Saturday, 2018-07-07

piggzmal: reverse engineerin the data for a sports activity is getting time consuming...even using gadged bridge as a reference07:24
abransonpiggz: there's a lot of work gone into that, hasn't there07:27
piggzabranson: gadget bridge? yes, its very comprehensive ..... im trying to convert android ByteStream to QDataStream equivalents07:28
piggzmaybe if ppl add more devices to amazfish, in the future we will have the same!07:28
piggzrats ... when my testing: 2.1.4 repo was working, i forgot to disable it ... no going back now!08:20
opendatais the xa2 port working at all yet08:43
malopendata: the adaptation repos are public so you can probably check there08:46
opendatatrying to build them08:48
opendatai have nothing in /etc/system-release08:49
malwhat is that?08:49
opendatathe hadk guide tells me to read that to see sdk release08:50
malopendata: maybe /etc/sailfish-release works also?08:52
malor maybe you have too old sdk08:53
malwhich doesn't have that file yet08:53
opendatai just downloaded it08:53
malopendata: then it should be fine09:03
piggzdecoding this data stream isnt going well :/09:05
opendataubu-chroot doesnt exist09:09
opendatacommand not found09:11
piggzin what universe does the second unisgned short in this hex stream = 4??? 09cc0000008c9ec545850baf409:34
opendatais it big endian?09:36
piggzi dont think so, the android code says09:39
piggz        ByteBuffer buffer = ByteBuffer.wrap(stream.toByteArray()).order(ByteOrder.LITTLE_ENDIAN);09:39
Mister_Magisterpiggz: looks like java xD10:00
Mister_Magisteroh android code it explains it10:00
piggzthat is java10:00
piggzim converting to qt10:00
Mister_Magisterwhat are you converying?10:00
piggzhang on...10:01
piggzrats, there s the problem!!!10:02
piggzim missing the data from the first packet!!!10:02
piggzall morning!10:02
Mister_Magisterpiggz: so what are you converting?10:08
piggzdata from my watch10:08
piggzspecifically, sports activitiy data10:08
Mister_Magisteryou mean app for watch or something?10:09
piggzMister_Magister: yes, amazfit bip watch10:16
Mister_Magistergood work man10:16
piggzhopefully this will start to make sense!10:16
piggzMister_Magister: app is already released and works well10:17
piggzjust adding more features10:17
Mister_Magisteryeah i know great job10:17
piggzannoyed i missed the android code that set the counter to -1 on start!10:17
malpiggz: off by one, the most common mistake :D10:18
piggzmal: yes i know!10:19
piggzmal: data is looking much better now tho!10:20
piggznext to decode the Huami format for storing long/lat10:23
piggzi guess this will tell me how10:24
piggzprivate double convertHuamiValueToDecimalDegrees(long huamiValue) {10:24
piggzand yes, it looks correct....devide interger value by 3000000 and it gives lat/lon10:30
piggzmal: ^^ so, that is all the data decoded :D10:30
piggznow need the track info10:30
akhil_surabhimal, piggz: Do you know about af_map_input_dciaf_info? Google has only one result from xda10:31
piggzwhat does that refer to?10:31
akhil_surabhiCan't connect to camera service, that's the issue described there10:32
akhil_surabhiThis is the exact problem I'm facing after recording a video10:32
piggzwoah ... 2 results ... xda and this on the archive ... how did google index that so fast????10:32
akhil_surabhiThat xda one is from kenzo10:33
akhil_surabhiLooks like the proprietary lib issue10:35
akhil_surabhiKenzo uses camera2, so it must support both HAL1 and HAL3. Does sfos10:56
akhil_surabhiSupport HAL3?10:57
vknechtI was expecting the GUI updater to pick up promoted packages to testing, but it's not the case. Do we still need to sed for adaptation in SSU repos.ini, and/or do the OTA manually ? Here are 'ssu lr' result and repos.ini :
kimmolirinigus: merged and tagged12:07
vknechtor does the GUI updater only get newer SFOS versions ?12:08
riniguskimmoli: thank you very much! what about hal, is there some command to move/copy from devel via osc? or i should just read the man page...12:09
kimmolirinigus: i'll check your stripes in testing...12:11
kimmolirinigus: yes, all ok. you're a maintainer on both12:12
riniguskimmoli: excellent! then I'll deal with it tonight and continue testing via testing repo :)12:14
vknechtrinigus, kimmoli, any thought about my question ? :-)12:15
kimmolirinigus: i added _2.2.0.29 to testing12:15
kimmolivknecht: gui updater does not work for ports12:17
kimmoliunless there is new info12:17
vknechtah :-) thank you12:18
kimmolii havent used sed for that, just ssu ar
vknechthmmm, I follow
kimmolii have my own...
vknechtnot using reboot is important ?12:22
vknechtI thought I read the inverse somewhere, but I guess there's a reason12:23
kimmolii had some issues with reboot. power off/on is just a precaution12:27
vknechtat least it works manually, kernel updates included :-)12:30
*** vknecht_ is now known as vknecht14:09
Holmes465hi. When i try build packages i get this error:
vknechtHolmes465, look for "stragglers" in doc15:14
Holmes465yeah, i know about it but i get this error:
piggzmal: spiiroin: one of my users is having sensor trouble that im not having...15:22
piggzJul 07 20:47:24 Sailfish sensorfwd[2761]: void HybrisManager::startReader(HybrisAdaptor*) failed for Operation not permittedJul 07 20:47:24 Sailfish sensorfwd[2761]: Node ' "orientationadaptor" ' state changed to invalidJul 07 20:47:37 Sailfish sensorfwd[2761]: No sysfs proximity device found15:22
mal@adampigg sailfish shouldn't use sysfs proximity sensor15:54
piggzmal: so, is that a red herring?15:57
piggzapparnetly, their ALS and Orientation isnt working15:57
riniguskimmoli: I updated hal packages in testing as well. main issue seems to be caused by changes in sd card path, but refreshing tracker db solved that.16:39
kimmolirinigus: ok. i'll charge my testing phone...16:49
vknechtHolmes465, those are examples, you don't have to mention them in stragglers if they're not in your tree17:13
malpiggz: are other sensors working? with messwerk or csd?19:25
piggzmal: i believe so19:25
piggzjust light and orientation im told19:25
malpiggz: reboot doesn't help?19:26
piggzseems not ... ite been a few weeks for them19:27
piggzi get moans in my telegram channel!19:27
malpiggz: but it works for you? it seems you only have latest in devel repo, are any people using testing?19:28
piggzno, theyre using devel for testing 2.219:29
piggzbefore i make a testing verison19:29
piggzproblem is, im asking for logs and not getting much back19:30
massssI'm getting lot of errors after 'rpm/dhd/helpers/'

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