Friday, 2018-07-13

hacker1024I can't get any graphics00:36
hacker1024These errors come up in logcat:
Umeaboyhacker1024: Which base did you use?01:08
UmeaboyThe same error was mentioned here:
UmeaboyOK. For what device?01:12
hacker1024Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus01:14
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Umeaboyhacker1024: I don't own it so my suggestion is to google the error and the device name.01:49
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piggz_mal: \o/ i have a gpx file out of the bip06:31
piggz_dr_gogeta86: *06:31
dr_gogeta86great i've found the fix for modded fw06:31
dr_gogeta86just send menù conf again :-)06:31
piggz_ah, great06:33
piggz_parsing sports data hs taken some time06:34
piggz_just need to clean up and save in the db06:34
piggz_debugging takes ages, because as it happens, the first activity on my watch is _huge_ so takes ages to download06:34
piggz_dr_gogeta86: are you running a modded v1 fw? i havnt upgraded to v1 yet06:35
dr_gogeta86is 1.4506:37
dr_gogeta86piggz_: is sluggish06:37
dr_gogeta86is not your fault06:38
dr_gogeta86but xiaomi one06:38
dr_gogeta86even with modded apk is even worse06:38
piggz_in what way sluggish?06:38
* vknecht smiles at the very first bug ticket...
vknechtgood thing I tackled this early, I guess :-)07:55
vknechthave to check again before answering, but first shower and go to the beach for a coffee07:58
sledgesPSA: fixes to HADK and simplify camera adaptation by building afglue instead of patching Android; diff to 2.2.0
sledgesalso backported pulseaudio-11.1+git4 to :common (both devel and testing) due to
T4<Nokius> nice =)10:03
r0kk3rzNokius: can you check that gps works on your scorpion with 2.2?10:07
r0kk3rzmy gps has stopped working even under aosp, so i think its screwed10:11
malsledges: nice, makes things a bit easier10:29
Nokiusr0kk3rz: I saw afew new pkg last night for the scorpion10:46
Nokiusi will testwhen home10:46
r0kk3rznew package?10:47
malsledges: just wondering about that pulseaudio backport in testing, hopefully it won't break already released things, for example 2.2 for fp2 was already released and now if someone updates it uses a different pulseaudio version10:50
Nokiusr0kk3rz: pulse droid-config10:50
malsledges: so is the new config change required with new pulseaudio or does that new pulseaudio also work with old configs10:50
maljusa: ^10:50
jusamal: new pulseaudio (11.1+git4) works with both old and new config, old pulseaudio works only with old config10:51
malok, good to know10:51
jusamal: if that^ causes too much trouble I can figure out more portable solution10:51
maljusa: that way it's ok, if new pulseaudio wouldn't have worked with old configs then it would have been a problem10:52
jusamal: yep10:53
piggz_kittens that crawl up legs using claws does not help coding10:58
ohyash_I got an error at 99% in "make hybris-hal"11:33
remnantPowerHeroxperiaxz some image on jolla for this device?12:54
r0kk3rznot as yet12:54
piggz_cool, im now filling up my database with gpx data!13:03
remnantPowerHerowhen? argh.. do I have to downgrade to normal xperia x..13:05
r0kk3rzfor community edition, when someone builds it13:06
r0kk3rzthere has been no announcements about official support for that device13:06
vknechta few months ago, I wondered about updating kernel, so here are 2 guides I found to be helpful :13:35
vknechtwith the first I could get from 3.10.49 to 3.10.81 without much problems13:36
vknechtwith the second, one can get interesting backports, from even newer kernels13:37
vknechtthere might be even more conflicts using the two at the same time, but as a brain train, it's even better than crossword and sudoku together ;-)13:38
vknechtand you lucky ones with mainstream devices might not even need to do the whole work :-)13:39
vknechtfollowing this, I wonder if Jolla as some framework to test [kernel] vulnerabilities13:44
vknechtanother topic of interest to me is qualcomm EDL mode aka "download mode" as opposed to "fastboot mode" ; especially since on idol3, late Lollipop and then Marshmallow updates removed fastboot support13:50
vknechtand there's apparently much one can do with EDL, with much devices :
vknechtalso, there are some tools which could help at getting rid of Windows-specific/Vendor programs : and
vknechtwithout emmcdl, I couldn't have tested (in a practical way) booting all kernels from 3.10.49 to 3.10.8113:54
vknecht(by flashing hybris-boot.img for each version ; sure you don't get modules that way, but at least you can check it boots)13:55
vknecht[ keywords: flash qualcomm qcom sahara firehose edl emmcdl ]13:57
vknechtok, so now there are some entries in irc logs for this stuff :-P13:58 went 500 😂14:13
vknechtnot my fault |_O_| :-)14:15
vknechtno worries, seems to be back :-)14:21
KayMWAnd it died again several minutes ago14:36
KayMWwhile I was pulling updates14:36
vknechtKayMW, Murphy's law :-P14:44
KayMW500 again14:45
KayMWAnd I'm running build_packages.sh14:45
vknechtmaybe lbt would know or can do something about it...14:46
vknechtpiggz_, tried the connected watch on the cat yet ? :D14:57
piggz_vknecht: im not sure it would detec a heartrate through the fur15:10
vknechtah, too bad ; if there's gps it might still be funny15:12
vknechtor maybe it's evil... forget it15:12
T4<lal883> Or could be last few live moments of the watch as well ..15:21

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