Friday, 2018-07-20

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T4<adampigg> mal,, much anbox progress, or r u still on vacation?06:56
neothefoxhey everyone07:26
neothefoxI am a bit stuck with a HADK guide, I am porting Sailfish to i9500, and I've created manifest ( and I've made a filesystem workaround as per guide, repo synced normally, but the build system gives me this garbage (, any tips on where to look?07:29
pasko_Hi. I'm experiencing issues with voicecall recording in my XperiaX. I was hoping if @jusa could guide me. :)07:39
pasko_The issue is that I incoming calls are not recorded, only outgoing calls get recorded.07:40
T4<Nokius> neothefox you miss repos08:06
Nokiusneothefox: ^ check the dependncie files08:11
neothefoxNokius, thanks, will do08:15
Nokius_pcneothefox: you need this one and all thsi dependencies in your repo file08:15
neothefoxNokius_pc, ah I see, thank you!08:16
Nokius_pcneothefox: and check the once from the devendencie file if the depend on something08:16
Nokius_pcneothefox: happy hacking :)08:16
mal@adampigg I haven't done anything related to that this week08:43
demonaxshCan I add gdb, gdb-server for final rootfs? Need to just add to the patterns?09:45
elrosor under %packages in ks file if you need it only for testing09:47
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ohyash_8.3 Kickstart file; I dont have the installroot directory in my droid-configs/10:13
ohyash_what do I do. build-packages did complete successfully10:17
elrosunpack ks file from droid-config-$DEVICE-ssu-kickstarts-1-1.armv7hl.rpm. It's explained in FAQ10:18
ohyash_elros, cant seem to find the faq (or the droid-config-$DEVICE-ssu-kickstarts-1-1.armv7hl.rpm file) :/10:24
ohyash_ah, got the etherpad faq10:25
elrosfaq is in channel topic (look up), rpm is in droid-local-repo10:25
ohyash_elros, something doesnt seem right here. I dont have droid-local-repo/$DEVICE/droid-configs/ folder. (first line from the section in faq)10:30
ohyash_neither do I have $ANDROID_ROOT/usr10:30
Nokius_neothefox: is it working?10:30
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neothefoxNokius, yup, I am now configuring the kernel10:32
elrosohyash: then you did something wrong, should generate droid-local-repo10:32
neothefoxCONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC seem to be rolling back by something else10:36
ohyash_I wonder what do I look at then. I had cleared all errors so far. :/10:36
ohyash_elros, hey this looks okay? PB :
ohyash_its my droid-hal-tomato.spec10:38
elrosshow also droid-config-$DEVICE.spec10:39
elrosneothefox: probably you need also CONFIG_IKCONFIG10:40
ohyash_elros, here :
neothefoxelros, yeah, figured as much, this autoconf is pretty complex10:42
ohyash_its in hybris/droid-configs/rpm10:42
elrosyou have community_adaptation so it should be ok. Do you have droid-local-repo dir at all? execute build script once again and pastebin logs10:45
ohyash_I do have droid-local-repo and here's pastebin containing both log and dir contents.
elrosbuilding droid-hal it's not enough, as descibed in 7.2.1 use without arguments at least once10:55
ohyash_7.2.2 says build with --droid-hal after putting in straggler section. Rebuilding without arguments.10:57
Nokiusneothefox: great, good luck with this. dont miss to share your work with others on github or equal =)10:58
neothefoxNokius, sure thing, I'll open a pull request if that works, thanks for the heads up11:04
Mister_Magisterlol wtf telegram bot restarted or something?11:06
Mister_Magisteri mean matrix11:06
neothefox is the compiler?11:41
malto rpm/dhd folder11:43
neothefoxmal, thanks!11:44
neothefoxmal, yup, fixed that11:48
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neothefoxwhoops, the zip packager needs python-rpm12:46
neothefoxand I don't have it since it's not an rpm distro12:46
elrosplatformsdk is rpm distro: zypper in rpm-python12:49
neothefoxoh yeah, ubuntu isn't the only chroot12:51
neothefoxthat choice of a russian-doll style env is wierd12:51
ohyashI'm getting rpm error12:52
ohyashin python12:52
ohyashcool to see the issue I was just gonna ask here is upfront in discussion.12:54
ohyashanother question : Do I have to keep my system online during the mic build process?12:55
ohyashI'm using mobile hotspot and was wondering if I could leave it building and move out12:55
malit will download quite many packages in they are not in local cache12:55
malthat will be done at the beginning of the build12:56
ohyashcool :)12:56
ohyashhow much of download tho? (approx)12:56
ohyashand if the process stops in the middle somehow. Would it "continue" or "restart"?12:57
malit would have the already downloaded packages in cache and it would download what is not there12:57
ohyashsu: user 1000 does not exist. Ignorable right?13:23
malmic print a lot of warnings, if you get zip at the end it should be fine13:24
Mister_Magisterah yeah13:24
Mister_Magistermic is old stuff barely working xD13:25
ohyashis it normal to have zip built in the first mic run?13:41
Mister_Magistery not13:41
ohyashthe zip in sfe-$ is it the one?13:42
ohyash291 MBs13:42
ohyashStill suspicious to me. Will try the zip tonight and see.13:44
Mister_Magisterwhat is suspicious in that?13:46
malthe size looks normal at least13:47
neothefoxwhat permissions are expected at /var/cache/zypp/solv/local-ja3gxx-hal? (the local repo for device)14:16
neothefoxI even tried 777 permissions, no luck14:58
malhow did you break it?15:00
maldid you run something as root that shouldn't have been?15:01
neothefoxmal, I don't think so, I've changed the architecture and I think I've nuked a build dir that was wrong15:02
neothefoxI've tried nuking the cache and recreating it with zypper, but no luck15:03
malwhen exactly do you get the error?15:07
neothefoxafter I've failed to make a zip and decided to rebuild the packages15:07
neothefoxso after MIC I've rolled it back15:08
malneothefox: well at least according to channel logs one way to fix that is the resetup the build target (
neothefoxmal, thanks, I'll try that :)15:40
neothefoxmal, yup, that was it, thanks again :)15:49
ohyashMister_Magister, mal : Still suspicious because I have tried porting previously for my other phone. That time 'mic create' had me fish around for way too many missing packages and "culprits". And after I finished it finally, nothing showed up on device.16:56
ohyashWhich is also the reason I have been overthinking about every little warning that I got this time throughout the port.16:56
ohyashas mal noticed. :)16:57
ohyashbtw, would it(the .zip) clean up my data storage (Documents, Downloads, ...)?17:00
malohyash: from what OS?17:10
ohyashmal, lineage 14.1 (for hybris-14.1)17:31
malohyash: sailfish only installs to a specific folder in android userdata partition, it doesn't wipe all data17:31
malbut backup might be good anyway if you have something important17:32
maland of course it installs the kernel17:32
ohyashso, should I just backup, clean cache and flash sailfish? Can't flash stock android as latest for mine is Android 4.4 and I'm currently using Android7.1 based Lineage14.117:33
malstock is not needed17:35
neothefoxhey, me again, now getting Error <creator>: URLGrabber error: - e.errno: 1418:03
malneothefox: why is it armv7l it should have armv7hl18:08
malneothefox: are you sure you set port_arch correctly?18:11
neothefoxmal, it was the same with armv7hl, and the device is armv7l, also armv4l is a proper arch according to the script18:11
malneothefox: what?18:28
malneothefox: what script? did you do something that wasn't in hadk?18:29
neothefox*armv7hl, a mistype18:29
malarch is always armv7hl, so where did that armv7l come from?18:30
neothefoxfrom MIC script, it suggests which arch types are supported if you run it without any defined arch18:31
neothefoxI'm trying something else right now, give me a moment18:31
malneothefox: so you didn't follow the hadk pdf18:31
malI will stop helping if you do such stupid things18:31
maljust follow the damn pdf18:31
neothefoxmal, I followed it step by step18:32
neothefoxbut I am not making a rom for hammerhead, so I've adjusted everything to fit the device I am working with18:32
malthere is no way that armv7l is there if you followed the pdf18:33
malso wtf did you do?18:33
neothefoxmal, in the beginning you create a file with your arch that gets sourced later18:34
malneothefox: yes, and the only allowed option is armv7hl18:34
neothefoxmal, well this fact was not mentioned, and if you'll read the MIC script it includes this list:18:35
malno idea where you got the idea that it should be set to armv7l which is wrong18:35
malyou are just overthinking A LOT18:36
malwhy in the hell would you go and read the mic script source?18:37
neothefoxmal, yeah, maybe, thing is the guide is somewhat messy as in it doesn't tell you what exactly should be changed and what shouldn't. Guess my thinking process is since it's a variable it's meant to be changed else it would've been hardcoded18:37
neothefoxmal, because I got an error while running it, and I have a general habit of reading the scripts to understand better how they work18:38
malneothefox: well you can build for i486 also18:38
neothefoxmal, well that is what the guide told me to ignore specifically :)18:39
ohyashneothefox, I did the same mistake earlier. but the sb2 target part is where it affects and I changed it there. Maybe change it to armv7hl in .hadk.env and rework from sb2 point :/18:39
malneothefox: so you never got the idea to ask here if you had problems figuring out some step, instead you directly went to read the sources18:39
neothefoxmal, oh, I've read the sources every time before asking anything here18:39
neothefoxohyash, yeah, I think there should be a list of allowed architectures somewhere18:40
malneothefox: also you never though in that the armv7l is wrong when the only target arch options in chapter 6 were i486 and armv7hl?18:41
neothefoxmal, to be honest I've noticed it18:43
malso now fix the port_arch, you probably need to resetup the target again18:43
neothefoxmal, yup, doing it right now, from the target setup18:44
neothefoxmy previous experience with cross compiling comes from Linux and embedded stuff, and so I've been preconditioned to put the actual arch in so the compiler would use it18:45
neothefoxbut I guess with Android and Sailfish it's a lot more different since there is a lot of extra tools involved18:45
_svenneothefox: which device do you work on?18:51
yashyadavzip installation error19:12
yashyadavassert failed: getprop("ro.product.device") == "tomato" || getprop("") == "tomato" || getprop("") == "tomato"19:13
yashyadavUpdater process ended with ERROR: 719:13
malis the codename really correct?19:13
neothefoxyashyadav, you can try unzipping the zip file, finding the android update-script (it's in the META-INF folder) and remove the line that checks it, then zip it back. If you are sure that the codename is correct it might be your device has the wrong codename on it19:15
neothefoxI've had this problem with CM install on some phones19:16
yashyadavImma try that19:18
neothefoxit checks the codename against a file on your device, so if the previous ROM left that file with a wrong codename that check would fail19:19
yashyadavalright, I just hope Im not killing my device19:21
neothefoxyashyadav, well make sure you have a working way to get into recovery or fastboot if your ROM is not functional at all, you would be able to just flash another zip19:24
neothefox_sven, i950019:24
yashyadavinsteresting, Checked Lineage update-script. It calls my phone with its pretty-name "YUREKA", and not "tomato"19:24
neothefoxyashyadav, so yeah, the proper way to fix this would be adding a line into your device .mk file, TARGET_OTA_ASSERT_DEVICE in in your device folder19:26
yashyadavhow about recursively replacing "tomato" with "YUREKA" in whole of the $ANDROID_ROOT19:27
yashyadavand ~/.hadk.env19:28
yashyadav(evil smile)19:28
neothefoxyashyadav, do not replace it, add to it. This way you can be sure that it would work for all possible device configs19:28
yashyadavhmm, better19:29
yashyadavLemmi just hope this one works19:30
yashyadavwithout the "assert"19:30
neothefoxyashyadav, good luck19:30
yashyadavthanks :)19:30
yashyadavit failed to mount /userdata (Device or Resource busy). But still completed successfuly. Should I try to reinstall it? :/19:31
malthat is normal19:32
yashyadavREBOOTING! BEHOLD119:32
yashyadavIt wont boot past company logo. :(19:34
yashyadavA FAIL AGAIN!19:35
neothefoxyashyadav, well it's not a fail yet, you got this far so why not try and debug it further?19:36
yashyadavits my main driver. I could give it one day. But then i'll have to be back up and running for communication19:37
yashyadavdmesg does give me "SerialNumber: Mer Debug setting up (DONE_SWITCH=yes)"19:41
malyashyadav: can you telnet in? port 232319:44
malyashyadav: it quite rarely a new porters gets to UI with first attempts19:45
malthat was such an ugly sentence :D19:46
yashyadavhow do I? like "telnet"? That aint working19:47
maltelnet 232319:47
yashyadavand lsusb isnt giving me anythin19:48
maldoes ifconfig show the usb interface, it can be named differently19:48
yashyadavOh yash19:48
yashyadavI'm in19:48
T4<Nokius> \o/19:48
yashyadavmal, what do I do? I am not getting much from the hadk here19:50
T4<Nokius> covers your next steps19:51
yashyadavvi aint working19:52
yashyadavanything else19:52
yashyadavis there?19:52
yashyadavcant seem to connect device to internet19:58
malyashyadav: logs logs logs, i.e. dmesg, journalctl and /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat19:58
malyashyadav: is that device qcom or mtk?19:59
yashyadavhow do I extract log? copy from terminal?20:00
malor first pipe the log to a file and copy from there, netcat can be used via telnet if needed20:02
yashyadavsailfish-kernel says missing clock-frequency property for all CPUs in red20:02
maland depending on how far the boot process is there si probably a ssh server running, just set the password for nemo user and connect20:02
neothefoxhmm, my zip install fails to mount /data because it's busy and then fails to run the install script20:03
neothefoxthat's probably because I should use sideload20:03
malit normal to have warning about data mount20:04
neothefoxmal, but it then fails on running the script with ERROR: 7, and judging by the time it takes to fail it does inflate something20:05
malneothefox: just to be sure, you have enough free space in data partition?20:08
neothefoxmal, a lot20:10
malwas there any other messages before that error?20:11
neothefoxwell it fails to mount data, then it takes some time at "Copying filesystem archive", then Copying installation script, then Running installation script then Updater process ended with ERROR: 720:12
neothefoxFailed to extract filesystem! also20:12
yashyadavAh, for the past 10 minutes I've been searching but couldn't find how to copy a file remote source via netcat.20:15
yashyadavnothing really shows how to copy that *one* file from that ip and port20:15
malyashyadav: did you try ssh as I told you20:18
neothefoxI've gotta reboot and try the recovery that I've compiled along with the hybris20:19
mali.e scp for copying files20:19
yashyadavmal : dmesg output :
yashyadavI'm new to that one as well. "ssh nemo@" is it?20:23
malyashyadav: what android base?20:24
yashyadavugh what?20:24
yashyadavAndroid 7.120:24
malyashyadav: hybris-xx.x20:24
neothefoxhmm, manually trying to untar the files via adb I am getting20:26
neothefoxtar: invalid magic20:26
neothefoxtar: short read20:26
malyashyadav: you probably haven't run symlink script mentioned in faq (linked in channel topic) in the 14.1 porting part20:27
malyashyadav: also in case you needed straggler_files in rpm/*.spec file, did you remember to add the detritus package to patterns?20:27
malneothefox: so your build seems to be broken20:28
neothefoxmal, if that means something I can untar the rootfs on my pc20:29
yashyadavthis may not be complete but here, journalctl :
yashyadavmal, nah, I didn't go through faq20:29
malyashyadav: how about that straggler_files thingy, it was in hadk pdf20:30
yashyadavmal, and I did put some straggler_files in there as hadk told me to but I'm not sure I met with detritus thing anywhere20:30
yashyadavthese all went in straggler20:32
malyashyadav: it seems that was lost from hadk pdf20:34
malyashyadav: so you need to add it like this (with correct codename of course)
neothefoxmal, ok, it seems that it's the tar on my device, I decompressed the tar and now it is copying20:36
yashyadavmal, done that20:36
yashyadavover from the faq I cant follow the first part of LOS14.1 porting. The "exec" one, I don't see any /usr/bin dir in my $ANDROID_ROOT20:37
malyashyadav: what does it say in the beginning of the line20:38
yashyadavAh, I though its saying that "exec" is not needed anymore20:38
neothefoxaonyone here has a portable tar for armv7hl?20:38
malit mean the instruction on that line is obsolete20:38
NeKitneothefox, use busybox20:39
malyashyadav: just run the script as instructed, ignore the rest for now20:39
yashyadavmal, alright20:40
malthat's what told you orignally but you started to do things I didn't tell you to do20:40
yashyadavdone that one20:41
yashyadavnow should I re do --config and move from there?20:42
malso after those changes run -c and then continue with chapter 8.5 again20:42
malyashyadav: but while you are connected to your device you could have checked the input device of touchscreen and fixed it in configs20:46
neothefoxso here is the thing - when using busybox from the internet everything untars just fine, so it's a bug in LinageOS20:47
neothefoxoh boy, looks like I would have to make a patch with newer busybox for flashing this20:48
yashyadavmal, uh? I didn't get i20:48
NeKitis it a bug in LOS or TWRP?20:48
NeKitI had my share of issues with newer TWRP version with tar allocating too much memory and getting OOMed20:49
malyashyadav: in chapter 7.1 you added a file which contains the input device of touchscreen20:49
malyashyadav: so you might need to edit it later20:49
neothefoxNeKit, i really don't know, what tar is used when you are running an adb shell while in TWRP?20:49
T4<NotKit> the one from TWRP then20:50
ohyashmal, that event#?20:57
ohyashI found it to be event320:58
ohyashdoesnt require changing does it?20:58
r0kk3rznope, just set it in the config21:00
r0kk3rzits a good idea to poke it with evdev_trace and make a udev rule for it21:01
neothefoxwell, another recovery fixed the installation issue21:03
neothefoxaww yiss, it boots21:08
yashyadavneothefox, I'm jealous21:11
neothefoxyashyadav, well it boots but it's telnet only for now just like yours21:11
neothefoxso don't be21:12
ohyash_oh xD21:15
neothefoxok, getting into working system via telnet is enough for today, thanks for all the help!21:18
ohyashSo, I rebuilt with mic21:25
ohyashand flashed21:26
ohyashit didn't work21:26
ohyashstill in telnet zone21:26
ohyashso I'm too gonna leave here and disturb you guys tomorrow.21:26

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