Saturday, 2018-04-21

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kimmolirinigus: now sms works. it was my other phone that was in "dont want to receive before toggle flightmode" state04:34
kimmolirinigus: and also according to my service provider logs, they have been sent04:40
kimmolirinigus: also reception works, found the technical number for the sim04:46
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foriin5 IS POPPIN HOT RIGHT NOW STILL GOING!! CALL 315-505-4666. IRC.EFNET.ORG #lrh05:58
foriin5 IS POPPIN HOT RIGHT NOW STILL GOING!! CALL 315-505-4666. IRC.EFNET.ORG #lrh05:58
foriin5 IS POPPIN HOT RIGHT NOW STILL GOING!! CALL 315-505-4666. IRC.EFNET.ORG #lrh05:58
foriin5 IS POPPIN HOT RIGHT NOW STILL GOING!! CALL 315-505-4666. IRC.EFNET.ORG #lrh05:58
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jsyreviews_Hi, anyone here? May I ask a question if there's an ongoing port for the samsung-klte? [S5, SM-G900F]06:46
jsyreviews_Ouch haha06:46
jsyreviews_Well I'll try to port one myself today and i'll see how it'll be going.06:46
Mister_MagisterToday you mean this month? :p06:47
Mister_MagisterAs much as i hate samsung good luck06:47
jsyreviews_Welp. Anyway I'll try as this is my first ever project tinkering on software and stuff06:49
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riniguskimmoli: great! please continue the testing :)06:59
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abhishekfrom where i should start fixing the rild?07:32
Mister_MagisterFrom ofono07:33
Mister_MagisterCheck /dev layout07:34
Mister_MagisterHaaaalp needed! Kworker is eating 50% cpu07:34
Mister_Magistermal: halp07:34
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MeowDude!seen jusa09:47
merbotMeowDude: jusa was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 1 week, 1 day, 18 hours, 37 minutes, and 20 seconds ago: <jusa> mal: yep, or udevadm info -a /dev/snd/by-path/*09:47
r0kk3rzMeowDude: so what have you done so far on this audio problem?09:52
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jsyreviewsSo it seems like I'm the first one to work on klte varient, haha.09:54
r0kk3rzquite possibly09:57
jsyreviewsnow I'm using debian and I don't know what is my chroot command because ubu-chroot doesn't exist..09:59
MeowDuder0kk3rz: i tried debugging it the linux way - didn't work09:59
MeowDudeat the moment I don't know what to do09:59
jsyreviewsand now I'm questioning myself how did I set up the android sdk environment09:59
MeowDudeand the break hasn't been helping, I have been surprisingly busy09:59
Mister_MagisterDid you enter sfossdk?09:59
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jsyreviewsno such file or directory.. da fuq?10:00
jsyreviewslemme try to tracedown what have I did in the past10:00
Mister_MagisterCheck .bashrc10:01
jsyreviewsnvm I'm back at the PlatformSDK after exitting it10:01
jsyreviewsYeah I was dumb not reading it carefullt, remember to not do anything while jetlagging lol10:04
MeowDudeMister_Magister: any news with headphone jack on flo10:18
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TheKitjsyreviews, Exynos or Snapdragon?10:23
TheKitsecond one, ok10:24
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sledgesMister_Magister: done10:53
sledgesr0kk3rz: merged10:53
Mister_Magisternow just need to catch lbt to patternise that10:53
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malPSA: Sailfish OS alpha6 released for fp2, now with Bluetooth LE support11:04
Mister_Magistermal: im not doing psa for my ports huh11:04
Mister_MagisterWhat does psa mean11:04
malit not needed, I just sometimes inform here of new releases11:05
kimmoliit should be PSAD - please shut-up and download11:05
Mister_MagisterBut what does psa mean11:06
malMister_Magister: it means public service announcement11:06
kimmolipublic service announcement11:06
r0kk3rzmal: isnt it about time you hit the beta button :P11:07
malI'm still doing alpha releases11:07
malr0kk3rz: after compass is working11:07
Mister_MagisterIm hitting stable as soon as it doesnt have random reboots11:08
malr0kk3rz: so probably next release, I have it working in my test build11:08
malr0kk3rz: the fix should work also for all other devices with compass issues11:08
r0kk3rzyes id be interested in trying it out11:09
malthe fix is about 650 lines of code :D11:09
r0kk3rzit'll also be interesting to see if that can help asteroid on some sensor stuff11:09
malr0kk3rz: not sure how asteroid is built, on top of android like sailfish?11:10
r0kk3rzuses almost all the same stuff really11:10
malr0kk3rz: do those devices have compass sensor?11:11
entilmal: good new, thanks for the work! though I'll wait for it to hit stable, but looking forward to it :)11:11
r0kk3rzthe big thing people ask for is heart rate monitor, but perhaps compass is there too11:11
malentil: hit stable? what do you mean by stable? it's pretty stable already11:12
Mister_Magisterentil: mal will never flag as stable11:12
malprobably my first public releases are what many others would call beta11:14
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MeowDudemy manta builds are still very very VERY beta11:17
MeowDudeI am just waiting for jusa to come online, afaik they are the in-house audio expert11:17
MeowDudeunless there are others hiding?11:17
MeowDudealso I meant alpha--- yeah11:17
MeowDudeI read the word beta so many times it was stuck in my head as I typed it11:17
entilmal: testing, whatever, so that I can download it without messing about ;)11:17
Mister_MagisterYou can do that11:18
MeowDudewait but are there any other audio experts here?11:18
malentil: I don't consider the installation that difficult, only thing different from other devices is flashing one partition manually from older release11:18
MeowDudemaybe I should just experiment with other bases.. even jusa said there was no obvious reason audio was failing11:18
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jusaMister_Magister: hi, happen to have time now?11:28
Mister_Magisterjusa: ohhh how sad no :/11:28
Mister_MagisterIm at university11:29
jusaMister_Magister: :) ok11:29
Mister_Magisterjusa im really sad as its hard to catch you11:29
jusayeah well I had vacation this week so mostly afk11:29
Mister_MagisterAhh thats why11:29
Mister_MagisterWhats your timezone?11:30
jusaMister_Magister: UTC+3h11:31
entilmal: maybe I misunderstood something and tried upgrading too quickly11:31
entilFile '/repodata/repomd.xml' not found on medium ''11:33
entilthat's what I meant11:33
malentil: wrong version number11:33
malentil: it's
malentil: run ssu release again11:34
entilsimple typo :D hahaha11:34
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MeowDudejusa: I dooo11:47
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MeowDudeI have time11:47
MeowDudeI have all the time in the world jusa jusa11:47
MeowDudeplease jusa I fixed logcat and really want to fix audio11:48
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MeowDudejusa: ping11:56
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Mister_Magisterjusa: will you have time after 20?12:05
MeowDudehow come Sailfish OS on mako (Nexus 4) hasn't been updated past
MeowDudeIngvix: maybe this will help you?
riniguskimmoli: I'll update later today bluez5 settings in spec to be in line with . these were recommended after I made the last builds12:15
Mister_Magistermal: what logs for bluez can i get12:16
kimmolirinigus: ok.12:17
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jusaMeowDude: stop pulseaudio, start logcat, start pulseaudio with verbose logs, paste both logcat and pulseaudio logs, + dmesg output, make sure all symlinks are in place and droid init works12:46
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Mister_Magisterjusa: will you have time after 20?12:59
jusaMister_Magister: probably not12:59
jusaMister_Magister: so: no13:00
Mister_MagisterSo lets ask someday else13:00
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MeowDudejusa oh my god yes I will do this give me one minute13:14
MeowDudejusa: pulseaudio won't show up in logcat because it fails to start13:22
MeowDudeIll paste verbose logs though13:22
jusapaste the logcat output as well13:23
MeowDudealright give me a bit13:23
malMeowDude: like I told you before, if pulseaudio doesn't start the error will be in journalctl output, not logcat13:27
MeowDudemal: we are grabbing dmesg as well13:29
MeowDudewhich afaik is better13:29
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MeowDudebut Ill grap jctl too just in case13:29
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MeowDudeHelperjusa: logcat: | verbose pulse logs: | dmesg:
MeowDudeHelpergrabbing jctl now13:30
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MeowDudethis is an obnoxiously long journalctl13:35
malMeowDude: that is not needed anymore13:36
MeowDudeoh good13:36
MeowDudebecause this is gist level long13:36
jusaMeowDude: what are you using as android base?13:36
MeowDudejusa: Lineage OS 14.113:36
MeowDudethe only one that seems to work13:36
jusaMeowDude: and I assume most things work android-side?13:36
MeowDudeeverything accept for camera13:36
MeowDudecamera is hopelessly broken13:37
MeowDudewhy what is wrong, did something stick out?13:37
MeowDudethe only thing I can think of is that headphone jack thing, but speaker audio works fine without the patch applied13:37
MeowDudeif anything that would only effect headphone detection13:37
MeowDudemal: how do I debug USB charging? it doesn't work at all for some reason.13:43
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MeowDudehow can the software just block charging? that makes no sense13:44
MeowDudeI thought it was a completely hardware based event13:44
malMeowDude: so you are saying the device doesn't charge at all, ever?13:44
MeowDudeno it does13:44
MeowDudein TWRP and android it works13:44
jusaMeowDude: can you check how to pull the lineage tree used to build android for the device?13:44
MeowDudebut in Sailfish OS... it doesn't13:44
MeowDudejusa: you want to see my sources?13:44
malMeowDude: charging should be a kernel level thing13:44
MeowDudeI use the latest update of this13:45
MeowDude(it hasn't been updated since april-ish)13:45
MeowDudemal: has any other device had this issue?13:46
jusaMeowDude: not just kernel, but the whole android manifest13:46
MeowDudebecause it says charging when I plug it in, but it doesnt show the white lightning bolt thingy13:46
MeowDudejusa: oh yeah sure thing give me a second13:46
jusaare there other exynos ports?13:47
MeowDudegalaxy s3, galaxy s4, galaxy Note, couldnt find any audio issues with them13:48
MeowDudemy port is one of the few with out of box audio issues as far as I know13:48
*** MeowDude3 <MeowDude3!3aaa1e93@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:48
MeowDudeI've investigated and investigated13:49
MeowDudeI have opened and closed the ancient archives13:49
MeowDudenothing. zip. zero. zilch. But maybe I just didn't look hard enough13:49
malMeowDude: you don't have all that is here ?13:49
MeowDudewhat are these silly files... I am 99% sure device tree auto syncs them but let me check real quick13:50
*** krnlyng <krnlyng!> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:50
MeowDudethey are all missing13:51
MeowDudeare they at all audio missing? I am goign to add them and do a new build13:51
malMeowDude: check the folders in your sources, like hardware/samsung_slsi/exynos513:52
MeowDudeI did13:53
MeowDudethey are missing13:53
MeowDudethey did not auto sync13:53
MeowDudeI'm pretty ashamed of myself13:54
jusaI'll be afk for a while but I'll check on later if that helps MeowDude13:54
jusaMeowDude: hey, one more thing you could still do now anyway ooi, is to take strace output of starting pulseaudio13:55
MeowDudejusa: what do I strace?13:55
MeowDudeI tried strace -p 761 (the PID next to "pulseaudio has failed to start" but no dice13:55
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MeowDudeI feel like such a moron13:59
malMeowDude: you know if you start pulseaudio manually you do just strace pulseaudio someparameters13:59
MeowDudewell I need to make a new build anyway14:00
MeowDudeYou know what is funny mal? I am gonna add all this stuff, get my hopes up, then feel bad and dissapointed when pulseaudio doesn't start still14:00
MeowDudewouldn't we have seen pulseaudio whining about missing dependencies at least?14:00
riniguskimmoli: pr submitted, please check and tag on merge14:06
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kimmolimerged and tagged... pling pling pling....14:10
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riniguskimmoli: from brief testing, I can't make any difference with the earlier versio. building now with your tagged version14:15
kimmoliok. will restart my old pc, and build engine to promote packages to testing when you ready14:17
kimmolineed to find ethernet cable though14:18
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riniguskimmoli: looks to be fine with the last build as well. please promote to testing :)14:35
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MeowDudejusa: pulseaudio is still broken, so is droidmedia, afaik nothing has changed since adding those dependencies. Its going on 1Am here and I need rest, hopefully we can sort this out tommorow. I am on ASCT +9:30 time, so I am 6 hours ahead. Hopefully there is a window where we can finally squash this bug and be done with it15:09
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kimmolirinigus: is the charge animation working now?15:31
*** gmoro <gmoro!~gmoro@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)15:33
kimmolifinally my systemd patch is released.15:36
riniguskimmoli: yes, it should15:37
kimmolii will do ota now, already public.
kimmolistill images needed15:40
*** zhxt <zhxt!~zhxt@> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:41
kimmoliam i just imaging, or is the camera starting faster?15:45
kimmolias no delay on first start15:45
riniguskimmoli: camera is faster due to the booster, I think. no delay, indeed15:50
rinigusI'll bake the images, as the last time. or do you want to make them?15:51
kimmoliplease, go ahead. my hadk seems still be at
riniguswill do15:52
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ghosalmartinmal: afternoon, did you have anymore luck with 15.1 manifest?17:34
malghosalmartin: not yet, need to remember what the last issue was17:36
malghosalmartin: anyway I'm in the progress of doing some libhybris fixes for android 817:37
ghosalmartinmal: ahh i see17:37
malwe need a new linker again17:37
TheKitthat starts to happen every Android release17:40
TheKitdid KitKat linker work fine for Lollipop?17:40
malevery release after that has needed new linker17:40
ghosalmartinmal: !yay i wonder why they change it. i mean a linker is pretty stable17:40
malthey add some new features which we would either need to backport or use new linker17:41
ghosalmartinforgive my ignorance but doesn't a linker just link symbols together? :P17:41
malyes, but android adds various stuff there17:43
ghosalmartinhopefully it becomes more sedimentary thanks to treble17:45
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r0kk3rzok, so my booting issue seems to have vanished, wtf19:02
*** Sailor8989 <Sailor8989!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:06
r0kk3rzwell then, i suppose i can try and make twrp work :)19:06
rinigusI think I am missing something simple, but can't find it. When building an image for onyx, I get zip with in the name and same in os-release. tooling is; target was updated to, judging from its etc/sailfish-release19:12
rinigus[btw, requires an update]19:13
malrinigus: you defined correct RELEASE variable when building it?19:17
malrinigus: mic build doesn't care about the target19:18
rinigusmal: yes, I did. all other filenames are with sorry, forgot to mention it19:20
rinigusmal: during a build, I am getting "zip warning: name not matched: sailfishos-onyx-release-". is mic a script that I can grep?19:21
r0kk3rzyeah that warning is normal19:21
r0kk3rzit should tell you what release its building right at the start of the mic process iirc19:22
rinigusr0kk3rz: yes, that's fine and its
kimmolicommand line for mic?19:25
riniguscmd line, and start of mic:
*** mccreary <mccreary!~mccreary@lineageos/maintainer/mccreary> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:27
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kimmoli@release@ in command?19:28
kimmolishuold be $release ?19:28
kimmolifollow your docs...
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malkimmoli: I don't force the release in .ks name19:31
malkimmoli: I use the same .ks for all releases, it will automatically replace it in the output folder19:31
kimmoliah. well, i do it manually19:32
kimmolior when i did builds19:32
riniguskimmoli: ... mic works, let's see. .ks is still in form of Jolla-@RELEASE@-onyx-@ARCH@.ks , from OBS/testing19:34
riniguskimmoli: that's the same command in the docs as I had before. => no help.19:45
riniguswhen looking into sdk, target, and tooling, etc/sailfish-release is,,, respectively19:45
rinigusI am trying now to update sdk with ssu re and zypper ref/up19:48
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rinigusthat didn't go that well, zypper complaining about few missing rpms (when using zypper dup) on medium ''. but it did change release version for sdk when running with zypper up and ignoring errors. let's see if mic will care19:59
*** Kabouik_ <Kabouik_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:59
r0kk3rz!seen shark20:04
merbotr0kk3rz: shark was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 7 weeks, 0 days, 4 hours, 17 minutes, and 40 seconds ago: <shark> nvm remembered it20:04
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rinigus... and it did! now files are named as they should and os-release is
malI have had some issues with os-release, I still have sailfish-release20:15
r0kk3rzwhats the difference?20:21
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r0kk3rzrinigus: presage keyboard is a little too left aligned on tablet :)20:36
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JackGood afternoon, os there any flasheable zip to install SailfishOS in Xperia L?21:08
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piggz_cya guys ... im away for a short trip to mallorca .... tho i'll probably still be cheking in on telegram!21:12
JackGood afternoon, is there any flashable zip to install SailfishOS to Sony Xperia L?21:13
JackIf it does exist, could you give a link to download it?21:15
r0kk3rzits in the table, but im not sure where to find an image21:16
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malI found the old repos for that but can't find a link to any images21:22
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