i486 packages for everything as per a suggestions from here earlier. hybris-hal has compiled, including the kernel. fails with "No provider of 'pkgconfig(android-headers)' found." seemingly because pkg-config can't find
haadr_*packages = tarballs19:10
RuUserNamehave you installed cross-i486-gcc and cross-i486-binutils?19:11
haadr_and everything does compile, except scratchbox cant seem to run pkg-config. I also had to manually add its lib path to LD_LIBRARY_PATH before I could run ssu (it couldn't find it libs) which is weird.19:12
haadr_Or maybe I did that wrong...19:13
RuUserNameCan you manually update glibc?19:15
haadr_well, there's a ./lib/ symlinked to in the sb2 target, the library path env var just isn't set unless I do it. Do you mean setting that variable, or installing it again/updating the package?19:18
RuUserNameTry to update or reinstall19:19
mal-something is really broken in your sb2 target19:22
haadr_I can reinstall it if I do sb2-config -t asus-Z00A-i486 setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /home/minion/mer/targets/asus-Z00A-i486/usr/lib. If I don't do that, ssu can't find its libs and fails. However, reinstall doesn't help. pkg-config still complains about not finding GLIBC_2.1719:23
haadr_yeah I think so too... I've removed the complete target directory (/home/minion/mer/targets/asus-Z00A-i486) and tried again. The tarball I've used is
mal-like I said before there should be no need to the that variable19:25
mal-you need to figure out why it's needed for you19:26
haadr_yeah. I'll try with the arm tarball and see if it works with that, just for testing.19:26
RuUserNameAnybody, please help. I've trying to find something in this channel log about lipstick fault with DeclarativeWindow but nothing. I've seen about it with switchLayer of null but nothing how to fix that.19:27
RuUserNamehaadr_ the better way is trying
drFaustroll_RuUserName: brilliant so you have a mainstream port19:27
drFaustroll_RuUserName: did you built the kernel yourself?19:28
haadr_RuUserName: I'll try that then, ty.19:28
RuUserNameyes, build kernel19:28
haadr_RuUserName: Where can I find the url for Ive been finding the links from
drFaustroll_haadr_: downlaod the json and you will see19:32
haadr_Yeah, that file contains the links for But maybe I can use that sdk-assistant, haven't tried that yet.19:34
RuUserNameBecause it's latest target19:36
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haadr_Hm, I confess I don't get it. Replacing the version numbers in the file link to the tarball doesn't work, replacing "latest" in the url for the json with the other version number doesn't work. What do you mean?19:39
RuUserNameBecause json contains latest target, try to Google it19:40
mal-haadr_: why not use 2.0.4 target?19:40
haadr_RuUserName recommended trying, but I can't find the link or any other json file with that link.19:42
RuUserNameI've found at this link
haadr_Alright, using the armv7hl target works: I don't need to fix the env var for the library path, ssu and more importantly pkg-config just works. I'll download the i486 target again to make sure there was no corruption.19:49
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haadr_Thanks everyone, seems that tarball was corrupt. I've gottan further now. The latest error is "No provider of 'pkgconfig(libhardware)' found."20:06
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horuxan2hi all, please on video playback no open, this error
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ghosalmartinTheKit: when compiling libhybris did you need to provide elfdep.h?21:46
ghosalmartinelf_machdep.h even21:47
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ghosalmartinkrnlny: did you compile with gcc 4.6 or 4.8?22:15
drFaustroll_RuUserName: you may want to do something and try22:25
drFaustroll_ssu re
drFaustroll_then version --dup22:25
drFaustroll_if you built on
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drFaustroll_that shall update you I am curious if the ota update works22:26
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