Monday, 2018-07-09

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T4<adampigg> Stephg: are you loving todays brexit chaos?10:29
r0kk3rzmy schadenfreude is in overdrive10:30
r0kk3rz[m]locusf: basically what happened is the govt released a brexit plan full of doublespeak and their 'brexit secretary' instantly resigned because he thought it was bullshit12:33
T4<adampigg> Oops, boris has gone now too14:03
r0kk3rzoh dear14:15
mgroverthe government is in full yolo mode :P14:21
T4<Nokius> :o14:27
T4<Nokius> is it a virus which is effecting politician in Europe?14:28
nh1402[m]didn't Boris want a "hard 'Brexit'" ? maybe not that he's gone it won't be such a big blow14:30
abransonyeah he was a hard brexit supporter too14:35
T4<adampigg> The problem will be if a leadership contest is triggered15:21
T4<adampigg> Its all a big waste of time15:21
r0kk3rzor worse, an election15:22
T4<adampigg> r0kk3rz, pics of your tab + butchered keyboard?16:25
r0kk3rzi havent done much butchering tbh, since the keyboard was removable from the case anyway16:40
r0kk3rzand its got metal in it to stick to the magnetic case, it sticks to the case i had16:41
riniguskimmoli: on freshly flashed with 2.2.0, camera worked on the first and the second boot.16:56
T4<abhishek_0> Are anbox kernel patches for 3.18 ready?16:56
steevehow can i debug sensors?17:32
elrosuse test_sensors?17:35
maland in UI side harbour-messwerk app17:36
maland in logs look for sensorfw (in journalctl)17:37
locusfr0kk3rz: 133717:37
steevetest_sensors detects them but they dont work. i mean, sensors always worked but they dont in yesterday's build17:37
steeveand i have journald disabled :D17:38
steevei tried csd, and it fails all sensors tests17:38
elrosdid you added hw-settings.ini file?17:41
steevebut i didnt need it in the past17:42
malsteeve: did you add the new configs needed for sensors?17:42
steevenot even in last build i did (2.2 which i did in about 10 june)17:42
steevemal: which ones?17:42
r0kk3rzthere was a sensorfw update since 2.2 people have been using17:43
malsomething like this
steeveill try to add that file17:43
steevewith some changes hehe17:43
malor other option is forcing the sensors via other configs
steevethat seems odder, ill try the ini one17:44
elrosthis one is correct
steevein faq hadk i've also seen that the ini is required for some settings like adapted brightness which i was looking for :D17:46
steeve(i hate adaptive brightness :P)17:46
malsteeve: that's why it's optional in display settings, the option just is hidden if you don't have that ini, adapt the file to match your device features17:47
steeveyeah i see17:47
steevewhat's AudioMic2=1 ?17:49
r0kk3rzsecond mic?17:52
steevehow do i know if i have a second mic? :/17:53
steevei dont have one, nice18:00
malsteeve: after adding you can use csd to do some testing, I use it before each release to see if basic things work18:04
malsteeve: csd can be started from settings->About device and then tap release number a few times18:05
steeveyes, i also do it18:05
steeveim testing the stuff18:05
steeveare hall sensor and magnetometer the same thing?18:10
r0kk3rznot quite18:10
r0kk3rzhall sensor is used for magnetic flip cases18:11
r0kk3rzso its more binary open/closed18:11
steevewhat should his name be in test_sensors if supported?18:14
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spiiroinsteeve: I do not recall seeing any android sensor hal actually supporting lid/hall sensor. usually just shows up as SW_LID events from some input device (for ex with evdev-trace)18:58
elrosspiiroin: did you looked at this mce bug:
spiiroinelros: nope. can you give a bit of context. what is broken?19:02
elroswhen I lock phone in in dark room (2 lux), after unlocking brightness jumps for a second19:03
spiirointhe 400 lux value is fallback supposed to be used when sensor is not used19:03
spiiroinif it gets used for some reason, that could cause it19:04
spiiroinI might have broken something in that sensorfwd ipc refactoring thingy19:04
elrosafter unlock I get NOTIFY REPEAT but tracking_active is false for that case19:05
spiirointhe thing that matters is that that 400 value shows up at all19:06
spiiroinI'll try to reproduce19:06
piggzmal: i already have sensor-selection-overrides19:07
piggzwas thinking of enabling my step-counter sensor ... however, need to figure out why my users with the same build have issues19:07
piggzthey have no rotation, and no als19:08
elrospiggz: use new 60-sensors-DEVICE.conf instead 60-sensor-selection-overrides.conf19:09
piggzelros: ok, but that wont19:09
piggzsolve the issue19:10
piggzspiiroin: ping19:10
spiiroinpiggz: pong19:10
piggzspiiroin: 2 issues (that i dont have, but some of my users do)19:11
piggz1) in-app rotation isnt working, however rotation and accelerometers are working19:11
piggz2) als not working19:11
piggzany ideas?19:12
piggzhow can i get the them to debug? i got some logs and nothing stood out19:13
malpiggz: are you sure they don't just try it in apps that don't support rotation?19:14
piggzthey seem sure tis not working, and say it works in 2.1.3 build19:15
piggzand they checked system > display > orientation19:15
piggzi will ask them to check with browser19:15
elrosask about version of mce, sensorfwd they have and compare with yours19:16
spiiroinpiggz: I'll try to repro that als thing first19:26
piggzspiiroin: this is my config
r0kk3rzhello piggz cat19:51
r0kk3rzwe hear you19:51
piggzyou got it19:52
spiiroinelros... is gone? anyway, I can't reproduce the issue with the hw I have atm. but logically this should fix it:
spiiroin(could be related to how long the sensor takes to wake up or stte)20:06
spiiroinpiggz: why a "+" in front of "orientationsensor"?20:07
spiiroinpiggz: anyways, try just setting all the sensors to true in override -> then it should be like it was before20:07
* spiiroin needs to go now20:09
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