Tuesday, 2017-01-17

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akhil_surabhihi, i'm getting tihs error droid-hal-init: execv("droid-hal-init") failed: No such file or directory, and my device reboots to recovery. please help me05:42
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saidinesh5akhil_surabhi: does that file exist in /sbin/droid-hal-init ?08:11
saidinesh5Nokius: when free, could you compile ar4er's branch of kernel and see if it fixes your last_kmsg issue?08:11
akhil_surabhisaidinesh5: yes, it is present08:12
saidinesh5odd.. the systemd service that was trying to start is /lib/systemd/system/droid-hal-init.service08:15
saidinesh5akhil_surabhi: what happens when you try to manually start:  /usr/bin/droid/droid-hal-startup.sh08:16
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akhil_surabhisaidinesh5: permission denied error occurs08:18
saidinesh5what are it's permissions?08:19
akhil_surabhiby the way, can you have a look at this? http://pastebin.com/4Z9UVtVW08:19
akhil_surabhione min08:19
akhil_surabhisaidinesh5: -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 351 Jan 16 18:24 droid-hal-startup.sh08:20
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saidinesh5akhil_surabhi: your logs show that droid-hal-init started.. what am i to be looking for?08:21
akhil_surabhimost services exit with exit code > 008:22
akhil_surabhialso, there are few permission denied errors08:22
saidinesh5 droid-hal-init: Service 'zygote' (pid 1461) killed by signal 9 .08:23
saidinesh5is zygote suppsoed to start?08:23
akhil_surabhiyes, i think08:23
saidinesh5not on my CM12.1 port at least08:23
akhil_surabhii'm new to rom development, so don't know much, sorry08:24
saidinesh5btw. [  136.841888] droid-hal-init: could not import file 'init.target.rc' from '/init.qcom.rc'08:25
saidinesh5do you have that file in / ?08:26
akhil_surabhino, i don't have such file08:26
saidinesh5which device are you porting to btw?08:28
saidinesh5for my device, that is a very important file08:29
akhil_surabhiredmi note 3 snap dragon, aarch64 device based on cm1308:29
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saidinesh5https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_xiaomi_kenzo this one?08:32
akhil_surabhisaidinesh5: yes, but cm13 branch08:33
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saidinesh5out of the dying processes, zygote, media, netd are not used in sfos on my device08:37
akhil_surabhiokay, could it be a problem with this kind of errors? write_file: Unable to open '/dev/cpuset/system-background/cpus': Permission denied08:37
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saidinesh5i think ghosalmartin was using a patched netd on his CM13.0 based port08:38
akhil_surabhii'll try to ask him about that once, thank you08:39
Nokiussaidinesh5: yeap I will do08:39
saidinesh5and depends, on why the write was failing for you btw. check permissions of that file are same in a working android as in what you hvae.08:40
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saidinesh5Nokius: waiting for ar4er to come online so ii can start cherrypicking from his 80 new commits.  after that we may push out an update. (no release though)08:41
akhil_surabhisure, i'll check them now08:41
saidinesh5also on my device logd was failing because i disabled auditd in my kernel config. so there is that08:42
saidinesh5akhil_surabhi: each of these programs maybe failing because of different reasons08:42
Nokiussaidinesh5: okay it will be later I have to do other task first08:42
saidinesh5try starting them manually and stracing them to see why they fail08:42
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saidinesh5Nokius: sure08:43
*** adeen-s is now known as Guest9932908:43
saidinesh5Nokius: btw. Guest99329 (adeen-s) is the one with an Mi4 with the sdcard08:43
akhil_surabhisaidinesh5: i didn't disable audit08:43
saidinesh5yeah, i am not sure what changes are needed for CM13 based ports/aarch64 based ports08:44
akhil_surabhiokay, thank you a lot08:45
Nokiussaidinesh5: okay and our zips boot up :o08:46
saidinesh5Nokius: whut? what zips?08:46
Nokiussaidinesh5: s/zips/ROM's/08:47
* Nokius afk08:47
saidinesh5Ahh  meh. the last thing i distributed as a zip was that SFdroid build. you had me excited for a moment08:47
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adeen-ssaidinesh5: My Mi4 doesn't have expandable storage option.08:57
saidinesh5no clue why i added this then: https://github.com/CancroSailors/droid-config-cancro/commit/6c039596733cbadcab5e2c6c4bfeb33cc0dead5a09:00
adeen-ssaidinesh5: I think that is still needed to mount the Internal Storage (/data/media/).09:03
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Nokiusso no mysteries mi409:23
Nokiussaidinesh5: is there a PR or a merge?09:24
saidinesh5Nokius: just the head of his branch09:25
adeen-sAnyone working on an Snapdragon 820 device?09:25
ghosalmartinadeen-s, there was one, zhxt09:26
nh1402someone was working on an mi5 I believe09:26
* Nokius which looks promessing 09:27
Nokiusadeen-s: he hase same name on github :P09:28
ghosalmartinadeen-s, theres a handy fix in his kernel for video09:28
ghosalmartinwell UI09:28
Nokiusakhil_surabhi: no idea why dhi blows for you too09:28
entilmal: this is a first, now the phone refuses my security code even though it was turned on all the time, before this it's always failed on bootup09:29
Nokiussaidinesh5: bulding :)09:32
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Nokiusadeen-s: you like to try the op3?09:34
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adeen-sNokius: Yeah. As soon as I have some time, I'll port for the OP3.09:36
malentil: quite annoying09:37
Nokiusadeen-s: op3port-dev-vm tryed to start it they have some sources on github09:38
Nokius!seen divis196909:45
merbotNokius: divis1969 was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 5 days, 10 hours, 53 minutes, and 49 seconds ago: <divis1969> ok, I got it09:45
adeen-sNokius: Can't find them on Github. Nothing for FalkAlexander either.09:47
Nokiusadeen-s: let me check09:48
adeen-s!seen FalkAlexander09:48
merbotadeen-s: FalkAlexander was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 1 week, 1 day, 13 hours, 16 minutes, and 23 seconds ago: <FalkAlexander> marcel2: welcome09:48
adeen-s!seen op3port-dev-vm09:50
merbotadeen-s: op3port-dev-vm was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 1 week, 1 day, 13 hours, 20 minutes, and 15 seconds ago: <op3port-dev-vm> mal: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/523066/48390738/09:50
NokiusCONFIG_VT cause problems with tuxonice on the MTK device https://gist.github.com/Nokius/b93c156c1c1d2ee1c5fbe4219f4432f709:52
Nokiusadeen-s: I pinged them let's see ;)09:53
adeen-sNokius: There is indeed a missing semicolon. https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_kernel_cyanogen_mt6735/blob/cm-13.0/kernel/power/tuxonice_ui.c#L12709:59
Nokiusadeen-s: :) Thank you10:26
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Nokiussaidinesh5: it went well10:29
jpaanais there a reason why CONFIG_OABI_COMPAT is not enabled kernel configs as that seems to fix gdb crashing with illegal instructions when stepping?10:30
saidinesh5Nokius: so you even see last_kmsg?10:31
saidinesh5even with the rebot script?10:31
Nokiussaidinesh5: I was talking about the build10:32
saidinesh5Ah heh10:32
saidinesh5now you know what to look for in the build10:32
Nokiussaidinesh5: fastboot stucks at bootimage but yeah no panic I would say10:34
saidinesh5Nokius: fastboot wont work. kernel modules were recompied10:34
saidinesh5and afaik there were somme changes to kernel modules10:34
Nokiussaidinesh5: yeap10:35
saidinesh5use the serve_repo and zypper dup --from local10:35
Nokiussaidinesh5: I will ping you later have afk10:35
ghosalmartinhas anyone seen these errors when runnign test_hwcomposer IsValidNativeBuffer: Buffer has a NULL handle DequeueBuffer: Dequeued Buffer is not valid10:54
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Nokiusanyone with backup of FAQ? looks death :'(11:38
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Nokiusadeen-s: they will add it soon to github11:44
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ghosalmartinanyone remember the minimer package required11:47
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Nokiusghosalmartin: ?11:57
*** adeen-s <adeen-s!~adeen-s@> has joined #sailfishos-porters11:57
ghosalmartinNokius, when trying to run minimer theres a package dependency for it, can you remember what it is?11:57
*** adeen-s is now known as Guest4148211:57
Nokiusghosalmartin: yeah qml something11:59
*** Guest41482 is now known as adeen-s11:59
Nokiusnope my memory is gone for that sorry11:59
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adeen-sghosalmartin: I'm not sure but it could be qt5-qtdeclarative-qmlscene12:04
Nokiusadeen-s: sound good http://www.merproject.org/logs/%23sailfishos-porters/%23sailfishos-porters.2014-08-10.log.html#t2014-08-10T15:18:2112:05
Nokiusthanks akhil_surabhi12:05
akhil_surabhiNokius: i was asking!12:05
Nokius:) and providing the help12:06
miau_ghosalmartin: Any news about your camera prob?12:13
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ghosalmartinmiau_, nah12:13
ghosalmartinso basically run selinux in permissive mode?12:13
miau_ghosalmartin: Maybe, but i didn't get it to work.12:14
ghosalmartinmiau_, did you get it running in permissive mode successfully?12:14
ghosalmartinand a simple fix could be to stop dhi starting it12:14
ghosalmartinand make it a systemd service12:14
miau_ghosalmartin: The phone doesn't boot with the selinux kernel.12:15
ghosalmartinmiau_, so yeah systemd service? :P12:15
miau_ghosalmartin: That's what i thought too. But i still got the permission denied error, which i think also is SELinux related, but i don't know how to get rid of the security contexts in /dev/video1 and 2. Stupid SELinux :-D12:16
ghosalmartinmiau_, see i don't get that error at all which confuses me12:16
miau_ghosalmartin: Could you please give the output of 'll /dev/video*" and 'll /data/cam_socket*'?12:17
ghosalmartinmiau_, usre12:17
miau_ghosalmartin: Thanks.12:18
ghosalmartinmiau_, http://pastebin.com/kzHFPBGV12:20
ghosalmartinno camsocket12:20
miau_ghosalmartin: sorry i meant ll or ls -lha12:21
miau_ghosalmartin: I got the same permissions...12:23
ghosalmartinmiau_, i gots no ideas :P12:26
ghosalmartinwhats this camsocket12:26
ghosalmartinonly other thing is to boot into android and see the diff12:26
ghosalmartinaha when I run mm-qcamera with ld_library path12:28
ghosalmartinCANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE: "/system/lib64/libcutils.so" is 64-bit instead of 32-bit12:28
ghosalmartinpage record for 0xf723502c was not found (block_size=16)12:28
ghosalmartinah its 32bit object12:29
miau_ghosalmartin: Is the library path necessary?12:29
ghosalmartinmiau_, id say so, so it knows what libs to use12:29
ghosalmartinthats why it fails on boot12:30
ghosalmartinbut now its just same errors as before12:31
ghosalmartinso no big deal really12:31
miau_ghosalmartin: To get the camera working is going to take more time then the rest of the whole system :-D12:32
ghosalmartinmiau_, probably12:32
ghosalmartinbut its taken me a year to get to UI12:32
ghosalmartinso hopefully not :P12:32
miau_ghosalmartin: :-D12:32
miau_ghosalmartin: I think i have to wait for sledges, maybe he has another idea.12:33
ghosalmartinmiau_, am going to fix the exit on boot issue for now12:33
miau_ghosalmartin: Which issue?12:33
ghosalmartinmiau_, well mine exits with status one on boot12:35
ghosalmartin*sigh* that awkward moment when you dont have the lib12:35
miau_ghosalmartin: You mean the camera daemon?12:36
ghosalmartinmiau_, yes12:36
miau_ghosalmartin: Why don't try the systemd method?12:36
ghosalmartinmiau_, dont need that, if I can just set LD_LIBRARY_PATH inside service in init.bullhead.rc12:37
miau_ghosalmartin: Ah, even better.12:37
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*** guhl <guhl!~guhl@gateway/tor-sasl/guhl> has joined #sailfishos-porters12:47
ghosalmartinNokius, for the permission issues your having12:55
ghosalmartinadd this to init.rc12:55
ghosalmartin    write /dev/cpuset/system-background/cpuset.mems 012:55
ghosalmartin    write /dev/cpuset/system-background/cpuset.cpus 012:55
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ballockI'm scratching my head with mic dependency resolution, perhaps somebody can guide me in the right direction -13:04
ballockWarning: repo problem: pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-mako-0.0.13-10.9.2.jolla.noarch requires droid-config-mako-sailfish, but this requirement cannot be provided, uninstallable providers: droid-config-mako-sailfish-0.0.13-10.9.2.jolla.noarch[adaptation0-mako-]13:04
ballockNow, I changed the .ks to install droid-config-mako-sailfish instead of the HW Adaptation pattern and it resolves fine.13:05
ghosalmartinballock, put that pattern in mic13:05
ballockghosalmartin: what do you mean?13:06
*** drFaustroll <drFaustroll!~drFaustro@opensuse/member/ealin> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)13:06
ghosalmartinballock, if it complains about a pattern, put that pattern in mic13:06
ghosalmartinand itll tell you which package is the issue13:06
ghosalmartinremove the @Jolla configuration13:06
ballockyes, I just did that13:06
ballockI changed th .ks file to include the package that it complains about, and that one resolves fine.13:07
ghosalmartinballock, it is all very odd at times13:08
Nokiusghosalmartin:ah okay13:10
ghosalmartinmal: is minimediaservier android?13:18
malghosalmartin: it's a sailfish lib but built in android side13:22
ghosalmartinmal, were is it located?13:22
ghosalmartinI mean the binary13:22
ghosalmartinI need a 32bit version13:22
malit's in /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/13:23
ghosalmartinmal, i mean in the source code13:23
ghosalmartinmal: ahh13:23
miau_mal: Do you know why in the Nexus5 port some SELinux files where addes straggler files, if SELinux is disabled?13:29
miau_mal cm12.1 port i meant13:30
malmiau_: it's just because of packaging script, those are not needed really13:31
miau_mal: Ok, another hope is gone :-D13:32
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ghosalmartinmiau_, my issue is a 32bit/64bit issue so I doubt it applies to you :/13:44
ghosalmartinmaybe after I solve that I'll hit your issue13:44
miau_ghosalmartin: I hope not.13:47
nh1402ghosalmartin, miau_ : how is it going?13:59
miau_nh1402: Still facing the camera issue. Should i try to flash sfdroid and see what happens?14:01
ghosalmartincamera issues !(yay)14:02
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sledgeswill address that last bitly later ;)14:14
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sledges(so many unexpected puns^..)14:14
sledgesghosalmartin: where's your cam at?14:15
sledgesballock: have you got latest bluez fixes? (check first link in topic)14:15
sledgesPSA: we are moving away from flaky piratepad. even the name suits this channel's activities so well :D mozilla feels closer to home and maybe ground to rumoury non-existant speculations;)14:16
ghosalmartinsledges, 64bit/32bit issues14:16
ghosalmartinCANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE: "/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib/libc++.so" is 32-bit instead of 64-bit14:17
ghosalmartinfor minimediaservice14:17
sledgesghosalmartin: LD ?14:17
ballocksledges: I'm on, so I thought it doesn't cause an issue there yet?14:17
* ballock is checking14:17
sledgesballock: that's part of the fixes (mic dependencies)14:17
ghosalmartinsledges, LD?14:18
sledgesghosalmartin: you can preload the lib64 .so with setenv LD_PRELOAD (or how was it that libcameraservice uses) in .rc14:19
ghosalmartinsledges, yeah so the issue with minimediaservice is its 64bit and I think I need 32bit14:19
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*** RavenII_ is now known as RavenII14:41
sledgesghosalmartin: minimediaservice is part of android-built world, so should be 64bit, and much on /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib64 bits14:47
ghosalmartinsledges, yeah but the binarys for camera is 32bit :/14:48
sledgeshuh? 8)14:48
sledgesballock: also you'll need to re-run build-packages.sh, it will compile that kh4.. bluez thingy and sort out some package deps on the go14:48
ballocksledges: I'm doing that now :)14:49
ghosalmartinsledges, camera.bullhead.so is 32bit only14:50
ghosalmartinand I need 64bit :P14:50
ghosalmartinwell I need camera.msm8992.so14:50
sledgeswhat a franky bullhead, frankly speaking!14:52
ghosalmartinand if I build a 32bit minimediaservice, it still has issues with 32bit/64bit14:54
sledgesis android's media service also 32bit then?14:55
ghosalmartinsledges, its default one?14:55
ghosalmartinsledges, whats that called?14:55
ghosalmartinmedia or mediaserver?14:56
sledgesnoidea :D14:56
sledgesthe one that provides the same APIs as mini14:56
sledgesminime :D14:56
ballocksledges: Unfortunately, it didn't help.15:01
ballockIf it's not a missing dependency, perhaps there's a conflict or so? How can I check that?15:01
sledgesballock: i think i know what it is, sec15:03
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*** xkr47 <xkr47!xkr47@2001:14b8:141:5926:5358:9793:2384:6264> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:05
sledgesballock: do you have usb-moded-pc-suite-mode-android in patterns? that needs to go (news from hot pad)15:07
sledgesghosalmartin: judging from the name, it should be media15:08
ghosalmartinsledges, media is a file :P15:09
sledgeseverything is a file ;p15:09
ghosalmartintext file ;)15:09
ballockballock: Indeed, the package's there.15:09
ghosalmartinso its mediaserver15:09
ghosalmartinI think15:09
ghosalmartinwhich is 32bit15:10
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r0kk3rzwow etherpad takes an age to load15:27
r0kk3rzbut wooooo, you can link to line numbers15:28
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sledgesmal: ghosalmartin: hwc 1.3+ fix is in mm64-rpm libhybris now16:15
nh1402ghosalmartin: oh wow, completely forgot to check back16:15
ghosalmartinnh1402, its alright man16:16
ghosalmartinbusy making horrible ruby code16:16
malsledges: thanks16:17
nh1402my late response to miau_ would be definitely not no.16:17
sledgesi thought it was about RoR, what a confusion now16:17
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ballocksledges: It worked. Thank you. I don't know why, I had this in the image and it completed, and now it didn't go through, but - meh.17:27
Nokiussaidinesh5: it boot :) lt's see if last_kmesg is working too17:32
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Nokiussaidinesh5: oh no touchscreen17:33
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Nokiussaidinesh5: same with BT17:35
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sledgesballock: oh well good! :)17:51
ballocksledges: It stops at the spinning wheel. It keeps spinning, but that ain't no good.17:53
ballockI think I've got some permission problem, poossibly in the kernel. A number of systemctl services failed due to that.17:53
ballockeg: Failed at step OOM_ADJUST spawning /usr/libexec/mapplauncherd/booster-qt5: Permission denied17:54
ballocksystemd-tmpfiles[605]: Failed to write file /sys/fs/cgroup/cpu,cpuacct/cpu.shares: Operation not permitted17:55
ballockFailed at step GROUP spawning /usr/sbin/ofonod: Operation not permitted17:55
ThomasBrixballock: https://github.com/zhxt/android_kernel_xiaomi_msm8996/commit/731e1017a8b3f2f15b4b5766adf1f3485c395e0317:57
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ballockThomasBrix: Nice. Thank you.18:01
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ballockNext in line wrt permissions: Failed at step GROUP spawning /usr/sbin/ofonod: Operation not permitted18:54
ballockRings any bell?18:54
chris01hey is anyone working on the oneplus 318:57
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*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~ghosalmar@2a02:c7f:9207:4200:2996:cc73:a98c:2caf> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:42
guhl_could somebody help me to understand some camera related things?19:45
guhl_i am trying to get the camera working on the thea19:46
guhl_i have minimediaservice, minisfservice and miniafservice running19:46
guhl_but when i try to use the mk-cam-conf19:47
guhl_logcat says: I/ServiceManager( 3341): Waiting for service SurfaceFlinger...19:49
guhl_i thought that minisfservice is supposed to provide/replace SurfaceFlinger19:50
malis minisfservice running?19:52
guhl_minimediaservice, minisfservice and miniafservice19:53
guhl_i have additional problems with the19:54
guhl_setenv LD_PRELOAD /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib/libcameraservice.so19:54
guhl_in init.rc as libcameraservice.so complains about missing log symbols (can't remember the exactly atm)19:54
guhl_mal, might there be an connection to that ugly lipstick hack that starts surfaceflinger and kills it afterwards ?19:56
malI remember that hack causing some issues19:57
guhl_yes, if i kill the minisfserver and it restarts that message is gone19:58
guhl_now it's waiting service sensorservice19:58
guhl_and Waiting for service batterystats...19:58
guhl_well i've been there so i will add sensorservice19:59
malguhl_: https://github.com/mer-hybris/android_device_oneplus_onyx/commit/42e966f9deef217e6a5b5876410105984a6c817d19:59
guhl_k - thanks19:59
guhl_already have this in the vision19:59
guhl_be back soon20:00
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*** minimec <minimec!~minimec@unaffiliated/minimec> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:13
wdehooghi. I am using ALOGx in minisfservice but I see nothing in logcat. should it be enabled or is there another way to log?20:15
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guhl_mal, that's getting better but not working yet. I put the logcat here http://pastebin.com/ZkmHPMJe20:43
guhl_if you got time20:43
guhl_wdehoog, give me a second, i did put a lot of messages in minisf or minimedia i'll look how I did it20:44
*** noume <noume!~noume@195-253-17-159.ip.dokom21.de> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:45
noumeCan anyone help with a probably trivial problem?20:48
noumeI'm having trouble getting the cm repo20:48
guhl_wdehoog, I did use ALOGI and it worked (i.e. in allocator.cpp or minisf.cpp)20:48
guhl_noume, what kind of trouble?20:49
wdehoogguhl_: I use ALOGW but nothing shows up20:50
wdehoognot when added in minisf.cpp nor in services_5_1_0.h20:50
noumeI'm currently going through the HADK guide, step 5.2 "device repos". I edited the xml file to point to "android_device_samsung_jfltexx" and revision "stable/cm-12.1-YOG7D"20:51
guhl_noume, which xml file20:52
noumeguhl_: $HOME/mer/android/droid/.repo/local_manifests/jfltexx.xml20:52
malguhl_: is that when you try to use camera or mk-cam-conf?20:54
noumethe guide says i need to sync the repo with "repo sync --fetch-submodules", but i'm getting "error: in `sync --fetch-submodules`: revision stable/cm-12.1-YOG7D in CyanogenMod/android_device_samsung_jfltexx not found"20:54
maltry running jusr repo sync first20:55
guhl_as far as I see there is no stable/cm-12.1-YOG7D for the device repo20:56
malhttps://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_samsung_jfltexx/tree/stable/cm-12.1-YOG7D there seems to be20:56
guhl_o yes sorry there is stable/cm-12.1-YOG7D20:57
noumeJust repo sync does something20:57
sledgeswdehoog: it's hard to get a hold of you at the times you're online:) oneplus one was one of the most requested ports; could you please upstream the LED and any other fixes yiu come up?20:57
noumeNow it says: error: Exited sync due to fetch errors20:57
guhl_noume, try without the --fetch-submodules first20:58
guhl_and maybe -j120:58
sledgesballock: is it all cm13?20:58
ballocksledges: yes20:58
noumeguhl_: It's currentyl running, thx20:58
noumeCan you port using cm13?20:58
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guhl_then you have a better view where it fails (and sometimes it does not fail then)20:59
sledgesballock: grepping channel logs is next then re GROauP perms prob; logs spider is in channel topic20:59
* sledges afks furtherly21:00
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)21:00
guhl_mal, mk-cam-conf21:00
wdehoogsledges: yes I would like to but I seem to be a git-fool21:01
guhl_mal, damn I just took a picture !21:01
noumeguhl_: thx, i'l try piping errors into a file and see when it is finished.21:02
wdehoogsledges: but adding led stuff for every device will make mce-plugin-libhybris maintaining hard21:02
wdehoogall my changes are on https://github.com/wdehoog is there anyway you can pull ?21:03
wdehoog(as if I know what pull is)21:03
guhl_i did bot even know and or tinker with /etc/dconf/db/vendor.d/jolla-camera.txt21:04
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malnoume: there was some solution in logs which was that go to .repo/project-objects/CyanogenMod and remove folder android_device_samsung_jfltexx21:05
malnoume: then try repo sync21:05
malbut see what happens with your current attempt first21:05
*** louisdk <louisdk!~louisdk@static-5-103-130-65.seas-nve.net> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)21:07
guhl_mal, front and main cam work - video recording gives me21:08
guhl_I/ServiceManager(  855): Waiting for service media.audio_policy...21:08
malguhl_: https://github.com/kimmoli/droidmedia/commit/95aec707be50ed8cb0acec806cf81e763a41fdf321:08
*** louisdk <louisdk!~louisdk@static-5-103-130-65.seas-nve.net> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:10
guhl_mal do you know the saying that there is a xkcd for everything?21:10
guhl_I think it should be called "mal has got an commit for everything" :-)!21:11
ballockLooks like mal saves the day again :)21:12
malI'm now building sfdroid and watching a stupid b-movie21:13
guhl_porting to the thea is really a pleasure after all this struggling with the vision21:13
noumeThat's quite nice. I have a friend who is eager to try SFOS on his thea ;)21:14
guhl_noume, after camera there is only bluetooth left to go - everything else is up and running21:15
noumeHe does not use bluetooth. However i do not know if it does support multirom. He currently has PAC-MAN ROM installed21:16
guhl_well i will probably put a rom somewhere tonight21:17
noumeI really hope i can get the jfltexx to port properly. I'm really a beginner and this is my first try21:18
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noumeguhl_: I got it, the kernel appears to be an issue: "Cannot fetch CyanogenMod/android_kernel_samsung_jfltexx"21:25
*** RavenII <RavenII!~ravenii@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)21:26
noumeok, i got it sorted. the kernel is just "jf", not "jfltexx" thanks for the help, GN8 ;)21:29
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guhl_noume, sorry was not watching, good you sorted it - night!21:36
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neeraderror rpmmd2solv: repo_rpmmd: no element found at line 127:022:00
neeradAnybody here?22:02
malwhat command did you run?22:02
neeradyou need the full syntax ?22:03
maland as a general rule (based on the other channel) use pastebin or some similar service if you need to show more than 3 lines22:03
neeradhold on then22:03
malremove --runtime=native from mic command22:04
neeradalready done that22:04
neeradno luck22:04
maldid you remove it or replace it with something?22:04
neeradremoved it completely22:05
neeradby default it uses bootstrap22:05
malpastebin the whole output of mic command22:05
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malwell that was practical to leave right after pasting something22:13
*** neerad <neerad!~neerad@> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:13
malneerad: did you fix the adaptation0 repo as instructed in the HADK pdf22:14
neeradhow do you do it ?22:14
malneerad: and please do not post same stuff on two channels at the same time22:14
neeradsorry i am a newbie22:14
malchapter 8.322:15
malverify what you have in .ks file22:15
neeradI have done that22:15
neeradhere is the .ks file - http://pastebin.com/kQZpW3Yz22:16
malit seems you didn't quite understand the instruction in that pdf22:17
maldoes this path look good to you /home/neerad/mer/sdks/sdk/path/to/mer/sdks/ubuntu/path/to/mer/android/droid/droid-local-repo/wt8804722:17
neeradyeah it is actually the path, modifying it on the ks file returns error of "No such file or directory"22:18
maland you have the rpm packages in there?22:19
neeradi have verified it22:19
malbut do you see what you did wrong with the setup?22:19
neeradwhat ?22:19
neeradI don't get it22:19
maljust look at that path22:19
neeradyeah it contains droid-configs, droid-hal-wt88047, libhyris etc....22:20
malif you would have followed the instructions that would be /home/neerad/mer/android/droid/droid-local-repo/wt8804722:20
neeradoh that22:20
malyou didn't understand that /path/to/mer was supposed to be replaced22:21
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neeradOn that note when I am in MerSDK how does cd $ANDROID_ROOT gives me error22:21
neeradI have actually modified it22:21
malbecause your whole setup is quite messed up22:22
neeradOne question and solves the entire scenario22:22
neeradmy android-root directory is actually in ubuntu/path/to/mer22:22
neeradwhich run perfectly on $HABUILD-SDK22:23
neeradbut on $MER-SDK22:23
neeradit fails with no such file or directory22:23
neeradwhy is that and is there a possible fix22:23
malI would move everything to their correct places and set the paths as instructed in pdf22:24
neeradbecause I followed each and every step of the guide but on chapter 7.1 it fails22:24
malwell you didn't follow it exactly22:25
neeradhow do you correct path on chapter 7.122:25
neeradI followed it exactly , read chapter 7.122:25
neeradand tell me if it would return error or not ?22:25
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malpastebin your $HOME/.hadk.env22:26
neeradthe original one or modified one ?22:26
maland $HOME/.mersdkubu.profile and $HOME/.mersdk.profile22:26
neeradhttp://pastebin.com/dT2zdgYL here you go22:30
neeradall the three22:30
malwell there is your error22:30
neeradwhat ?22:31
mallook at the ANDROID_ROOT22:31
malthat would become /path/to/mer/path/to/mer/android/droid22:31
neeradoh that is the original one22:32
neeradaccording to guide22:32
malwell that is not22:32
neeradi have saved the original one22:32
maljust look at chapter 1.2.222:32
neeradhold on let me see22:32
malyou skipped that part22:32
malif you had followed MER_ROOT would be /home/neerad/mer22:33
neeradtell me the exact error I made22:34
neeradI am not able to comprehend anything now22:34
neeradI am completely exhausted myself22:35
neeradeven if MER_ROOT becomes home/neerad/mer22:35
malin that case ANDROID_ROOT would be /home/neerad/mer/android/droid/22:36
neeradstill it would fail22:36
malno it wouldn't22:36
neeradsee chapter 5.122:36
malneerad: do this, mv /home/neerad/mer/sdks/sdk/path/to/mer/sdks/ubuntu/path/to/mer/android /home/neerad/mer/22:37
neeradand see chapter 4.222:37
neeradI have tried that , well then mb2 shows read only filesystem error22:37
malyou do understand that /path/to/mer is just a placeholder for the actual path you use22:38
neeradyeah i get it22:38
malbecause your setup is so messed up I cannot be sure what the problem is22:38
malyou need to fix your setup first22:38
neeradTell me the exact steps from the beginning22:38
neeradI will delete all of it and start again22:39
malfirst mv /home/neerad/mer/sdks/sdk/path/to/mer/sdks/ubuntu/path/to/mer/android /home/neerad/mer/22:39
neeradokay as you say22:39
neeradsudo ?22:39
malyes as root22:40
neeradcannot stat no such file or directory22:40
malyou said your android root is there22:41
neeradmy android_root is /home/neerad/mer/sdks/sdk/path/to/mer/sdks/ubuntu/path/to/mer/android/droid22:41
malyes, so sudo mv /home/neerad/mer/sdks/sdk/path/to/mer/sdks/ubuntu/path/to/mer/android /home/neerad/mer/22:42
neeradthen ?22:44
malid your ubuntu chroot in /home/neerad/mer/sdks/sdk/path/to/mer/sdks/ubuntu ?22:44
malthen sudo mv /home/neerad/mer/sdks/sdk/path/to/mer/sdks/ubuntu /home/neerad/mer/sdks/22:45
malthen edit .hadk.env so that it has these:22:46
malexport MER_ROOT="/home/neerad/mer"22:46
malexport ANDROID_ROOT="$MER_ROOT/android/droid"22:46
malso fix those lines in the file22:46
malthen see what happens22:46
neeradlet's hope for the best22:47
maldoes $ANDROID_ROOT work now22:47
neeradhold on let me check22:47
*** wdehoog <wdehoog!a39ed8fe@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)22:47
neeradhowever cd $MER_ROOR takes me to the correct path22:50
malpastebin ~/.bashrc22:51
malneerad: did you close the terminal you had open before when you tried it again22:52
neeradno let me do that also22:52
malbut probably also bashrc is wrong22:52
neeradmight be22:53
*** M4rtinK <M4rtinK!~M4rtinK@ip-78-45-144-165.net.upcbroadband.cz> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:54
mallooks mostly ok, only thing is that you have many copies of the same lines at the end22:56
malyou only need to have these at the end22:57
malexport MER_ROOT=/home/neerad/mer22:57
malalias sdk=$MER_ROOT/sdks/sdk/mer-sdk-chroot22:57
neeradOn executing cd $ANDOIRD_ROOT it gives error bash : cd /android/droid no such file or directory22:59
malthat would mean it doesn't see MER_ROOT22:59
neeradit's not going into mer directory23:00
malexit the terminal and try again23:00
neeraddid that twice23:00
malalso is your shell bash?23:00
maldoes the command sdk work in normal terminal?23:00
neeradno it's not bash23:01
neeradjust a simple terminal23:01
malrun bash before running those commands23:01
malon my build server I need to run bash before running sdk23:02
neeradstill no luck23:02
malso not even sdk command works?23:03
neeradit does23:03
*** cvp <cvp!~cvp@pD9E9BE8C.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)23:04
malin MerSDK what does echo $MER_ROOT and echo $ANDROID_ROOT return?23:04
neeradMER_ROOT returns /home/neerad/mer23:04
neeradANDROID_ROOT returns blank spance23:04
neeradI think I am in bash shell only23:05
neeradby default Linux Mint open in bash shell I guess23:05
malwhat does command hadk do?23:06
neeradEnv setup for wt8804723:06
malin MerSDK23:06
maland even after that echo $ANDROID_ROOT returns empty?23:06
neeradyeahhh goddamn23:07
neeradthis is driving me nuts23:07
malpastebin again your current .hadk.env23:07
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*** eyome <eyome!~eyome@vit94-6-88-160-180-232.fbx.proxad.net> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:07
malhow is that possible23:08
neeradI got the error thanks23:08
neeradit was $MER_ROOR instead of $MER_ROOT23:08
malhah, a typo in there23:08
neeradnow it works23:09
malnow your setup should be more sane than before23:09
neeradlet's see23:09
neeradmb2 is also working flawlessly23:09
neeradthanks @mal23:09
maltest also ubu chroot23:10
malit should work fine23:10
neeradyeah it works fine23:10
neeradrunning rpm/dhd/helpers/build_packages.sh23:11
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neeradwhat to do now ?23:12
neeradDo in the same sequence ?23:12
malbtw, you should update rpm/dhd submodile23:13
malthat has some nice fixes23:13
neeradhow to do that23:13
malcd $ANDROID_ROOT/rpm/dhd23:13
maland the git pull23:13
*** rhalff <rhalff!~rhalff@i199150.upc-i.chello.nl> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)23:14
malwhen did you start the porting?23:14
neerad10 days ago23:14
neeradand I am newbie too23:14
malok, then there are some new fixes there23:14
neeradit's telling me to commit changes23:15
malwhat have you changed?23:16
*** eyome <eyome!~eyome@vit94-6-88-160-180-232.fbx.proxad.net> has quit IRC (Quit: eyome)23:16
malwhat in there?23:16
neeradand util.sh23:17
neeradFor the previous environment variables I edited it to suit that23:17
neeradnow since you have fixed it23:18
neeradWhat should I do ?23:18
malgit reset --hard HEAD23:18
malthen git pull23:18
neeradmb2 error23:19
malwhat error?23:19
neeradOh yeah my spec file is now deleted23:19
malwhat spec file?23:20
neeradplease define droid_target_aarch64 in your .spec\n23:20
neeradthis is the error message23:20
malis that device 64-bit?23:21
neeradmy mobile ?23:21
malwhich cm base?23:21
neeradso what to do now?23:23
mallooks like there is a bug in the build system23:27
malneerad: edit rpm/dhd/droid-hal-device.inc and remove lines 245-25523:29
neeraddone that23:29
neeradbuilding again23:30
*** _Razor_ <_Razor_!~razor@81-175-131-136.bb.dnainternet.fi> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:30
neeradlet's see what happens23:33
malI'll get some sleep now, if you have more problems this channel can help, probably tomorrow23:36
neeradhow to create rootfs23:36
neeradhold on one last thing23:36
neeradtell me the sequence to creating rootfs23:36
malthe mic command should work, just rmoeve the native option23:36
malthe instructions are in pdf23:37
neeradprocess_patterns.sh then Kickstart then mic23:37
neeradright ?23:37
maljust as in the pdf23:37
neeradcool okay goodnight bro, and thanks a lot23:37
neeradare you on xda ? please let me know23:38
malyes, nick is mal-23:38
neeradagain error libhybris build failed23:38
malwhat error?23:39
neeradit's taking the wrong path23:39
neeradine 1733: cd: /home/neerad/mer/sdks/sdk/path/to/mer/sdks/ubuntu/path/to/mer/android/droid/hybris/mw/libhybris/libhybris/hybris/common: No such file or directory23:40
malneerad: rm -Rf $ANDROID_ROOT/hybris/mw23:40
neeradbuild again ?23:41
malit remembers the old paths so that removal of old sources should fix it23:41
neeradokay got it bro23:41
malnow everything should be ok again23:42
neeradjust wait 10 minutes please untill build_packages.sh is successfully complete23:42
neeradJust 10 minutes23:42
malit's soon 2 am here23:42
neerad5 am here bro23:42
neeradjust 10 minutes is all I ask23:44
saidinesh5Nokius: oh i was ifk. Nokius did you try fastboot flash  ro zypper dup?23:47
neeradOne more thing nick...Does jolla store works on non-jolla mobile devices?23:48
saidinesh5yes it does23:48
saidinesh5how to enable it is in the FAQ23:48
neeradI thought that was a proprietary thing23:48
saidinesh5it is. they need to manually allow your device23:48
neeradWhen is the Volte support coming for Jolla any ideas >23:48
saidinesh5not sure23:50
neeradSo does that mean I have to use third party apps for VoLTE ?23:51
neeradCause my phone supports VoLTE23:52
saidinesh5i honestly don't know23:52
neeradare you on XDA ?23:53
neeradid ?23:54
saidinesh5same as this23:54
neeradadded you as friend on XDA.23:56

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