Wednesday, 2018-07-11

myke_Hi guys. I'm currently grinding through Sailfish X build guide (, my problem is at the end of chapter 4 I can't find ubu-chroot anywhere ("command not found").00:43
myke_All right then. I'll just rtfm a bit more.00:51
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opendataI get exact issue06:05
abransoninstall android-tools-hadk to get ubu-chroot07:06
abransonin the sdk07:07
kimmoliPSA onyx beta-8 sailfish released.
ohyash_whats this PS114:50
ohyash_is it possible to search through a month's irc log?15:12
ohyash_umm, whats this $PS1 thing15:27
ohyash_mal : ping15:28
steeevePs1 is an useless thing15:30
steeeveYou dont need it15:30
rinigusohyash_: yes, it's possible to search. get the logs via one of the links in the channel topic (probably the one with grep in the link) and search on yoir pc15:30
rinigusPS1 bash prompt formatting15:31
ohyash_$PS1 on my bash shows weird line that I'm not sure if its normal. This :
ohyash_steeeve, alright. Ignoring then15:35
malohyash_: that comes from .mersdk.profile and .mersdkubu.profile in your home folder15:37
ohyash_mal, is that output expected/normal ?
malohyash_: why won't you just pastebin the files I just mentioned so we can see what is wrong15:39
malohyash_: why do you even run echo $PS1 ?15:39
malthat output some strange things even on my system which works fine15:41
malI get "PlatformSDK \s-\v\$"15:42
ohyash_mal, yes, even on a nixcraft page that I'm reading shows "\s-\v\$" is expected15:43
malif the prompt look ok in both sdks then it's fine, then profile files look ok15:45
ohyash_should I overwrite my PS1 with "\s-\v\$"?15:48
ohyash_that weird PS1 is in my .bashrc15:48
malI said the files look fine15:49
malstop fixing things that are not broken15:49
malwell I have no idea what you have done to bashrc15:49
malI have no PS1 in .bashrc15:50
ohyashHADKv2.2.0 pdf.typo. I guess it should've been "cat /etc/sailfish-release" and not "cat /etc/system-release" on page 10 before Section 4.318:13
T4<adampigg> One of my users also acked that hospot not working on 2.218:18
T4<adampigg> I told them my fix, shame no ack from sailor on my tjc post18:18
T4<adampigg> Any other porters tried with 2.2?18:19
mal@adampigg I have no problems using hotspot on fp218:23
T4<adampigg> How odd...i jave to manually ech 1  to ip_forwarding to get outside data18:24
T4<adampigg> It connects ok, but doesnt forward18:24
T4<adampigg> Has been fine until 2.218:24
T4<adampigg> Suppose the kernel change could have done it18:27
T4<adampigg> Maybe18:27
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