Tuesday, 2016-12-13

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saidinesh5Nokius_: so ping me when you are here..07:20
saidinesh5today we get a stacktrace07:21
saidinesh5or last_kmsg07:21
saidinesh5any logs we can07:21
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sledgesnh1402: got my memo via memoserv? ;)08:57
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faenilsledges: so wed 6pm @ Tas, saturday 5PM @ Tas09:20
sledgesfaenil: Yes:)09:21
sledgesTas The Cut (there are a few)09:22
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nh1402sledges: didn't know you could get memo's on here, but yes09:26
faenilsledges: ok, I should be available for Wed09:27
faenilnot Sat :/09:27
sledgesfaenil: see you tomorrow!09:27
faenilI forgot I had a dinner scheduled already :D09:28
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faenilpity I won't meet ggabriel09:28
faeniland ghosalmartin :/09:29
faeniland nh1402 :D09:29
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faeniland r0kk3rz :D but we met at FOSDEM, at least. Still, shame09:29
r0kk3rzfaenil: :(09:29
faenilyeah :/09:30
sledgesfaenil: i'll be the messenger:D09:31
sledgesyou can do any talk behind-back that you would normally say to them anyway, and i'll relay :DD09:32
dr_gogeta86morning all09:37
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piggzIs cm13 a well supported platform these days?09:39
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sledgespiggz: i only heard about mal's matissewifi hasn't got camera working on cm13, but ok on cm14 (where further hal/api changes arrive); so maybe it -is- well supported overall no other complains; depends per device and its age09:41
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malsledges: not actually sure if it even works on cm1409:43
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malthere are some conflicting info about that09:43
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malit seems nobody yet reported testing of the patched droidmedia09:44
malfor hybris-13.009:44
malwith a device that has a working camera09:44
sledgesyep, that would be nice09:44
piggzWell , i resurrected the htc ace , and checked out the cm13 branch... Let's see how it goes09:44
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sledgespiggz: was the nature of your question whether sailfish porting is well supported around cm13? :)09:47
sledgespatches for libhybris and extract headers are not yet polished, so i'll need to see you through there and polish as we go09:49
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guhlpiggz, you have a cm13 for the ACE?10:22
piggzAlso uses a new partition layout10:22
guhlwho did that? need to have a look10:23
piggzSearch for 'aceopt partition layout'10:23
guhlinteresting how they did that as the partition layout is defined by hboot10:24
guhlahh Mustaavalkosta - this guy is really dedicated to this machine10:29
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piggzHe is, and he's a great help, i can ask him stuff via hangouts10:33
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NeoChapaywho know how to fix it ? Warning: repo problem: nothing provides gstreamer1.0-droid needed by pattern10:59
ghosalmartinNeoChapay, remove from the patterns and rebuild dhd11:00
ghosalmartinNeoChapay, or find it and build it?11:00
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NeoChapayghosalmartin: remove hybris/droid-configs/patterns/* and run hybris/droid-configs/droid-configs-device/helpers/process_patterns.sh ?11:02
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ghosalmartinNeoChapay, not exactly, go into the actual patterns and remove the gstreamer entry and then rebuild dhd and then rerun process patterns11:11
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NeoChapayghosalmartin:ok i find and remove entry. But when i try create image i have error Unable to find pattern: jolla-hw-adaptation-y611:50
ghosalmartinNeoChapay, did you rebuild dhd?11:54
NeoChapayghosalmartin: rpm/dhd/helpers/build_packages.sh ?11:55
ghosalmartinNeoChapay, yes11:56
NeoChapayghosalmartin: yes i run it....but try rerun11:56
locusfhas msm8937 platform been ported yet?11:57
ghosalmartinlocusf: not that I know of12:00
sledgeslocusf: none of these devices ports are in wiki at least: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Qualcomm_Snapdragon_devices#Snapdragon_430_and_43512:03
locusfrumors sure12:06
NeoChapayghosalmartin: did`t help12:07
ballockmal: I'm trying to debug wifi tethering on mako. Would be nice if you took the time and had a look.12:11
ballockmal: I made some logs - I made a fresh boot, turned tethering on, and12:12
malballock: at work now, I'll see if I have time tonight12:12
ballockmal: this is the journal - http://ptpb.pw/W7uq12:12
ballockmal: np, I'll drop the rest12:12
ballockmal: this is an strace from wpa_supplicant: http://ptpb.pw/WRd012:12
ballock(I attached strace just before enabling tethering, then I attempted to connect with another device (jollac) to mako's shared wifi12:13
ballockmal: if you would use some other logs, let me know.12:16
r0kk3rzi think i need a qmi expert12:16
ballockmal: I tried looking for the WPS Probe Response thing in the prima kernel driver and in wpa_supplicant source code, but... well, it's a lot of code, and nothing obvious.12:18
ballockmal: I couldn't find in the strace which file or directory "nl80211: Could not re-add multicast membership for vendor events: -2 (No such file or directory)" mentions. It looks to me like it was passed from another process.12:19
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ballockin the devices /system/etc I found 'hostapd' dir, but its contents didn't reveal anything obvious that I should put to wpa_supplicant, or connman, to handle the same purpose as hostapd.12:20
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leszekhi. Having sailfishos running on the nexus5. Is anyone working on getting kernel 4.9 for the Alpha/Beta images of SFOS for the Nexus5 now that kernel 4.9 supports the hardware out of the box ?12:55
r0kk3rzit does? ping locusf12:58
locusfI don't know12:59
r0kk3rzyou're the pure port guru :P12:59
leszekat least a friend told me so. xD Thats why I am asking here13:01
leszekthere is a moroni...ähm phoronix article mentioning it http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Linux-4.9-ARM-Pull13:02
ghosalmartinleszek, is this full support?13:03
leszekghosalmartin: I am not really sure. It looks to me like it. Though I came here basically to ask this question :)13:05
locusfsure mainline support, clocks and stuff13:05
locusfdon't know about ts, panel, display, modem13:06
leszekI think for opengl and gpu support freedreno is necessary but the rest should be ok I guess13:08
locusffreedreno is a bit difficult to build13:16
leszekthough it might need firmware blobs for wirless and so on.13:18
NeoChapaylocusf: can you help me fix error Unable to find pattern: jolla-hw-adaptation-device when i try build rootfs13:19
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sledgesNeoChapay: did you run sed on your .ks file? chapter 8.3 in hadk. you need to do that every time you rebuild packages13:35
NeoChapaysledges: http://pastebin.com/CuVVYpGF13:37
NeoChapaysledges: yes13:37
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*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius13:43
sledgesNeoChapay: where are all of your device specific patterns gone?13:44
Nokiussaidinesh5: sorry busy today and not near the keyboard the next days :(13:44
sledgesNeoChapay: cd $ANDROID_ROOT/hybris/droid-configs; git status patterns/13:45
saidinesh5Oh nokius.. hmm. It's okay. Ping me when free. This release is halted on mi4 issues as of now13:46
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sledgeswe'll hack tomorrow Nokius ;))13:58
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htr_is N9 ports dead.. I can only find one which was version 1.x.x.x14:02
sledgesfilippz: ^14:02
sledgeskrnlyng: ^^ ;)14:02
r0kk3rzhtr_: https://twitter.com/rubdos/status/78756128758896640014:03
sledgeswow 8)14:04
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saidinesh5iirc kimmoli/krnlyng was doing a port with a kernel from elsewhere...14:13
saidinesh5for the N914:13
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KonstaHi all. Any obvious mines I would step if I attempted to port for a Cherry Trail tablet?14:28
nh1402Konsta: if your dev machine only has Windows on it (with no other OS installed via VM or dualboot), yes.14:32
Konstanh1402: it's running CM and I have a kernel source so no problem there14:34
*** corvinux <corvinux!~hashcore@unaffiliated/corvinux> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:35
Konstajust wondering if anyone has attempted to port to a cherry trail device and if there is any x86/platform specific issues14:35
r0kk3rzmaybe TheKit tried14:36
kimmolionda was baytrail14:40
NeKitKonsta, I did14:41
NeKitKonsta, could get UI running only with MESA, but stopped due to lacking kernel sources14:41
NeKitCube iWork8 Ultimate, thanks for the CM :)14:42
KonstaNeKit: cool, you're welcome ;)14:42
NeKitthere is at least one official x86 device (Jolla Tablet), so x86 support itself is fine14:43
KonstaNeKit: yes, that's bay trail14:44
Konstadoes jolla tablet have intel gpu btw?14:44
Konstaso display problems expected with cherrytrail14:45
NeKitI want to check latest libhybris, maybe the changes made for Marshmallow support accidentaly fixed latest Intel drivers14:45
KonstaNeKit: Jide was nice enough to release kernel source for Chuwi Vi10 Plus14:48
KonstaXiaomi released kernel source for Mipad 2 last week14:48
Konstathose are practically the only cherrytrail with kernel sources available14:49
Konstaspeaking about chinese tablets at least14:49
NeKitI saw Jide one14:49
NeKitbut Mipad 2 from Xiaomi is really unexpected then14:50
r0kk3rzKonsta: wow did they?14:50
NeKitwell, for Cube, I could boot with generic Cherry Trail sources, it's sound cbip driver that needs to be reverse-engineered14:50
Konstar0kk3rz: yes, https://github.com/MiCode/Xiaomi_Kernel_OpenSource/tree/latte-l-oss14:51
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r0kk3rzKonsta: nice, i was considering buying one a while back but that stopped me14:51
NeKitmaybe NAU8824 driver can be found in some other tree14:51
r0kk3rzgot a sonytab instead, damn thing14:51
KonstaNeKit: asked Jide to release kernel source for Onda V820ch because of the sound driver, they haven't replied...14:53
NeKitdoes V820CH also use this chip or something else?14:54
NeKithm, I think kimmoli posted another name14:54
Konstayes, V820CH has it I'm quite sure14:54
Konstaor that's what I always though at least14:54
Konstaactually no, it has ES831614:56
KonstaLOL, can't keep up with all of these devices. well, at least I've requested the kernel source :P14:57
NeKitmaybe we could ask them specifically for sound chip driver instead of complete tree? I tried asking through Android-x86 developer and their position was that they didn't make any kernel changes and they can't release sources themselves due to agreement with vendor14:57
sledgesare there any ports that don't use devel/testing:common ? and if such common repo is added, would it break?15:09
sledges*nemo:devel/testing:hw:common to be precise15:09
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kimmoliso, what should ssu lr look like nowadays? my adaptation0 and dhd point to same repo..15:50
kimmoliJust pasted a lot, see here http://pastebin.com/AGi8wwRW15:50
*** cvp <cvp!~cvp@dslb-178-000-014-170.178.000.pools.vodafone-ip.de> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:51
kimmoli(ignore ot2 from there)15:51
malkimmoli: why do you have dhd when you have adaptation0?15:52
kimmolithat i was just wondering15:54
kimmolipöh, my build server is sleepying, need to check when i get to home15:56
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cvpkimmoli: is it possible to add driver for a wifi-modul like this: https://pereira.one/img/blog/hackerphone.jpg16:11
cvpto OPX16:11
kimmolicvp: yes, there is support in next release for some wifi usb dongles16:14
kimmolialtough disconnecting such will cause a reboot16:14
*** leszek <leszek!~leszek@p2003005B441FBD00022314FFFEAF6410.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has left #sailfishos-porters ("Konversation terminated!")16:14
sledgeskimmoli: PR coming, untouch yet adaptations0 ;)16:15
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kimmolisledges: i see'd16:15
sledgesnot complete bucket of PRs yet16:16
kimmolii saw (?)16:16
kimmolinäin = thus, minä näin = i saw, sahattu = sawn ?16:17
kimmolibut back to topic. then i'll hold you get bucket emptied16:18
kimmolibefore making 2.0.5. further, so far i'm happy, and it starts to be tempting to drop $EXTRANAME16:18
cvpkimmoli: this is genius! Thank you! My other devices J1 / JC sleep only in the cabinet ^.^16:20
kimmolicvp: it supports RT2x RT3070 etc, nothing else16:20
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kimmolicvp: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CyvZ9q7XcAAueQ9.jpg:large16:28
cvpkimmoli: great! :)16:41
cvpWhich module do you use?16:42
NeKitKonsta, does your Cube device also has faulty power button?16:42
KonstaNeKit: it's a bit flaky, not sure if it's faulty16:45
NeKitmultiple presses registered for one16:46
Konstasometimes needs to really press it to register, sometimes it register as double press16:46
Konstanot sure if sw or hw issue16:46
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KonstaI think my Chuwi does the same thing sometimes but it's not as bad16:47
sledgesPSA: PRs for bettering community adaptations:16:50
sledgesDisabling telnet... https://github.com/mer-hybris/hybris-boot/pull/9416:50
sledges...on non-devel releases, as well as iron out Jolla Store and OTA processes: https://github.com/mer-hybris/community-adaptation16:50
sledgesOne thing to build them all: https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-hal-device/pull/14916:50
sledgesOne thing to glue them: https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-hal-configs/pull/6716:50
r0kk3rzsledges: is this just for ports on OBS?16:56
sledgesr0kk3rz: yep good point. boils down to the fact that all ports that had jolla store enabled, were already on obs17:09
sledgesfor obs-less ports a rethink is in order or just17:10
sledgesput em up ;)17:10
malwell all port that will have jolla store should be in OBS17:12
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r0kk3rzis there a quality barrier for obs?17:33
NeKitkrnlyng, in your libhybris version, arm asm wrapper is for hooks?17:35
krnlyngNeKit: arm wrappers are for debugging only17:36
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kimmoliwhat is "/usr/libexec/droid/android-permission-fixup.sh" supposed to be? called from droid-hal-startup.sh, but there is no such file17:44
NeKitdebugging is something desirable actually...17:46
krnlyngNeKit: but they only work for arm 32 bit17:46
krnlyngNeKit: for 64bit i haven't looked at how we can implement those yet17:47
NeKitworse, x86 32bit17:47
krnlyngoh ok17:47
krnlyngwhats the error?17:47
NeKit<Konsta> just wondering if anyone has attempted to port to a cherry trail device and if there is any x86/platform specific issues17:48
*** eyome <eyome!~eyome@vit94-6-88-160-180-232.fbx.proxad.net> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:48
NeKitcurrently checking if newer libhybris solves issues with Cherry Trail graphic drivers I had, but still segfaults, yes17:48
KonstaNeKit: thanks, I guess I won't bother then17:49
NeKitI can write you in Twitter if this gets solved17:50
Konstacool, thanks17:50
*** corvinux <corvinux!~hashcore@unaffiliated/corvinux> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:56
krnlyngNeKit: do you know which function it crashes in?17:57
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~ghosalmar@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)17:58
NeKityes, but I think it might be caused by patches, let me try something else first18:01
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krnlyngNeKit: which function?18:12
NeKitwas in _hybris_hook_pthread_mutex_init/pthread_mutex_init18:13
krnlyngNeKit: and which version of libhybris are you now using? i've preprared this: https://github.com/krnlyng/libhybris/tree/mm13_update for sledges18:13
NeKitbut got past that and now it's in drivers18:13
NeKitubuntu branch of yours18:13
NeKitshould I try mm13_update instead?18:14
krnlyngNeKit: they are pretty similar but you could try it anyways18:17
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NeKitkrnlyng, http://pastebin.com/08Xkn0bS18:34
*** frozengeek <frozengeek!~frozengee@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:34
NeKit /sys/class/drm/card0/power/i915_videostatus exists and is 018:35
*** carepack <carepack!~carepack@unaffiliated/carepack> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:35
krnlyngNeKit: can you check which functions it is calling before fopen?18:40
krnlyngNeKit: if you're using the ubuntu branch then you can do HYBRIS_TRACE=1 HYBRIS_LOGGING_LEVEL=debug18:42
krnlyngNeKit: doesn't print all functions but some18:42
*** drFaustroll <drFaustroll!~drFaustro@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:42
NeKitlooks like it's doing something weird http://pastebin.com/AvZ3NBJR18:45
krnlyngNeKit: can you paste the full log?18:52
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kimmolidoes lbt remember this commit? https://github.com/mer-hybris/android_system_core/commit/5b864c7542b6f5102eb253fc3f20d0e7cab02ac418:59
kimmolior piggz ^18:59
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piggzkimmoli:yup, not remembering exactly what that was for!19:12
krnlyngNeKit: is it really calling fopen?19:14
krnlyngNeKit: you could try adding more TRACE_HOOKS to other functions19:15
krnlyngNeKit: i have no clue at the moment19:15
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sledgesr0kk3rz: mal is right, becomes tiring to re-install apps from store with each reflash when OTA is not there. With OBS, .ks file becomes simpler, and with PRs above - less hacky too (OTA process will also become much easier)19:27
sledgesr0kk3rz: added line 420 and 445 http://piratepad.net/hadk-faq-v2 about what is a beta state, comments welcome19:27
malfp2 is still alpha :)19:29
sledgesdepends on a porter ;)19:30
sledgesi renamed "beta" to "stabilised" :D19:30
r0kk3rzmal: your idea of alpha is different to everyone elses i think :P19:42
r0kk3rzsledges: i'll try that out sometime19:44
sledgesr0kk3rz: ok-doke:)19:45
malr0kk3rz: might be :P19:47
sledgessaidinesh5: kimmoli: the PRs i was talking about, the quicker the reviews by you, the quicker they're in for you ;) http://www.merproject.org/logs/%23sailfishos-porters/%23sailfishos-porters.2016-12-13.log.html#t2016-12-13T16:50:4619:48
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kimmolisledges: AHOY SIR20:25
*** CrKit <CrKit!~nekit@95-83-50-94.saransk.ru> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:27
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horuxanmal, ping20:30
horuxanrepo sync --force-sync20:30
horuxanis diference a repo sync --fetch-submodules ?20:30
malyes, those are different20:31
horuxanim run20:33
horuxanrepo sync --force-sync20:33
malhoruxan: what is the problem?20:33
horuxan50 gb download20:34
horuxanand no finish20:34
horuxannow repo sync --fetch-submodules20:34
horuxandelete all ?20:34
kimmolisledges: https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-hal-device/pull/149/commits/db79581f9290a7d51b687ac4a22f47b50dfcb18020:34
kimmolisledges: what does that exactly do`?20:34
malhoruxan: do not delete all, that is never needed20:34
malhoruxan: I cannot help if you don't show the error20:35
horuxanmal, http://www.pastebin.com/cG25bHBL20:36
malhoruxan: run once with only the command repo sync20:37
horuxanrun "repo sync"20:38
mallike I just said20:42
horuxan59 %20:44
horuxanused 54 gb20:44
horuxanhave 32 free20:44
horuxanwait ?20:48
malI still don't understand how it takes so much space when you run it20:49
horuxanim run repo sync --fetch-submodules20:50
horuxan3 days download20:50
malwhy do you run --force-sync?20:51
malhoruxan: if you would have listened to me earlier this problem would not have happened, I told you not to delete everything20:51
horuxanWith -fetch-submodules gave error to and had to run again and again, then with -force-sync went straight did not stop the night20:52
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maldoes anyone have any idea what could cause such a behavior? sledges?20:53
malsledges: why would repo sync of hybris-12.1 take more than 50 GB20:53
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horuxanWith -fetch-submodules gave error to and had to run again and again, then with -force-sync went straight did not stop the night21:13
horuxansorry, There is a storm rolling here, summer is tense21:13
malhoruxan: why did you add the --forces-sync and not run only repo sync21:14
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horuxanmal, Because he stopped all the time.21:15
r0kk3rzforce-sync is ok, it can get around issues if you've done something weird21:15
malhoruxan: you said it failed with --fetch-submodules, did you try only "repo sync"21:16
malr0kk3rz: I know21:16
malI just cannot understand why the repo sync would use so much space when it doesn't on others21:17
horuxanmal, Now I'm trying, use repo sync --fetch-submodules21:17
r0kk3rzthat is weird yes21:17
malhoruxan: do only "repo sync", nothing else21:17
horuxanrepo sync*****21:17
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sledgesmal: horuxan: run `du -sh $ANDROID_ROOT/.repo/*`23:06
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saidinesh5mal: even i add force-synnc at times when i want repo sync to overwrite my local changes. but my whole of $MER_ROOT/android is at 19GB now.23:35
saidinesh5sledges: looking. i probably should touch that code sometime soon, for wanting to set up a nightly build thing for my device, without someone having to press Y 10 times23:36
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