Wednesday, 2017-01-18

neeradPlease solve this erro00:00
neeradPlease solve this error00:00
saidinesh5pastebin your kickstart file too?00:02
neeradI am running build again00:05
saidinesh5there is already a port for redmi2 right?00:07
neeradold port00:07
neeradI am building for
saidinesh5are you using the same sources from the 2.0.2?00:11
neeradI am using Cm-13.0 as base00:13
neeradhere is ks file00:14
saidinesh5Ah .. didnt kknow CM13 base is ready..00:18
neeradWhat about the error ?00:19
saidinesh5looking into mic's code where that is coming from00:22
saidinesh5did you process patterns?00:32
neeradyeah it was processed and00:32
neeradit gives an exception error00:33
neeradbut it is succeeds00:33
saidinesh5hmm.. basically something seems to be wronng while parsing your repodata00:33
neeradhere is the output for proccess_patterns.sh00:34
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saidinesh5comparing it with mine:
saidinesh5cat: ./patterns.xml: input file is output file00:39
saidinesh5this line looks suspicious00:39
saidinesh5did you update your droid-configs submodule?00:43
neeradhow to do that00:43
saidinesh5and dhd submodule?00:43
saidinesh5cd hybris/droid-configs/droid-configs-device00:44
saidinesh5git pull00:44
saidinesh5same for droid-hal-version-$DEVICE/droid-hal-version00:44
neeradalready up-to-date00:44
saidinesh5and rpm/dhd00:44
saidinesh5repo --name=adaptation0-wt88047-@RELEASE@ --baseurl=file:///home/neerad/mer/android/droid/droid-local-repo/wt88047 .. this seems to be coming from an older kickstart file..00:45
neeradalready up to date00:45
saidinesh5these days it looks like:  repo --name=adaptation-community-cancro-
saidinesh5where are your sources?00:46
saidinesh5for these repos..00:46
neeradpaste your ks file00:46
neeradactually the adaptation package is taken from my local-repo00:51
saidinesh5yes, but i mean the variable name was adaptation0-something-something in older scripts00:53
neeradthat's becuase the guide is old00:53
saidinesh5you manually changed the variable name from adaptation-community-$DEVICE to adaptation0?00:54
neeradyes as given in the guide00:54
neeradread chapter 8.300:54
saidinesh5the guide suggests a regular expression, which actually fails on the one generated by the newer script00:54
neeradso what to do?00:55
saidinesh5something seems off. i mean all your repos are up to date, yet you're getting a kickstart which looks like it was from an older version00:55
saidinesh5where are the sources for your device? the droid-configs repo etc..00:56
neeradactually my kickstart is00:56
neeradthis is the  adaption package00:57
neeradbut as you can see in the guide it is modified00:57
saidinesh5no i was just focussing on the --name00:57
neeradoh okay00:57
saidinesh5the repo --name=adpatation0-$DEVICE-@RELEASE @ was in the older script00:57
saidinesh5on newer script (after the change needed to make adding the Jolla store easier) it looks like repo --name=adaptation-community-$DEVICE-@RELEASE@00:58
saidinesh5that's why i wanted to see your sources, for your droid-configs and droid hal repos00:59
neeradMy sources are cm-13.0 as base and hybris-13.0 for this all00:59
saidinesh5no i mean your device specific spec files you created01:01
neeradhold on01:01
saidinesh5check  if you have : %define community_adaptation 101:02
saidinesh5this line01:02
saidinesh5in your rpm/droid-config-$DEVICE in spec01:03
saidinesh5this commit is needed while upgrading to
neeradhere are all my spec files01:03
saidinesh5that line is missing01:05
saidinesh5so do add those changes from that commit01:06
neeradbuilding again01:09
neeradwait 15 min01:10
saidinesh5heh sure01:10
neeradsometimes my repomd.xml fails to grab in mic any soln?01:15
neeraddone building01:17
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saidinesh5now HADK talks about how to solve this issue01:28
neeradhow ?01:28
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saidinesh5actually ..01:29
neeradyes ??01:29
saidinesh5you didnt delete -- bluez-configs-sailfish , and -- obexd-configs-sailfish01:29
saidinesh5from your patterns?01:29
saidinesh5they are removed for 2.0.501:30
neeradhow to do that01:30
saidinesh5implement these changes to yoru droid-configs:
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saidinesh5and looks like you have added:  %define community_adaptation 1 already to spec file01:31
neeraddone that01:35
neeradremoved bluez line01:35
neeradbuilding again01:36
saidinesh5blue-configs-sailfish and obexd-configs-sailfish are the only 2 you need to remove01:37
saidinesh5bluez is needed for bluetooth01:37
neeradMy adaptation does not have the mentioned line01:38
neeradit had droid-configs-wt88047-bluez01:38
neeraddo I remove this?01:38
saidinesh5see what's in that file01:38
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neeradokay wait01:38
saidinesh5what is in this file? droid-config-wt88047-bluez401:40
saidinesh5or nevermind01:40
saidinesh5where is that package defined?01:41
saidinesh5see if it requires any packages like bluez-configs-sailfish01:42
saidinesh5some spec file should have the definition for droid-config-wt880047-bluez401:42
saidinesh5you can simply grep -rin bluez-configs-sailfish $ANDROID_ROOT/hybris01:43
neeradit's in droid-configs.inc01:44
saidinesh5so remove that requirement01:44
saidinesh5you mean it is inside droid-configs-device?01:45
saidinesh5basically make sure no package Requires: bluez-configs-saiflish01:45
neeradso do i remove that or not ?01:45
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saidinesh5is the line: Obsoletes: bluez-configs-sailfish ?01:58
saidinesh5or Requires: bluez-configs-sailfish01:58
saidinesh5which one?01:58
saidinesh5can't be both.01:59
neeradsorry obsolete01:59
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saidinesh5obsolete is correct01:59
neeradokay so what then?01:59
saidinesh5but some other pattern/package somewhere in your configs is Requiring bluez-configs-sailfish01:59
saidinesh5find that and delete it01:59
saidinesh5also if you didn't clear your droid-local-repo after your 2.0.2 build, do that first02:01
saidinesh5which package was requiring bluez-config-sailfish?02:03
neeradthere is only line which contains that and that is the obsolete one02:04
saidinesh5so I think it was your older packages which are requiring that one02:04
neeradI think so let's try again02:04
neeradsorry you have to wait another 15 min02:05
neeradif i type sb2 -R zypper ve it reuiqres a package do i need to install it02:06
saidinesh5which package?02:07
neeradinstall failed02:08
saidinesh5did you update your scratchbox target after 2.0.2 ?02:08
neeraderror: unpacking of archive failed on file /usr/share/sounds/jolla-ringtones/stereo.index;587ecdc1: cpio: open failed - Permission denied02:08
neeraddone I changed the permission of folder02:10
saidinesh5your scratchbox target needs to be that of too if you are building a release02:11
neeradmy sb2 is that02:11
neeradrebuilding again for 15 min02:13
neeradthe same error02:37
saidinesh5find out which package requires  bluez-config-sailfish02:41
neeradno no it's done02:41
neeradi removed the adaptation-community-line with my local-repo and it worked fine02:42
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spiiroin_wdehoog sledges: that bacon led stuff looks ok. just need a mer bug to close & formatting of the commmit message to match that07:13
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spiiroin_about maintenance burden: having the code for various devices in the master -> makes it possible to attempt architectural changes that should not break stuff -> I'd prefer not to have working code scattered around unmerged07:16
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Nokiussaidinesh5: fastboot is not booting and updating via cli had that symtom10:14
saidinesh5Nokius: did  you build all the packages?10:15
saidinesh5i mean all 3: droid-hal, droid-configs, droid-hal-version?10:16
Nokiussaidinesh5: yes all pkgs from bulid script10:20
saidinesh5Nokius: try modprob any kernel module and see what dmesg has to say about it?10:20
Nokiussaidinesh5: yeap10:22
NokiusI will try10:22
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kidoohay everyone, does anyone have a working 5.1.1 system_core/include/system/audio.h with the necessary QCOM_HARDWARE ifdefs? pulseaudio-module-droid seems to require that on QCOM platforms but I'm struggling to find a working header in AOSP or CM12.111:45
r0kk3rzkido: whatcha building?11:46
kidoaudio support for my watches :) the problem is that with android wear there is no android tree available anywhere so I have to do build my own frankenstein headers with bits grabbed from here and there11:47
kidoand the audio.h I've been using so far doesn't include a few defines which should be used on QCOM_HARDWARE and it seems to be the reason behind a sigsegv in pulseaudio11:48
r0kk3rzkido: would that be found in the kernel repo? or in android repo?11:48
kidoso I'd like to see what a working QCOM 5.1.1 audio.h header looks like and I thought some of you would have one11:48
kidoin android's system_core11:49
kidooh, makes me think I still haven't signed up for the FOSDEM community dinner, gotta do it11:49
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saidinesh5kido: why not disable pulseaudio-module-droid?11:51
r0kk3rzkido: no?
kidoI haven't got ALSA to work directly so I want to use the droid abstraction11:52
kidor0kk3rz: exactly! :) damn, why didn't I think of mer-hybris earlier11:53
r0kk3rzkido: its got an ifdef QCOM_HARDWARE so that might be the one11:53
kidoyes I'm quite sure this should do the trick11:53
kidolet's see11:53
kidoactualy this is the same as the one I grabbed from CM12.1, it doesn't provide audio_hw_device_t (which my previous header provided) so doesn't build either11:56
r0kk3rzhmm, i dont think we generally provide a special system_core repo for ports11:58
r0kk3rzother than that one of course11:58
kidoindeed, that's why I'm quite surprised11:58
kidoanyway, I'll try to do a mix of this one with the one I used before and see what it ends up doing... :)11:59
kidothanks for the help11:59
r0kk3rzkido: good luck!11:59
sledgeshey kido, see you @FOSDEM! perhaps jusa_ could know what to do with missing audio_hw_device_t12:00
kidoindeed, I planned to get in touch with jusa_ once I had more details and once I was sure that those QCOM_HARDWARE bits were absolutely needed12:00
jusa_kido: they shouldn't be absolutely needed12:01
sledgeskido: that struct is defined in libhardware:
akhil_surabhisledges: I'm getting this error, mdss_check_dsi_ctrl_status: unblank not complete, no idea what it means, please help12:01
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kidojusa_: ok so it looks like I explored the wrong way then. I have a QCOM 5.1.1 platform, pulseaudio-modules-droid with an #undef QCOM_HARDWARE which starts, finds /system/etc/audio_policy.conf, loads /system/lib/hw/, does a bunch of ioctl on /dev/snd/controlC0 and crash with a SIGSEGV12:03
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kidoif it can give you an idea that would be welcome, otherwise I'll get back to debugging, hopefuly this should be in the glibc parts and gdb could be helpful12:04
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jusa_kido: if you could check with gdb if you get some bt from glibc side.. my first suspect would be crash when opening output/input stream12:06
sledgesakhil_surabhi: quick searching came up with
miau_sledges: Hi! I'm still fighting the camera issue.12:07
kidojusa_: right, I'll ping you when I'll have more details :) thanks a lot!12:08
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miau_sledges: This is in file_contexts: /dev/video[0-9]*u:object_r:video_device:s0 Could this be the cause for the permissions problem?12:10
sledgesmiau_: so you couldn't get into permissive mode?12:10
miau_sledges: SELinux kernel didn't even boot.12:10
akhil_surabhisledges: I think, I've a different issue, surfaceflinger won't start12:10
sledgesmiau_: did it reboot to recovery?12:10
akhil_surabhisledges: dmesg shows that when I try to run it12:10
sledgesakhil_surabhi: that error is from wlan12:10
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sledgesakhil_surabhi: i'm wrong, it's from graphics side12:11
miau_sledges: No, it crashed, had to power off the phone.12:11
sledgesakhil_surabhi: are you trying to run /system/bin/surfaceflinger? how about bootanimation for a 2nd opinion12:12
akhil_surabhisledges: dmesg says starting bootanim, but nothing happens12:13
sledgesmiau_: how did it crash? could you `touch /init_enter_debug` and try again?12:13
akhil_surabhisledges: I'm trying to run it from system/bin12:14
sledgesakhil_surabhi: does your logcat work? is droid-hal-init among running processes?12:14
miau_sledges: Ok. i have to rebuild the kernel first.12:14
akhil_surabhiYes, one min, I'll give you pastebin12:14
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sledgesmiau_: what did you change in defconfig?12:16
sledgesthat you need a rebuild12:16
sledgesakhil_surabhi: `df -h`12:17
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sledgesmiau_: your kernel should've already had SELINUX bits originally12:20
miau_sledges: No, there's nothing in it.12:20
sledgesmiau_: have you checked original kernel's .config (or /proc/config.gz), not defconfig12:21
sledgesas it takes default values, or get pulled in as dependencies of other flags12:21
miau_miau: cm13 original defconfig has CONFIG_SELINUX in it.12:23
akhil_surabhisledges: I'm afk, will report back soon, thanks12:23
miau_sledges: Maybe it got removed, because i set CONFIG_AUDIT=n and audit is a dependency of config_selinux.12:24
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sledgesmiau_: so just adding CONFIG_AUDIT=y should be enough12:39
miau_sledges: I'm compiling right now.12:39
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nh1402miau_: yo yo yo12:58
miau_nh1402: Hi!12:58
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nh1402miau_: how's it going?13:06
miau_nh1402: Not good t the moment, something terrible happened, i'm totally locked ot of my phone :-D13:07
nh1402miau_: been there!13:09
miau_nh1402: I can't login to any of my SFOS installations...weird.13:11
nh1402miau_: the code not working?13:12
miau_nh1402: Nope.13:12
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miau_nh1402: And now it's working again :-D13:13
miau_nh1402: Since i had enough of camera trouble yesterday, i flashed sfdroid to my cm13 port and guess what, it didn't boot anymore.13:20
miau_nh1402: Could i get you logs or something?13:20
nh1402miau_: if I read the message in time I could have told you that.13:21
miau_nh1402: No problem, it was just a test install.13:21
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nh1402miau_: a couple of things about sfdroid on cm13 base, it's not been done before on Android 6, and 2. Lollipop and Marshmallow are quite different, which is why getting it to work as a base took time. So the sfdroid related modifications will need to be adjusted for CM13. Also sfdroid related talk should be done on the #sfdroid channel.13:25
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miau_nh1402: No problem, i'll come back to you once i get this stupid camera working.13:26
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miau_sledges: Kernel just reboots. Do i need to build a new SFOS image? I just grabbed the zImage-dtb and build an and flashed it.13:32
*** toomin <toomin!~HoopyFroo@unaffiliated/toomin> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:34
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wdehoogsledges: are you here?13:39
*** Nokius_ <Nokius_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:39
wdehoogsledges: I am getting insane . I thought I created a pull-request and now I see nothing on github. I swear I saw it yesterday13:39
wdehoogquestion for porters: sound works and the phone can call but I do not hear the the other side (and the other side does not hear me). any ideas?13:41
miau_wdehoog: Broken mic and earpiece ;-)13:42
wdehoognot on all phones at the same time ;)13:42
*** Nokius <Nokius!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)13:43
miau_wdehoog: Do you use audioflingerglue?13:43
*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius13:43
wdehoogmaybe. I do not know what it is.13:43
wdehoogI see audiod and miniafservice13:45
wdehoogI noticed a file called mixer_paths.xml in /system/etc not linked to /etc is it supposed to be?13:46
miau_wdehoog:  read: Phone calls fail but SMS and mobile data work:13:46
wdehoogmiau_: the phone call itself succeeds there is a connection. there is no sound.13:47
miau_wdehoog: As described in the first point.13:48
miau_wdehoog: No audio in calls or not working at all13:48
nh1402miau_: have you tried listening better?13:49
ghosalmartinnh1402, why didnt I think of that :P13:49
*** Kabouik <Kabouik!~kabouik@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)13:49
wdehoogmiau_: I see. thanks. the audioflinger code seems present in external, how can I check that it is being used?13:50
*** Kabouik <Kabouik!~kabouik@> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:50
miau_nh1402: ?13:50
*** NeKit <NeKit!> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:53
wdehoogmiau_: so if I understand correctly I have to manually create the  pulseaudio-modules-droid-glue package?13:54
wdehoogsomething to do tonight then. where can I find what it actually does?13:54
*** louisdk <louisdk!> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:54
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miau_wdehoog: Is it in your pattern? Is the rpm installed on the phone?13:55
*** phdeswer_ <phdeswer_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:56
wdehoogmiau_: audioflingerglue-0.0.1-1.armv7hl is installed and pulseaudio-modules-droid-glue-6.0.1-10.2.3.jolla.armv7hl as well13:57
wdehoogmiau_: it is mentioned in jolla-hw-adaptation-bacon.yaml so13:59
miau_wdehoog: then i've got no clue.14:00
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akhil_surabhi_sledges: i've run that df -h command14:04
akhil_surabhi_sledges: sorry for late response...14:04
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sledgesmiau_: i hope you read channel logs. just rebuild hybris-boot and boot it; to stop in early init (before chrooting to the real rootfs of systemd) `touch /init_enter_debug`; if that fails, `touch /init_enter_debug2` to stop after chroot, but before spawning systemd; this is when you can check dmesg, and `strace /sbin/droid-hal-init` which most of times is cause of reboot when selinux is enabled17:15
sledgeswdehoog: i hope you read channel logs; your PR is there: and you need to create bug in, and reference it in commit message; I'll do that for you if it's too much for starters17:16
sledgesakhil_surabhi: looks ok, so I've no idea why writing to /dev/<anything> spits No space left on device; needs more digging17:17
*** cvp_ <cvp_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:20
malghosalmartin: ping17:23
*** cvp <cvp!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)17:23
ghosalmartinmal: pong17:24
malwe noticed an issue with aarch64 detection in dhd17:24
akhil_surabhisledges: so, what else can I do?17:25
malghosalmartin: some device repos support aarch64 but actually are force built as 32-bit,
ghosalmartinmal: yeah I saw that a while back, i tried building 32bit android for bullhead, didnt work out too well17:26
sledgesmal: dhd doesn't have autodetection (it's impractical to implement such), it merely suggests that there are some arm64 targets, and asks to define a macro, if device android adaptation is indeed aarch6417:27
malsledges: dhd fails to build in case 64 is available but not built17:28
malnot sure what would happen if droid_target_aarch64 is defined in 32-bit build17:29
sledgesmal: then simply don't define that macro17:29
sledgesit's up to porter to define it17:29
malsledges: I said the build stops there if the flag is not set17:30
sledgesmal: understood17:30
maleven if the build actually is 32-bit but there is a 64-bit option17:30
sledgesone more macro needed for such cases: droid_target_arm17:31
sledgesnever thought such trees would exist..17:31
malneither did I, I didn't even completely figure out how that grep even matches on that devie17:31
ghosalmartinsledges, mal, does libhybris depend on the hwcomposer working?17:32
malghosalmartin: no17:32
ghosalmartinmal: hmm okay17:32
malfor example gps, audio etc should work fine17:32
ghosalmartinmal, I mean for UI sorry17:32
*** elros34 <elros34!531fc43e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:32
malghosalmartin: UI needs hwcomposer, or fbdev17:33
ghosalmartinmal, whats fbdev?17:33
ghosalmartinjust framebuffer?17:33
ghosalmartinwould performance be bad?17:33
malghosalmartin: do you still have some graphics issues?17:34
*** Kabouik <Kabouik!~kabouik@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)17:34
ghosalmartinmal, no for the P9, I think the hwcomposer is broken, so having to explore other options, or atleast its broken on the port17:34
ghosalmartinandroid port17:35
malghosalmartin: hwcomposer doesn't work in android?17:35
ghosalmartinmal, dont think so17:35
malthat's bad17:35
ghosalmartinmal: I think there was one working port, but the camera breaks17:36
malghosalmartin: I would suggest removing that check in dhd or at least making it so that build can continue17:36
ghosalmartinmal: which check?17:36
elros34mal: thanks fixed audio recording on photon17:38
malelros34: good17:38
malI saw the PR to upstream17:39
ghosalmartinmal, oh didnt realise that was added in17:39
elros34mal: do you have any fix for jolla-browser crash after playback video17:39
malelros34: you mean when you start playing video?17:40
elros34after playing17:40
elros34when I change to other tab or to other video17:40
malnever heard of such17:40
malbut try this but that usually fixes if the browser crashes when starting to play17:41
malso might be a different issue17:41
elros34I will try17:41
sledgesakhil_surabhi: `ls -l /dev/`17:42
akhil_surabhisledges: I'm currently away from my PC, will give that as soon as possible17:46
elros34Is it possible to have jolla-xt9 on ported device or its illegal? I guess I need it for word prediction in tIDE17:46
malelros34: no, check chapter 8.217:49
sledgesakhil_surabhi: no rush, it's the IRC-way ;)17:50
elros34mal: I mean install it later17:51
elros34mal: gstdroidcodec.conf doesn't help17:52
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NeKitghosalmartin, is surfaceflinger working?17:58
NeKit(Android UI)17:58
ghosalmartinNeKit, yeah it works17:58
ghosalmartinbut very laggy17:58
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~ghosalmar@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)17:59
NeKityou can try to proceed with
NeKitbut need some libhybris changes17:59
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ThomasBrixI had to do these changes to get Hybris working on the Nubia Z11:18:13
*** ibins` is now known as ibins18:22
NeKitwhy did you disable USE_SLOW_BINDING though?18:24
ThomasBrixI just reverted the entire commit that was troublesome.18:26
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minimecmiau_: Hi. There was a message for you in the #channel... 18:15       sledges : miau_: i hope you read channel logs. just rebuild hybris-boot and boot it; to stop in early init (before chrooting to the real rootfs of systemd) `touch /init_enter_debug`; if that fails, `touch /init_enter_debug2` to stop after chroot, but before spawning systemd; this is when you can check dmesg, and `strace19:19
minimec/sbin/droid-hal-init` which most of times is cause of reboot when selinux is enabled19:19
*** wdehoog <wdehoog!a39ed8fe@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:19
miau_minimec: Thanks, read it already. SELinux kernel is booting, but SELinux is still disabled.19:20
wdehoogsledges: I do read the logs. Changed the comment. Hope it is alright like this.19:20
wdehoogsledges: spiiroin: I also have a change in statefs-providers but it is a patch file on obs
wdehooghow should this be handled?19:22
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ghosalmartinmal:how come we disable CONFIG_AUDIT now?20:13
malghosalmartin: you shouldn't disable it20:26
*** louisdk <louisdk!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)20:26
ghosalmartinmal, okays, its being listed to disable by the mer_kernel_check20:27
malyes, that is wrong20:27
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dr_gogeta86good evening20:57
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chris01does anyone have the cyanogenmod 13.0 snapshot because as everyone knows that cyanogenmod is dead21:14
chris01for the Oneplus 321:15
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r0kk3rzchris01: you mean a built image?21:28
*** stephg_ is now known as stephg21:28
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chris01no i meant the zip file21:31
*** taaem <taaem!~taaem@unaffiliated/taaem> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:36
chris01or should i just wait for the latest stable lineageos21:36
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guhlhi, if somebody is interested in testing my thea build it is here:
guhli still got issues with camera in video mode but everything else (but bluetooth) seems to be working fine22:07
guhlthe logcat of a camera startup in video mode is here
guhli was very busy today so i did not have a look at it at all atm, but that's what i am going to do now22:08
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guhlwell there are some more issues with camera:22:41
guhl- preview does not start on first start of camera22:41
guhl- flash is not working22:41
guhl- switching to video mode still takes pictures instead of recording video22:42
guhlthere is some room for improvement :-)22:42
guhlbut not tonight - time to hit the sack GN22:42
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