Sunday, 2018-06-24

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piggzmal: in hw-settings.ini, if dual sim, does modemcount=208:30
r0kk3rzseems logical08:31
piggzyes, id think so08:32
piggzthere is nothing in the ifle for compass ... does compass go by another name?08:33
r0kk3rzECompass perhaps?08:35
piggzsorry, im talking out my ass...08:36
piggzin test_sessors, i dont see a compass08:36
piggzbut, the los wiki says it does08:37
r0kk3rzthats different08:37
piggzrotation vector?08:39
r0kk3rzthe reason compass has been missing for everyone is that its not a basic sensor08:39
piggzill just stick this config on and see what happens08:39
piggzwhy does csd store its settings in /usr/share and not /etc??08:40
r0kk3rzno idea, im sure it seemed like a good place at the time08:42
piggzok, now a reboot and see if my sensors work08:45
piggzthen, i need to get the grass cut!08:46
r0kk3rzsunny up in cumbria?08:46
r0kk3rzyeah its rather bright out here as well08:49
piggzalso gonna do a little work on the summer house and sit in there08:50
piggzwhere u at?08:50
piggzright, some sensors are not working anymore.....08:51
piggzmagnetometer and rotation08:53
piggzcompass isnt working in gpsinfo08:55
malpiggz: compass is called orientation sensor in android09:03
malpiggz: use orienteering compass app for testing, assuming you have updated to latest sensorfwd09:04
malpiggz: could you show your hw-settings.ini file?09:09
piggzmal: and sensors, inc orientation
malpiggz: but some sensors fail now that used to work?09:22
piggzmal: yes, the 2 i mentioned i recall working before update09:23
maleven in messwerk?09:24
piggzyes, thats what i was using09:24
piggzrotation was working, for 2 axis not 309:24
piggzthats why i remember09:24
malnow it doesn't work at all? very odd09:25
piggzmal: new packages were
malpiggz: which sensors still work?09:32
piggzmal: accel, gyro, als/prox, gps09:32
wdehoogi had the same problem with sensors. this seems to have fixed it for me:
wdehoogdon't know what is the correct way09:47
malyep, thought that might be next thing to try09:47
malpiggz: there is possibly some timing issue at boot which causes the sensor to be disabled?09:47
wdehoogok. and thanks guys for all your hard work. bye.09:48
malpiggz: I think the link above should help also you10:01
lbtmal: you can tell elros that nemo:devel:hw:motorola:moto_msm8960_jbbl didn't have patterns enabled - does now :)10:21
mallbt: ok, I'll tell him10:25
mallbt: quite odd that #mer-boss had checks for nemo:devel:hw:motorola:moto_msm8960_jbbl yesterday10:26
T4<Mooosssss> Why is this happening:?10:34
riniguskimmoli: hi! I guess we'll have to look into 2.2 upgrade. I may start working on it towards the end of the next week. what 'bout your plans?10:53
_sveni have problems connecting the gemini via BT to my car. Both were searching for devices, one second before my car aborts, and display "No device found", the MB-Headphone device pops up for half a second in the gemini device list. How can i inspect that? Can't see any BT error in journalctl.10:55
_sventhe BT on Xperia works perfect with my car10:56
malrinigus: 2.2 should be easy, just update config submodule and add hw-setting.ini as described in faq to fix sensors10:56
malrinigus: also update other packages10:57
rinigusmal: sounds great, easy job is welcome. congratulations with beta1!11:01
piggzmal: rinigus: testing the additional sensor fix...11:06
piggzmal: messwerk now showing rotation and magenetometer11:08
piggzno compass in gpsinfo...11:08
piggzinstalling orienteering11:08
malpiggz: I had occasional problems that compass didn't work after reboot the first time, restarting the app helped11:10
piggzmal: no compass joy11:12
malhmm, odd11:14
malanything in journalctl?11:14
piggzas soon as i can telnet into the phone ill look11:16
piggzJun 24 12:25:02 Sailfish sensorfwd[2790]: void HybrisManager::startReader(HybrisAdaptor*) failed for Operation not permitted11:26
piggzJun 24 12:25:02 Sailfish sensorfwd[2790]: Node ' "orientationadaptor" ' state changed to invalid11:26
piggz06-24 11:27:53.619  2790  2790 E libsensor1: client_get_conn: qmi_client_get_service_list error -211:28
piggz06-24 11:27:53.619  2790  2790 E libsensor1: sensor1_write: Unable to create client connection11:28
piggz06-24 11:27:53.619  2790  2790 E qti_sensors_hal: AkmAlgo,enable: sensor1_write() error: 1211:28
piggz06-24 11:27:53.619  2790  2790 E qti_sensors_hal: enable:akm_service->enable error:511:28
piggz06-24 11:27:53.619  2790  2790 E qti_sensors_hal: Activate the handle 54 is not successful11:28
malhmm, odd11:45
elroslbt: I rebuilt droid-configs about 15 minutes ago but no sign of patterns update12:48
kimmolirinigus: no actual plans, just thoughts. first part of summer holidays just started, and heading to middle-of-nowhere13:25
riniguskimmoli: probably not so easy to work on the port from there :).13:55
r0kk3rzNokius: btw scorpion kernel has anbox patches now14:08
T4<abhishek_0> is the gstreamer colour issue fixed ?16:38
r0kk3rzwhat issue?16:40
T4<abhishek_0> r0kk3rz color distortion issue while playing video,16:44
r0kk3rzwhat colour space?16:46
T4<abhishek_0> users have reported this on xda too16:52
T4<abhishek_0> and i think piggz have the same issue too16:53
r0kk3rzit helps if you figure out what colour space it needs16:53
malthere were some colour space fixes in libhybris recently, related to BGRA format16:57
malmight not be related but can't be sure16:57
T4<abhishek_0> mal how recent16:58
r0kk3rzcheck the commits :P16:58
mal4 days ago16:58
malI mean that's when it was pulled into mer-hybris16:59
malit would also be interesting to see if that removes the need for the qtscenegraph env var17:01
Mister_Magistermal: could test but too busy17:02
T4<abhishek_0> the latest libhybris doesnt fix the video20:41
T4<abhishek_0> atleast for me,20:41
T4<abhishek_0> gallery is no generating thumbnails, error says .. gstreamer is missing a plugin20:42
piggzhas mer-boss just woken up?21:23
piggzi pushed a tag ages ago, and it just started21:23

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