Thursday, 2018-07-12

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KayMWHi, I'm porting SailfishOS to Nexus 5X (bullhead), and I met a problem at 7.2.1 in HADK (Building the droid-hal-device packages). My phone's SoC is Snapdragon 808 which is AArch64, so I followed the instructions in the output (define droid_target_aarch64) but it failed again at compiling libsparse. Here is the log: . It seems to be another problem about architecture. Any04:48
TheKitKayMW, what base did you use for Nexus 5X?06:04
TheKityou could probably base on ghosalmartin work06:05
TheKit*Android base06:05
KayMWTheKit LineageOS's cm-14.1 branch06:05
KayMWTheKit: His work seems a little out-dated... Anyway, I'll definitely use that as a reference.06:10
hacker1024Anyone online?06:10
TheKitI'm puzzled what does it need simg2img for actually06:10
hacker1024My build goes into debug mode on boot06:11
hacker1024I gen telnet in06:11
hacker1024How do I debug this?06:11
hacker1024I can''t see anything interesting in init.log or dmesg06:11
hacker1024The devices name comes up as "refuse..." for a second before changing to a network06:12
hacker1024\/system is not mounted06:14
TheKitwhat about /target?06:16
hacker1024I'll check06:17
hacker1024Output of "mount":06:18
hacker1024 /dev/sda15 on / type ext4 (rw,noatime,data=ordered) /dev/sda15 on /data type ext4 (rw,relatime,data=ordered) devpts on /dev/pts type devpts (rw,relatime,mode=600) sysfs on /sys type sysfs (rw,relatime) proc on /proc type proc (rw,relatime) none on /config type configfs (rw,relatime) tmpfs on /dev/shm type tmpfs (rw,nosuid,nodev) tmpfs on /run type tmpfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,mode=755) tmpfs on /sys/fs/cgroup type tmpfs (rw06:18
TheKitplease you pastebin06:18
hacker1024Any ides?06:18
TheKitbut it failed to mount SailfishOS rootfs, check init.log for the reason why06:18
hacker1024I can't see anything06:18
TheKitpastebin it06:19
hacker1024I'll upload it06:19
TheKitusually the likely reason for this is a mistake with fixup-mountpoints06:19
hacker1024Hmm. I used someone elses mountpoint for this device - I'll double-check them. Thanks.06:21
hacker1024This could explain why no halium distros are working06:21
KayMWProblem solved by setting USE_STD_C99=0 for libsparse06:22
TheKithacker1024, are you building SailfishOS or Halium?06:22
hacker1024I first tried halium, then tried sailfishos06:23
hacker1024But I used thae same mountpoints for both06:23
TheKitI checked your init.log, disregard about mountpoints06:23
TheKitit did switch to rootfs06:23
hacker1024Do you know what's going wrong?06:24
TheKitsystemd should start, does journalctl give you any output?06:24
hacker1024I feel like the part where the device cums up as "refusing" for a second when booting is important06:25
TheKitit can refuse after checking kernel config06:26
TheKitwhat's the output of ps -Af?06:27
hacker1024Uploading it06:27
TheKitok, systemd didn't init properly06:28
TheKitcan be an issue with your kernel config, did you use mer_verify_kernel_config on it?06:29
TheKitcat /proc/config.gz | gzip -dc06:29
hacker1024cat: /proc/config.gz: No such file or directory06:30
hacker1024Hmm that should be enabled06:30
TheKitprobably wrong kernel got included into build somehow06:31
TheKitwhat's your device?06:31
KayMWOpened a new PR for that problem,
hacker1024Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus (natrium)06:31
hacker1024@KayMW was that directed at me?06:31
hacker1024@KAYMW I fixed that by using a different implementation of the min macro06:32
hacker1024@TheKit I'm recompiling the kernel06:34
KayMWhacker1024 wow06:35
TheKitLineageOS 14.1 base?06:35
TheKit*that was directed to hacker102406:36
hacker1024I'm confused06:36
KayMWemmmm But I just updated the source several minutes ago, without setting USE_STD_C99 to 0 it still fails...06:37
hacker1024I didn't push it anywhere...06:38
KayMWemmmmmm 😂06:39
hacker1024I can't get the kernel to make the config available through /proc06:39
hacker1024even though they're enable in the config06:39
TheKitare they also enabled in out/target/device/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config?06:41
hacker1024I'm gonna mka clean and try again06:42
TheKitcheck how hybris-boot.img is created, either old or prebuilt (but unlikely with your device) kernel is used06:42
hacker1024I'm building the kernel from LOS sources06:42
hacker1024But is it possible the kernel's cacheds somewhere?06:44
hacker1024Got the correct config! but still not booting.06:49
hacker1024System mounts now!06:52
TheKitwell, that's completely different issue now06:52
TheKitsystemd starts fine now06:52
hacker1024journalctl has output06:52
hacker1024So yes06:52
hacker1024But I still don't see any errors in any logs...06:53
hacker1024Running the check on the config from /proc still shows warnings...06:55
hacker1024It doesn't match up with the config (apparently) used to build06:55
hacker1024but it says the current value is y and the allowed value is y on every warning...06:56
TheKitwell, current issue is likely somewhere else07:03
TheKitsystemctl status droid-hal-init07:03
hacker1024inactive (dead)07:05
TheKitdid you follow hadk faq for hybris-14.1 base?07:07
hacker1024No - i didn't know there was one07:08
hacker1024I didn't know there was a faq I mean07:09
TheKithacker1024, check the channel's topic07:13
hacker1024I can't find a FAQ07:13
TheKitcheck Notes on LOS14.1 Porting07:14
TheKit, line 65707:14
hacker1024I ran the script07:16
hacker1024Why does it say, "remove the word exec..."07:17
hacker1024What do I rebuild now?07:18
T4<NotKit> droid-hal/droid-config07:22
hacker1024how do I specifically build only droid-config?07:32
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branek_For no obvious reason, my HOST starts to trow me an error: File not found: /home/branek/hadk/hybris/mw/libhybris/installroot/usr/lib/libgralloc.so07:47
branek_same for, and
hacker1024Have you tried syncing again?07:48
branek_but previous builds have it without problem.07:48
hacker1024What hybris branch are you using?07:48
hacker1024No harm in syncing again though...07:48
branek_, with changed hybris.spec:
branek_I tried with sync... same error...07:51
krnlyngbranek_, where did you get that spec from?08:40
krnlyngbranek_, is not part of libhybris, at least not yet08:40
hacker1024I'm getting this error creating the rootfs:08:47
hacker1024Error <creator>: URLGrabber error: - e.errno: 1408:47
hacker1024Error 14 is a HTTPError (includes .code and .exception attributes)08:48
hacker1024nvm port_arch set wrong08:55
hacker1024My phone is booting into init-debug09:23
hacker1024Systemd starts, though09:23
hacker1024droid-hal-init is dead09:23
ohyashplatform sdk on my side doesn't seem to be complete09:36
ohyashand I'm not sure whats lacking09:36
ohyashthere was no tar package.09:36
ohyashI installed it via zypper09:36
ohyashnow there's no ubu-chroot09:36
r0kk3rzinstall android-tools-hadk09:38
ohyashworks, thanks09:41
branekmal: any hint/help for missing missing? I had it on previous build, but I cleaned everything after adding ADRENO_QUIRKS, but now rebuild with fails with libgralloc missing.09:46
hacker1024I'm getting this error when trying to run graphics tests: library "" wasn't loaded and RTLD_NOLOAD prevented it09:49
krnlyngbranek, are you building hybris-15.1?09:50
branekkrnlyng: sorry... yes, hybris-15.109:51
krnlyngbranek, for hybris-15.1 you need android8-initial branch of libhybris not master09:51
branekkrnlyng: ah... I used mer-hybris repo instead of yours... thanks... will try now...09:56
ohyashis this normal?
ohyashis asks "Trying dependencies-only mode on a non-existing device tree?"10:09
ohyashbut I have all in my local manifests10:09
ohyashuhm, anyone10:17
malso it doesmn't build?10:18
ohyashit stops me from trying to build. It looks like it wont build for my device but some generic code because it isnt detecting my device tree. Also, it doesnt list anything like "sailfish" or "hybris" or "2.2.0.xx" in its output. Just got me wondering a little.10:22
ohyashsorry tho, trying to build now10:22
malandroid side doesn't know anything about sailfish, you just run breakfast $DEVICE and then make hybris-hal10:26
malare you again overthinking things?10:27
r0kk3rzor maybe read through the whole hadk to get an idea of the high level process10:28
malthere is some tendency among new porters toward overthinking the whole build process and focusing on all messages instead of just following the instructions10:32
r0kk3rztbh i prefer that to 'it no work, what do?' new porters10:44
hacker1024Getting these errors in logcat, have no graphics.10:52
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jsyreviewsHi, so I'm having a truoble entering ubu-chrrot, can anyone take a look at this and tell me what did I miss?
jsyreviews[oh god i can't spell today haha]14:02
maljsyreviews: install android-tools-hadk14:03
malin sdk14:03
malsomething like sudo zypper in android-tools-hadk14:04
jsyreviewsYep, installed.14:04
jsyreviewsOkay seems like ubu-chrrot works now.14:04
jsyreviews[what is wrong with my spelling today lol]14:04
demonaxshHello. I rebuild droidmedia, daemons /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/minimediaservice and /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/minisfservice worked, but it seems it does not affect situation, fucking screen is black. On strace (jolla-startupwizard-pre-user-session) output all simply: futex(0x740aec, FUTEX_WAIT_PRIVATE, 13, NULL14:17
demonaxshThere is still such a suspicious warning, but perhaps it can not influence anything14:20
demonaxsh[W] unknown:0 - Suspicious physical size QSizeF(4.29497e+09, 4.29497e+09) Check your device configuration!14:20
malthat is not serious issue afaik, but you can define the size in /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf like this
maldemonaxsh: is "EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer test_hwcomposer" working?14:22
maldemonaxsh: which device was that again? qcom or something else?14:23
demonaxshnot crashed, but sceen black14:24
demonaxshno, it's mtk device14:24
malhave you check the faq linked in topic and in there section "Devices with Mali GPU" ?14:24
demonaxshno, but i'll try14:26
T4<adampigg> Mal, have you worked out how to do 3 different mount commands cleanly?15:52
malI haven't looked into that yet16:03
malnot completely sure how to handle those except checking kernel version perhaps16:03
jsyreviewsCurrently going through setting the $DEVICE.xml file in the /.repo/local_manifests, Goal is porting to S5 klte, using Lineage OS 14.1 as base, can anyone double check this?
maljsyreviews: is there a good reason you use the old cyanogenmod repos and not the newer lineageos repos?16:31
jsyreviewsNope, This is just a plain edit, hence the reason why I dropped it here to let you guys double check first.16:32
maljsyreviews: also you are missing some repos, you forgot to check the cm or lineage.dependencies files16:34
malso for example you have and then you check that repo for similar dependency file and so on until there are no dependency files anymore16:35
malthat repo listed there has and so on16:35
malyou need to add all of the repos listed in those files16:36
maland in the files you find in the dependency repos16:36
malso quite many repos16:36
jsyreviewsNoted, once I looked into all of them, i'll drop another haste bin just to make sure16:36
piggzmal: yeah, did my version read /proc/filesystems? you could do something similar20:20
UmeaboyHi! I found a working setup to build a unofficial lineage-15.1 zip for my phone, but it fails at 80% because I lack of more memory even if I increase the java heap size to 6GB. Is there some here with more than 8GB who's willing to build for me?23:08
UmeaboyThis could be my chance to try it out and then build hybris.23:09

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