Thursday, 2018-06-07

*** birdzhang is now known as birdzhang_pc01:23
T4<adampigg> awesome...thats me tonight, full upgrade of dhd etc and new media playback for mido07:00
T4<adampigg> is that on obs?07:01
birdzhang_pcadampigg: not found on obs07:17
birdzhang_pcnew target has bug07:20
birdzhang_pcPlatformSDK bird@build: sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -R -msdk-install zypper lr07:20
birdzhang_pcNo repositories defined. Use the 'zypper addrepo' command to add one or more repositories.07:21
shark1sailfish os 2.2 is added :p Nice10:48
mallbt: can we have target on OBS now that the version has been released officially?11:52
XenoPLstephg: any plans to bump X Compact port to /
r0kk3rzgive him a chance :P13:30
malwe don't even have the OBS target yet so it will take a while before first builds for any device are released13:31
XenoPL2.2.0 sure, should be doable X Compact is still stuck @ and no hear from steph for a while13:35
XenoPLthat's why I'm asking13:35
r0kk3rz2.1.4 you could probably do yourself13:36
r0kk3rztbh i could run up a CI for obs builds to bake new images13:40
T4<adampigg> r0kkerz: so, when/where can we access your new obs replacement? will you also support webhooks? ;)15:28
r0kk3rzcomplement, not replacement15:30
r0kk3rzactually id hope to set it up on OBS, but that might be a pita15:30
lbtr0kk3rz: there used to be a system called IMG which did CI image builds. There's an instance running in Jolla15:47
lbtthe mer one wasn't used much and it's gone away15:47
lbtalso - depending on what's in them - some images contain questionable content from a redistribution PoV15:48
r0kk3rzthese ones should be ok, as they dont contain blobby stuff anyway15:48
lbthence the images that used to be shared weren't shared from Mer15:48
lbtI'd say that if there's a case for it we could run it up again. It would need a good argument15:49
r0kk3rzif it requires lots of work then dont worry about it15:50
malr0kk3rz: I still haven't finished setting up jenkins for image and droid-hal builds for local use, I really should at some point15:50
r0kk3rzmal: not a public instance?15:50
malprobably not15:51
malalthough I do have 100/100 MB/s connection so it would share images quite well15:52
r0kk3rzi have scripts to build images on my VPS, because my upload is terrible :)15:52
r0kk3rzbuild from OBS anyway15:52
T4<adampigg> lbt: as youre here, 2.2 obs ;)16:14
lbtdoing it ...
T4<adampigg> woo16:15
T4<adampigg> thats a pain, the top 5mm of my jtab touchscreen isnt working again....implies connection issue?16:16
T4<adampigg> anyone done a teardown of a jtab, how easy to dismantle?16:17
piggzim seeing 2.2 on obs \o/18:49
piggzlbt: mal: does _latest point to it already?18:50
malpiggz: probably not yet, I'll adding targets to common now18:51
lbthaving problems with it ...18:51
malyep, seems so18:51
lbtit won't build arm stuff atm18:52
r0kk3rzpoor obs18:54

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