Tuesday, 2018-07-10

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T4<adampigg> Spiiron, all fixed ... Was the config, but not sure why mine works!10:18
sledges@adampigg: d-lay yoo say? :D11:39
sledgesopendata: thanks for going through new hadk, i'll add `zypper in android-tools-hadk` and correct /etc/system-release to sailfish-release in there11:40
sledges(android-tools-hadk will fix your ubu-chroot issue)11:41
sledgesah steeve's gone again, hard to catch that squirrel! https://build.merproject.org/project/users/nemo:devel:hw:samsung:a5ultexx11:42
mal@adampigg which config was wrong?11:54
elrosspiiroin: thanks, mce works good now12:06
demonaxshHello. Is the source code for such binaries as jolla-startupwizard-pre-user-session private? Or they can be found somewhere?13:22
r0kk3rzgeneral rule of thumb, if the package name has 'jolla' at the beginning, its proprietary13:27
maldemonaxsh: why do you need it?13:33
demonaxshI'm trying to understand what may be problem with my "black screen", and I'm used to learning the source code in this case.13:35
r0kk3rzwhats the issue?13:37
mallogs logs logs13:38
r0kk3rzmal: building a new cabin?13:39
malr0kk3rz: :D13:40
demonaxshyeees... logs, 1 min13:41
demonaxshit's logcat13:46
demonaxsh1413 jolla-startupwizard-pre-user-session13:46
malhow soon after a reboot did you get that log?13:47
mallooks like it's missing messages from the beginning13:47
T4<adampigg> Mal, the +oriebtationsensor, and add alssensor=true13:54
branekmal: What else could I try to fix pink areas in browser? I searched archives, and tried jemalloc, and QT_OPENGL_NO_BGRA=1 in /var/lib/environment/nemo/99-qtscenegraph.conf14:00
branekmal: still to try ADRENO_QUIRKS.14:00
krnlyng_branek, ADRENO_QUIRKS14:01
branekkrnlyng_: thanks14:03
branekand one more question: I changed PIXEL_RATIO and ICON_RES to 2.0, and all is ok, text is good when normal size, all system icons are ok, but app icons are still small.14:07
branekhow to fix that?14:07
branekresize script from FAQ is meant for system icons if I understand correctly?14:08
elrosbranek: I think if you change pixel_ration in droid-config-$DEVICE.spec it should works correctly14:17
branekelros: Aha, ok. I done those changes on device. Will try on next flash.14:20
demonaxshit's log without spaming message such as from NetlinkListener15:18
demonaxshit's strange that buffer size is always reset to 256Kb, although I set it to 10M15:37
maldemonaxsh: so you don't get the full log even if you try to get right after reboot?15:47
demonaxshfrom logcat -L or journalctl?15:48
malwhat is logcat -L, what does the -L do, never heard of that15:51
demonaxshlogcat -L in android return log from last reboot15:53
malwhy last reboot?15:53
malI obviously want a fresh log that has all of the most recent information15:54
riniguskimmoli: I think we can release the latest beta. camera issue hasn't been reproduced and I don't see anything else either. should I upload the image, so you could push it to the distribution site? or did you find anything?15:57
kimmolii havent found anything, but not really been using it... carrying around as xmpp client16:01
kimmolibut i think you can make the images. we'll fix if we found something.16:02
kimmolibenny complains about front camera and gps16:02
rinigusgps works, same for the front camera (latter checked right now)16:08
demonaxshthese are all the most full logs, I have no idea how to get even fuller16:14
demonaxshit's from jolla-startupwizard-pre-user-session16:17
demonaxsh05-29 12:02:14.398  1452  1620 E mali    : ==>[INIT] (QSGRenderThread) CDBG: In file: vendor/mediatek/proprietary/hardware/gpu_mali/mali_midgard/r7p0-02rel0/product/cdbg/src/mali_cdbg_env.c  line: 586 cdbgp_populate_from_system_environment16:17
demonaxsh05-29 12:02:14.398  1452  1620 E mali    : Initialization of a handle to the system environment failed (3)16:17
demonaxsh05-29 12:02:14.441  1452  1620 E cutils-trace: Error opening trace file: Permission denied (13)16:17
demonaxsh05-29 12:02:25.966  1452  1554 E hwcomposer:  ! (0xbf658) [COMP] (0) fence 41 didn't signal in 1000 ms16:17
demonaxsh05-29 12:02:27.005  1452  1554 E hwcomposer:  ! (0xbf658) [COMP] (0) fence 50 didn't signal in 1000 ms16:17
demonaxsh05-29 12:02:28.036  1452  1554 E hwcomposer:  ! (0xbf658) [COMP] (0) fence 57 didn't signal in 1000 ms16:17
demonaxshjolla-startupwizard-pre-user-session[1452]: library "libminisf.so" not found16:37
demonaxshI built libminisf.so from droidmedia, but this did not result, except that the jolla-startupwizard-pre-user session began to crashed, again and again.16:37
r0kk3rzdont paste cherry picked logs please16:42
r0kk3rzhmm, you need to build libminisf then16:43
r0kk3rzyou packaged and installed droidmedia?16:44
demonaxshBut why? When building it is possible to build only libminsf.so, other does not linked. Without this, nothing crashes, and does not work (black screen), that's why I asked about the source ... Without them, much is unclear.16:55
demonaxshAnd why in other cases droidmedia not needed?16:55
r0kk3rzwhich base are you using?16:57
demonaxshandroid 6.016:57
r0kk3rzhmm ok, and what are your compositor variables?16:58
demonaxshdefaults from hadk, or what did you mean?16:58
r0kk3rzis what i mean17:00
r0kk3rztest_hwcomposer works?17:03
demonaxshwidth: 1080 height: 192017:04
demonaxshSegmentation fault (core dumped)17:04
r0kk3rzyou put in the variables?17:05
r0kk3rzbut yeah, if it segfaults then i would focus on that17:06
demonaxshi did not know anything about this utility, and what variables need put? and how?17:07
demonaxshwidth: 1080 height: 192017:12
demonaxshOpenGL ES 2.0 (OpenGL ES 3.1 v1.r7p0-02rel0.4ea33e6671ff828e33c17:12
r0kk3rzit should show something on the screen too17:13
demonaxshon device screen?17:14
demonaxshnothing, black screen, though I started under root17:14
r0kk3rzyeah not root17:15
demonaxshblack screen, screen of course works, lighting for example, but background is black.17:18
demonaxshbut what should it show?17:18
maldo you have libminisf built?17:21
maloh, you already mentioned you did build it17:21
r0kk3rzmal: im curious as to what needs it, isnt that a recent addition?17:21
maldemonaxsh: does /system/bin/surfaceflinger work?17:23
malr0kk3rz: https://github.com/mer-hybris/qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin/pull/6617:24
malalthough that only affect the later things17:24
demonaxshsurfacelinger should work? i do not see it in process lists17:27
maldemonaxsh: I meant try to start it17:29
malmanually from commandline17:30
demonaxshyes logo started17:30
demonaxshin command line: __bionic_open_tzdata_path: ANDROID_DATA not set!17:31
demonaxshbut worked17:31
malok, that's normal17:31
malnow try to start the startupwizard again manually17:32
demonaxshby root or nemo?17:32
demonaxsh[nemo@Sailfish ~]$ /usr/bin/jolla-startupwizard-pre-user-session17:34
demonaxsh[C] unknown:0 - Failed to create display (No such file or directory)17:34
malyou probably need to parameters like EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer /usr/bin/jolla-startupwizard-pre-user-session17:35
demonaxshI killed old process tried to run a new one, but screen went out17:38
demonaxshyes, it's worked, but17:42
demonaxshas I said, complete build of droidmedia does not come out yet, there are linker errors17:45
malwhat worked?17:49
demonaxshprocess starts without error and not stoped, but on screen - daaark17:52
malhow do you call that working, only thing that can be described as working is if display shows correct information17:53
r0kk3rznot crashing and burning == working, obviously :P17:59
maldemonaxsh: try strace /usr/bin/jolla-startupwizard-pre-user-session to see if it gets stuck or not17:59
piggzmal: _nearly_ got sport data parsing to compile ....18:38
piggzhope it works!18:38

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