Saturday, 2018-06-23

steamporthome/cat/hadk/kernel/amazon/hdx-common/scripts/mod/empty.c:1:0: sorry, unimplemented: Graphite loop optimizations cannot be used (-fgraphite, -fgraphite-identity, -floop-block, -floop-flatten, -floop-interchange, -floop-strip-mine, -floop-parallelize-all, and -ftree-loop-linear)00:08
steamporti need to edit makefiles reee00:15
duncan^I'm thinking I'm not actually cleaning up the mountpoints. For instance, in fixup-mountpoints, I have the expression 's block/by-name/boot mmcblk1p1 '. Nonetheless, I grep -R userdata partition, and I don't have mmcblk1p1. I suspect I might need to force a rebuild of the rootfs, because it appeared to use the cached packages, as far as I could tell (build of rootfs was over in a few 10s of00:25
duncan^Is there a correct way to force a rebuild?00:25
duncan^I did a make clean in the Android tree, but as I understand it that only should affect the hybris-hal build00:25
steamportduncan^, rm -rf out00:26
duncan^Yes, but will that remove cached rpms?00:26
duncan^(The answer to that is "no".)00:30
duncan^I guess dhd/helpers/build_packages works...00:33
steamportERROR: modpost: Found 13 section mismatch(es).00:47
duncan^You can ignore errors like that.00:47
steamportwell it causes friggin sailfish compilation to stop00:48
duncan^Does it? Are you sure there's not another error at play?00:49
steamportdo i enable NO_ERROR_ON_MISMATCH, duncan^00:49
duncan^Well, it's not always recommended00:50
steamportlemme do make -j1 to check00:52
steamportduncan^, found the real error00:55
steamport#include "zconf.hash.c"00:55
steamportthat's not supposed to be missing00:58
steamportlemme try a make clean00:58
steamportduncan^, yeah the mismatch is what causes the make to exit01:01
steamportWait nvm01:02
steamportit was just taking an overly long time to get past it01:02
steamportthat is weird af01:02
steamportWhy is my kernel generating dtbs02:59
steamportmy kernel isn't making a dt.img03:56
MeowDudesteamport: anything keeping you from manually compiling it with make dt?04:57
steamporti didn't know that existed04:57
steamportMeowDude, no target "dt"05:05
locusfah, section mismatches05:07
locusfhow I have not missed those05:07
locusftry another older compiler05:07
steamportlocusf, huh?05:09
steamportin my many times compiling LineageOS and postmarketOS, i've never encountered issues like this05:09
locusfyeah, those ship good toolchains05:10
steamportlocusf, will compiler-gccX from pmOS possibly fix it05:10
locusfalso if your kernel won't compile dtbs, check if arch/arm/boot/dts exists05:11
locusfdepends on what you're compiling05:11
steamportlinux 3.405:11
locusfand on what sdk05:11
locusfis this sailfish stuff_05:11
steamporti'm compiling in the latest ubuntu (eughhh why not debian) chroot05:12
steamportyeah i'm tryinjg to port sailfish05:12
locusfwhat device05:13
steamportKindle Fire HDX 7, 3rd gen05:14
locusfok, seems that 3.4 is too old for dtbs then05:14
locusfso you don't have to worry about that not compiling05:14
steamportlocusf, it requires dt.img05:14
locusfwhat does?05:15
steamportthe kernel05:16
steamportit needs dt.img for mkbootimg05:16
NotKitwhat hybris branch did you use?05:16
steamportbecause that's the only branch where bluetooth/LTE work, and it said pick the branch where the most stuff works05:16
steamportshould i not use 11.0, NotKit05:24
NotKitif it's the only branch that works fully, then yes05:25
steamportyeah, NotKit, CyanogenMod 11.0 was the only version for thor/apollo that had fully working BT/LTE05:26
steamportbecause kitkat was the last version of FireOS for thor/apollo05:26
steamportlocusf, Section mismatch in reference from the function gdsc_probe() to the (unknown reference)05:37
kolobo4ekhi. Is there any mirrors for Mer binaries? I'm trying to pack android-hal and the script can't get binaries from
locusfsteamport: change your toolchain, there should be guides on how to do that06:27
steamportlocusf, i can't find the guide? the Toolchain page on the wiki is just "yeah you can check your SDK target with this command"06:28
MeowDudelocusf: do you currently know of any hammerhead sailfish os development06:48
MeowDude*sigh* I hate working with hybris 10.1 so much08:14
steamporti can't get hybris-11.1 to make a dt.img08:16
steamportMeowDude, do you know how to change the  toolchain08:16
MeowDude11.1? must be a typo. also no I don't08:17
MeowDudeare you getting a toolchain error in hybris 10.1?08:17
MeowDudehmm, never knew that the missing auto brightness sensor was an upstream issue08:32
MeowDudeALS still works, just can't turn it on or off08:32
steamportMeowDude, yeah, 11.008:36
steamportmismatch errors, dt.img no build08:36
MeowDudemal: ril is working fine, when ofono stop it closes the command socket and when it starts up again libril acknowledges the new connection, and then nothing happens after that until I stop ofono again08:52
MeowDudebeidl: ping08:54
steamporthow do i use a different toolchain11:07
steamportsince the default sailfish one seems to mess up the kernel11:07
r0kk3rzsteamport: what is your actual problem?11:14
steamporthybris-11.0 branch, a bunch of mismatch errors on kernel, dt.img isn't built11:15
steamportlocusf suggested changing toolchain11:15
r0kk3rzwhat kernel are you using?11:18
steamportneither pmOS or lineage/CM have the same errors11:18
steamportthis is weird11:18
r0kk3rzwhich lineage/cm have you built?11:20
steamport14.1, 15.111:21
r0kk3rzmight be worth giving the hybris 14 branch a go then11:21
steamportr0kk3rz: i chose 11.0 because BT/LTE works on 11.011:22
r0kk3rzyes i saw11:23
steamportbut ok11:23
r0kk3rzBT will be same on new base because you're using the same kernel anyway11:23
r0kk3rzmaybe we can fix LTE, but if RIL doesnt work then idk :)11:24
steamporti am curious11:24
steamportwhy ubuntu over debian for the chroot11:24
r0kk3rzits a bit anacronistic, but i think older androids basically only supported ubuntu or something11:25
r0kk3rzbut regardless of choice there is always someone who wants a different choice :P11:25
steamportbecause i have a hatred of ubuntu11:26
elrosso you skipped 4.4.1 in HADK?11:27
r0kk3rzyeah theres always someone with strong opinions about whatever11:28
r0kk3rzyou could probably get away without the chroot, or with a different one11:28
steamporti use the ubuntu chroot11:30
steamportstill dont like it11:30
steamportalso, r0kk3rz, my opinions are due to an experience with the new 18.04 server11:30
steamportit's a pile of dog poo, use 16.0411:30
r0kk3rzwell we use an old chroot anyway i think, and we dont do anything partcularly ubunty in it11:31
steamportr0kk3rz, uhhh11:52
steamporterror.GitError: platform/abi/cpp rev-list (u'^36b381298a4efb7c293d394d8b1acbda68230989', 'HEAD', '--'): fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git11:52
locusfuse older compiler already11:53
locusftake a look on how its done in android11:53
steamportWHERE do I like11:53
steamportsince simple googling "android use older compiler" "aosp use older compiler" "sailfish use older compiler" doesn't turn up anything11:56
steamporti can't find anything about switching compilers on the wiki, locusf11:57
locusfcheck TARGET_TOOLS_PREFIX12:01
locusfand change that to one of your prebuilt toolchains in android source code root directory12:01
steamportOk thanks12:02
steamportnever would've actually guessed that myself, locusf12:02
locusfsome kernels might only work with older toolchains12:05
locusfso you couldn't know about it without compiling12:05
locusfin case even downgrading doesn't work, then you could try downloading a prebuilt clang toolchain12:05
locusflets hope it works12:16
r0kk3rzi should finish packaging clang12:59
r0kk3rzand then we can clang all the things13:00
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locusfllvm in general would be great13:11
r0kk3rzi built llvm613:14
elrospatterns update is broken?14:25
Mr_Doge!seen sledges14:57
merbotMr_Doge: sledges was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 1 week, 2 days, 7 hours, 6 minutes, and 45 seconds ago: <sledges> PSA: Sailfish OS collab at #mer-meeting in under 10mins14:57
T4<abhishek_0> when he will be back ???15:02
malwhy do you need him?15:03
Mr_Dogemal, to create nemo:testing:hw:wingtech:wt8804715:05
vknechtand nemo:testing:hw:TCL:idol3 :-)16:27
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miskihi! I'm going to HABUILD_SDK via ubu-chroot -r $PLATFORM_SDK_ROOT/sdks/ubuntu18:10
miskiand i'm getting error "unshare: cannot change root filesystem propagation: Invalid argument"18:10
r0kk3rzweird, how have you set up your platform sdk?18:15
piggzNokius_: all good on the miband2? wana file bugs on github for issues?18:16
miskir0kk3rz, by official HADK guide. Step-by-step.18:18
r0kk3rzwhich OS?18:18
miskiUbuntu 18.0418:19
elroslbt: could you look at patterns, they are not updated for nemo:devel:hw:motorola:moto_msm8960_jbbl18:38
malelros: did you try triggering rebuild of config repo?18:43
malyou had some change in patterns you need?18:48
elrosI still have pattern:jolla-ui-wayland in _pattern file but iirc this is changed to patterns-jolla-ui18:52
malit did try to check for pattern updates but it wasn't updated for some reason18:53
maltrigger that package again just in case18:54
malelros: why do you have ngfd built there?18:55
malis that some patched version?18:56
elrosbecause I need modified version18:56
malwhat have you changed?18:56
malwhy have you built it locally and not on OBS?18:56
elrosit just use vibra with break for short events instead ffmemless18:57
elrosit's just easier18:57
malhmm, not sure what you mean18:58
UmeaboyWhere does one find the .mbn files in the stock Android rom for 8.1?19:08
UmeaboyI seem to be missing such.19:08
r0kk3rzmodem files?19:08
r0kk3rzi think they're under system19:09
UmeaboyI thought they were in every stock rom.19:09
r0kk3rzwe recently had this issue as well, it seems sony doesnt ship them in the aosp packet19:09
UmeaboyI can't build a working Lineage OS build without it AFAICS.19:09
r0kk3rzwithout those the modem wont work no19:10
UmeaboyI'll check in the system.sin once again.19:10
maldoes the device have some vendor blob repo at themuppets github?19:11
UmeaboyNope. Not yet.19:12
UmeaboyI've been working on a unofficial one.19:12
UmeaboyThe user myself5 was said to have a working Lineage OS build, but he hasn't released one for me to try.19:13
UmeaboyHe does have a device repo though.19:13
UmeaboyI have gotten passed all of the other build errors except for these freakin' modem files.19:14
kimmolioh, mal has made a beta1 :) \o/19:15
malkimmoli: yep, finally19:16
malkimmoli: only took 2 years or something like that19:16
kimmolii should wake up my build server'ish... but i always find more interesting things to do instead19:18
kimmolior excuses19:18
locusfmal makes debian release engineers proud :)19:20
kimmoliwhole day today milling, turning, welding, threading, sawing, plasmacutting, etc..19:20
r0kk3rzkimmoli: taken over .fi with kimmobots yet?19:21
mallocusf: :D19:21
kimmolir0kk3rz: no, not yet. missing 3 setscrews19:24
Nokius_piggz: the only isdue I see is the absent setps in he overview19:36
piggzNokius_: cool ... but odd....the miband should support the same steps interface19:37
piggzi accept PRs ;)19:37
piggzor gadgets19:38
Nokius_Icantakeit and sent it toyou19:40
Nokius_whas a gift lastyear19:40
Nokius_is te bip sowng te macI see tje bluze pat19:41
piggzse what???19:42
locusfless world cup beer should help19:49
locusfmr. kroos just labeled that one19:54
piggzthe world cup passes me by ;)19:55
UmeaboyFeels nice to see my own home country loose19:56
r0kk3rzsoccer is a silly game :P19:56
UmeaboyNokius_: That looks like Polish to me. :)19:56
kimmolishould we be worried? did you hit your head Nokius_ ?19:57
UmeaboyI think it's a new language. :)19:57
piggzgoogle translate _almost_ got it, but not quite :)20:01
piggzit relates to the bip im sure20:01
piggzyes, send him that20:03
UmeaboyThe Modem files are located in /etc/customization/modem/, but the one I need is not there.20:07
r0kk3rzis the bip showing the mac I see the bluez patch? mebbe20:09
piggzjibber jabber20:11
UmeaboyI downloaded the stock rom with XperiFirm. I choose the French and the Service Exchange Unit.20:12
Nokius_sorry on my Xxwith laggy internet20:12
Nokius_piggz: I see the bluez path and not a mac that is the only issue I see beside the mentiobed stepcounter one20:13
piggzbluez path is normal20:14
_svenNokius_: laggy internet, seems you are from germany :-)20:15
Nokius_okay :]20:15
Nokius_No I vpn to Germany Im east atm20:15
piggzNokius_: do you get steps in chart?20:17
Nokius_piggz: yeap20:17
piggzmaybe miband doesnt notify on step change to phone20:18
piggzand, i guess there is no HRM?20:18
Nokius_it has20:19
piggzok, do you get chart for that?20:20
kimmolione more for Nokius_
kimmolinow gn o720:22
Nokius_kimmoli: I saw it looks intrestig I houl swin in car and visit Fi20:26
UmeaboyFound the modem.sin now in the French stock rom.20:51
UmeaboyThe Unsin program made the modem sin file into a .img.21:20
UmeaboyDoing losetup --partscan modem_X-FLASH-ALL-42E5.img gives me: losetup: modem_X-FLASH-ALL-42E5.img: failed to use device: Device does not exist21:21
steamportmake installclean && make clean && reset && make -j4 hybris-hal TARGET_TOOLS_PREFIX=prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-linux-androideabi-4.6/bin/arm-linux-androideabi-21:23
steamportreeeee wh yu error21:23
Umeaboyr0kk3rz: Managed to mount the modem.img, but the .mbn file isn't in it.21:30
UmeaboyI wish there was a public repository to download all the needed blobs just like TheMuppets.21:31
UmeaboyThey haven't added my device yet and there is no contact information.21:31
steamportCan someone halp23:32

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