Monday, 2018-06-25

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r0kk3rzwould make a great sailfish os tablet07:58
Nokius_r0kk3rz: pure port =)08:53
Nokius_chromeos is a fork of gentoo08:53
r0kk3rzit'll be cool if they make more chromeos tablety things09:00
T4<NotKit> somewhat expensive though, I would prefer something with rk338809:40
T4<NotKit> well, that mystical "OP1" is rk3399 though09:41
r0kk3rzah rockchip thingie09:51
elrosanybody was able to use compass with latest sensorfwd? Magnetometer get values but compass stay at 010:05
malelros: yes, works fine for me11:37
malelros: is your hwsettings.ini ok?11:38
elrosnow it works :) need to find out why11:40
elrosah it starts when I have active rotation test page in messwerk11:41
malelros: I had some issues that it didn't start on the first attempt after boot, after that ir worked fine11:46
elroshmm thats not the case for me. There is no compass data unless I start HybrisOrientationAdaptor (via messwerk)11:50
elrosif anyone have idea: sensorfwd log
malwhat app did you use for compass?12:08
elrosit's Orienteering Compass12:09
malI'll check that log later12:11
T4<adampigg> wondering if i should take a screwdriver to my tbj16:02
T4<adampigg> now both top and bottom of screen are unresponsive, making landscape usage almost impossible16:03
T4<adampigg> only thing keeping me sane is that the Home button does exactly that!16:04
vknechtabranson, hello... tried following up on but I don't get any additional output16:05
vknechtto build "android libs" I re-made libcameraservice_32 libdroidmedia_32 minimediaservice minisfservice libminisf_3216:05
vknechtthen pacakged droidmedia-local and installed it on device with pkcon local-install then reboot16:05
vknechtdoes that need rebuilding the whole hybris-hal too ?16:06
vknecht(also uncommented the define in other files, and rm'ed -rf out/ before rebuilding droidmedia)16:10
abransonvknecht: yes those are the right lines to uncomment. you need files like and friends. they're carried with the /system, not droidmedia16:14
abransonyou can just copy them over directly to the device. the files nearby will tell you which targets you need to build for each source file16:15
abransonvknecht: looks like you need to build 'libstagefright'16:18
T4<adampigg> abranson, how can i help debug color issues with droidmedia16:18
abranson^ like that16:18
T4<adampigg> eg, youtube in browser16:18
vknechtabranson, I have out/target/product/idol3/system/lib/libstagefright*, I should copy them in /system on device ?16:18
abransonadampigg: if you turn on debugging in those android files, you'll see a lot more of what's going on with the colour formats etc16:19
abransonvknecht: yes. same place. back the old ones up.16:19
abransonvknecht, adampigg: it sounds like you've got similar problems16:19
T4<adampigg> also have an issue with no thumbnails being generated, and built in media player not working16:20
T4<adampigg> ill see what i can do in te coming days, i have a few days off16:21
T4<adampigg> mal, and compass thoughts?16:21
T4<adampigg> s/any16:21
mal@adampigg is that all in the logs? btw, about thumbnails, check /tmp permissions16:26
T4<adampigg> yes, thats all i could see in logcat16:27
T4<adampigg> mal, abranson, missing thumbnaiils is only for newly recorded videos.  if i clear the tracker cache, thumbnails come back, but not for the new videos from the camera16:30
T4<adampigg> so, possibly same issue as above, jut different symptoms16:32
malok, any errors in log from tracker or such16:32
T4<adampigg> i was just looking16:33
T4<adampigg> tracker doesnt seem to log to journal...16:33
malonly errors afaik16:33
T4<adampigg> nothing in logat16:35
T4<adampigg> ill look later when im more comfortable than on a bus!16:35
T4<adampigg> ashandy as this tbj is, its not my laptop and a usb cable!16:35
vknechtabranson, here's the new output ; note that I had more files that what I replaced, here's the list : ; also I have this, if it matters :
elrosadampigg: I gave you the link few days ago to solution. iirc ffmpeg cause it, removing it helps16:43
abransonvknecht: lots of codec format in there :D16:48
vknechtabranson, in gstdroidcodec.conf ?16:52
abransonno, in your log. looks like it's being configured as standard NV12, not the usual QCOM_FORMATYUV420PackedSemiPlanar32m16:53
abransonwhich is odd16:54
abransonbut if that's being incorrectly labelled on the way out, then it would cause those colour problems16:54
vknechtabranson, if there's anything I can do to help fixing it (short of crushing the device with a foot)... :-)17:01
vknechthere's a logcat from Webcat playing YT video, which doesn't have color bug :
vknechtbut it's not the same graphic pipeline or something like that ?17:03
piggzmal: abranson:17:38
piggzJun 25 18:37:56 Sailfish tracker-extract[5446]: [mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2 @ 0xe6e00dc0] invalid STSD entries 017:38
piggzJun 25 18:37:56 Sailfish tracker-extract[5446]: [mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2 @ 0xe6e00dc0] error reading header: -105248811917:39
piggz8 lines like that, and 8 'no thumbnails'17:39
piggzvideos dont play in gallery, but do in lls17:39
malpiggz: which device, did videos work before?17:44
piggzmal: yes ... this is since switching from OMX to droidmedia17:45
piggz(ie, the preferred method)17:45
malpiggz: I assume that is mido?17:47
malpiggz: pastebin ls -l /etc/ and ls -l /system/etc/17:48
malalso ls -l /dev/video*17:48
piggzi thinks it must be related to recording, as older recorded videos work17:50
piggzso, perhaps different how droidmedia and omx outputted17:50
vknechtpiggz, maybe related to gstdroidcodec.conf ?17:53
malpiggz: have you tried videos you haven't recorded yourself, like big bug bunny?17:54
malpiggz: just in case add mixer_paths_mtp.xml symlink17:55
malyep, typo17:55
malpiggz: if it's recording that fails show logcat when you try to record18:00
piggzmal: recording seems t work, and the recorded video works in lls18:09
piggzmal: somewhere in i recorded for a few seconds18:11
potterhey ther in doc section 4.1 should i need to put those commands on terminal?18:52
abransonpiggz: did you have ffmpeg installed?19:00
abransonbecause if you had gst-libav with ffmpeg, then you might have things like tracker built against that instead of libav. they both provide the same components.19:01
abransonthen anything that uses libav would crash, including tracker19:01
malpotter: yes, the ones after HOST $ should be run at terminal, commands after PLATFORM_SDK $ are run in sdk (which is started by sfosdk)19:03
potterand the sdk means andriod sdk?19:04
piggzabranson: i uninstalled ffmpeg earliler19:05
piggzbut no rebuilds19:05
piggzi have nemo-qml-plugin-thumbnailer-qt5-libav19:06
piggzbut not gstreamer1.0-libav instlled19:06
malpotter: no, it's the platform sdk19:07
abransonpiggz: is tracker your own build or from the standard repos?19:09
piggzabranson: standard afaik19:09
piggzmy obs has prefer ffmpe-devel19:09
piggzbut that was for the omx / libav stuff earlier19:09
abransonyeah maybe drop that19:09
abransonpiggz: where's your obs?19:10
piggzshould i delete gst-libav and ffmpeg packages in there19:11
abransonvery yes19:12
piggzmal: safe to also delete ngfd-plugin-droid-vibrator19:13
malpiggz: from devel yes if you use native already19:15
malpiggz: not 100% sure how OBS handles if you delete a package from a project, does it delete the rpms, this is only relevant for testing project so it won't break only targets19:16
mal*old targets19:16
potterhow can i get ubu-chroot,?19:20
piggzmal: it seems to delete them19:22
abransonpotter: install android-tools-hadk19:23
malpiggz: ok, so then better just disable the package in testing is you have some old targets that still need it19:32
T4<abhishek_0> conclusion ... to fix bad thumbnails of the recorded videos and colour issue .. gst-libav and ffmpeg should be removed ?19:37
maltry it19:38
piggz@abhishek_0: we shall find out soon....19:39
piggzabranson: i cant see it making any difference, zypper dup does not propose any inteesting changes19:41
piggzmal: abranson: ah wait, its fixed19:44
piggznewly recorded videos are working19:44
malis logcat nicer now?19:45
malthere were some errors there previously19:45
piggzmal: na, it still looks like trash!19:46
malbut at least it works19:46
piggzmal: that just leaves the compass and colorspace issue19:49
piggzbut, i think some BLE programmig now19:49
abransonpiggz: what changed?19:54
piggzabranson: i think likely the removal of ffmpeg, thats all i can think of ... unless, i havnt tried recording in a few days since making other changes in that area19:55
piggzabranson: if you want to debug the problemati files i can send you one19:57
abransonpiggz: maybe it was removing ffmpeg that fixed it, but reinstalling libav. they conflict.20:02
abransonmight be that didn't get reinstalled straight away20:02
piggzabranson: i have libav installed, but not the gstreamer plugin for it20:03
Mr_Dogeremoved gstreamer1.0-libav and ffmpeg, recorded videos now work, videos in 9gag still doesnt play and camera is giving me fc20:03
piggzah, so that could be it then20:03
r0kk3rz[m]Interesting, dodgy libav codecs20:06
abransonpiggz: even though the gstreamer plugin is called gst-libav, it only works with ffmpeg!20:10
abransonbecause libav is a fork of ffmpeg, and ffmpeg used that name before. quite rude really20:11
abransonbut really we should move to ffmpeg, because libav has lost popularity lately and a lot of distros have switched back20:12
piggzi knew they were forks, they should make their plugin names match tho!20:12
r0kk3rzgst-libav doesnt have ffmpeg as a dep?20:12
abransonno, it depends on libavcodec etc that both provide, but it will only build against ffmpeg. it checks for special version numbers that only ffmpeg uses.20:12
abransonthey're supposed to be compatible, but y'know20:13
piggzwell, atm, I have -droid, -plugins-* and that is it. .... is that correct?20:13
abransonyep, though r0kk3rz has an interesting build of gst-libav with ffmpeg statically built. that works.20:14
r0kk3rzthats for gst 14.1 though20:15
piggzwell, so long as i have basic media playing, i dont really s aphone :D20:15
piggzr0kk3rz: what magic will you add?20:15
r0kk3rzbut the codec list in the build output is impressive20:15
r0kk3rzmost of them im sure ive never heard of20:15
piggzthere was a guy wanting to play .TS files i see....20:15
piggzand, actually, i already have a .ts file on my phone!20:16
abransonour libav has most stuff disabled because we have to watch out for licensed and patented stuff20:16
abransonbut you guys can build whatever you like ;)20:16
r0kk3rzi think the normal gst stuff should do .ts files20:16
r0kk3rzyou can always use the new gstreamer, you dont need to wait until the next release20:18
abransonpiggz: so where are you up to now? is that colour problem only in the browser? do videos play properly elsewhere?20:20
piggzabranson: yes, jut browser20:21
abransonok, I have a suspicion for vknecht's problem that a colour format is being selected that isn't completely truthful, and the colour converter is leaving it as COLOR_FormatYUV420SemiPlanar when it should be converting.20:23
abransonbecause it's actually COLOR_QCOM_FORMATYUV420PackedSemiPlanar32m20:23
abransonquestion is whether we can get it to select the packed PackedSemiPlanar32m as it should20:24
piggzanything I can help with quickly?20:24
piggzBTW,, do you guys @ jolla test stuff on the jolla tablet?20:25
abransonGST_DEBUG=5 sailfish-browser might tell us more about why it's selecting the wrong one20:25
piggzit also had horrible color space problems in the broser20:25
abransonI have one that was ok last time I tried.20:25
abransonwe've had to change quite a lot in the colour conversion lately for different devices with different colour formats and conversion capabilities.20:26
piggzit always works fisrt time .... but then messes up after about the third video, and needs reatrted20:26
abransonand it's highlighted some inconsistencies in older adaptations20:26
abransonoh yeah that's weird20:26
piggzabranson: woop, i have a new problem20:30
piggzbrowser crashes when video starts20:30
abransondid you get any debug before it crashed?20:31
piggzome moment...20:31
abransonhmm, looks like the transformation is being done inside gstreamer because the internal colour converter doesn't recognise the format maybe? doesn't really say why it chose the wrong one though. can you do a log cat at the same time?20:52
abransoni think it's crashing because the colour format is lies20:52
abransoninternally gst-droid uses an incorrect format. usually it goes straight to the eglsink so it doesn't matter, and it outputs I420 for things that care20:53
piggzabranson: hmm, omx appears...20:54
abransonomx is the internal android codec interface. gst-omx uses it directly, but it's used by the droid media service too.20:55
abransonwere there a few video starts in that log? it seems to go through codec setup a lot. doesn't seem to go well though20:59
piggzno, just the one20:59
abransonah it's kept it all. i guess the 20:54 is the one you did21:01
abransonlogcat just dumps the log. it can spool through a lot of previous entries when you launch it21:01
piggzanything helpful?21:03
abransonhmm no nothing jumps out at me :/21:10
piggzabranson: so, you want me to add debugging to acodec?21:16
abransonthat might help, especially if you see the color-format=21 on the output buffer of the codec that vknecht saw21:23

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