Wednesday, 2018-06-06

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KenOokamiHoroHello everyone. I'm trying to port Sailfish OS to my Nexus 6, I've successfully make a rootfs referenced HADK and pushed to my phone.09:47
KenOokamiHoroNow I try to start it and stucked at the Google logo :-(09:48
KenOokamiHorodate: 2018-06-06T09:41:42.155951+00:0009:49
KenOokamiHorodigest: a0f4c576fb6461945c342a65cedc3cb53b5b609009:49
KenOokamiHorolong: AKD0xXb7ZGGUXDQqZc7cPLU7W2CQ09:49
KenOokamiHoroshort: W2CQ09:49
KenOokamiHorosize: 8934509:49
KenOokamiHorostatus: created09:49
KenOokamiHorouuid: 562fda61-92c6-45b7-a454-a44a4b639b3209:49
KenOokamiHoro my dmesg show it is failed at droid-hal-init but I've no idea about how to debug it .09:49
KenOokamiHoro(sorry for my mistake about copied all output of pb 😌09:49
KenOokamiHoroCould I get some tip from someone ? 😌 (If more information is needed,just ask to me.)09:51
malKenOokamiHoro: which android base did you use? have you checked faq?10:42
KenOokamiHoromal: hybris-14.1 (10:49
malKenOokamiHoro: did you do the 14.1 specific fixed from faq?10:49
KenOokamiHoro😌 I've just removed exec in /usr/bin/droid/ ......10:50
KenOokamiHoro(give me some time to apply other fixes :)10:51
krnlyngKenOokamiHoro, removing exec is not recommended anymore that should be fixed by new dhd submodule.11:22
KenOokamiHorokrnlyng: but I still should fix links with ?11:23
malkrnlyng: but isn't the change in dhc not dhd, and we can't use latest dhc until 2.2 is released11:32
krnlyngmal, ah yes, but then just pick the cherry-fix from dhc11:35
krnlyngcherry-pick the fix*11:35
KenOokamiHoro😂 It show setup screen finally11:37
KenOokamiHorokrnlyng  mal: thanks ,I'll test another parts of my port :-)11:37
malKenOokamiHoro: that was fast, usually people have some more issues also :)11:38
KenOokamiHoro( birdzhang_pc and zhxt has give me some help in #jolla-cn11:40
malKenOokamiHoro: anyway faq has plenty of fixes, in addition to the later chapters in hadk pdf11:40
KenOokamiHorogot it .11:40
malKenOokamiHoro: for example chapters 13.2 and the following ones11:41
KenOokamiHoroall right11:42
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shark1Anyone know how to add new device in
Mister_MagisterMake account15:57
shark1Do I need to be on obs to add device there?15:57
Mister_MagisterAnd to make account15:57
Mister_MagisterAsk lbt iirc15:57
shark1Ok thanks15:57
OphiuchusGreetings, is there any chance to install Sailfish on Xperia zx f8331?16:11
steeeveGoogle or port it16:36
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birdzhang-iphoneHi all, target released!23:51

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