Saturday, 2017-01-21

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malruthenianboy: try adding suid and dev manually08:01
guhlmal, i am just running through the
guhlafter i managed to build something i will try to move building for thea to obs08:05
malguhl: building on obs is actually quite simple08:19
malguhl: I would suggest asking for a project under
guhlmal, yes thats where sledges created the project htc:vision for me08:35
guhlthat i did not start yet08:35
guhli think i start with the thea first as it needs a lot less modifications08:36
guhland as soon i understand that, get this going i will fill the vision with live too08:36
malguhl: basically you can copy the packages from some other project using osc copypac and then add the needed project config08:39
sledgeshappy birthday mal!!!08:46
malsledges: thanks08:50
guhlmal, A very merry birthday to you, to you! A very merry birthday to you, to you! Now blow the candle out my dear And make your wish come true! A very merry birthday to you !!!08:51
sledgesoh and here's cake: (E08:51
sledgesa more expensive one: (€08:52
guhlsledges, would you create motorola:thea project for me? (more or less a unbirthday present)08:53
guhlon obs that is08:53
malsledges: also samsung:matissewifi08:53
ruthenianboymal: happy birthday :)08:55
guhlmal is there any integration between github and the packages on obs or is this just via my local file system09:03
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malguhl: _service file09:06
sledgesmal: you first (because of HB):
sledgeshave fun!09:09
guhlwell I got HUB ! thanks09:10
guhlmal i will spend a little bit of time now to get familiar with the osc commands09:11
guhlbut maybe afterwards you can guide me a bit to i.e. get the droid-config-thea to the obs09:12
malguhl: this is how I copied the packages "osc copypac nemo:devel:hw:fairphone:fp2-sibon/geoclue-providers-hybris nemo:devel:hw:samsung:matissewifi/"09:15
malsame for other packages, except droid-*-$DEVICE09:15
ruthenianboychecked permissions, ownerships, mount options  and I did not find anything what could cause SB2 target installation issue. Ah09:16
malruthenianboy: did you force the mount options like I said?09:16
malsledges: any ideas why sb2 target setup fails09:16
malguhl: the most common commands you need are osc copypac, osc ar, osc ci09:17
ruthenianboymal:yes, not difference. These options are defaults anyway09:17
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sledgesmal: ruthenianboy: sorry no idea right off the bat, and now i need to run to play some table tennis :) -o.09:19
guhlmal, mal so basically copy all the unmodified middleware packages and add droid-*-$DEVICE packages?09:19
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malguhl: yes09:24
malguhl: droid-hal-$DEVICE is a little different than other droid-* packages, droid-hal rpms are uploaded manually there (osc ar and osc ci are useful for that)09:26
malguhl: and first osc co if I remember correctly09:26
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guhlmal "osc co" what and where?09:30
malguhl: some command to checkout the existing package09:31
guhlyes i just used that to checkout my home:guhl but i don't get the meaning in the context of the droid-hal package09:32
malguhl: you add the files as listes in for example fp2 project09:33
guhlyes, i think i understood that09:35
malguhl: so add the rpms and then add suitably edited other files09:35
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guhlso mal i co "nemo:devel:hw:motorola:thea", right09:39
malsomething like that09:41
guhlhow do i link that as it creates a nemo:devel:hw:motorola:thea directory to $ANDROID_ROOT/droid or do i copy the files09:41
guhlso i would create a droid-config-thea project using09:45
guhlosc mkpac droid-config-thea09:45
guhland then just add the _service file ?09:47
guhli assume that is what "For all other packages create webhooks and trigger builds" means09:48
malguhl: either locally or you can also add the packages in the web interface09:50
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guhli try to understand as much a possible on cli - web interfaces are not my thing09:54
guhlmal does this look good to you?10:05
guhlwh nemo:devel:hw:motorola:thea droid-config-thea master10:05
guhlwell it created this:
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guhltime for breakfast, the girls got up :-)10:11
malguhl: looks ok10:15
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ruthenianboy_Ah. Moved from centos server to fedora laptop, moved drive where user's home sit from external usb enclosure to internal sata bay in laptop, recreated user and still getting same error during SB2 target installation. I am giving up. Going to take some fresh air.10:31
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ruthenianboy_Where do I need to run sdk-assistant command? Within home? Previously it was writing sb2 to $MER_ROOT/targets/10:36
malthat's where it should write the targets afaik10:38
ruthenianboy_there's no targets dir. weird10:40
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akhil_surabhighosalmartin: hi11:20
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: disabling init.qcom.usb.rc messed up my connection after reboot. I've added that back and then disabled init.configfs.usb.rc something like that11:22
malghosalmartin: I managed to build almost all packages for 14.1, vibrator is only package not building, all others did build11:23
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: now, after running droid-hal-init --second-stage no longer cause my terminal to freeze11:24
ghosalmartinmal: any issues?11:25
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi, WOOOOOOO11:25
ghosalmartinive gotta go either way :P11:25
ghosalmartinill be back in afternon11:25
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malguhl: a suggestion, that those droid-config and droid-hal-version repos so the package name becomes prettier11:39
mal*tag those11:39
malmeaning for example git tag 0.0.111:39
maland then push the tags with git push --tags11:40
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* zhxt will be on holiday for about two weeks :D12:07
guhlmal, a question about the .spec file in the droid-hal-$DEVICE package12:12
malguhl: yes?12:12
malguhl: just replace the device codename12:13
guhlwhat is the Source0: parameter?12:13
malguhl: just replace the device codename in that also12:13
guhlso this does not really have to exist12:13
guhli love things like that, that have to be there but the meaning is unclear12:16
guhljust so that i understand this: if i update anything in the android part i rebuild the droid-hal-thea locally and update the rpms?12:19
guhland same thing for the other things like audioflingerglue and droidmedia ?12:19
guhldoes this look good to you?
malosc ar is the way to do that via commandline, just remove the rpms from local copy, add new rpms, osc ar, osc ci12:21
malguhl: looks ok12:22
guhlok i understand that - thanks. I added the files via cli12:22
malguhl: now copypac the other packages from for example fp2 project12:22
guhlyes, first let me as you about _pattern12:23
malguhl: that is autogenerated, ask lbt to enable patterns for your device12:24
malguhl: also you need to add the project config12:24
malguhl: in the advanced tab12:24
maland also compare the Meta12:24
malguhl: ah, you already added the common repo there12:25
malguhl: project config needs to be this
malreplace the device codename and that's it12:25
guhllike this ?12:28
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guhlmal, why do you have <disable repository="mer-core_armv7hl"/> in Meta?12:29
malguhl: remnant of tests when I tried to build nemomobile for fp212:30
malguhl: that project configs looks ok12:31
guhlmal the build of config failed with12:32
guhl[  103s] error: Failed build dependencies:12:32
guhl[  103s] community-adaptation is needed by droid-config-thea-1+master.20170121074726.71a0877-10.2.1.jolla.armv7hl12:32
guhlshould community-adaptation be needed or is this something i messed up12:33
malguhl: that is in common12:33
malguhl: when did you add the common repo to meta?12:36
guhli am not aware that i did12:37
malguhl: anyway, just add the remaining packages first and then well continue12:37
malguhl: ok, maybe sledges added it12:37
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malguhl: trigger a rebuild of that config package12:44
guhlmal, i copied all the other packages12:45
guhlhow does one trigger a rebuild?12:45
ruthenianboy_mal: what is your $PLATFORM_SDK_ROOT set to?12:48
malruthenianboy_: /home/mal/mer12:49
malguhl: you forgot to uncomment %define community_adaptation 1 in .spec12:50
malguhl: in
ruthenianboy_mal: and what about SBOX_TARGET_ROOT line in ~/.scratchbox2/$VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH/sb2.config.12:51
guhlaha and now i also understand what you meant by " when did you add the common repo to meta"12:52
guhli did this based on the instructions in the faq12:52
guhl"Add a hw:devel:common repo to build against ..."12:52
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malruthenianboy_: that looks quite strange actually, /parentroot/srv/mer/targets/samsung-matissewifi-armv7hl which is not correct12:56
ruthenianboy_mal: well, thats true12:56
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malruthenianboy_: ah, actually the targets are supposed to be there, and those are there now12:57
malso no problem there12:57
malguhl: now you need to trigger a reload by editing _service, unless you want to setup webhooks12:58
guhlmal i thought that i setup webhooks12:59
guhli did create the droid-config-thea using thw osc wh command12:59
guhland i also enabled the webhook on github13:00
ruthenianboy_mal: it make no sense to me to unpack targets rootfs outside home of user. I was expecting it within home.13:00
malguhl: to trigger a webhook you need to add a tag to the repo13:01
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guhlon github13:01
malguhl: I gave you the commands earlier13:02
ruthenianboy_mal: please check this. Target is listed but not visible for sb2?
guhldid not see that earlier. magic :-)13:04
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malruthenianboy_: pastebin your .hadk.env13:04
malguhl: to fix gst-droid you either need to go back to older revision or update some other stuff also13:07
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malruthenianboy_: probably looks ok, does /parentroot/ look ok inside sdk13:09
malghosalmartin: some packages needed patching (geoclue, libhybris, maybe qpa-hwc also needs, vibrator packages need also but haven't done those yet), I need to clean up the changes13:11
ghosalmartinmal: ahh fair enough13:11
malghosalmartin: and an ugly hack to dhd13:11
ghosalmartinmal: they have changed a lot in terms of architecture in N13:12
malghosalmartin: 14.1 brought again a new hwc version13:12
malghosalmartin: vibrator broke because they dropped legacy vibrator api which sailfish has been using13:13
malI already managed to patch test_vibrator but not the other ones, basically same patch to all13:13
ghosalmartinmal: theyve seperated out the minimedia stuff into different modules13:14
malghosalmartin: yes, that was a pain to fix13:14
malghosalmartin: I have done it mostly, some issues still remain13:15
mallike the fact that I need to implement new encoder13:15
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malghosalmartin: I'll try to build the first image maybe later today13:16
ghosalmartinmal: bleurghh13:16
malghosalmartin: they removed the OMX codec droidmedia was using13:17
ruthenianboy_mal: /parentroot is actually root filesystem of OS, not sdk13:17
malyes, just thinking if everything works in your sdk13:18
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guhlmal, regarding gst-droid what would you do?13:28
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malguhl: easy way is to change the revision to the commit hash of the commit which was the last before the ones made in the last few days13:38
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ghosalmartinmal: when building hybris-boot does it read the fstab?14:08
guhlmal, sorry to be such a noob but changing a revision is done by just manually editing the _service file?14:25
*** akhil_surabhi_ <akhil_surabhi_!7362f025@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:26
malguhl: yes14:26
guhlthis leads me to another question. what is that strategy of updating projects from it's git upstream if it is not a webhook?14:27
ghosalmartinmal, and is that were it retrieves what the partition type is?14:27
ghosalmartinor is that handled by something else14:28
*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius14:30
malghosalmartin: for what?14:30
malguhl: by editing _service14:31
malguhl: so if you add and remove a space from _service it will think it's new and will trigger rebuild, if revision is HEAD it will get the latest version14:32
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akhil_surabhi_ghosalmartin: hi14:32
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi_, hello14:32
akhil_surabhi_ghosalmartin: what exactly does this file do? init.usb.configfs.rc14:34
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi_, honestly I don't know, but am guessing usb related :P why?14:34
akhil_surabhi_ghosalmartin: i've disabled it14:35
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi_, well if your not suffering any ill effects then winning14:35
akhil_surabhi_ghosalmartin: though my terminal won't freeze, there is no change in the situation.14:36
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi_, still no surfaceflinger?14:37
akhil_surabhi_ghosalmartin: smd_pkt_open: DATA5_CNTL open failed -19 and mdss_check_dsi_ctrl_status: unblank not complete, reschedule check status keeps repeating14:37
akhil_surabhi_ghosalmartin: yep, still no surface flinger14:37
akhil_surabhi_typo, surfaceflinger14:38
ghosalmartinmal: to mount?14:39
ghosalmartinso far on the P9 it boots, and then just reboots in a loop, and the kernel seems to be panicing14:39
ghosalmartinit uses some weird f2fs partition and the annoying thing is my old zip used to boot14:40
ghosalmartinalthough I no longer have that14:40
guhlso mal (and i really hope to stop bothering you after this) what is it about _pattern14:41
guhlwhy is this a separate project, i thought patterns are part of config14:42
guhland for building the image i now add the obs repo to the ks right?14:43
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malguhl: do not think about it, just ask lbt to enable patterns14:48
malguhl: yes, add it to .ks but since you don't have patterns yet it makes it a little bit more difficult14:48
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guhlaha i think i get the idea what patterns are good for14:51
guhlso it's easier to wait for lbt to enable patterns14:52
guhllbt, would you please enable patterns on nemo:devel:hw:motorola:thea14:53
guhl(or is there a better way to ask that?)14:53
*** Gabs5807 <Gabs5807!> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:55
malthat's the way14:57
mgrovermal: does sfos expect ext4?14:57
malI think it might14:57
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malmgrover: I doubt the reboot issue is because of that14:59
*** mgrover is now known as ghosalmartin14:59
ghosalmartinmal: hmmm wonder what then14:59
malghosalmartin: what have you tried on that? what do you see in host dmesg?14:59
maldid you try to stop the boot process14:59
ghosalmartinmal: nope14:59
ghosalmartindoesnt even try first bootloader15:00
ghosalmartinon port 2315:00
malghosalmartin: nothing in dmesg?15:00
ghosalmartinmal: nothing at all15:00
malghosalmartin: have you tried /init_enter_debug and /init_enter_debug2 ?15:02
ghosalmartinmal: am going to try them now15:02
malghosalmartin: how fast does it reboot?15:03
ghosalmartinmal: pretty quickly15:03
ghosalmartinam formatting data to /ext4 jic as well15:03
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ghosalmartinand rebuilding the kernel since I remember the machine suspended halfway through its build15:05
akhil_surabhi_can anyone tell me about this? DATA5_CNTL open failed -1915:05
*** srohmen <srohmen!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:07
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi_, thats related to modem15:07
*** Gabs5807 <Gabs5807!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)15:08
akhil_surabhi_how to stop modem from coming up, temporarily?15:09
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ruthenianboy_mal: found sb2 installation issue root cause finally. Variable sbox2dir=/home/$sdk_user/.scratchbox2 in sdk-manage script. It is not safe to rely on fact user's$HOME will be in /home/$USER.  sdk-manage need some tweaks.15:12
malruthenianboy_: ah, well I had $MER_ROOT hardcoded to my own home in .hadk.env, maybe that helps15:15
ruthenianboy_mal: $MER_ROOT have no effect on this as sdk-manage have that variable  hardcoded in function. Now need to figure out why gcc dont see input file15:18
malruthenianboy_: but why does it work for others15:19
malruthenianboy_: so you don't have $HOME as /home/$USER ?15:19
malwhy ?15:20
ruthenianboy_mal: basically it is due to fact I am out of space in /home. So I have it in /mnt/$USER, mounted from second hard drive with enough free space15:22
malruthenianboy_: why did you not mount the second hard drive as /home ?15:22
malor /home/$USER ?15:23
malguhl: did you need some custom sensor configs or why do you have those in droid-config repo?15:26
ruthenianboy_mal: other users will not be available if mounted directly in /home. Mounting /home/$USER not possible as home is not directly in root of that drive.15:26
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malghosalmartin: reboot into recovery after starting droid-hal-init in 14.1 base16:01
ghosalmartinmal: some kind of selinux issue16:01
ghosalmartinor something failing very quickly causing a security exception16:02
ghosalmartinusually the servicemanager has a critical tag16:02
malyes, need to check those16:02
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malghosalmartin: seems I forgot to add selinux=016:05
ghosalmartinmal: ahh :P16:05
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ruthenianboymal: it is working with /home/$USER now. It would save a lot of time if I knew that before. Also I would appreciate if target installation is not spreading files across system (/srv/mer/targets/$VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT) but keeping them at one place as previously (/home/$USER/mer/targets/$VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT)16:21
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malruthenianboy: well you had quite non-standard installation16:30
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guhlmal, i thought having a config repo is rather standard as it contains all the special thing in sparse, ...18:02
ruthenianboywhere do I need to define droid_target_aarch64 if I am building frankenstein port?18:04
malguhl: ?18:07
malruthenianboy: in rpm/droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec18:08
*** srohmen <srohmen!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:18
ruthenianboymal: like this? echo "%define droid_target_aarch64 1" >> $ANDROID_ROOT/rpm/droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec18:19
ruthenianboymal: another error rolling on...
*** Xray2000 <Xray2000!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:22
malruthenianboy: no18:24
malruthenianboy: the new line cannot be at the end of the file18:24
ruthenianboymal:added this befor %include line18:25
guhlmal, i misunderstood your question you are asking why it got the etc/sensorfw config?18:26
malguhl: yes, there are already default configs in submodule, you only need to add sensor configs if you want to change the default versions18:27
guhlyes sensors worked already without that but not magnetometer and accelerator - so i player around with it18:28
guhlbut to be true i do not even know if the device has those18:29
malguhl: what did you change?18:30
guhli just copied the [magnetometer] and [accelerometer] groups from the vision.18:33
guhlbut i did not put any effort in this, maybe this is all unnecessary18:34
guhlmal, as you seem to have time do you have an idea why the camera stays in picture mode when switching to video?18:35
guhlis this something you know from other ports18:35
guhlfair enough18:37
guhlbefore i start working on it. might bluetooth also be already supported out of the box?18:39
malnot out of the box, needs a service and a script bu usually should work after that18:39
malcheck my fp2 repo18:39
guhli will18:39
ruthenianboymal: can you suggest what can I do do with failing
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malruthenianboy: if you are buildin hybris-13 you need to disable apply-permissions building in rpm/dhd somehwere18:43
malin some makefile if I remember correctly18:43
ruthenianboymal: will try to find it. Any other known issues with hybris-13?18:44
malmight be18:45
malruthenianboy: rpm/dhd/helpers/makefile18:46
ruthenianboyThank you. Got it too.18:48
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Nokiuslbt_: good evening could you please patternise nemo:devel:hw:oppo:find5 Thanks :)19:11
mallooks like hybris-14.1 needs some more patching, property service doesn't work properly, some permission issues19:22
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divis1969_hi, I was able to get rid of crash in mali-hist-dump thread, the display is cleared, but there is still no picture. Some ioctl is not implemented as I can see from logs.19:32
divis1969_The question is how can I use the libhybris I've locally built to generate the zip file to flash the device?19:33
divis1969_I just don't want to configure net, ssh, copy the RPM and install it each time19:34
divis1969_Well, actually, once I've pressed the power key after some time, I was able to see the list of languages on the screen!19:36
*** cmazieri <cmazieri!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:39
Nokiussaidinesh5: intresting
Nokiusmal: :(19:40
ruthenianboywhat choice need to be picked here?
saidinesh5Nokius:  hmm?19:44
Nokiussaidinesh5: we changed it 26 days ago so after the alpha2 image got published ?19:45
* saidinesh5 checks trello19:46
Nokiussaidinesh5: nope I was wrong19:46
Nokiusit was before alpha2 one of the last changes19:47
*** krnlyng_ is now known as krnlyng19:47
saidinesh5this is odd..19:49
saidinesh5i thought font.pointSize is device independent19:50
Nokiusfont :o19:50
saidinesh5was testing out my browser on my phone and it is very  tiny19:51
Nokiusdivis1969_: \o/19:51
Nokiussaidinesh5: ah okay puh just got feeling that I over looked a issue report19:52
saidinesh5nah.. i want to finish off the browser hopefully by tonight19:56
malNokius: are you sure that the issue is not just the Mpix strings shown in UI?19:58
divis1969_how can re-configure the touch? /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf shows /dev/input/event3 is used, but actually, event2 should be used instead20:00
maldivis1969_: to change that in next build edit hybris/droid-configs/sparse/var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf20:01
maldivis1969_: in your build enviroment20:01
Nokiusmal: mmhh as I understood the pictures are to low from respolution20:02
divis1969_it is hardcoded? I've read in the guide about the evcap. Is that (envcap usage) incorrect?20:03
divis1969_mal: do you know how can I use my own, locally built libhybris in the next build?20:05
malNokius: ok, that mean the jolla-camera-hw.txt is wrong20:05
maldivis1969_: it's per device hardcoded usually20:05
maldivis1969_: so you set it to correct one during porting and then it's correct all the time20:05
Nokiusmal: yeap20:06
malNokius: the jolla-camera-hw.txt in that issue report the values look ok20:07
divis1969_no, I did not change it, is was configured to use event3. I've just thought it was configured on runtime: I have event3 and it is also some kind of touch device - Meizu is using a touch central key20:08
Nokiusmal: may 4208x3120 is not equel to 8MP20:08
* Nokius never looked into this before 20:09
malNokius: yep, but you see resolutionText_4_3='camera_settings-me-4-3-8m'20:09
malNokius: I think now there should be bigger ones also available20:09
malremember seeing somewhere20:09
Nokiusmal: we have 16:9 (6Mpix) and 4:3 (8Mpix)20:10
Nokiusmal: kimmoli resloution application maybe?20:10
kimmolidroid-camres and camera-settings-plugin20:11
malNokius: that is just the string shown in UI20:12
kimmolitexts in jolla camera settings are bs20:12
malNokius: camera_settings-me-4-3-13m is also available20:12
Nokiusmal: but not added for cancro :s20:12
malNokius: well someone needs to change it if that 13 MPix is more correct20:13
malNokius: so someone needs to go through those string settings in that config, you can find the possible values from
Nokiusmal: thanks I added a todo20:17
malNokius: but those string have no effect to the actual picture resolution20:17
malonly the actual resolution values in that file change the resolution20:20
malNokius: you should tag your config repo20:25
Nokiusmal: I know20:26
Nokiusthanks :)20:26
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:28
saidinesh5interesting.. Text's font.pointSize seems broken but Label's font.pointSize seems to be working20:30
Nokiusfind5 should be now on current page :)20:38
Nokiusdivis1969_: did you had any issue with tuxonice durimg the kernel building? my porridge kernel is breaking coz of that20:39
divis1969_tuxonice? no, i never heard of it20:41
Nokiusmal: the video recording issue on cm-11 base is not fixed ?20:41
Nokiusdivis1969_: you have MTK target or?20:41
divis1969_yes. I did not have the issue with that tuxonice. BTW, I've tried to build the porridge kernel some time ago (as a part of the Cyanogen) - there were no issues20:43
Nokiusdivis1969_: yeap the tuxonice issue started when I added the CONFIG_VT :(20:45
divis1969_Ah, there were some issues with kernel options, but I do not recall whether I had it with CONFIG_VT. Let me check I've enabled it or not20:46
malNokius: which issue?20:48
Nokiusmal: adden-s mention a ; issue but it was not the fix20:49
divis1969_I had CONFIG_VT enabled. What is the error you've got? As I recall there were a lot of errors in my sources related to UID/GID, but do not remember the tuxonice20:50
divis1969_I definetly did not have it. I suppose you can safely comment out those toi_message20:53
divis1969_BTW, I was able to incorporate the locally-built libhybris. I've modified the rpm/dhd/helpers/ and replaced 'buildmw libhybris' with 'buildmw file://<localpath> <localbranch>'20:58
divis1969_is there a better way?20:59
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*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~ghosalmar@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:03
Nokiusdivis1969_: thanks got hybris-boot.img finally21:03
Nokiusdivis1969_: which version do u like to build?21:04
divis1969_version of what?21:10
divis1969_wow! I've started the SailfishOS. Setup wizard is running now!21:12
*** Jackneill_ <Jackneill_!~Jackneill@unaffiliated/jackneill> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)21:12
Nokiusdivis1969_: \o/21:14
guhldivis1969_, \o/21:15
divis1969_it looks I have a very high fonts. And it rebooted after few minutes (I was in tutorial)21:17
saidinesh5divis1969_: -mw repo branch iirc21:17
divis1969_I have %define pixel_ratio 2.0. Can I reduce it? which values are acceptable?21:19
saidinesh5there's a formula for that in the faq...21:19
Nokiusdivis1969_: yes as HADK / FAQ mention do some simple math :)21:19
saidinesh5ram almost full.. so cant open that page now lol21:19
Nokiusdivis1969_: L326
divis1969_Nokius: thanks!21:24
Nokiusdivis1969_: np21:25
guhlthe thea got bluetooth \o/21:31
*** Xray2000 <Xray2000!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:34
guhlwell i have to confess that was easy21:34
*** Xray2000 <Xray2000!> has quit IRC (Client Quit)21:35
malguhl: I thought so :)21:38
guhli am used to the vision where nothing is easy at all21:42
guhlanyway the jolla ringtone sounds great on a bose sound link :-)21:43
malguhl: what's still broken in thea?21:48
Nokiusfind5 has this issue :s21:49
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~ghosalmar@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)21:49
Nokiuswith pulseaudio-modules-droid21:49
Nokiushas to wait till tomorrow cu thanks so fare :) gn8 and happy hacking21:51
malNokius: did you use latest pulseaudio-modules-droid21:51
maltry a little older, the new version might have some issues because of many changes21:51
*** Xray2000 <Xray2000!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:54
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ruthenianboycannot build packages. Not sure why but at one point choice 'C' is automatically selected. Any suggest how to solve that?
NeKitdivis1969, did you port the kernel patch?22:01
malruthenianboy: when have you updated rpm/dhd submodule the last time?22:01
divis1969_NeKit: yes.22:01
malruthenianboy: try running sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R zypper remove bluez-configs-mer22:01
NeKit<divis1969_> hi, I was able to get rid of crash in mali-hist-dump thread, the display is cleared, but there is still no picture. Some ioctl is not implemented as I can see from logs.22:03
NeKitso display actually works?22:03
divis1969_yes, it is working. If was blank for some time and I decided it is not working. But when I pressed the power button - it shows the language selection menu22:04
NeKitcool, so MTK/Mali works at least for display22:05
NeKityou need special ofono branch22:05
ruthenianboymal: i was not updating anything. This is fresh build22:06
divis1969_display and touch. Note that I still have issues with my kernel - if the phone goes off (after tutorial finished), display shows some garbage. This is because the display driver is 'something similar to the actual one22:07
malruthenianboy: but I meant when did you start the port, the submodules have changes sometimes and especially that dhd submodule has had a lot of changes recently22:07
NeKitso no official kernel sources for meilan2?22:08
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divis1969_yes, there is no official kernel. I've tried to ask their support, they said 'no plans to publish it'22:09
NeKittypical Chinese manufacturer...22:09
divis1969_actually, they are publishing some devices.
*** kjokinie <kjokinie!~kjokinie@> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:10
divis1969_but not this one22:10
NeKitjust like Xiaomi22:11
ruthenianboymal: i've downloaded these files today, so they are up to date. Removed bluez-configs-mer as you suggested and other issue appeared.
*** t4ryn <t4ryn!~Dyke.Grrl@unaffiliated/t4ryn> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:15
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malruthenianboy: try running sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R ssu dr adaptation-community22:15
ruthenianboyconnman not AVAILABLE; DBus call failed, falling back to libssu22:16
malnot an error22:17
ruthenianboymal: could you please explain this step? Because whithout your advices I have no chance to proceed...22:20
maldid that help or not?22:20
ruthenianboymal: its building now. Just curious what these steps are doing. Why to remove this package etc.22:24
guhlmal, the only thing broken on the tea is video recording22:26
*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)22:27
malruthenianboy: first one was removing a package because the system didn't know which one to use, the latter removed a repo causing issues, we need to fix the latter at some point22:27
malI already know how to fix it but haven't had time to do it22:27
guhland Messwerk does not report anything from accelerometer and magnetometer22:27
Nokiusmal: it's latest submodules22:28
malguhl: does test_sensors list those?22:28
guhlto be true i did not even look22:28
malguhl: also you should not have this
guhlthe best thing is that the cover lid work22:29
guhlmaybe i remove the whole sensor directory and start over22:29
malguhl: also do you have the default configs installed on device?22:29
malguhl: I added this
Nokius:( CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC and CONFIG_HOTPLUG are invalid but it's set
malNokius: maybe some dependency is missing?22:30
guhland there is one little thing, the usb mode "always ask" never asks22:30
Nokiusmal: thanks now I see first result in the websearch is not always what you wanted CONFIG_IKCONFIG is not CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC ;) thanks just spotted it22:32
guhlmal, this is the output of test_sensors22:34
Nokiusbut CONFIG_HOTPLUG should not have any dependence22:34
guhlso there is Magnetic Field Sensor and Acceleration Sensor22:34
guhlmal, what does that Provides: sensord-configs do?22:45
Nokiusguhl: it indicates that droid-configs-$DEVICE contains the sensor config files22:48
Nokiusmal: release 8.0.51 of pulseaudio-modules-droid worked22:50
guhlwhich is interesting as mals droid-config-fp2-sibon does not contain any sensor config files in sparse22:50
ruthenianboymal: . even last step - building with mic is not completing without error....its really disappointing :(22:50
guhlruthenianboy, did you disable the adaptation-community repo?22:52
Nokiusguhl: iirc he had it once :s legacy lines22:54
guhlsb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R ssu lr22:55
guhllist it as disabled?22:55
ruthenianboyadaptation-community is listed as disabled. Dont know why22:56
ruthenianboyah, I see22:57
guhlit should be until you or someone else builds it on obs22:57
* guhl uses hist brand new knowledge 22:57
ruthenianboyhow to proceed with build then?22:58
guhlruthenianboy, is this the complete output from mic22:59
guhldid you process patterns before you ran it22:59
guhland are you sure your ks file is rightß23:00
*** louisdk <louisdk!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)23:01
ruthenianboyyes, complete output. I've run rpm/dhd/helpers/ --configs before mic.23:01
guhlby this i mean does the ks file contain a line like23:01
guhlrepo --name=adaptation-community-thea-@RELEASE@ --baseurl= .....23:01
guhl(it should not)23:01
guhlinstead it should contain something like23:02
guhlrepo --name=adaptation0-thea-@RELEASE@ --baseurl=file:///home/guhl/mer/thea.cm12/droid/droid-local-repo/thea23:02
guhl(change device name)23:02
guhland ruthenianboy of course "home/guhl/mer/thea.cm12/droid" in the baseurl is whatever your $ANDROID_ROOT is23:09
guhlanyway it's late for me. mal thanks a lot for teaching me obs - that closed a lot of gaps in my understanding of the build system23:12
ruthenianboyI see. Well, sed replacing repo line in section 8.3 is not replacing baseurl with local one...23:12
guhlruthenianboy, yes that's what i also found today23:13
guhlwhen creating a new ks file23:13
ruthenianboyguhl: thank you for directing on good way23:14
guhlwelcome, sorry to have to leave you now23:14
ruthenianboynp, i am about to leave now too23:15
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Nokiusgn8 find5 images is in the oven let's see23:29
*** Nokius_ <Nokius_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:30
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*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius23:36
ruthenianboybuilt sfos zip package finally. Now I could go to sleep23:39
*** ruthenianboy <ruthenianboy!55d882fa@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)23:40

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