Saturday, 2018-05-26

MeowDudeit'd be neat to be able to build Sailfish OS 1.x for devices05:45
MeowDudea there is a small subset of people who prefer that version05:45
MeowDudeis there a way to just make 1.1.7 builds today for new ports?05:48
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steeeveIf it hasn t been removed from server, just use that version is RELEASE variable before buildong with mic08:24
MeowDudeI highly doubt 1.1.7 is still on the server : (08:26
birdzhang only provide 2.1.4 and 2.1.308:26
MeowDudewait you can manually point it08:27
MeowDudeall the old sdks are on there08:27
MeowDudein the deprecated archives, so it IS possible to manually build old images08:27
r0kk3rzits a dumb idea though, downgrade and break many things because you like the UI better10:06
steeeveWhat is ubuntu chroot useful to? I mean, i can build android stuff even without chroot, so, why hadk tells to install that?10:51
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malsteeeve: it's used to make sure the build environment is the same to minimize issues because of different versions11:06
r0kk3rzits also possibly a bit anachronistic because older android trees were a pita to build11:06
r0kk3rzwe could probably just build things in the sfos sdk11:07
malr0kk3rz: yes, 14.1 and 15.1 build fine in latest ubuntu, assuming you have correct java version installed11:08
MeowDudemal: is hybris-15.1 out???11:09
malnot yet11:09
malsome final things to do11:09
MeowDudeyay so exciting11:11
MeowDudeMister_Magister says he is gonna start building for flo again when hybris 15.1 drops11:11
MeowDudeand my LOS14.1 build failed to boot11:11
MeowDude: (11:11
malMeowDude: note that it won't be easy in the beginning, it always takes some time to handle various issues on different devices11:16
r0kk3rzwhy would you bother using such a new base on an old device...11:17
MeowDuder0kk3rz: more up to date and supported by current developers, kernel issues more likely to be fixed. afaik LOS 15.1 on flo is completely stable.11:17
MeowDudeI made an LOS14.1 based build of Sailfish OS for Nexus 9 and it didn't boot. meh, I am not fucking with another Tegra tablet11:17
r0kk3rz'more up to date' is fairly meaningless past a certain point11:18
r0kk3rzMeowDude: yeah well, you seem to expect everything to magically work first time11:19
r0kk3rzso the base isnt your problem11:19
steeevemal: the it wont be a problem if i delete it, right?11:20
steeeveBecause i need space11:20
MeowDudeits not that, I didn't want to mess with the Nexus 9 anyway seeing as I plan on selling this one, I just really don't wanna mess with a tegra device after... grouper....11:20
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MeowDudewow yeah grouper will probably never see sailfish os 2.x11:21
r0kk3rzsteeeve: you'd be better off pruning your android tree checkout, the ubuntu chroot doesnt take up that much space11:22
steeeveMeh, in the doubt, ill nuke it :P11:23
MeowDudeyou used --depth=1 with repo init and -c with repo sync right?11:24
MeowDudesteeeve ^^^11:24
steeeve1.6gb?! Pff, rip chroot in
MeowDudehmmm... deleted the tar.bz2 files for sdk and stuff in $HOME?11:26
MeowDudethat should free about 500mb11:26
MeowDudealso clear rubbish bin after11:26
MeowDudeubuntu doesn't auto delete stuff in there11:26
steeeveI cleared the impossible. The thing is that I also have lineage 14.1 and 15.1 trees11:27
MeowDudeoof time for someone to get an external drive11:28
MeowDudeI've made builds on a 16GB chromebook, I know what it is like to be crunched on space, but at a certain point you need to just grab an external drive and learn to symlink11:28
steeeveNah, i have 1tb hdd, but i also have windows 711:29
MeowDudewhy not use virtual box????11:29
MeowDudewait nvm11:29
MeowDudeit'd take up more space...11:29
MeowDude1TB and struggling with space11:30
steeeveNah, virtualbox sux11:31
steeeveEspecially with for my pc specs11:31
MeowDudeits great for multiple devices though11:32
MeowDudeI can have entirely seperate environments for Nexus 5, Nexus 10, Nexus 9, Nexus 7, and Photon Q11:33
MeowDudeall with no chance of fucking eachother, so if ubuntu fucks up like on my old N5 machine, it doesn't take all my devices with it11:33
steeeveWhat? You can place dirs in ROM tree, you dont need 1 repo per dev ice11:34
MeowDudeand multiple targets11:35
MeowDudeand for some reason Ubuntu Likes to tank when it fills up on space despite virtual drive being dynamic11:35
MeowDudeso if I sync to much or build too much the entire machine tanks and has to be re-done11:36
MeowDudeclassic black x cursor no windows ubuntu space issue11:36
MeowDudeso I can't even fix it, and no, re installing compiz doesn't fix it11:36
steeeveAnyone had the problem that only front camera works and back camera has black screen? I tried an app from store called miracucam. I can't take pictures because it gives an error, but camera itself works. Is that a possibility that jolla camera has problems for some devices?12:02
elrossteeeve: I told you to check minimum/maximumFrameRate12:07
steeeveIsn't that for videos?12:08
elrosit's for viewfinder12:09
steeeveCan you link me that commit again?12:11
elrosremove maxframeRate and minframerate in /usr/lib/qt5/qml/com/jolla/camera/capture/CaptureView.qml12:12
steeeveAh let's12:15
kimmolithere is patch for that12:18
steeeveelros: i dont have that12:20
kimmoli needs rebasing though12:22
steeeveAh ok12:24
elrosyeah you can also patch and rebuild whole package instead removing 2 lines (just for test)12:25
steeeveSo i i clone that and rebuold gst droid?12:30
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IngvixMeowDude, I'm here but can't focus on porting right now. After two weeks I can get back to that, probably13:07
MeowDudeIngvix: no rush at all, just curious13:24
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steeeveThat commit fixed camera, thanks kimmoli elros14:25
steeeveI noticed that photos arent saved tho. What about that? I have same problem with csd, it seems it doesnt shoot14:50
dywanI'm getting "failed to initalize property area" so I tried this         now every single property just fails (can't be read or written)15:29
dywanany ideas?15:29
r0kk3rzyeah that just stops the property service from aborting16:54
r0kk3rzgot logs?16:54
r0kk3rzits best to post full logs from the start of boot rather than cherrypicking errors16:55

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