Wednesday, 2016-12-14

sledges22:34 < kimmoli> sledges:
sledgesthat adds an entry to targets repos, can be seen via sb2 ... ssu lr00:14
sledgesenables zypper and mb2 will do package resolving+installing from $ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo00:15
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sledges*target's zypper00:15
sledgessaidinesh5: patches very welcome, fully-automated build needs few bits more of work, actually was requested by our hw lead sailor, but i'm out of time :D00:16
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NeKitkrnlyng, it seems that Cherry Trail Intel libraries somehow interfere with fopen. Without patched property service, it will crash way sooner trying to open "/system/build.prop"05:56
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NeKitthe call that lead to crash: FILE *f = fopen("/system/build.prop", "r"); in hybris/properties/cache.c05:58
NeKit - that's the closest issue I could find, even though they had crash on fclose06:07
NeKitit seems _IO_list_all gets corrupted inside glibc06:08
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ballockmal: I don't know if you had time to have a look at the logs I sent you, but perhaps you would have a hunch where to look for? wpa_supplicant? connman? prima wlan module? some android vendor stack?09:16
Sailor7877-140Hi everyone!09:16
malballock: not yet09:17
Sailor7877-140Is there sfos 2 port to n9?09:17
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g0m3z_hi all09:20
Sailor7877-140so no update for n9?09:28
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r0kk3rzSailor7877-140: Rubdos was working on one, but its reasonably broken i think09:35
Sailor7877-140r0kk3rz hello! nothing newer than 1.0?09:36
Sailor7877-140r0kk3rz i assume Rubdos is here?09:37
SageAnyone have ready image for raspberry pi 3 that runs sfos?09:38
saidinesh5Sailor7877-140: +
Sailor7877-140saidinesh5 thanks!09:39
Sailor7877-140saidinesh5 looks like working...09:45
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sledgessaidinesh5: there is one by locusf reports say wlan doesn't work10:06
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r0kk3rzSage: ^^10:06
sledgesright-o;) thanks10:07
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Sageah, thx10:10
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sledgesSage: areup for some sail in 4K? ;)10:16
sledges*are you up10:17
locusfSage: if I hve time this weekend,new version should be coming10:24
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horuxanmal, good morning11:35
horuxanim make -j3 hybris-hal11:35
horuxanthis error11:35
malhoruxan: so you finally got the repo sync finished?11:36
horuxanplease look ?11:36
horuxanyes ...11:36
maldid you run the needed commands, source build/ and breakfast $DEVICE ?11:37
horuxanand USE_CCACHE=111:37
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horuxanand error11:37
r0kk3rzhoruxan: did you do a repo sync --fetch-submodules after the -force-sync?11:38
horuxanyes ..11:39
malno idea11:44
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horuxanwhat folder titan_defconfig ?11:55
Sagelocusf: sounds nice. I don't have rpi3 yet, but was aiming to get one thus asking :)11:57
sledges*locusf gets his weekend back*11:59
horuxanmal, its normal ?
locusfsledges: nah I've been putting it off too long now12:03
locusfSage: okay, just remember that you need to get the firmware for wlan + bluetooth separately12:03
malhoruxan: that defconfig is in kernel/motorola/msm8226/arch/arm/configs or something like that12:08
horuxanno have this folder12:09
horuxanhave msm822612:09
horuxanand .git on msm822612:09
horuxanno have more folders12:09
malhoruxan: if you don't have kernel/motorola/msm8226/ with a lot of files and folders in it then you forgot to add your kernel repo to local_manifests12:13
horuxanhave kernel in titan.xml mal12:14
malwell something is wrong, either repo sync failed or that file corrupted12:16
maland DO NOT REMOVE EVERYTHING again12:16
horuxanok ..12:18
horuxanno have idea to fix12:18
malhoruxan: was there any error in repo sync?12:19
malpastebin the titan.xml otherwise there is no way to help12:20
horuxanmal, sync done12:22
horuxantitan ..^12:22
malno idea what is wrong12:23
horuxanwhat link msm8226 ?12:23
horuxanrepo sync in msm8226.git12:24
horuxanon folder12:24
malI don't understand12:24
horuxanIf I add ... /kernel/ms8226.git and repo sync in the folder, do not correct?12:25
horuxanand now? no have idea ?12:26
malno idea12:26
malr0kk3rz: any ideas?12:27
r0kk3rznope, that manifest looks ok...12:28
malhoruxan: try repo sync kernel/motorola/msm822612:28
malhoruxan: you only have .git in that folder?12:29
horuxanyes ..12:35
horuxanand no download the folders12:36
malhoruxan: rm -Rf kernel/motorola/msm8226 and then try that repo sync kernel/motorola/msm8226 again12:38
horuxanmal, perfect12:40
r0kk3rzi wonder what other repos are going to have that problem12:41
r0kk3rzbut force-sync should've fixed that12:41
horuxanwill take r0kk3rz12:42
malr0kk3rz: wondering why there was no error12:43
horuxanerror "//12:49
malhoruxan: do you have hybris/hybris-boot/fixup-mountpoints12:51
malwhat permissions does that have?12:51
horuxanim change the permissions12:51
horuxanre run make -j312:51
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horuxanmal, after more or less 30 minutes this error on make -j3 hybris-hal
horuxanhave idea to fix w13:45
malnot enough output to show the actual error13:45
malhoruxan: if you have errors it's easier to see the real error when you run make -j1 hybris-hal13:46
horuxanok runing13:47
horuxanno openm link13:47
horuxanone moment please13:47
horuxan2 correct13:47
malyour system ran out of memory?13:49
mal"virtual memory exhausted: Cannot allocate memory"13:49
maltry again13:49
horuxanclose all13:50
malno need to close anything, just run the command again13:51
r0kk3rzhoruxan: maybe give your VM a bit more ram13:54
horuxanSorry, I went to see the error when pastebin, this error already happened is when the machine is with nautilus and gedit open, or firefox, make memory requests and the programs occupy, I usually close leave only the terminal and ok13:57
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eduardas_mhello, does anyone here use libconnman-qt? is it still being actively developed?14:13
r0kk3rzeduardas_m: better to ask in #mer, but yes its being used in sailfish afaik14:16
monicheduardas_m: it more or less does what it's supposed to do, there wasn't any reason recently to actively develop it14:17
monichand yes, it is used14:17
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eduardas_mmonich, thanks for the answer... I am actually new to both Qt and connman...I am having trouble making libconnman-qt list available services...14:21
eduardas_mnetworkManager->getServices(); return an empty QVector14:21
eduardas_mI have not found any examples or tutorials on how to do stuff with libconnman-qt, so I am having trouble wrapping my head around it14:22
monicheduardas_m: could it be that there ain't any services configured?14:22
eduardas_mmonich, busctl call net.connman / net.connman.Manager GetServices returns a bunch of stuff from the command line14:23
eduardas_malso connmanctl services lists a lot of stuff (various APs)14:23
eduardas_mso those services are present as far as I can see14:23
monichlet's see if I can find any examples...14:24
monichit's mostly used from qml afaik14:25
moniche.g. settings14:25
* sledges says Labas to eduardas_m the Lithuanian! nice to see a fellow countryman :)14:25
eduardas_msledges, :)14:26
eduardas_mmonich, I am not using QML14:27
eduardas_mI am actually developing an embedded Linux system with Yocto/ Open Embedded14:27
eduardas_msince Open Embedded has a recipe for libconnman-qt, I thought I might use it14:28
monicheduardas_m: libconnman-qt seems to be doing initial queries asynchronously14:31
monichi.e. you need to watch signals like servicesListChanged14:31
monichunfortunately there's no way to tell, given NetworkManager pointer, whether the initial query has completed or not14:33
monichthat's not very good14:33
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monichin qml it doesn't really matter, usually the initial query completes before the ui is initialized14:36
monichso who cares that the service list is initially considered empty if the user doesn't notice it14:36
monichwhich sort of explains the deficiencies of the api14:37
eduardas_mmonich, would it help with a long delay after NetworkManager is created?14:38
monicheduardas_m: you need the even loop14:38
monichthe results of the asynchronous dbus calls won't be delivered until you run the event loop14:39
eduardas_mmonich, honestly, I am not even sure what that is14:42
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monicheduardas_m: event loop?14:44
eduardas_mmonich, yes...this is Qt specific?14:44
monicheduardas_m: not really, pretty much anything has a concept of an event loop these days14:46
monichlike glib14:46
* sledges is on a rocky road to sfos meetup @ London, nearly missed the train thanks to bus late :D14:46
monicheduardas_m: and qt has one of its own, although on linux it's actually implemented on top of glib event loop14:48
eduardas_mmonich, I somehow think the problem is I am executing my code before the QApplication exec() method14:50
monicheduardas_m: fyi, QApplication exec() runs the event loop14:53
monichI'm reasonably sure that if you connect a handler to the servicesListChanged signal, it will get called quite soon after QApplication exec() enters the event loop14:53
monichand there you will have your services14:54
eduardas_mmonich, thank you a lot... this has been very enlightening14:54
monichgood luck14:55
stephgsledges: ping me when you are in the vicinity15:08
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sledgesstephg: will be in paddington 5pm, then eventually to Southwark preferably before 6 :D15:25
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stephgsledges: okiedoke15:40
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horuxanr0kk3rz, please look !? mal this error
malthat error clearly tell the problem, either you haven't defined DEVICE in $HOME/.hadk.env or something else16:15
malhoruxan: and "hadk" is also a command when you are in mersdk16:15
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horuxanmal, on final the hadk16:19
horuxanEOF ?16:19
horuxanthe error to run hadk is eof16:19
horuxanmy .hadk.env
malhoruxan: the EOF in those commands is a part of the command16:21
malno EOF should be there16:22
malhoruxan: and all of those command should have export before them like this: export VENDOR="motorola"16:22
malhoruxan: just look at the HADK pdf, it has the correct command16:23
sledgesnothing than finalising the new hadk on a train :))16:28
malhoruxan: you didn't follow HADK, look for curlfix in the pdf16:31
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horuxanmal, sorry17:27
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krnlyngNeKit: can you try building a simple android lib which does fopen?18:12
NeKitI will try later18:27
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kimmolitime to drag in all those PR's and make a test build.. duh18:27
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kimmolithere are too many of these to keep track20:39
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miauI've got a little problem with my Nexus5.21:47
miauI compiled the cm12.1-caf kernel, it boots fine, but lipstick does not start.21:48
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miauThis seems to be the related error from journalctl:21:59
miaulocalhost mce[740]: modules/display.c: mdy_stm_step(): ui start failed, retrying21:59
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kimmoliseems that new stuff changes droid-local-repo to a subfolder structure. need to clean up there, othervise it seems to get old packages from repo root22:35
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sledgesfaenil: Nokius_: stephg: thanks for awesome meetup!23:42
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