Sunday, 2017-03-19

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kamnxt...and I managed to get telnet working and found out what my problem is00:14
kamnxtIn case anyone finds these logs in the future, the problem was OOM_ADJUST, which prevented booster-qt5 from starting00:15
kamnxtalso, in order to get telnet working after booting, I masked usb-moded and ran usb_moded -r00:15
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kamnxtIT WOOORKS00:48
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OhYashfollowing the hadk05:29
OhYashwhats withthe fixup-mountpoints05:29
OhYashcant understand how do I patch the  fixup-mountpoints05:29
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malkamnxt: ah, that issue was the reason, good to know07:27
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Matemanagood morning all10:15
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tortoisedochey !10:26
tortoisedocif i'd like to adb into alien dalvik10:26
tortoisedoci added some props to build.prop10:27
tortoisedocfor instance10:27
tortoisedocbut after systemctl restart aliendalvik , no adbd running10:28
tortoisedoc(it can run manually however)10:28
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tortoisedocI tried looking into logtrace output10:31
tortoisedocduring restart10:31
tortoisedocbut no mentioning :&10:31
tortoisedocgetprop to the rescue! :)10:32
tortoisedochmmm [persist.service.adb.enable]: []10:33
tortoisedocthat doesnt look like my changes..10:33
tortoisedocit seems the alien_init exec refers the string10:35
tortoisedocI wonder if it's unset10:36
tortoisedocupon boot10:36
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tortoisedocsetprop doesnt do the work either tho10:38
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MatemanaI am on building process now in HADK 1.9.910:39
tortoisedocunauthorized! :)10:39
MatemanaOne thing i am interested in. Now i am on a branch "-b hybris-13.0-ZNH5Y" So when i build my i am gonna need CM 13.0 ZHN5Y right?10:44
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Matemanawhere can i find it, cyanogenmod is down and i can't download from there10:44
MatemanaNevermind, i had that version downloaded and saved in my SFOS folder for my Nexus 4 and 5 devices10:46
kamnxtI just removed ZNH5Y...10:46
MatemanaIt built :)10:47
Matemanai am gonna try it now10:48
kamnxtthe feeling when it builds is amazing10:50
kamnxtbut when you get it to actually work, that's even better :P10:50
Matemana yes10:50
Matemanaand it's even better when it works :D10:50
kamnxtI'm currently at the stage of trying to get sound and RIL to work10:50
Matemanahaha i posted same :D10:50
MatemanaDo you work on Nexus 4 port? CM13?10:51
kamnxtalso, yesterday I somehow managed to get most of my apps to disappear10:51
kamnxtWorking on CM13 LG G4 port10:51
Matemanawow nice10:51
MatemanaI am not working on yet i am learning stuff now. It's first time i built sfos following HADK and with help here from guys10:52
kamnxtI actually unlocked my phone's bootloader two days ago10:52
kamnxtand I first got SFOS to work yesterday10:53
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kamnxthaha, thanks :D10:54
kamnxtHow's your build going?10:54
MatemanaIt's not "my" build i just follow HADK guide, i do not know things yet10:56
kamnxtWell, I also "just" followed HADK10:57
kamnxt+ asked a few nice people here about some problems I had10:57
kamnxt+ googled a bit10:57
MatemanaI just copied CM and just built SFOS  now i am installing CM1310:57
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MatemanaSFOS takes loooooong to install10:59
kamnxteh, it takes a while10:59
Matemanahope it starts10:59
kamnxtcould have been worse10:59
kamnxtIf not, then you gotta open telnet and see what's happening :P10:59
MatemanaWhen i started HADK 1.1.2 i was stuck on building11:00
Matemanai deleted whole mer folder and started from scrach 1.9.911:00
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Matemanaclearly that was worse :D11:00
Matemanadoes telnet work out of the box?11:01
kamnxtover USB11:01
kamnxt192.168.2.15 port 232311:01
kamnxtor.. it should work out of the box11:01
Matemanai thought telnet was 2311:01
kamnxtSFOS uses 2323 (after some part that uses 23 IIRC)11:02
MatemanaIf not Nexus series have serial port in headphone jack11:02
kamnxtthat sounds usefu11:02
kamnxtthat sounds useful11:02
Matemanai made that cable 1 year ago.11:02
MatemanaI do not know where it is, or if it can be used in SFOS :D11:02
Matemanafinished installing11:03
kamnxtaaaandddd :D11:03
Matemanai do not see led light on11:04
Matemanajust a google logo11:04
kamnxtdoes your pc see a usb device?11:04
kamnxtif yes, check it's name11:04
kamnxtit should tell you what's happening11:04
Matemanapc took
kamnxtgood, now try to telnet11:04
Matemanai am in11:05
kamnxtwhat message did you get on logging in?11:05
Matemananothing just information11:06
Matemanaabout telnet port and escape character11:06
kamnxtoh, ok11:06
Matemanaalso this11:06
MatemanaLog so far is in /init.log  To make post-switch_root halt before starting systemd, perform:   touch /init_enter_debug211:06
kamnxttry checking init.log11:07
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Matemananothing important. here is screenshot11:09
Matemanacan i do something to start SFOS?11:09
Matemanait show google logo11:09
Matemanawhat is default devel-su password?11:10
Matemanadefault_prop seems too short11:11
Matemana# # ADDITIONAL_DEFAULT_PROPERTIES # ro.allow.mock.location=0 ro.debuggable=1 rild.libpath=/system/lib/ persist.sys.usb.config=mtp,adb11:11
Matemanajust this lines11:12
MatemanaCan some one help me11:14
kamnxthmm, let me see11:14
Matemanai built but when i installed it just shows Google logo. I can telnet to phone it works, but does not go past google logo11:14
kamnxtyou installed cm13 first, right?11:15
Matemanayes of course11:15
Matemanaand then i flashed SFOS.zip11:15
kamnxtcould you post what you get when you ls?11:16
Matemanait feels SFOS is there11:17
Matemanait starts but not ui i guess11:17
kamnxttry checking dmesg11:17
Matemanathis error is in many places11:18
kamnxtif you run dmesg -w, can you see anything happen when you press the power button or touch the screen?11:20
malMatemana: telnet connection is root so no need for devel-su when using telnet11:21
Matemanadmesg -w does not wait for new message11:22
Matemanait prints all dmesg11:22
malMatemana: that is a known issue11:22
kamnxtI get a similar problem sometimes (screen not working, only showing logo)11:22
Matemanai see it changes when i touch screen11:23
Matemanawith command11:23
Matemanawatch -n 1 'dmesg | tail -500'11:23
Matemanawatch -n 1 'dmesg | tail -50'11:23
Matemanahow can i resolve this issue?11:24
Matemanahcismd_set_enable 1 [ 1297.219390] hci_smd_register_smd: Cannot open the command channel11:25
Matemanait's bluetooth right?11:25
kamnxthaven't had it personally, but I think you may want to take a look at the faq:
kamnxtline 57511:26
Matemanai disabled bluetooth with mask service11:36
Matemananow there is no that error hci11:36
Matemananow i have other errors11:36
Matemanainit: cannot find '/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/miniafservice', disabling 'miniaf'11:36
Matemana /dev/hw_random not found11:37
Matemanafs_mgr: Cannot open file ./fstab.mako11:37
Matemanacannot find '/system/bin/qrngd', disabling 'qrngd'11:37
Matemanait does nothing when i tocuh screen, or hit power button11:38
malnone of those are critical11:39
Matemanahow to debug why does not start sfos gui11:39
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kamnxtYou could try running journalctl -fa11:40
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kamnxtand then, in another terminal, systemctl start user@10000011:41
kamnxtor systemctl start droid-hal-init11:41
MatemanaFailed to get display status: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown The name was not provided by any .se rvice files11:42
Matemanait did not start MCE11:42
Matemanais it critical?11:42
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kamnxtnot sure :/11:43
Matemanacan't connect from second terminal11:44
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Matemanawhen i started droid-hal-init it printed11:47
MatemanaMar 19 13:47:16 Sailfish systemd[1]: Started droid-hal-init.11:47
Matemanabut user@100000 gives Cannot add dependency job for unit sys-fs-pstore.mount, ignoring: Unit sys-fs-pstore.mount failed to load: Invalid argument. See system logs and 'systemctl status sys-fs-pstore.mount' for details.11:48
kamnxtthat shouldn't be critical I think11:50
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malMatemana: that mount failure is not a problem11:51
malMatemana: droid-hal-init is very important service and it needs to be running11:52
Matemanait's running11:53
Matemanaroot       621     1  0 13:32 ?        00:00:07 /sbin/droid-hal-init11:53
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Matemanapoweroff reboot commands does not work12:01
kamnxtDoes anyone have any tips for getting RIL to work?12:05
kamnxtwhen trying to start /system/bin/rild I get CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE: cannot locate symbol "_ZNK7android6Parcel10readuInt64EPm" referenced by "/system/lib64/"...12:06
kamnxtls /system/lib6412:12
kamnxtoh come on12:13
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kamnxt...seems like for some weird reason it was called readuInt instead of readUint???12:24
kamnxt...yup, now it's running12:25
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flohackHi there12:34
flohackAnyone experience with Samsung boot.img troules?12:34
flohacktroubles? xD12:34
r0kk3rzflohack: whats the problem exactly?12:37
flohackI am actually coming from Ubuntu Touch to here ;) - I successfully built recovery.img and boot.img, recovery works well but... boot.img shows nothing, then reboots12:37
flohackI cant get last_kmsg to tell me whats wrong12:37
flohackits simply empty it seems12:37
flohackIt only shows something if I boot into recovery12:38
flohackthen I tried enable framebuffer console, but this breaks due to some bug in samsung driver it seems12:38
flohackthen I tried to interrupt init with break=top, but I dont get adb12:38
r0kk3rzare you sure you got the right kernel?12:38
flohackso no idea how to find out whats wrong here12:38
flohackyes, its the same running in recovery12:39
flohackbsically ubuntu build creates 1 kernel and uses this for both12:39
flohackit would be a charm to see framebuffer console. So im looking for someone who did this on a samsung device12:39
r0kk3rzyeah debugging ubuntu is a little different to debugging sailfish12:40
r0kk3rzi assumed you asked to no avail in #ubuntu12:40
flohackim in #ubuntu-touch as well but this is rather dead ;)12:40
r0kk3rzyeah well, when you abandon your OS that tends to happen :)12:41
flohackhaha ^12:41
flohackMaybe I will come to sailfish side soon12:41
kamnxtYou're using hybris-boot.img, right?12:44
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akhil_surabhimal: building of  geoclue-providers-hybris fails, fatal error: locationsettings.h: No such file or directory14:29
malakhil_surabhi: build older version14:29
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malakhil_surabhi: there was a change in that which requires some new lib which is not yet available14:32
akhil_surabhi_mal: what about OBS?14:32
malakhil_surabhi_: you can also tell OBS the exact revision to use14:33
akhil_surabhi_mal: okay14:33
malakhil_surabhi_: like this for example
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akhil_surabhi_mal: thanks14:34
malakhil_surabhi_: use this commit 29ec9933d09beefcc7ef24b83ef046f0150ec31e14:35
akhil_surabhi_mal: sure14:35
akhil_surabhi_mal: is automatically pulling updates15:02
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OhYashanybody here?16:09
OhYashsledges : ping16:10
ghosalmartinwaddup G16:11
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OhYashstuck in hadk16:12
OhYashdid the breakfast16:12
OhYashbut the kernel config section is confusing16:12
ghosalmartinhow come?16:12
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OhYashI dont seem to understand anything in that16:12
ghosalmartinhave you run hybris-hal?16:12
OhYashIt says get rid of the error cases first, I do see the error cases but how do I solve them?16:13
OhYashmake hybris-hal?16:13
ghosalmartinso to solve the cases16:13
ghosalmartinyou find the defconfig related to your device16:13
ghosalmartinthen in the file find the error cases16:14
ghosalmartinand change them to whats recommended16:14
OhYashwhats with make bootimage16:14
ghosalmartinthat just remakes the kernel16:14
ghosalmartinrather than all of hybris-hal16:15
OhYashso in $ANDOIRD-ROOT, I simply run `make bootimage` after tackling out the changes16:15
ghosalmartinOhYash, well id do make hybris-boot16:16
OhYashand not care about bootimage and hybris-hal?16:17
OhYashI mean will hybris-boot do all the required stuff here16:17
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ghosalmartinNeoChapay, did you have anymore luck with the mali gpu17:21
ghosalmartinalso anyone know why droid-hal-init would become inactive?17:22
ghosalmartinand how does the socket get created?17:26
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ruthenianboygood evening18:16
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kamnxtSooo, anyone got any tips for how to get RIL working nicely? Last time I got it working I did it by editing because it tried to reference readuInt64 instead of readUint64 or something like that...20:32
ruthenianboykamnxt: maybe LD_PRELOAD or LD_SHIM_LIBS?20:35
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kamnxtruthenianboy: how would I do that and how would that help?20:36
kamnxtRIL refused to start because of wrong capitalization in lge-ril.so20:36
kamnxtand tried to use readuInt instead of readUint20:36
ruthenianboykamnxt: i am just thinking what you did previously. I could be completely wrong :)20:37
kamnxtruthenianboy: I could be even more wrong :P20:37
kamnxtI'm kind of confused by the whole thing20:38
kamnxtbecause ril wouldn't start before I did it20:38
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kamnxtyet CM somehow works20:38
ruthenianboyhow did you found out it is that readuInt64 causing issue?20:39
kamnxttried to run /system/rild20:39
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kamnxtit said it couldn't find symbol or something like that20:40
kamnxtso I grepped /system/lib64 (or somewhere else, not sure atm) for what it was looking for20:41
kamnxtand found the same thing, but with Ui instead of uI20:41
kamnxtedited it and rild started20:41
ruthenianboykamnxt: I was solving missing symbols by shim, but your way was different maybe20:43
kamnxtruthenianboy: how do you do it?20:46
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MatemanaDoes anyone of you have working SFOS with base CM13 on Nexus 4. I built SFOS but it does not start GUI. Does not go past google logo. I can telnet to device though20:59
ruthenianboykamnxt: you need to set that path like LD_SHIM_LIBS=/system/lib64/| . Maybe it will be good to modify rild service and add line "setenv D_SHIM_LIBS=...."21:04
ruthenianboyMatemana: check which services are running and which failed. Also look in journal21:04
kamnxtruthenianboy: just edited the file and replaced uInt with Uint, and rild instantly started working again...21:08
kamnxtI'll try doing that I guess21:08
kamnxtbecause this feels like a really ugly hack21:08
ruthenianboykamnxt: well, editing lib is not really clean way :D21:09
kamnxtI know :P21:09
kamnxtalso, for some reason, after it boots there's _no way_ to connect to it21:10
kamnxtdoesn't respond to ping on usb or wifi21:10
kamnxtbut it gets an IP on wifi21:10
kamnxtmight be because netd seems to have some problems :/21:11
ruthenianboykamnxt: netd is not required for usb networking AFAIK21:16
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kamnxtruthenianboy: ok21:20
ruthenianboyneed to leave now. Good luck guys21:25
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