Friday, 2016-11-18

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locusfghosalmartin: no crash in egl06:02
NotKitlocusf: does it work then?06:16
NotKitat least test_egl_configs06:17
locusfNotKit: nope it doesn't work either07:04
NotKitdoesn't crash, yet doesn't work?07:05
locusfsegfaults to qt code07:16
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mal-locusf: same issue that I have, qt crashes08:26
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locusfmal-: how where using which version?08:30
mal-locusf: when using the krnllyng libhybris on github08:31
mal-locusf: when I try to start minimer or lipstick it crashes, test_hwcomposer works08:31
locusf this?08:32
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mal-locusf: I think so08:34
mal-locusf: I remember something like that from earlier tests, there is another libhybris version that works for me08:35
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ghosalmartinsledges: so I assume i'd have to update the fstab manually?09:55
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sledgeslocusf: does test_hwcomposer work? minimer with libhyb~ris that is out there wouldn't work as mal- said10:06
sledgesghosalmartin: what are you getting out of it atm?10:07
ghosalmartinsledges:  /data appears to live on /dev/block/platform/hi_mci.0/by-name/userdata10:08
ghosalmartinbut when i am in first stage bootloader, there is no /dev/block/platform only /dev/mmcblk0p4210:09
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sledgesghosalmartin: it should go through fixup-mountpoints and become .. yep that ^10:09
ghosalmartinsledges: hmm its not10:09
ghosalmartinatleast when i check init.log its not10:09
sledgesghosalmartin: have you added it to fixups?10:09
ghosalmartinsledges: yep10:09
sledgespls paste that line10:10
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sledgesghosalmartin: does bullhead behave?10:11
ghosalmartinsledges: bullhead is very well behaved10:11
ghosalmartineva on the other hand is bad girl10:11
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sledgesand so is becky10:15
ghosalmartinwhen I take apart hybris-boot the fstab doesn't contain any reference to data10:16
NeoChapaycamera not work when i run mm-qcamera-daemon10:20
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sledgesNeoChapay: mm-qcamera-daemon is usually not started manually10:24
NeoChapaysledges: it not start audomatic but i don`t understand why ?10:31
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NeoChapaysledges: qcamera in
sledgesNeoChapay: init.qcom.factory.rc:    start qcamerasvr10:39
sledgesto start services manually you need to use /system/bin/start qcamerasvr and observe logcat of what goes wrong10:40
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coderushello, anyone have 64bit sdk chroot?10:44
coderusi have following problem:10:44
coderusEntering chroot as coderus10:44
coderussetarch: Kernel cannot set architecture to i38610:44
coderusso if someone can build 64bit mersdk chroot it will be appreciated :)10:45
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sledgesghosalmartin: you might want to check the logs of the past 10mins that you were gone:)10:54
ghosalmartinsledges: will do, switched network to terrible wiif :(10:54
ghosalmartincoderus: i got ya back10:54
ghosalmartinhave fun10:54
coderusno i dont need aarch64 target10:55
coderusi want this mersdk to be 64bit10:55
coderusas i cant chroot into it10:55
ghosalmartincoderus: why not? are you on an 64bit machine?10:55
coderusyes and seems no multiarch here10:55
ghosalmartini am as well with no problems10:56
ghosalmartinthe mersdk10:56
coderusi know, but this is windows ubuntu bash shell environment. i am trying to make stupid things to work :D10:56
ghosalmartinahh windows...10:56
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coderusthere is no i386 arch support, so i need to have mersdk 64bit build :)10:57
ghosalmartinit is pretty much the same process except you use a different cross compiler, or in this instance compiler10:57
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ghosalmartinalthough its all built on a build engine somewhere(dont know where :() so find that and add another target :P11:01
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blackjack4it_hi there how's going o/?11:07
blackjack4it_it's been a long time xD11:07
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blackjack4it_news from the sea?11:19
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nh1402blackjack4it_: what kind of news11:33
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akhil_surabhihello, is it necessary that my phone must have cyanogenmod 12 to be able to port sailfish? I have it's kernel source, drivers12:27
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Nokiusakhil_surabhi: what do u have :) ?12:29
akhil_surabhiphone is redmi note 3, miui kernel is already available. does it help to port?12:30
akhil_surabhiby the way, it is snapdragon variant12:30
Nokiuscm 10.1 cm11 cm12 is 'needed' to have metching libhybris12:30
Nokiusoh aarch6412:31
akhil_surabhiso miui source is of no use for porting?12:32
ghosalmartinakhil_surahbi, is it full source, or does it have binaries?12:33
akhil_surabhighosalmartin, here is the link for official sources
ghosalmartinakhil_surahbiive no idea tbh12:37
akhil_surabhighosalmartin, it is a full source12:40
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi: fair enough, you could attempt a pure port if you have the sources12:42
ghosalmartinlocusf is the man to speak to i think12:42
locusfone does not simply attempt a pure port12:42
akhil_surabhicyanogenmod 13 kernel sources are also available12:42
ghosalmartinlocusf: indeed12:43
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sledgesakhil_surabhi: join the 64bit bandwagon, we got hybris-13.0 to sync and in 64bit theory working framebuffer graphics (in 32bit practise it does actually work); once you got that, we'll move to Qt (sailfishos graphics)12:49
sledges2 l8 ;p12:49
Nokiussledges: what we have to my aarch64 device got bit dust on it and still runs cm :,(12:51
NeoChapaysledges: can`t start run qcamerasrv in init scripts :(12:52
sledgesNokius: which one?12:56
sledgesNeoChapay: /system/bin/start qcamerasrv and observe logcat12:56
blackjack4it_nh1402: any good news12:57
Nokiussledges: oppo r7plus :) I know to much oppo's on my desk12:57
Nokiussledges: aka the cuteboot target I mention in Barcelona did I :s12:59
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sledgesNeoChapay: strace mm-qcamera-daemon13:04
nh1402blackjack4it_: in what regard13:05
blackjack4it_environment, work, happiness13:06
blackjack4it_anything positive, I need positivism today13:06
blackjack4it_too general13:07
blackjack4it_ok, about porting :D13:07
blackjack4it_which devices received a new port of sf?13:07
sledgesIT's FROIDAY! :DD13:07
blackjack4it_right sledges xD13:07
ghosalmartinblackjack4it_, theres a port of aarch64 mer ui though :P13:12
blackjack4it_*dreaming* sailfish os booting on ps413:14
nh1402another positive is that I finish work in 15 minutes13:14
blackjack4it_nh1402: :D!13:14
nh1402it is theoretically possible to do that, with the exploit to install linux the linux kernel on to it, and some basic distro's13:15
r0kk3rzblackjack4it_: for what purpose?13:18
nh1402to install the linux kernel on to it*13:18
blackjack4it_because it will be faster than light and lighter than ever13:19
blackjack4it_with all the goodness of sailfish os 8-)13:19
NeoChapaysledges: strace13:20
r0kk3rzkeep the ps4 for games, put sfos on a pi3 and plug into tv13:20
blackjack4it_8-)(y)a nice idea too13:20
sledgesNeoChapay: ps aux | grep mm-qcamera-daemon13:22
nh1402pi 3 doesn't work yet does it?13:23
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r0kk3rzwell its 64 bits isnt it?13:24
nh1402the SoC is yes13:25
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sledgesNeoChapay: /system/bin/start qcamerasvr; ps aux | grep mm-qcam13:44
sledgesthere was a typo earlier in the service name13:45
NeoChapaysledges: it not start imho13:47
ghosalmartinNeoChapay run strace with -s 100000 to fully show the lines13:53
ghosalmartinstops truncation13:54
NeoChapayghosalmartin: ready13:55
ghosalmartinthat doesnt sound too good13:56
ghosalmartinwritev(6, [{"\6", 1}, {"mm-camera-img\0", 14}, {"frameproc_comp_load:828] Error opening frameproc library\0", 85}], 3) = 10013:56
ghosalmartinbut am also an idiot so I have no idea :P13:56
sledgesghosalmartin: non error13:56
sledgesNeoChapay: devel-su su camera -s /bin/sh -c /system/bin/mm-qcamera-daemon13:56
sledgesghosalmartin: same warnings/errors on jolla c:)13:56
NeoChapaysledges: and exit13:57
sledgesit idles on jolla c as it should, no exit13:57
NeoChapaysledges: maybe it happines becouse i create some ugly script for ceate device nodes? :)13:59
NeoChapaysledges: it help me for enable sound on phone :)14:01
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sledgesNeoChapay: ls /dev/v4l-subdev* -l14:01
sledgescrw-rw---- 1 system camera 81,  1 Jan  7  1970 /dev/14:01
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sledges(ignore teh last line)14:01
NeoChapaysledges: i have premisions error ?14:02
sledgesNeoChapay: yes and mode14:03
sledgescrw-rw---- 1 system camera 81, 14 Nov 16 13:02 /dev/v4l-subdev914:03
sledgescrw-rw---- 1 system camera 81, 16 Nov 16 13:02 /dev/v4l-subdev1014:03
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Nokiusmal-: did you PR the sed command to uncomment mkdir /tmp in the rc files just stepped on my change in droid-hal-device.ini14:08
Nokiuswe talked about it few weeks ago14:09
Nokiusmay even month :s14:09
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NeoChapaysledges: okay camera work...but soooooooo slooooooooooooow :)14:21
sledgesNeoChapay: congrats! it will be down to setting resolutions/aspect rates, first try in settings-apps-camera; later follow hadk-faq-v214:22
sledgesNeoChapay: may i ask why do you make devnodes with that script when udev seems to work eventually14:25
NeoChapaysledges: i like bicycles and don`t understand how create devnodes in udev14:26
sledgesudev takes care of everything14:28
sledgesjust trying to understand what problem you tried to solve with the sound14:29
mal-Nokius: looks like maybe not14:31
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NeoChapaysledges: hm....cameras now is broken :)14:54
minimecsledges: By chance, I face a similar problem iwth the camera on the Nexus5. I changed the resolution from 16:9 to 4:3, and now the jolla-camery app has become slow and unusable. Where are the values of 'settings-app-camera' sotred? I would like to revert these settings.14:56
sledgesNeoChapay: does deleting the files work? which command breaks them first?:)14:59
sledgesminimec: change resolution back? ;)14:59
minimecsledges: That's what I did. 4:3 is somehow working, but 16:9 results in a unusable state of the cam app. I have to add, that there was no value set for the main camera, when I opened the settings app.15:00
sledgesminimec: yep, no initial setting is expected, you'll need to play about with camres tool from piratepad to come up with optimal 16:9 resolution15:02
sledgesi think that's part of the fact cm doesn't do 16:9, it just crops 4:3 into viewfinder15:02
sledgesand if you want 16:9, you crop thereafter15:03
sledgesn5 cam sensor limitations15:03
sunweavermal-: I have a sponsor that is open to giving FP2 devices to sfos porters for free.15:03
sunweaverBest approach probably would be if I forwarded the mail I just received from him to you and you guys get in touch directly.15:04
sunweaverLet me know on a priv channel where to forward that mail to...15:04
minimecsledges: So right now, I can use the cameraplus app without a problem, but not the jolla-camera app. So I want to reset all configurations of that app. Are these stored as dconf values?15:04
sledgesminimec: devel-su dconf update; and for resolutions' experiments: /etc/dconf/db/vendor.d/jolla-camera-hw.txt15:09
minimecsledges: Got it done with 'dconf reset /apps/jolla-camera/primary/image/imageResolution' 'dconf reset /apps/jolla-camera/primary/image/resolutionText_16_9' 'dconf reset /apps/jolla-camera/primary/image/imageResolution_16_9'15:12
sledgesminimec: perfect, so how does the cam behave now?15:18
minimecsledges: Cam works again, as before.15:18
sledgesminimec: 16:9?15:19
minimecsledges: Yes.15:20
sledgesminimec: ok, but if you change to 16:9 in settings it will bork again15:20
mal-sunweaver: I don't know who would be interesting in doing more development15:20
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minimecsledges: The settings for the main camara in 'settings-app-camera' are blank again.15:21
sunweavermal-: the sponsor (Jeroen Bots from NL) is highly interested in making the FP2 the No. 1 community device.15:22
sunweaverHe would really appreciate getting in touch with you as one of the main SFOS porters.15:22
sunweaverJeroen can really be a resource. A couple of years ago he sponsored my work on X2Go with some Xk15:23
sunweaverXk of EUR.15:23
sledgesmal-: there has been a fairly big interest to help during last sailfishos collab meeting15:23
sledgesat least from 1-2 people15:23
minimecsledges: May I bother you with another question? I was trying to mount an USB stick as sdcard with these commands ( ). With that the USB stick is recognised as sdcard by the jolla-file-browser, and other applications, but not the 'backup routine' in 'settings'.15:23
sunweaversledges: mal-: just let me know where to foward that piece of information to via mail, and then I leave it to you guys to get in touch with someone that offers (financial) support to you guys.15:24
minimecsledges: Problem is, that we don't have a sdcard slot in the Nexus5, And I don't want to upload my phone data to a cloud service.15:25
kskarthik91Hello! Can anyone sponsor me a build server to port sailfish is to Mozilla flame. There are thousands of them lying idle. They could help our community to grow.15:25
minimecsledges: cit. "but if you change to 16:9 in settings it will bork again" > Yes.15:26
minimecsledges: So I can swith to 4:3 and it is working, but if I switch back to 16:9, the jolla-camera app gets unresponsive.15:28
sledgesminimec: are you using otg?15:33
sledgesminimec: there's a manual way of storing vault snapshot (it's a git repo) to a tarball15:34
minimecsledges: I use an USB-microUSB adapter. I can browse the files with the jollaa-file-browser, but I get the "There is no memory card..." message, when I want to backup.15:36
sledgesminimec: does the nemo sdcard tool mount it?15:37
minimecsledges: Sorry. I do not know what you mean by that. Is the 'nemo sdcard tool' a GUI I can use?15:40
sledgesit's a package, can't remember exact name; a set of scripts that takes care of mounting an sdcard15:41
sledgesand therefore making upper layers aware of that too15:41
sledgessurely, works and tested only on devices with build-in sdcard reader15:41
sledgesi think that enumerates as mmcblk1, instead of your usb sd*15:42
minimecsledges: Ok. I see a nemo-transfer-engine, but no nemo-sdcard-tool. Do you think I could simply link 'ln -s' /dev/sdx* to /dev/mmcblk1*? I will try that...15:45
minimecsledges: Ok. I found that and it is not installed right now. THX for that hint. I will do some testing.15:47
sledgescool! have fun:)15:47
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sledgeshm perhaps those who were interested in fp2 dev, they already have a fp2 themselves:)16:42
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Nokiusmal-: ah17:00
*** frozengeek___ <frozengeek___!> has quit IRC (Quit: frozengeek___)17:12
mal-Nokius: I'll try to find the fix somewhere17:16
*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:16
Nokiusmal-: ah I'm about to create the PR :s17:16
mal-Nokius: do you have the sed command already? did you find it in logs?17:19
Nokiusmal-: I did :)17:19
mal-ok, go ahead and make a PR17:20
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Nokiusmal- sledges here is the PR :)17:48
Nokiusthanks for reviewing17:49
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Nokius_sorry there was a typo now fixed18:32
*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius18:37
Nokiushow does all work for the dhd script? I typed all <enter> nothing happened went to the next :s18:38
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Nokiusah reading the script helps :D19:36
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Nokius:( building libhybris fails19:58
Nokiusah old hadk covers this issue20:00
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Nokiusmic fails but why it's not pc_suite I fixed that already21:07
*** freedomrun <freedomrun!~freedomru@unaffiliated/freedomrun> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)21:10
mal-Nokius: what error?21:10
NokiusWarning: repo problem: pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-scorpion-1-1.noarch requires droid-config-scorpion-sailfish, but this requirement cannot be provided, uninstallable providers: droid-config-scorpion-sailfish-1-1.noarch[adaptation0-scorpion-
Nokiuswhen I add the droid-config-scorpion-sailfish pkg to ks it's not failing21:11
mal-so something is conflicting with that21:13
sledgesNokius: usb-moded pc connection, read in hot piratepad21:13
Nokiussledges: done :s
sledgesdid you re-do the patterns? especially process_patterns.sh21:15
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Nokiussledges: yeap more the once21:20
sledgesNokius: and re-run -c ?21:21
*** rinigus <rinigus!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)21:24
Nokiussledges: no but now21:24
Nokiussledges: thanks that was the trick21:24
Nokiusdon't eulogies the day before the night :(21:27
Nokiusbut not it's not related to the earlier issue21:28
Nokiusagain the systemd tmp.mount issue21:31
mal-Nokius: did the sed command work?21:34
mal-Nokius: check the droid-hal packages you built21:34
Nokiuscat installroot/init.qcom.rc  | grep "tmp"21:35
Nokius# Removed during droid-hal-device build :     mkdir /tmp21:35
Nokiusthis is correct, checking pkg21:36
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Nokiusmal-: ah it takes it from the init.qcom.rc21:44
Nokiusyes I removed the /tmp from here
Nokiuswhich I added in the past there21:45
*** ahjolinna <ahjolinna!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:49
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Nokiusmal-: if I understand it correct I have to skip it still to avoid the issue with both pkgs21:51
*** ahjolinna_ <ahjolinna_!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)21:56
mal-Nokius: I think so21:56
*** ahjolinna <ahjolinna!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:59
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Nokiuswarning: /etc/ofono/ril_subscription.conf saved as /etc/ofono/ril_subscription.conf.rpmsave22:03
Nokiusis this wanted to be saved as that :S22:03
Nokiusyeap with the skip it works22:08
Nokiusthanks for the help mal- sledges22:08
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