Monday, 2017-03-20

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vorletzterdid anyone experience issues with ofono since sfos 2.1?09:32
vorletztersometime i get a lot of ofonod[31136]: drivers/ril/ril_plugin_dbus.c:ril_plugin_dbus_imei_reply() blocking IMEI request 0xe51a10. S09:35
vorletzteror phone is stuck in 2G. Phone Calls don't work at all (people calling me are "hung up" automaticly and i get a "busy" signal when calling other people09:36
Nokiusvorletzter: do you use audioglue?09:37
vorletzterno - didn't need to on 2.0.509:38
vorletzter(or it snug in without me noticing it at least)09:39
r0kk3rzvorletzter: what device?09:40
vorletztersometime the sims won't come online as well (e.g. i have to restart ofono couple of times bevor i can use any sim-related services including sailfish actually showing the sims in the status bar)09:42
Nokiusvorletzter: did you check logcat?09:44
vorletzterhmmm. a lot of audioflinger related messages when starting......09:45
vorletzteri try to build with audioflinger09:45
Nokiusvorletzter: for testing you can build the rpm and install it on the target :) there is no need to create a new image09:47
vorletzternice :=)09:48
vorletzterjust noticed the "glue"-Part09:48
vorletzterare "AudioSystem: AudioFlinger not published, waiting..." -messages are related to AudioFlingerGlue?09:48
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mp107Morning. Where can I find the manifest used for building the Sailfish OS for Motorola Droid 4 /maserati/?10:06
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r0kk3rzmp107: ask NeKit for it :)10:10
NeKitno such yet, let me check for modified repos and upload it10:11
mp107NeKit: ^^10:11
mp107NeKit: Ok10:11
mp107I have found - I have found:
mp107partially actual (I hope)10:12
NeKitit's for older attempt by carepack10:13
mp107Yes. It looks like10:13
ruthenianboyah, I need 64bit tools to troubleshoot issue on my target. Anyone willing to build 64bit binutils for me? Otherwise I need to wait until evening to build it myself10:32
vorletzterNokius: so. I compiled accoring to faq and installed with pkcon --install-local. Got rid of the audio-flinger related issues - i don't here anything though - do i need to rebuild the image for that or is that another issue?10:32
abransonI'm getting an error building a hybris-hal: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/bouncycastle/asn1/ASN1Object. I found some mention of a 'dumpkey.jar' in the archive, but don't seem to have that jar anywhere, nor this /home/user/mer/android/droid/out/host/linux-x86/framework/ path it's supposed to be in. anyone know the best way to solve this?10:36
vorletzterNokius: nevermind... i suppose i am missing the pulse-audio part10:37
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Nokiusvorletzter: pulse has to load the module :)11:35
* Nokius sorry was afk for meeting 11:35
Nokiusabranson: :D11:35
Nokiusabranson: it should be in the faq11:35
Nokiusif not check the logs11:35
vorletzterNokius: hadn't installed the module at all. Now it works beautifully11:35
Nokiusabranson: iirc it was zip missing or iisue with host(chroot)11:36
Nokiusvorletzter: great to hear this :)11:37
Nokiusabranson: that should be the fix11:46
abransonNokius: i definitely have zip, but I can't find anything like /home/user/mer/android/droid/out/host/linux-x86/framework/dumpkey.jar anywhere. where does it come from?11:52
abransoni have a /bin/dumpkeys file, but no dumpkey.jar anywhere on my system11:52
Nokiusabranson: I assume you use -j <core amount> may it not build atm :S11:53
abransoni got java8 for trusty from a ppa (as it's still not backported :/ ). it gets a little further but then I get "Could not find or load main class"11:54
Nokiusmal: ^ do you recall issues like this?11:54
abransonand as lunch seems to explicitly set the path to point to openjdk-7, I think it's wrong anyway.11:54
abransoni'll try without a -j11:54
Nokiusabranson: try this11:55
Nokiuslet's hoep it will create the keys11:55
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abransonNokius: nope, still class not found12:06
malabranson: do you have unzip installed on build environment? I think that fixed some build issues before12:08
malrelated to java12:08
Nokiusout of ideas for now I will check my build env when home12:08
abransonmal: yes unzip is there - it wasn't the first time I got the error though: it's one of the things I found first. might I need to reset something?12:09
malthat has always been a bit of a mystery12:18
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abransoni might just re-clone the whole hal then12:27
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Nokiusabranson: good luck12:52
Nokiusabranson: so you build hybris on top of the sony sources?12:52
abransonNokius: not right now - this is a different device12:58
Nokiusabranson: ah okay, :( so no change to try to reproduce it13:02
* Nokius has to fix his hypervisor first to hack on :'(13:02
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abransonmal, Nokius: complete re-clone and build worked!13:39
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aa13qHello! I've tried xiaomi kenzo port from here: It has builtin jolla store and it installs armv7hl apps fine. But when I'm trying to install warehouse manually from rpm with pkcon I'm getting wrong arch error (uname -m saying I'm on aarch64). Could you give me some hints could it be solved?14:24
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Nokiusaa13q: can you share logs via paste service :)14:31
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aa13qhello, @Nokius! :) yes, here it is:
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T4<Nokius> I never saw it myself15:17
T4<Nokius> interesting15:17
T4<Nokius> Do you use the warehouse application or do u install via cli/settings?15:18
mal@Nokius he seems to be trying to install warehouse app15:18
T4<Nokius> Oh i see15:19
aa13qyes, exactly15:25
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aa13qtried zypper with local rpm, it worked. pkcon install not working for the rom16:10
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ruthenianboyhello. Could someone point me to correct way how to build binutils(or anything else) from source as 64bit binaries?17:50
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MatemanaAs you know SFOS dropped support for CM11 base on Nexus 5 starting
Matemanacan i compile SFOS or for nexus 5 to work with base CM11?17:53
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NokiusMatemana: do you know the reason why the cm11 base is not used anymore?18:03
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Matemanano i do not know. i just tried and did not work with cm11 nor did18:07
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ruthenianboycould someone advise please? I'm stuck for few weeks and that issue is really blocking me and annoying too :(18:28
Matemanacan someone point me to the "official" Nexus 5 sources to build SFOS?18:36
Matemanaand can anyone explain how to include rpm (my native language keyboard, i made it, and fonts) in SFOS?18:40
Matemanaand please point me to nexus 4 sources too with base CM11. I built SFOS for CM13 base for nexus 4 but it does not start18:40
MatemanaOh one question. i have made mer folder in home directory and files for building SFOS for nexus 4, now i want for nexus 5 too, do i have to delete everything and start from the begining?18:43
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NokiusMatemana: the sources for hammerhead are under
NokiusMatemana: if you like to add local rpms ( from the local-droid-repo) add the pkg names to the kickstart file after the device pattern18:47
NokiusMatemana: the base for the nexus4 and the nexus5 are diffrent you can't use them for both18:47
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ArmsOfSorrowQuick question: I want to port SFOS to my device, CM13 and Lineage 14 nightlies are available. Which one should I start with?18:56
ArmsOfSorrowi.e. do HW adaptations work for Android 7 or should I start with 6?18:57
ArmsOfSorrow(I'd like to prevent flashing my phone only to find out that I've got the wrong version)18:58
malArmsOfSorrow: CM1319:02
ArmsOfSorrowalright, thanks.19:05
mp107NeKit: Which repository of droid-hal-version-maserati should I use? "mer-hybris/droid-hal-version-maserati" ?19:08
NeKityes, no changes there I think19:09
mp107NeKit: Okay. Thanks19:10
MatemanaNokius: So now to build Nexus 5 SFOS, i need to delete my mer folder, which is for nexus 4 and create new for nexus 5 right?19:10
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NeKitmp107, my repos are here:, but still didn't push everything yet19:14
mp107NeKit: Ok.19:18
MatemanaNokius: i cated ks file and found this line "DEVICE=mako" did you mean this when you said "device pattern"? how do i include rpm, just insert package name and that's it? or does it need full path or something?19:21
NokiusMatemana: after a line with Jolla Configuration mako19:22
NokiusMatemana: something like L2319:23
Matemanafound it19:23
Matemanadoes it need full path? or symbol "@" in the start?19:24
NokiusMatemana: just the name og the package19:24
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Matemanathank you very much, but how does it know where to put files? does it read that packages .spec file?19:25
Matemanalike when you install package19:25
NokiusMatemana: when you bild the spec files get read19:26
Matemanai searched and seems like every ported device is under that link you gave me right/19:26
Matemanaso if i want to rebuild mako but for CM11 base i can do that from that link right?19:27
NokiusMatemana: when you find the cm11 base there too yes19:28
MatemanaNokius: i could not find CM11 base there i saw CM12.119:30
MatemanaIs this CM11 base mako?19:31
MatemanaBut where can i find local_manifest/mako.xml?19:32
Matemanafirst time was easy ballock gave me that file19:32
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ballockMatemana: Here's local_manifest/mako.xml for cm11:
ballock...and as for hammerhead, since the HADK uses it as an example, all the paths and repos are mostly there.19:52
ballockIf you'19:52
ballockre missing something, have a look at repos in
Matemanahi ballock19:53
Matemanathank you19:53
Matemanai was searching there19:53
Matemanafound some things.19:53
ballockMatemana: I wouldn't advise you to remove the whole mer/ dir, but just alter the VENDOR/DEVICE envs in .hadk/.mersdk.profile19:53
ballockI use mer/android/mako-cm1319:54
Matemanais that it?19:54
Matemanawhat about brenches?19:54
ballockThere's some dir there in .profile, too.19:54
ballockbranches are defined in manifests, all of them are underneath that mer/android/$SOME_DIR/.repo19:55
ballockso you can have a separate one in anoither $SOME_DIR19:55
ballockThere's also some tricks to share the repositories, some are quite large, but if you're fine with disk space used, you'd better stay away from that for the start.19:56
Matemanaunderstood. I will have have manny $SOME_DIRs19:58
MatemanaDid you read yesterday what i wrote here?19:58
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Matemanai build SFOS for mako CM13 base but it did not start19:58
Matemanai could telnet into device nothing else19:59
ballockMatemana: Sorry, I'm mostly reading up when I'm highlighted.19:59
ballockWell, that's a good start!19:59
ballockYou made it boot.19:59
Matemanai followed hadk nad your advices and others and it booted20:00
ballockDid you find the error message, why it did not continue?20:00
ballockdmesg or so, or logcat20:01
Matemanano i found many errors in journalctl, dmesg but when i posted here someone told me that they weren't critical20:01
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MatemanaCan you anwer me if i can build newer SFOS with older CM 11 for nexus 5?20:02
ballockMatemana: Definitely.20:03
MatemanaIs older base is always supported?20:03
ballockNot always, cm10.2 got deprecated due to video codec support.20:04
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Matemanaballock: Can you tell me how many folders do you have in mer folder?20:05
ballockMatemana: Not representative, I keep more junk there than needed.20:05
MatemanaBecause i have 3 android, sdks and targets20:05
Matemanain targets there is lge_mako_armv7hl20:06
Matemanaif i rename that android/droid to android/nexus_4_CM13 do i need to delete that second folder in targets?20:07
Matemanawhen working on nexus 5?20:07
ballockMatemana: When you rename it, you may want to do a clean/rebuild, some files may have references to old dirs.20:08
Matemanaballock: just rund clean?20:09
ballockdunno, long forgot20:10
ballockthere's the out/ dir you want to have removed20:10
Matemanai found that20:11
Matemanatoday i was searching files20:11
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Matemanais mer/sdks folder and files untouched?20:11
ballockYeah, they're the same20:11
ballockNot sure about sharing targets/ dirs, I surely am, and don't remember having issues with that.20:12
Matemanaso all work is done in android/droid aka $ANDROID_ROOT20:13
Matemanayeah i think it should not matter because in targets there is lge_mako_armv7hl folder so it must create lge_hammerhead_armv7hl folder and work in there20:14
Matemanai'll modify hadk so it reads in which devices folder i am and run command i need :)20:15
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ballockMatemana: Good luck, I'm logging out for the day.20:16
Matemanathx for help again!20:16
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ruthenianboymal: Hello. I need to build static 64bit binutils binaries from source code. Any ideas how could I do that?20:38
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ruthenianboymal: I need 64bit binary of addr2line because I need to investigate crashes (translation and permissions faults) of droid-hal-init, pulsaudio and other services. It is crucial thing20:41
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malruthenianboy: not sure, I haven't done any 64-bit stuff for sailfish20:51
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ruthenianboymal: ok, np. Just asked you directly as nobody else responded :). That issue make me sick but trying to solve that. You know, too much efort will be lost if I give up20:56
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malruthenianboy: what is the exact problem?21:04
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malruthenianboy: droid-hal-init crashes or what?21:05
ruthenianboymal: droid-hal-init is crashing due to unhandled level 3 permission fault. I noticed that pulseaudio and ambienced are crashing due to similar problems (aligment or translation faults).21:08
ruthenianboyit is not crashing all the time, but I am not able to isolate problem based on behaviour so instead of that I am trying to find what function exactly is causeof those memory access faults and dhi crash21:11
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ghosalmartinhas anyone ever had to build bluetooth as a seperate module before it would work?21:40
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malhmm, updating to latest gst-droid/droimedia seemed to break video recording21:41
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malI get "E/mm-camera(  796): invalid stats mask. Return back" in logcat21:45
ghosalmartinmal: android5 base?21:45
malaosp5 yes21:46
malalso "E/OMXCodec( 2060): Storing meta data in video buffers is not supported"21:46
malthat error was seen on some other fp2 users, no idea why21:47
ghosalmartinmal: hmm odd21:54
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malghosalmartin: probably caused by some earlier error22:04
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