Sunday, 2018-07-08

riniguskimmoli: actually, looks like compass works. just had to calibrate it outside and the readouts are as expected next day too. there is a known bug with the first start after boot, but, other than that, it looks to be functioning. thank you mal!06:29
kimmolirinigus: ok07:00
massssI can't build packages.
masssssome problem with hadk/system/core/libsparse07:09
piggzmal: more info on user issue .... rotation x and y is working in messwerk, just like mine .... but, apps do not rotate (mine do) ... is app rotation reliant on that rotation sensor, or something else?07:53
kimmolipiggz: there is a settings for it08:08
piggzkimmoli: al got him to check settings > display > orientation, and it is set to tynmic08:08
malmassss: which android base?08:18
malmassss: maybe try fixing the error manually in the mentioned in the error message08:27
kimmolirinigus: updated my test phone, shut it down, and forgot that i was in middle of something...09:20
kimmolia few hours ago09:20
blitherllama892_Hello everyone, when I make command: hybris/droid-configs/droid-configs-device/helpers/process_patterns.sh09:24
blitherllama892_I got this error at the end:09:24
blitherllama892_C_CREATEREPOLIB: Warning: Record with type "patterns" already exists in repomd.xml09:24
blitherllama892_who can help?09:24
malis that an error or warning?09:29
blitherllama892_so it's normal?09:30
T4<Nokius> Paste please the full log via pastey service09:31
T4<Nokius> But it should be a normal warning09:31
kimmolirinigus: you said camera works? not for me.. CameraBin error: "failed to get caps from HAL" and "The stream is in the wrong format."09:43
kimmolireboot helped...09:55
blitherllama892_I continued but when I entered command to Building the Image with MIC i get this error:09:55
blitherllama892_Error <creator>: URLGrabber error: - e.errno: 1409:55
kimmolimissing version09:56
blitherllama892_what to do?09:57
kimmolicheck environment?09:59
kimmolidid you set RELEASE10:00
blitherllama892_yeah, I forgot about it, but now I have the following error:10:07
blitherllama892_Error <creator>: Unable to find pattern: Jolla Configuration pioneer10:07
piggzmal: what handles screen rotation, and could cause it not to work, even though rotattion sensor is working?10:59
malpiggz: accelerometer probably11:10
r0kk3rzdisplay settings?11:23
piggzr0kk3rz: checked12:38
kimmolirinigus: i'm happy with my testing. camera needed a reboot to get it working, compass also some tickling, but rotates smoothly- not checked actual bearing, haywire indoors. actdead ok, bt ok, fm ok, hotspot ok. we need a checklist :)12:49
malkimmoli: I have also been thinking of making a checklist for releases14:31
riniguskimmoli: me too - so far haven't seen anything that's broken. I'll make an installation image then as well.14:48
kimmoliOTA instructions are out
kimmolig'dmnit benny, those instructions are not so hard to follow...15:00
malkimmoli: at least you don't have the same problem I have on fp2, for that the instructions are quite much more complex15:25
kimmoliyeah. but if you don't enter ssu re command and wonder why it does not update version..15:26
kimmolibut proves old version update still works15:26
akhil_surabhimal: Ping16:05
malakhil_surabhi: pong16:10
akhil_surabhimal: This the error with camera HAL3, "Camera HAL version 300: HAL 302 device can only be opened as HAL 100 device"16:12
akhil_surabhiThen failed to connect to camera service16:12
malwhere does that error come from, have you found it somewhere in sources?16:15
malI would assume you need to force hal1 to be used16:22
maldroidmedia has a way to do that16:23
akhil_surabhi_mal: yes, which would cause issue with the proprietary library.16:23
malfixing that is the only way probably16:23
akhil_surabhi_mal: error is af_map_input_dciaf_info: 620 input is invalid16:24
akhil_surabhi_can't find much about it16:25
akhil_surabhi_mal: also, isn't HAL1 deprecated?16:28
malakhil_surabhi: probably it's deprecated16:35
akhil_surabhiCan we patch libraries without sources?16:41
malakhil_surabhi: maybe try forcing hal version 3?16:43
malnot sure what that would do16:44
malnot really sure what the error you get really means16:45
akhil_surabhiI tried forcing HAL3. By default no error is shown. It just says process exited with code 0 (something similar)16:46
malwhich android base is that?16:46
akhil_surabhiLineage 14.116:46
steeeveYou dont need to force hal 3 in 14.116:48
steeeveIf youre talking of sensors16:49
malbut there is some mismatch, 3.2 vs 3.016:49
mal19:12 < akhil_surabhi> mal: This the error with camera HAL3, "Camera HAL version 300: HAL 302 device can only be opened as HAL 100 device"16:49
steeeveAh, not sensors then16:49
akhil_surabhiI can't find any info for the error when HAL1 is used16:51
kimmolirinigus: there might be some issue with camera. i have now twice got black viewfinder. logcat saying cannot connect to camera 0. issue was gone after reboot.17:32
kimmolicould not make it happen third time17:32
riniguskimmoli: I have seen it once on my device, but couldn't reproduce. Since it has happened few times with earlier release, I was not too worried. Earlier, state was stable after boot. So, if camera worked, it stayed like it. I'll try to boot few times17:40
kimmolicheck logcat if it happens.17:41
kimmolinever happened with, which i have still on my primary phone17:42
kimmoliand iirc i did see some messages about it being busy. does the lockscreen-camera jam it? that seems to be some separate process17:43
riniguskimmoli: 5 reboots later - not reproduced.17:49
kimmoliabout same here. it was first time after update, and abt 1 hour off after it did it17:52
kimmoliill keep this off for a while now17:52
riniguskimmoli: I'll try to flash image tomorrow and see if I can get this black viewfinder17:53
piggzmal: more reason to write your own watch app
malpiggz: afaik that happens only if you publish the data to everyone which is optional20:12
piggzNokius: ping21:04
Nokiuspiggz: pong21:10
piggzNokius: was wondering what tablet port you did21:10
Nokiusr0kk3rz and I did the Z321:10
piggzyes, found it ... another dev is pondering a sailfish tablet21:11
Nokiuswhich  one?21:12
piggzi mean, getting a tablet to use, and i think the z3 is quite polished?21:12
piggzhe is a Kexi dev21:12
r0kk3rzit works well enough21:29
r0kk3rzim not sure theres a better tablet port out there21:29

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