Saturday, 2016-11-19

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daalHi, I am testing sfos on hammerhead, base cm12.1 - all works except sensors, no GPS etc. Can someone confirm that sensors are working in this setup ? Thanks.08:07
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guhlanybody good in hwcomposer details?09:07
guhlI added some debug messages to hwcomposer_backend_v11.cpp and this is what I get from the event method when I send the screen to sleep09:08
guhlguhl: HwComposerBackend_v11::event enter, idleTime=0.00009:09
guhlthen the cpu goes to 100 and the device is not responsive any more09:10
guhlwhat would a proper idleTime be as it can be set09:10
guhlqBound(0, qgetenv("QPA_HWC_IDLE_TIME").toInt(), 100);09:10
mal-have you tried any values?09:11
guhlnot yet09:11
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guhlwho would be the one to talk to regarding hwcomposer stuff?12:09
sledgessletta: ^12:09
sledgesgiucam: ^12:09
guhlI managed to find now where it is leaking memory12:09
guhlwell it might not be leaking memory but allocating memory that is not released anymore12:10
sledgesanything to do with fences? ;)12:10
guhlit's in hwc11_callback_vsync where it is always generating new QEvent(QEvent::User)12:11
sledgeswe had that problem on e.g. mako with cm11, lipstick/apps would crash eventually12:11
sledges(the fence problem that is)12:11
guhlsledges, seen that, but that does not seem to be my problem12:11
guhlit is more that it seems to be stuck in the sleep loop12:12
guhlallocating 100% cpu and generating events which finally leads to running out of memory12:13
guhlnoe that i commented the new QEvent(QEvent::User)12:14
guhlit is only allocation 100% cpu but not running out of memory12:14
guhlit seems to me as the sleep timer is not working correctly12:15
sledgesguhl: which hwc version is your device on?12:15
guhlis this what you are referring to?12:17
guhl* Module API Version: 212:17
guhl== hwcomposer device ==12:17
guhl* Version: 1010001 (interpreted as 1010001)12:17
sledgesguhl: what happens if you release the memory of "e" right before         static int idleTime = qBound(0, qgetenv("QPA_HWC_IDLE_TIME").toInt(), 100);12:18
sledgesinstead of commenting out12:18
sledgesguhl: do you have another device that you could cross check the behaviour against?12:18
guhli'll try12:19
guhlanother vision?12:19
guhlsledges, could this be related (clock issue?)12:20
guhlsledges, i need to do some biology learning with my daughter now, i'll be back a bit later12:23
sledgesguhl: kernel too old?12:24
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guhlsledges, well there is no newer kernel source for this devices13:57
guhlit runs quite ok with cm11 besides that is does not have enough memory13:58
sledgesguhl: so in cm10.1/sfos you didn't have problems?14:06
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guhlsledges, not this problem14:12
guhlbut there i had a whole lot of screen distortion problems14:13
guhlin general the cm11 based build up to now is a lot smoother than the old ones (as long as the screen is on)14:14
sledgesguhl: most likely cm10.1 had hwc 1.0 then14:18
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guhlso my problem is definitely in the hwc vsync thread15:26
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guhlis /sys/class/graphics/fb0/vsync_event supposed to contain a time stamp?15:59
guhli think so, on the jollac it is something like VSYNC=2229007224965116:00
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mal-Nokius: why did you build and not
mal-Nokius: just noticed in your twitter post17:07
Nokiusmal-: I fix that there are now build just back from a walk now testing then uploading :)17:19
Nokiussb2-target is .13 so went for that :(17:19
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ghosalmartinafter hardcoding the data partition am in rootfs i thnik18:42
ghosalmartinactually init-debug18:43
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ghosalmartinthat awkward moment when dhi actually starts android18:49
mal-what repos did you use? maybe you forgot some patch?18:50
ghosalmartinmal: I *think* hybris-13.018:52
ghosalmartinyeah the devices init.rc is bad18:54
ghosalmartinupdated rc, test_hwcomposer does nothing except make screen go black :P18:58
ghosalmartinand crash the phone :P18:59
ghosalmartinalthough this one isnt using huaweis hwc18:59
mal-ghosalmartin: you do know that test_hwcomposer doesn't work if you have hwcomposer api > 1.319:00
ghosalmartinmal: okay ill take a look tahnks19:00
mal-ghosalmartin: I have a patch19:01
mal-just a moment19:01
ghosalmartintbh at the moment i cant get surfaceflinger to start, so am guessing dhi isnt successful19:02
guhli am still trying to solve my hwc problems and my current state of knowledge is19:03
guhlwhen the screen sleep happens VSYNC state stays enabled19:03
guhlthis leads to the vsync_loop to go into infinite loop19:04
guhleating all cpu and generating an endless amount of events which leads to consumption of all memory19:05
Nokius_ghosalmartin: nice the huawei arrived \o/19:06
guhlas far as my understanding is when the sleepDisplay happens something should disable VSYNC state19:06
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ghosalmartinNokius: indeed, it was sat at my neighbours :P19:06
Nokiushow is it all I know from them are usb dongles19:07
guhlif anybody can point into some direction i would be thankful19:07
ghosalmartinmal: whats easiest way of checking the version?19:08
mal-ghosalmartin: it should be shown in some output, I think in minimer19:13
mal-not sure if test_hwcomposer shows it19:13
ghosalmartinmal: cant run either of those19:15
ghosalmartinill get surfaceflinger working19:15
ghosalmartinand then go from there19:15
mal-it doesn't have to work completely, just up to early stages, what does minimer print?19:17
mal-ghosalmartin: do you have proper udev rules setup?19:18
ghosalmartinmal: no qt5 so no minimer19:20
ghosalmartinmal: nah nothing atm19:20
ghosalmartinjust got to rootfs19:20
ghosalmartinmal: yeah I know, just to make sure that dhi is working19:21
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mal-ghosalmartin: do you have something like this
ghosalmartinmal: not at all, some dhi services is breaking the device atm19:55
mal-ghosalmartin: that is needed by many android services, depends on you exact device paths19:57
ghosalmartinmal: we'll see i guess19:57
ghosalmartinbisecting atm19:57
mal-ghosalmartin: what paths do you have in fstab or in init*rc, something like /dev/block/platform/...19:58
ghosalmartinno fstab on device20:03
ghosalmartinbut fstab does point to /dev/block/platform20:03
mal-ghosalmartin: which paths exactly20:05
mal-of course device doesn't have fstab20:05
mal-ok, then that patch works20:06
mal-ghosalmartin: just copy the first two files to your device20:06
mal-for testing20:06
ghosalmartinmal: okays will do20:16
mal-ghosalmartin: note that there are already files with those names, just overwrite those20:17
ghosalmartinfair enough :)20:36
mal-ghosalmartin: did that help?20:38
ghosalmartinmal: nahh20:38
mal-what is failing?20:39
ghosalmartinstarting surfaceflinger for some UI20:39
ghosalmartinsame with test_hwcomposer20:40
mal-you said some android services fail20:40
ghosalmartinnot anymore20:40
ghosalmartinon the plus side, test_hwcomposer is no longer crashing device20:40
mal-it's just blank? or it crashes?20:41
ghosalmartinblack screen with crash20:41
ghosalmartinwell segfault20:41
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mal-ghosalmartin: is the device normal qcom device?20:42
ghosalmartinmal: nah this is
mal-does the gpu need some initialization magic20:43
ghosalmartinmal: maybe
ghosalmartinmaybe missing some libs20:45
ghosalmartinthats surfaceflinger20:45
mal-som missing symbol, is the base image correct version20:46
ghosalmartini can only assume yes20:46
ghosalmartinbut no idea whats been played with in the cm base20:47
mal-is that cm13 based?20:47
mal-to me that strace looks like some mismatch is present20:48
mal-the hybris-13 branch is quite old20:48
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mal-ghosalmartin: where are the sources for that device?20:53
ghosalmartindevice codename eva20:55
mal-ghosalmartin: is that aosp based?20:56
ghosalmartincm based20:56
mal-any idea which cm revision they used when building the image20:59
mal-not accurate enough21:01
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mal-ghosalmartin: found this
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ghosalmartinmal: ill give that a shot21:09
ghosalmartinam going to do some bullhead work now and try that tomorrow21:10
ghosalmartintime for some food first21:13
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sledgesghosalmartin: which hwc version is on bullhead?21:50
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guhlstrike! got my hwc problems solved21:54
mal-guhl: how?21:54
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guhlchanged the hwc_blank function in hwc.cpp21:55
mal-what kind of changes?21:55
guhlcheck if vsync is still enabled -> if yes disable it before blank21:55
guhlthat is the change21:56
guhlthat is so damn satisfying if something that one has been after for more then a week just works as smooth as it can be :-)21:59
mal-which file is that?21:59
mal-in android side?22:00
guhlyes, i did not find out how I could check and enable/disable vsync from the hwcomposer_backend side22:02
guhlthat change is not needed in CM11 itself so i assume android is managing this somehow differently22:03
mal-where is that repo?22:03
mal-guhl: wouldn't be the first time we need to fix android hwcomposer22:03
guhlthat is a fork of our andromadus repo22:04
guhlmilaq has been the last to work on CM11 for the vision22:05
guhlso i just used his repo, will fork it now and push my changes to a hybris-11 branch22:05
sledgesso cool!22:05
guhli should do a video of this it's almost to smooth for a device that old22:06
mal-guhl: is that 2011 device or older?22:07
guhli think i brought this one from the US fall of 201022:07
guhlbut it i quite comparable to the xperia you did22:08
mal-probably quite similar hardware-wise to my 2011 xperia, it has a single-core processor and 512 MB of RAM22:08
sledgesguhl: hw kbd;)22:10
guhlsledges, yes - and the layouts and other patches i did last time still work22:10
guhlso the kbd is fully functioning22:10
mal-I still haven't got the layouts working properly on xperia22:11
guhlmal-, first i'll patch ofono again to make it work with my ril version22:11
guhland if that's done we can look at your layouts22:11
guhli also have a xperia lying around here22:12
mal-guhl: the problem is somehow getting the UI selection to use custom layouts22:12
mal-I think I could hardcode a working layout but not nice since the device can have multiple layouts depending on country22:12
guhlyes, i think i solved that. so now i have a layout called T-Mobile G2 in the layouts that you can select22:13
mal-hmm, I could find where those were defined22:13
sledgesguhl: +1 for the vid;)22:14
guhli have to confess i could not add a new one so i just hijacked a language that i don't need :-)22:14
mal-guhl: oh :)22:14
mal-when you have time let me know how22:14
guhlmal-, i will try to sort all my stuff and push it to github22:15
ghosalmartinsledges: i honestly cant remember22:20
ghosalmartinill need to boot in again after I finish cooking22:21
guhlI think i'll roll one now and have a good night! Thanks guys22:23
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ghosalmartinsledges: doesnt say when running test_hwcomposer22:42
ghosalmartinbut since this is image is sfos and not vanilla mer i can try minimer22:42
sledgesghosalmartin: try the mal-'s patched test_hwc23:05
sledgesah, you're on 32bit then;)23:06
ghosalmartinatm yes :P23:06
sledges(sounds like drugs)23:06
ghosalmartinbullhead is frankenstein build atm23:06
ghosalmartinwith p9 is pure aarch6423:06
ghosalmartineasiest way to test quicklyt23:06
ghosalmartinsledges: is test_audio accurate?23:09
sledgesghosalmartin: from last few attempts - yes23:40
sledgese.g. for mako cm1323:40
ghosalmartinsledges: well successful test for test_audio23:59

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