Tuesday, 2018-06-05

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Roybentsailboat series13:06
abransonlbt: he's off again ^ :D15:39
RoybentInvitation Age of sail at #AdventuresofChat15:46
*** Roybent was kicked by mal (Roybent)15:49
malabranson: not anymore15:49
malabranson: need to think about banning if that comes back15:50
malmaybe the correct way in freenode is to use ChanServ for that15:52
T4<adampigg> oh nice, the top of my touchscreen on jtab works again16:38
T4<adampigg> what is that bot?16:38
r0kk3rzuh oh mal has the power16:42
mal@adampigg we haven't figured out what the purpose of that bot is16:42
malr0kk3rz: so it seems :)16:42
steeeveThat's ez to be banned. Just ban *!*Instantbi*@*. That part is present in all his name17:43
malnext time17:43
piggzprobably not the prettiest UI in the world ... but i think i have soemthing for setting up to 5 alarms on the bip19:11
piggzoh, and it works too!19:15
malpiggz: \o/19:35
steeeveIs 2.2 ready to be built with mic?19:36
piggzits not on obs yet19:36
piggzcould maybe build manually, not sure19:36
steeeveIll wait, then19:36
piggzmal: i successfully set one alarm ... out of many possible combinations ... so. .... upload to openrepos and get users to test! :D19:37
malpiggz: ok, I'll rebasing anbox again19:38
mal*I'm rebasing19:38
piggzmal: great ... i'll try that after my 2.2 build19:38
piggzits difficult time on it when alien works !19:39
piggz(i have a license so its all good!)19:39
steeeveAliendalvik works with art?19:43
piggzsailfish users who are now using kde libraries :D https://i.imgur.com/e6NgJGy.png20:08
piggzmal: does the MTP support not work for going into hidden folders in /home/nemo?20:10
piggzseems an odd restriction20:10
malpiggz: mtp is quite limited afaik20:11
malpiggz: it's mostly meant for simple file transfers20:11
malof usual media files etc20:11
piggzmal: yes ... i want a simple file transfer, from an app data folder!20:11
piggzi wonder if a symlinkw orks20:12
piggzmal: yes, a symlink to .local/share/harbour... works20:14
malpiggz: probably a safety feature20:15
piggzmal: need to work out what all the data im logging means to draw useful graphs from it ... im sure there is sleep info in here somewhere20:18
piggzsteps is probabyl easy20:18
piggzmal: version 0.5.9 with alarms whas short lived ... 0.6.0 has more graphs! https://openrepos.net/sites/default/files/packages/3835/screenshot-screenshot20180605002.png21:18
malpiggz: that's some nice data21:22
malpiggz: you really wake up that early?21:22
piggz6 am, yes21:22
piggzmal: my saturday graph shows a bit of a lie in ;)21:23
piggzmal: did you say you were missing the share option in gallery?22:31
malno, someone else was saying that22:34
piggzits on tjc anyway22:37
malyep, I read somewhere that installing some third-party plugins broke things because those haven't been rebuilt against new version yet22:38
maleven before that thread22:39
piggzi just discovered it is possible to send multiple contacts via BT ... shame no way to select all easily tho22:39
piggzneeded due to lack of sync22:40
malpiggz: woop, now anbox desktop shortcuts work also after the latets rebase and rebuild, so all of the apps in anbox have a normal shortcut in app drawer22:50
piggzmal: thats awesome!22:51
piggzand, keybaord/network ok?22:51
malno keyboard yet, need to see which package to install by default, also haven't tried network yet22:52
malalso audio delay is much smaller now22:52
piggzmal: is there a guide/faq/downloadable image?22:52
piggzanyone done it on 3.18?22:52
malhmm, I forgot to add the needed patch again :D22:53
malI need to build the new version on OBS, and upload the new image rpms there also22:53
piggzanyway ... im away now its nearly midnight!22:53
malpiggz: it's 2 am here22:54
piggzkeep me informed via telegram ;)22:54
piggzmal: what tz are you ... i thought you were just +122:54
malfinnish timezone22:54
piggzk ... gnight all22:55

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