Sunday, 2018-06-10

Nokiusr0kk3rz: would we may have more joy if we add the proprietary for the cam?07:02
Nokiusvknecht: hi08:02
r0kk3rz[m]Nokius: yes perhaps, but i remember lineage being bad on camera too08:11
Nokiusr0kk3rz[m]: oh,I never had a working cam with cm base back then08:12
piggzabranson: mornin .... all my kernels print the same message, so maybe it isnt that ..... also, i have the /dev/video0,1 devices present08:28
* tom13 happily pokes around nekit's new image08:35
tom13| SailfishOS (Kymijoki)08:35
Nokiuspiggz: is mido broken?08:42
piggzNokius: at the moment08:43
piggzupgrading to 2.208:43
piggzjust camera not working08:43
piggzseems to be android side08:44
piggzi think08:44
Nokiuspiggz: :( I know that feeling find5 has a broke ril/ofono08:50
piggzabranson: im not sure how the camera hal is supposed tobe loaded, but looking at the androidi side, i dont have a property....09:07
abransonpiggz: are all those qcom camera daemons running?09:08
piggzcamera    2987  0.2  1.5 178896 44388 ?        Sl   09:31   0:04 /system/bin/mm-qcamera-daemon09:09
piggzso yes, i think so, thats really all there is in
piggzabranson: this is logcat filtered for mm-camera
piggzi guess i maybe have to erever back to 2.1.4 to see what it prints out09:15
piggzabranson: the error is printed from here
piggzvery early on09:21
piggzfrom minimediaservice startup09:21
abransonpiggz: are you missing a lib maybe?09:38
piggzabranson: could be ... not sure how tho!09:41
piggzwhat are the camera hals called?09:41
abransonno idea. track down that constant09:41
piggzthe constant is camera09:42
r0kk3rzdun dun dunnnnnnnn10:02
malr0kk3rz: so you found that :P you might see another interesting branch there10:10
r0kk3rzlike what?10:13
vknechtif OTA on :devel: works but kernel updates are not taken in account (just modules RPM), is it that I'm missing ?10:16
vknechtI don't know about OmniROM...10:16
malr0kk3rz: well one other new branch10:21
T4<abhishek_0> what i am doing wrong10:42
r0kk3rzabhishek: we've told you what to do like 3 times already10:43
r0kk3rzyou seem to have a major misunderstanding about what those pattern files are10:44
T4<abhishek_0> oh .. nvm .. figured it out ..10:47
T4<abhishek_0> now its building10:47
T4<abhishek_0> :P thanks10:47
mal@abhishek_0 how difficult is it to understand the word 'only', you only add the package or pattern you want to install10:47
mal@abhishek_0 but if it builds then you didn't find the dependency issue10:47
T4<abhishek_0> ibpulsecommon-8.0.so10:49
T4<abhishek_0> it is10:49
malso what is trying to depend on that, something you didn't rebuild properly maybe? or using wrong target10:51
T4<abhishek_0> should i reinstall the target ? anyway it is
T4<abhishek_0> is needed by pa module droid, glue and settings10:53
mal@abhishek_0 sounds like a wrong target, who output of sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -R -m sdk-install ssu re10:55
T4<abhishek_0> oh god dammit .. it is *facepalm*10:56
malwhat did I say many times?10:57
T4<abhishek_0> but why ?? isnt the latest target supposed to be 2.2 ?10:57
malyou did something wrong10:58
malhow did you update the target?10:58
T4<abhishek_0> its a clean setup .. did it on 7th june11:00
T4<abhishek_0> resynced the repos and other stuff ...11:01
malnot sure when the target was released11:01
malbut you can update the target using sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -R -m sdk-install ssu re and then sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -R -m sdk-install zypper ref and fianlly sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -R -m sdk-install zypper dup11:02
T4<abhishek_0> is this okay ?11:08
malselect 111:09
T4<adampigg> rats, that is development stallded until i get a new laptop screen :(11:44
T4<abhishek_0> Lol it is still installing updates11:45
claustnHello, they pointed me to ask here on TJC.  Since today I have this strange problem, I can't activate mobile data. Fist thing I've tried is to reboot to Android and there it works.     I also tried connmanctl enable cellular in terminal and it tells me "Error cellular: already enabled".     Network restarted and APN reset/change with no effect.  What else can I try?12:30
claustnThe phone is a Nexus 5 with Sailfish 2.0.412:31
ghosalmartinjust noticed the GDPR notice in the logs :P12:51
malghosalmartin: ?12:53
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz, your gstreamer update, does it require PA11?12:54
tom13claustn: i don't know the cause of your problem, but my troubleshooting would include testing with a different phone and sim/provider12:56
tom13to determine what changed12:56
claustnsince it works with the same phone, same sim on Android, the problem is in Sailfish, no? But I will try to see if the problem persist with another SIM12:58
tom13something could have changed in your provider's handling of data, which sailfish does not handle, but which android handles12:59
tom13something could have changed in your phone's HW, or the radio software, which sailfish does not handle, but which android handles13:00
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz, seems to all be working okay13:01
claustntom13: now I'll try the same SIM on Jolla 113:04
malclaustn: did you do any changes to sailfish when that started?13:07
claustnOn Jolla 1 no problems, without touching any setting. No, no changes.13:09
ghosalmartinmal: hows the anbox work, or is it on the backburner?13:09
claustn2nd experiment: another SIM, different provider on the Nexus 5: no problems.13:15
malghosalmartin: well games can be played, with my latest unreleased version audio delay is reasonable, desktop icons work and so on13:15
ghosalmartinmal: sounds pretty awesome :)13:15
claustnmal: well done for Anbox13:16
malghosalmartin: I have been testing the upstream anbox also on sailfish, no luck yet13:16
malghosalmartin: need to build a patched libhybris to see if that fixes some of the issues13:16
malin that upstream anbox13:17
ghosalmartini was trying to launch the old version I had on bullhead but it didnt launch, although when i did zypper dup I assume I broke something13:17
malwhich image package do you have installed? also which kernel?13:18
ghosalmartinmal: the one from your obs with the 64bit binder support13:18
ghosalmartin3.10.x kernel13:19
ghosalmartinit used to work, but ive kinda neglected the device13:19
malok, not sure in how good state the OBS build is now13:20
ghosalmartinah its not too big an issue tbh13:20
ghosalmartinatm am tryna figure out why CONFIG_VT breaks my kernel13:21
elrosI had issues with CONFIG_VT on 3.0 kernel. I had to apply 2 patches: ARM: 7668/1: fix memset-related crashes caused by recent GCC (4.7.2) optimizations and ARM: 7670/1: fix the memset fix13:28
ghosalmartininteresting am on a 4.4 kernel but might be handy13:30
ghosalmartini also have now enabled CONFIG_EXPERT13:30
birdzhangwhen updated to, i found the Gallery app can't play videos recorded via Camera app. But it can be played with Gallery by harbour-file-browser's "open with"13:53
birdzhangit's funny13:53
claustnSomeone else has an hint about my problem mentioned above?13:55
malclaustn: sound like a very odd problem if the sim card works in android and on other devices13:58
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: no of course not, those are just in the repo...14:00
claustnmal: I agree, it seems to be sim + device related. Isn't there some log which could point out how this happend? The problem started yesterday14:00
malclaustn: there is the ofono-logger app in jolla store and /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat -b radio14:02
r0kk3rzanyone else want to help test gstreamer 1.14.1 ?14:02
ghosalmartinelros, did CONFIG_VT just cause instant reboot leaving no console-ramoops?14:04
tom13r0kk3rz: busy tonight, maybe tomorrow14:05
elrosghosalmartin: I am not sure about last_kmsg but for sure I was able to get kernel crash log. That is how I found:
ghosalmartinelros, ahh am on a 4.4 kernel so patches are probably already there14:11
elrosI had also instead reboot without dmesg with CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT enabled. I had to revert few commits:
Nokius_ghosalmartin: yeah GDPR14:12
elrosbut it's probably usless for 4.4 kernel14:12
ghosalmartinelros, possibly, whats annoying is guhl got it booting but he was using the expanded cyanogenmod defconfig, so not sure which bits are required and which bits arent14:14
elrospity that he is unreachable14:16
Nokius_r0kk3rz: just adding repo and installing?14:48
r0kk3rzNokius_: yeah basically14:49
*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius14:53
NokiusI have the build env just trying to get the files added14:53
Nokiusr0kk3rz: this should do the magic
*** mgrover is now known as ghosalmartin15:35
Nokiusr0kk3rz: build is running ^ it my first time ever :D so let's see if I understood it correct15:39
malghosalmartin: btw, have you continued hybris-15.1 testing?15:40
ghosalmartinmal: havent been able to go anywhere due to the kernel just dying on me15:41
malghosalmartin: ok, I pushed the hybris-15.1 and someone should test those, I maybe I should just push the manifest also and fix things if/when people encounter issues15:42
malI have only been able to build test it myself15:43
r0kk3rz[m]Just push it :p15:43
ghosalmartinmal: does that include all the patches repos?15:45
ghosalmartinand everybody loves a cheeky yolo push :P15:46
malthat need various changes to package it and even more to actually get a device running15:46
ghosalmartinmal: running to UI? when I last spoke to krnlyng he'd got gralloc working but no more15:46
Nokiusbuild failed first is free15:46
malghosalmartin: surfaceflinger method works15:46
ghosalmartinmal: is that due to no hwc2 implementation?15:47
malghosalmartin: support for hwcomposer2 is still missing, also many things haven't been merged like dhd, libhybris etc15:47
Mister_Magistermal: ghosalmartin: whacha doin? whats hwc2?15:47
malMister_Magister: new hwcomposer API in android15:48
Mister_Magisterin android8?15:48
ghosalmartinMister_Magister, yah. but hopefully after android 8. it means stable APIs15:48
malghosalmartin: it should, but the get every middleware we have moved to the new APIs is not going to be fun15:49
ghosalmartinmal: no probably not at all15:49
shark1wow hybris-15.1..15:49
ghosalmartinbut hopefully it means android 9,10,11 etc etc means we can swap out bases without pulling our hairs out...possibly15:49
malshark1: only recommened for very advanced porters15:50
shark1mal : Oh ok.15:50
Mister_Magistermal: not recommended to me then :P15:51
r0kk3rz[m]ghosalmartin: keep dreaming15:51
maldepending on the device you might get graphics, audio and sensors and some other stuff working but not much more15:51
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz[m], its not an unreal dream is it? i mean thats what android is trying to acheive15:52
maldepends on how much has moved to hidl apis15:52
shark1I wonder whether android will be there after probably android 10 or will they switch to Fuchusia15:52
r0kk3rz[m]Im not sure they ever will tbh15:53
ghosalmartini cant seem them switching to fuchusia. wayy too much effort15:54
ghosalmartini think people would give the finger to google and stays with aosp15:54
Mister_Magisterthey may use it for something15:54
Mister_Magisterlike some special kind of devices15:54
ghosalmartingoogle has many projects tbh. lots of plates in the air. but how many stay there who knows. I mean look at Flutter15:54
Nokiusr0kk3rz: somke test time15:55
nahilheyy anyone there?16:04
Mister_Magisternahil: no chat is totally emty despite that long online list…16:05
nahilwhere do i get ubu-chroot from16:06
nahilstuck in 4.4.2 of the hadk16:06
Mister_Magisterdid you enter sfossdk?16:07
Mister_Magisterthen you have it16:07
nahilPlatformSDK [neondragon1909@dungeon ~]$ ubu-chroot -r $PLATFORM_SDK_ROOT/sdks/ubuntu bash: ubu-chroot: command not found16:08
Mister_Magisterthen you are either A) not in sfossdk B) you duckd up16:10
nahilzypper is working so most likely its not A16:11
nahilwhere is it supposed to be located btw16:13
Mister_Magister /usr/bin/ubu-chroot16:14
nahilits not it Jolla-latest-SailfishOS_Platform_SDK_Chroot-i486.tar16:17
Nokiusr0kk3rz: I got the modem files but the mba files are missing :-/16:21
Nokiusodd I can't spot a diffrence
Nokiusthis two modlues are not added :-/16:27
r0kk3rz[m]Where does the mba go?16:27
Nokiusr0kk3rz: it's not in /etc/firmware modem* is16:30
r0kk3rz[m]Maybe put it in system and symlink16:32
NokiusI will see16:35
nahilwhere is ubu-chroot located?16:37
nahili cant find it in the 2 latest platform sdks16:37
shark1nahil : did you run the procedure as per hadk?16:37
nahilfollowed it word for word16:37
r0kk3rz[m]You downloaded it ?16:38
shark1There should be some fault. Does your account have acces to sudo?16:38
nahildownloaded what?16:38
shark1Ubuntu image that thing mentioned in hadk16:38
nahildone upto 4.4.116:39
ghosalmartinnahil, did you run sudo zypper in android-tools createrepo zip16:39
shark1nahil do 4.4.1 again and see once16:40
nahiloh it couldnt find android-tools and createrepo16:45
nahilsudo zypper in android-tools-hadk createrepo_c zip16:45
nahilthank you16:45
shark1which device btw?16:46
nahilhuawei hi625016:46
Mister_MagisterOH GOD16:50
Mister_MagisterHUAWEI XDDD16:50
Mister_Magisteryou can try16:50
r0kk3rz[m]Good luck!16:51
shark1Thats not all, it has Kirin :p16:52
shark1Good luck square :D16:52
Mister_Magisteri know what it has16:52
Mister_Magisterthats what im talking about16:53
Mister_Magisteri ported p8lite16:53
shark1Oh how did it go?16:53
Mister_Magisteri know what am i talking about16:53
Mister_Magistershark1: guess16:53
shark1this guy has p9 lite :p16:53
Mister_Magisteri know16:53
shark1Mister_Magister : My guess is it was pretty much ok. Like you got the UI16:54
Mister_Magisterwrong guess16:54
shark1Lol Iam so bad at guessing xD16:54
shark1I wonder if it is possible to use sailfish without UI16:55
shark1Like using terminal :p16:55
Mister_Magisterits part of debugging?16:55
kimmolii almost burned my house down with p8 lite :)16:55
shark1No simply just was thinking whether possible.16:55
shark1Like making calls or receiving calls using terminal16:56
Mister_Magisternah not really16:57
Mister_Magisterkimmoli: i burned my hand using x force but not house. how did ya do it?17:02
r0kk3rz[m]You can, maybe a bit of setup required...17:02
Mister_Magisteri mean17:02
Mister_Magistereverything is doable17:02
Mister_Magisterhope obs will handle my massive update18:54
vknechtMister_Magister, it seems so :-)19:12
Mister_Magistervknecht: we just updated 5 devices :D19:13
vknechtI guess it's practical to have versioned targets in OBS ? I see you have sailfishos_2.2.0.29 while I have only sailfish_latest_armv7hl (in monitor view at least)19:14
Mister_Magistervknecht: latest is for devel19:14
Mister_Magisteron testing you have versions19:14
vknechtah, ok ; thanks for this information :-)19:15
vknechtI'm at last step before asking for testing channel, but it seems OTA works for me (made 2.1 -> 2.2 update), but kernel update didn't apply, or failed somehow19:17
Mister_Magisterand the laaast device…19:19
Nokius:( I don't get my issue20:06
NokiusI gussed ther is a lack list for mba but there is no20:06
r0kk3rzNokius: what are you trying to do?20:12
Nokiusr0kk3rz: I got it it was me20:14
NokiusI mixed once again b and d20:15
Nokiusr0kk3rz: all I wanted is to fix the modem :)20:16
Nokiusso we can share our work :)20:16
r0kk3rzworking modem would be great20:17
Nokiusnow it should testing AOSP20:17
Nokiusr0kk3rz: fixed20:24
lolekis there any never sailfish version for xperia x than
lolekthe wiki page is still pointing to :(20:40
r0kk3rzyou should be able to update from there20:43
lolekr0kk3rz ?20:44
lolekyou mean normal ota?20:44
lolekthen yes I'm able20:45
lolekI did it and after update the device won't boot20:45
lolekwhite bg with sony logo20:45
lolekwell i won't move above that point :P20:46
lolekso it's not nice20:46
r0kk3rzcan you telnet onto the device?20:49
lolektbh didn't try the only thing I can do is to power it off20:49
r0kk3rzdo you have a sdcard in?20:52
lolekbut I've tried without it20:53
NokiusI leave this here have fun21:05
lolekNokius sweet21:06
malNokius: maybe you should add a link to the twrp image also?21:07
Nokiusmal: it's linked21:08
malNokius: ah, missed it, sorry, looks good21:08
Nokiusmal: np thanks for checking21:09
Nokiushope it's helpful and ppl will use it :)21:09
NokiusI'm out everyone a great week \o21:14
lolekr0kk3rz update to also makes my x broken :/21:24
piggzabranson: so, i have in /system/lib/hw ... which should be fine21:24
r0kk3rzlolek: the obs repos are broken, so im not entirely surprised21:24
lolekawsome :/21:24
piggzabranson: so, i guess its not loading it  .... when i copied to lib64, i got a different error21:26
piggz06-10 21:25:19.550 19853 19853 E HAL     : load: module=/system/lib64/hw/camera.msm8953.so21:26
piggz06-10 21:25:19.550 19853 19853 E HAL     : dlopen failed: "/system/lib64/hw/" is 32-bit instead of 64-bit21:26
piggzinstendad of module nout fou21:26
piggzmal: ^^ has something changed?21:26
piggzah, i need a 32bit minimedia service?21:27
lolekr0kk3rz do you know if those repos will be fixes?21:28
malpiggz: depending on the device you might need to force 32 bit stuff for droidmedia21:30
piggzmal, its defined ok in my baord21:31
piggz06-10 21:25:19.550 19853 19853 E HAL     : load: module=/system/lib64/hw/camera.msm8953.so21:31
piggz06-10 21:25:19.550 19853 19853 E HAL     : dlopen failed: "/system/lib64/hw/" is 32-bit instead of 64-bit21:31
malpiggz: note the line in that21:32
piggzBOARD_QTI_CAMERA_32BIT_ONLY := true21:32
malpiggz: so then just run the two lines in the if21:32
piggzmal: ta ... on the road to success21:36
piggzis the spec file logic not working fully?21:36
piggzor the instructions wrong somewhere21:36
malpiggz: we use different spec file21:36
malinstructions might not be up to date21:36
malpiggz: we use the localbuild spec in dhd submodule21:37
malbut that is only for packaging so it's different21:37
malhadk pdf doesn't have all new info21:37
Nokiusr0kk3rz: could you share your windy image? thanks21:40
piggzmal: is that in the faq?21:42
malpiggz: doesn't seem to be completely21:43
piggzgood, im not blind then ... i did look int here first21:44
malpiggz: does it look ok now, added to etherpad21:50

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