Sunday, 2018-05-27

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khmwhen I try to flash the addison port, the lowmemorykiller nukes the tar process.  what's the right way to work around this?01:33
khmoh, it's the twrp 3.2.1+ memory leak04:18
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steeeveKhm: disable it in kernel09:41
vknechtthere's no problem in building and publishing local builds even after commits for OBS/OTA have been integrated, is there ?12:18
malof course tou can build and publish those but the question is why do you want to publish those?12:30
vknechtI'm having trouble to build an older version for the "simulate OTA" step with :devel, taking time while I should publish a new image with important fix12:35
vknechtjust wanted to be sure it doesn't introduce problems, and I can take time to complete OTA requirements for :testing12:37
r0kk3rzvknecht: theres no harm in releasing an OBS build before testing OTA12:43
vknechtok, thanks :-)12:46
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steeeveI fixed jpeg errors by shimming libcrypto. Now pictures are saved into memory :D20:36

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