Saturday, 2018-07-21

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ohyashI wonder if anyone is awake at this time06:32
ohyashhow do I connect to the internet?06:55
ohyashwhile operating blind on sailfish06:56
ohyashover telnet06:56
ohyashor whatever06:56
ohyashreally no body is there?07:05
octonezdFinally replaced HDD, trying to port Sailfish onto my LeEco Le 2, got error error: in `sync -c -j8 --fetch-submodules`: revision stable/cm-14.1 in LineageOS/android_device_leeco_s2 not found` after repo sync07:31
octonezdTried placing cm-14.1 instead of stable/cm-14.1 in local_manifests, got same error but with revision cm-14.1 instead07:33
octonezdWhat I am doing wrong?07:33
ohyashoctonezd, wrong timing. All moderators are probably sleeping. Try 2-3 hours later maybe07:35
octonezdOkay :(07:36
octonezdUpd: I fixed it by placing last commit long hash07:37
octonezdWhat I am doing wrong?08:12
wiktorek140octonezd: are you sure you have downloaded correct kernel repository?08:15
octonezdI did. I checked, and found out I should have called folder the msm8976, instead of s208:16
octonezdSo I am waiting for repo sync rn08:16
wiktorek140is something changed in sailfish or ubuntu/linux mint that i cannot telent into device?08:37
ohyashwiktorek140, Maybe Ubuntu/Mint side error.08:38
wiktorek140device is showed in lsusb, in ifconfing i have address08:38
ohyashI can telnet into my device in a zip that I built yesterday08:38
wiktorek140i builded zip yesterday too08:39
wiktorek140its in hybris-13.0 so maybe this is faulty08:39
ohyashmaybe some error in the mid way of the porting process. Maybe your build isn't able to boot kernel08:40
ohyashwiktorek140, Not sure of that tho. I'm on hybris-14.108:41
wiktorek140i have gui, everything work (audio dont but its my fault)08:41
ohyashthen I have no idea08:41
ohyashI got no GUI :(08:41
ohyashjust telnet08:41
wiktorek140me too, ant thats the point08:41
wiktorek140what device?08:41
ohyashYU YUREKA(tomato)08:42
wiktorek140vandor is YU?08:42
wiktorek140first time to hear08:42
ohyashits Indian. and sells only in India08:42
wiktorek140did u have dmesg and journal?08:43
ohyashthats why probably08:43
ohyashI got those08:43
ohyashdon't know how to find exct culprits in those huge ass logs08:43
wiktorek140send it, i will look ;p08:43
ohyashwiktorek140, did you get GUI in your first build?08:44
wiktorek140ohyash: second, missing symlink to vendor files08:44
ohyashdmesg output : | journalctl :
wiktorek140ohyash: try to add in kernel config CONFIG_AUTOFS4_FS=y08:47
ohyashwiktorek140, done08:52
wiktorek140if you have strace command try to "strace /sbin/droid-hal-init"08:53
ohyashI think strace would have to be installed. I can't get my device to connect to internet :/08:54
wiktorek140you mean connect with pc or internet?08:55
ohyashinternet. telnet works. I can't do zypper in strace because there's no internet in device08:56
ohyashthe connecting tutorial in hadk is somewhat confusing to me08:57
wiktorek140where you lost? ;p09:02
wiktorek140you can have other names than wlan0 if u have wifi09:03
ohyashIn the get connected section (chapter 9.3.3). I perform the HOST$ part as it is (with wlo1 for my wifi) but I dont know how to get usb0 IP for TARGET$ sizde09:05
wiktorek140and it will be show under something like enp0s20u209:06
ohyashyeah, for the phone.09:07
ohyashand what do I put in the nameserver line?09:07
ohyashthe broadcast ID?09:07
wiktorek140i supose just let it be as is09:07
ohyashit works09:09
ohyashI got internet09:10
wiktorek140ohyash: great work :)09:11
ohyashso I ran strace /sbin/droid-hal-init09:11
ohyashit gave me "execve("/sbin/droid-hal-init", ["/sbin/droid-hal-init"], [/* 10 vars */]) = 009:12
ohyashcreate_module("", 0)                    = 0xa7909:12
ohyashand then Process 2681 detached09:12
wiktorek140and thats it?09:13
ohyashnothing else showed up09:13
wiktorek140and systemctl status droid-hal-init09:14
ohyash_how long does this test_hwcomposer go tho?09:14
wiktorek140i dont remeber09:15
wiktorek140ohyash: did u add to your pattern detrius?09:15
ohyash_wiktorek140, yes09:16
ohyash_hw_composer isnt giving any segfault. the faq has more commands to try if I get segfault09:17
wiktorek140try other09:19
wiktorek140i mean other command from faq09:20
wiktorek140try run /system/bin/surfaceflinger09:21
ohyash_arent any of these programs supposed to give outputs? The test_hwcomposer was silent for a long time so I ctrl^C it09:23
ohyash_now this surfaceflinger is alse silent09:23
ohyash_now this surfaceflinger is also silent09:23
wiktorek140did the screen blink during running it?09:24
ohyash_all  I see the vendor's logo spash09:25
wiktorek140im out of ideas what u can do more09:27
ohyash_yeah its weird09:27
ohyash_is the dmesg, journal normal?09:27
ohyash_I mean do even working sfos give out similar output/errors/warnings09:28
ohyash_Nokius_, you here?09:28
wiktorek140ohyash_: try this " remove the word "exec" from the last line of /usr/bin/droid/, to make this permanent add a modified copy of the file to $ANDROID_ROOT/hybris/droid-configs/sparse/usr/bin/droid/ (this has to be fixed properly at some point)"09:29
ohyash_wiktorek140, I was gonna. But mal told me its old and fixed already. Thats why the line starts with "not needed anymore"09:30
wiktorek140but always can try it. sometimes old fixes fix troubles :)09:31
ohyash_wiktorek140, I can't. I dont even have the bin/ dir in my $ANDROID_ROOT/usr09:32
wiktorek140but this file is in hybris09:33
wiktorek140and u can try on device edit it09:33
wiktorek140via vim or nano09:33
ohyash_how do I "test" it09:35
wiktorek140reboot device09:35
wiktorek140or force reboot by button combination (usual pover and vol-down)09:36
ohyash_nope, no help09:37
ohyash_still no GUI09:37
wiktorek140still splashscreen or maybe black screen?09:37
ohyash_the logo splashscreen09:38
ohyash_when do the other moderators wake up. I'm not who to even ask further before quitting09:39
wiktorek140at least u can just ask and maybe they will reply when wake up :)09:40
elrosmoderators? post latest logs, maybe someone will read it09:40
ohyash_Oh, BTW, do I need to clear warnings from kernel_defconf?09:40
elrosif they are important09:41
wiktorek140ohyash_:  some of it is better to set up09:41
ohyash_I cleared errors. warnings looked to be optional but some were systemd things. Possible to be the reason?09:43
ohyash_the CGGROUP warnings are not important right?09:52
elrosthey are09:53
ohyash_elros, should I set them to n?09:54
ohyash_that link recommends so  I guess09:54
elroshow do I know what warning you get?09:54
ohyash_elros, these
elrosread comment under CONFIG_AUDIT, I think these CONFIG_CGROUP_MEM* were also needed09:59
malwiktorek140: the exec removal was obsoleted by this
malohyash_: what device is that? is it qcom or something else?10:03
ohyash_mal, YU Yureka.10:10
ohyash_elros, alright turned all CGROUP_MEM_ to y10:14
ohyash_and CONFIG_AUDIT to n10:15
octonezd why sdk_assistant can't create targets?10:16
octonezdnevermind, I am just stupid10:21
malohyash_: those flag names depend on kernel version 3.4 had those names, some newer kernels have new flags10:23
ohyash_wont mer_verify_kernel_connfig report updated flags?10:24
malbecause currently it doesn't check kernel version10:24
malso how about you check what kernel version your device is using10:25
ohyash_I just set some of the flags as one of the allowed values.10:25
ohyash_shouuld I remove those lines?10:25
malstop overthinking and do what I said10:25
ohyash_so what do I do now?10:27
mal13:25 < mal> so how about you check what kernel version your device is using10:27
malsoon I will stop helping you if this continues10:27
octonezdsb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH gcc main.c -o test10:29
octonezdsb2: Error: Invalid target specified, aborting.10:29
octonezdWhat I am doing wrong?10:29
ohyash_kernel 3.10.10710:30
octonezdI have tooling named leeco-s2-armv7hl10:30
ohyash_octonezd, did you do this? sdk-assistant create $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH
malohyash_: the flags in that kernel are CONFIG_MEMCG, CONFIG_MEMCG_SWAP, CONFIG_MEMCG_KMEM10:35
malohyash_: push your adaptation repos to github with all current changes so I can check those10:35
wiktorek140mal: thanks for info ;)10:38
wiktorek140mal:  are come specific kernel flag required for hybris-14.1? excluded this one u write there and from kernel check?10:45
OhYashmal, that(git) I think would take a little time. On it.10:46
malwiktorek140: no special changes for 14.1 in kernel, at least I can't remember any10:52
wiktorek140mal: so in theory mer config from hybris-13.0 should work with hybris-14.1 at this same version of kernel?10:54
malOhYash: your dmesg from earlier today showed that you didn't run the symlink script I said to run yesterday10:54
malwiktorek140: why are you doing it like that, just fix the flags in 14.1 kernel10:55
malOhYash: also you didn't add the one package to patterns10:55
wiktorek140im just curious10:55
OhYashmal: That is weird. Cuz I did both. Maybe you checked the defconf and journalctl of previous build. Was it the one where I put pastebin links for both in a single message?10:57
malthen you didn't build some that was needed10:59
OhYashyes maybe11:02
OhYashI have my kernel config up in git11:02
OhYashhere :
OhYashdroid_hal_tomato spec  :
maldidn't you say you needed straggler_files?11:04
elroswhat is that CONFIG_MEMCG=! ? :P11:05
OhYashmal: yes, I had the same error as in 7.2.211:05
OhYashoh wait11:06
OhYashthey'r emissing11:06
malOhYash: did you commit your changes?11:07
malelros: it's the same as CONFIG_CGROUP was in 3.4 kernel but for newer kernels11:08
OhYashmal : haha oops. Thats whats missing11:08
octonezdIs error in rpm/droid-hal-s2.spec build related to my device source code (log:
elrosmal: yes I know I mean "!" instead "y" in his defconfig11:08
maloctonezd: add this to your rpm/dhd
OhYashupdated with stragggler11:09
malelros: well that is just wrong11:09
malOhYash: where did you get the idea to do CONFIG_MEMCG=! in your defconfig, instead of =y11:10
octonezdThanks, @mal! It worked11:10
OhYashthat link in the comment suggested setting all these CGROUPS to no for performance and the allowed valuew here were y, !11:11
octonezdCan I make build/packages use more CPUs, other than just one?11:15
octonezdLike in make -j811:15
malOhYash: once again overthinking11:17
malOhYash: there are only 3 options in kernel defconfig N, Y or M11:18
octonezdI am getting dependency error when building rpm/droid-config-s2.spec: No provider of pkgconfig(android-headers) found.11:18
OhYashmal : but...
OhYashdroid_hal_version_tomato :
malOhYash: you are the first person to misunderstand that, congratulations11:20
OhYashdroid_config_tomato :
OhYashOw shet11:20
malOhYash: so did you commit the changes to config repo? doesn't seem like it11:21
elrosOhYash: check again your defconfig, now you need to fix your fix11:21
OhYashI did change it to y from !11:22
OhYashand its updated11:22
malOhYash: you have same flag twice and one missing11:22
OhYashoh oh yep11:22
malcould you please focus a little11:22
OhYashI think I've done all the git upload work. Now am with calm mind11:24
octonezdAny idea what is causing missing dependency of pkgconfig(android-headers)?11:24
octonezdI checked IRC logs, found something in 2015, but it seems there were no answer. Also found issue in mail lists, but it was on-device11:25
elroswhen you get this error11:26
octonezdBuilding of rpm/droid-config-s2.spec11:27
octonezd here is output11:27
malOhYash: if you say config repo is updated then you didn't do what I said11:28
maloctonezd: did droid-hal rpms build successfully?11:28
elrosoctonezd: it was related to missing droid-hal-$DEVICE-devel11:29
octonezddroid-hal-s2 build successfully11:29
OhYashoh, pattern commit11:30
octonezdSo I should build droid-hal-s2-devel?11:31
OhYashgot the pattern11:31
octonezdI tried doing --droid-hal and got this: File '/repodata/repomd.xml' not found on medium ''11:34
maloctonezd: ? you are building for i486 device?11:38
maloctonezd: what is your PORT_ARCH11:38
malthen how does that path contain sailfish_latest_i48611:39
maloctonezd: which build target did you install?11:39
octonezdboth armv7hl, I think11:40
malit's amazing in how many different ways people can mess up builds11:40
octonezdI guess my hands are growing from wrong place then :P11:41
octonezdSo, how do I check which arch target uses?11:41
octonezdUpd: checked bash history and now I feel stupid, cuz I put i486 as target...11:41
OhYashToday doesn't seem to be a good start of work for mal11:43
maloctonezd: show output of sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -R -m sdk-install ssu lr11:51
malin platform sdk11:51
maloctonezd: oh, you already found your mistake, anyway that command I gave shows the repos inside the target11:52
octonezdWhere did I go again: `ImportError: No module named rpm`. It happend during mic create12:05
OhYashmal: does the detritus affect libhybris and other plugins or should I just rebuild droid-hal* and droid-config*?12:07
octonezdI should just `python2 -m pip install --user rpm`?12:09
malOhYash: just rebuild config package12:09
maloctonezd: zypper in rpm-python12:09
maland sudo if needed12:10
octonezdThanks! Now I got another error:Error <creator>: URLGrabber error: - e.errno: 1412:11
maloctonezd: RELEASE= not v2.2.0.2912:12
octonezdYeah, just noticed I did such a mistake12:13
malOhYash: you are still missing the symlinks from your repo, are those there or did you just forget to commit those (you need to do git add for those before they can be commited)12:19
OhYashThe script from faq right? done. Here :
malOhYash: ok, so now try to rebuild the image and see how it behaves12:35
octonezdSo, I managed to install it, but all I see is leeco logo12:44
octonezdLast thing that /init.log says is beggining inject loop12:46
octonezdAlso CUSTOMPRODUCT in log says Failed to boot init in real rootfs12:47
octonezdHere is /init.log
maloctonezd: which telnet port?12:51
maloctonezd: did you install that normally? without any hacks?12:53
maloctonezd: do you see the sailfish rootfs in /target folder in the telnet?12:55
octonezdyes, it installed fine in twrp12:55
octonezdOnly one error appeared, however: no such command [[]12:55
octonezdIn TWRP12:56
octonezdlemme flash it again and I will give you screenshot12:56
malI don't care about twrp output12:57
maloctonezd: just recheck the rootfs in telnet12:57
octonezdOkay, waiting for it to complete flash12:57
octonezdIs it fine for mount errors to be in TWRP during install?12:58
malit's normal to have some mount related error12:58
maldepends on what the error is12:58
maland whether you actually defined the userdata partition correctly12:58
octonezdfailed to mount userdata at /data12:58
malif the installation claims to succeed then it should be fine13:01
octonezdFor some reason it doesn't show device IP in dmesg/lsusb -v13:01
malifconfig is where you check that13:04
octonezdAlso gnome settings say there is two wired usb connections13:05
octonezdifconfig shows only my local IP in that interface, it seems, and that ip is
malstop overthinking, you already got in to it via telnet so13:06
octonezdBut I can no longer get into telnet!13:06
octonezdThat is the problem13:06
malthen what did you do differently now?13:06
octonezdNothing, just rebooted it.13:06
maldmesg should so the boot state assuming it's even in sailfish side13:07
octonezdIf I do sudo lsusb -v | grep iSerial I see my phone serial number13:10
octonezdI guessed telnet IP and port. It was and port was 2323.13:11
malso you go to that now?13:11
octonezdfolder /target doesn't exist13:11
octonezdls: cannot access /target: No such file or directory13:12
malyou are confusing me13:12
octonezdYes, I got into phone's telnet13:12
malwhich telnet port are you using now?13:12
malthe /target is relevant only for 2313:12
mal2323 is actual sailfish side, 23 is the kernel init13:12
octonezdwhat should I check now?13:13
maldmesg, journalctl, /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat as usual13:13
octonezd - dmesg, - journalctl, logcat read failure13:15
malwhich android base?13:16
malI assume you didn't run the symlink script mentioned in faq (linked in topic) in section about 14.1 porting?13:16
malthat is needed for 14.113:17
octonezdOh, ok.13:17
malfrom the faq: Run this script in $ANDROID_ROOT
octonezdUh, the script is N/A, it seems.13:18
octonezdDisallowed Key Characters13:18
malthat link works fine for me13:18
octonezdSeems like firefox screwing something up then13:19
malI also use firefox13:19
maloctonezd: I assume you downloaded the script from there first13:19
octonezdI didn't download that script13:20
malthen how did you try to run it?13:20
octonezdI were not able to open the link13:21
octonezdGuess some extension screwed it up, cause incognito opened it just fine13:22
octonezdSo, I got the script and ran it, should I started build again?13:22
malbuild config rpms and then image13:24
malor optionally you can create symlinks on your device for testing (obviously you need to edit the script for that)13:25
octonezdOkay,I did -c Waiting now for mic to create stuff13:27
octonezdAlright, screen works now13:45
malso you got to UI now?13:46
maldoes touchscreen work?13:46
octonezdyep, touch works13:47
malok good13:47
octonezdMobile data seems to work, WiFi seems to not13:47
octonezdIn setup, at least.13:47
malmany qcom devices need wifi driver as module, check faq13:48
maloctonezd: I suggest you go through chapters 13.2 and 13.3 soon (make sure you have the latest hadk pdf
octonezdDoes sailfish os have support for h/w keys?14:21
octonezdOr it is completely gesture-driven14:21
maloctonezd: gestures mostly, the normal three android buttons at the bottom of the screen are not used14:25
octonezdAnd what about fingerprint support?14:33
malnot yet available for ports afaik14:33
octonezdWlan doesn't work even after installing service...14:38
octonezdsystemctl status wlan-module-load says that it is active (exited)14:38
malthen check logs14:39
maldmesg for example14:39
malis the module name correct?14:40
maltest in commandline14:40
octonezdmodprobe wlan outputs nothing14:41
malwhat does lsmod say?14:41
octonezdit is empty14:42
maltry modprobe pronto_wlan14:42
octonezdThere is no wlan module in lib/modules/3.10.versionstuff/14:42
malare modules even enabled for your kernel?14:42
malcheck in defconfig14:43
octonezdYes, PRONTO_WIFI is set to m14:43
maloctonezd: I mean CONFIG_MODULES or something like that14:43
malsome kernels have modules disabled completely14:43
maloctonezd: show your kernel sources14:44
octonezdI didn't commited & pushed the defconfig with wifi14:44
malso why isn't the module there? did you rebuild kernel using make hybris-boot in HABUILD_SDK and then repackage droid-hal rpms using -d?14:46
mal(or make hybris-hal)14:46
octonezdI didn't rebuild kernel in HABUILD, only repackaged. Will rebuild14:47
malwell there is the problem, of course kernel needs to be rebuilt if you change configs14:47
mal*change defconfig14:47
octonezdI thought build_packages will also rebuild kernel14:49
malnope, all android side build is done in HABUILD_SDK, including kernel14:49
maloctonezd: so if you edit something outside hybris or rpm folders in $ANDROID_ROOT you need to rebuild something in HABUILD_SDK14:51
malin most cases only device repos or kernel need changing in android side, some exceptions are known though14:52
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ohyash_mal : I reflashed with all the code changes you  mentioned16:56
ohyash_now I get a blue screen after vendor splash16:56
ohyash_full blue screen of death16:56
ohyash_and I can't telnet in17:01
malohyash_: which device was that again?17:05
ohyash_YU YUreka17:05
malohyash_: does it show up in dmesg?17:07
malor ifconfig17:07
ohyash_dmesg :: enp0s19f2u1: link is not ready17:08
ohyash_and doesnt show up in ifconfig17:08
malohyash_: but did it show before that the usual Mer messages17:09
ohyash_I think the first time I connected it, it probably detected it17:10
ohyash_SerialNumber: Mer Debug setting up (DONE_SWITCH=yes)17:10
ohyash_this is only when I connected it for the first time17:10
malI'm lost again17:10
ohyash_then I restarted it and reconnected I couldn't telnet17:10
malI have no idea what you are trying to tell17:11
ohyash_I flashed the zip17:11
ohyash_It booted into blue screen17:11
ohyash_then I took it off17:11
ohyash_reconnected and started, again it gave blue screen17:12
ohyash_that DONE_SWITCH=yes only showed up on the first connect17:12
ohyash_not afterwatrds again17:12
malso the second boot shows no sign of Sailfish?17:12
ohyash_Yep, not even Mer17:12
malso nothing about usb?17:13
malin dmesg17:13
ohyash_Detects device as a Storage device.17:13
ohyash_but Make and model number are there17:13
ohyash_I'm going to reflash it now17:14
ohyash_and am going to telnet in the first boot17:14
ohyash_interesting. Now my laptop is not detecting phone even in the fastboot mode17:16
ohyash_[39892.392428] usb 2-2: device descriptor read/64, error -11017:16
ohyash_more of scary then interesting now :o17:17
ohyash_I got telnet17:18
malvery odd indeed17:18
ohyash_not able to fastboot now tho17:18
ohyash_I got telnet. What can I do17:19
malEGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer test_hwcomposer17:21
ohyash_journalctl :
ohyash_test_hwcomposer finally gives some output17:24
ohyash_width: 1080 height: 192017:24
ohyash_OpenGL ES 2.0 (OpenGL ES 3.2 V@145.0 (GIT@I38fdb1353f))17:24
ohyash_and is running17:24
ohyash_mal: still have bluescreen17:24
malohyash_: I think I might have an idea, check end of faq17:32
malohyash_: so add the lines similar way you added straggler_files17:33
ohyash_the one just above anbox info?17:34
malbelow it17:35
malI just added some new instructions17:35
ohyash_just noticed it was offline and reloaded. Now I see it17:36
malohyash_: so the problem might be that your device has that certain define in device/cyanogen not in device/yu17:36
malso the automatic detection failed17:36
ohyash_mal: so after this should I proceed with building zip or are there any more possible changes?17:38
malohyash_: not 100% sure which packages should be rebuilt so better run completely after adding the new lines17:38
malhopefully it will detect the changed header17:39
ohyash_I just hope it detects fastboot18:00
ohyash_-- still at build_packages tho18:00
maljust curious where do you need fastboot? don't you install the zip via recovery?18:02
ohyash_I never flashed recovery. I just fastboot boot TWRP-blahblah.img whenever I flash a rom18:04
ohyash_meanwhile I was curious about this NameTelegram users here18:05
ohyash_whats the telegram group?18:05
ohyash_funny thing is I see mine too :"YashYadavTelegra". Maybe I have fiddled with matrix in the past18:06
malno idea, I have never used telegram18:06
ohyash_flashing zip build-418:42
maldid fastboot work now?18:43
branekhi all... any idea why I'm getting different MAC address on wlan0 each time I reboot Sailfish?18:45
r0kk3rzprobably because you're not reading the real one in18:46
branekAnd I need to set WLAN password again after each reset...18:46
branekr0kk3rz: how/where to check. Device dumpling, Lineage 15.1...18:46
ohyash_OH MY F!18:47
ohyash_It booted!18:47
r0kk3rzyeah wlan settings are related to mac address18:47
ohyash_I can finally see!!18:48
ohyash_wifi isnt working18:48
ohyash_mal: To me, yes! xD18:49
malohyash_: read what I wrote here earlier today about building wifi as module18:49
malbranek: do you have built wlan driver as module?18:49
malbranek: which wlan chip, qcom or broadcom?18:50
ohyash_alright. soon after I'm done with startup steps18:50
malohyash_: a hint, you can skip tutorial by pressing display corners in clockwise order starting from top left corner18:50
branekmal: not sure about chip neither if wlan are built as modules, wlan worked immediately after boot-up...18:52
branekmal: will check now...18:52
malbranek: broadcom chips often need some magic mac address service and qcom chips behave better as modules usually18:53
ohyash_how do I screenshot tho?18:53
malohyash_: I think it was both volume buttons at the same time for a moment18:54
branekmal: This was set in kernel: Qualcomm core WLAN driver for QCA6174 chipset - so I guess it's qcom18:56
branekmal: any special handling of modules, or I just enable it as module, and everything should be on right place after build?18:57
malbranek: check faq18:57
malbranek: show your kernel sources18:58
malbranek: hmm, I know a device with same chip and it didn't need wlan as module, not any other hacks, just a simple init service to start the wlan chip19:03
malat least same driver I mean19:03
ohyash_So far, wifi, bluetooth, camera dont work. Only single sim is detected. Gallery is not showing images in full screen mode19:04
branekmal: to be honest, I also think this was not the case before... I just rebuilt everything after adding ADRENO_QUIRKS.19:05
branekmal: butnot sure 100%.19:05
ohyash_but I think I'll tackle them all slowly. Later. Gotta sleep19:05
ohyash_Thank you all who have helped me.19:05
ohyash_and mal, I love you19:05
louisdkI was wondering if the bq aquaris m10 was easier to port due to it's ubuntu toch libhybris implementation?19:06
malohyash_: for black pictures you might need
ohyash_browser crashed19:07
ohyash_and doesnt show chars as I type19:07
ohyash_any other way to test internet?19:07
malohyash_: for browser crash you probably need WANT_ADRENO_QUIRKS19:07
branekmal: do you think that not wiping data/cache before flashing could be a problem? I just want to switch kernel on boot partition to be able to get android back on device easeily.19:08
malohyash_: so to the list where you added QCOM_BSP just a moment ago add "#define WANT_ADRENO_QUIRKS 1\"19:08
ohyash_mal: Easy, Done :)19:09
ohyash_mobile internet seems to be working. curl19:10
malohyash_: you seem to have wlan as module already so have you added the service as mentioned in faq19:10
malohyash_: for camera and phone calls etc do chapters 13.2 adn 13.3 from hadk pdf, make sure you have hadk pdf version
malbranek: cache or data shouldn't be a problem19:12
malbranek: at least not if you boot to same android version you used as base for sailfish19:13
ohyash_mal: should I set all the configs with WLAN in name to m?19:16
malohyash_: no, you already have the needed flags as module
malohyash_: you only need to add the service to configs19:16
ohyash_Doesn't detect incoming calls. Also doesnt detect when the person on the other side picks up a call.19:29
malohyash_: I told you already how to fix calls19:34
branekmal: wiping data/cache and reflashing fixed issue with different MAC... maybe it's related with PIN set-up on ANDROID/encription, whatever...19:53
sailfishos-porteI've flashed Sailfish on my device. And it's not starts. I saw only MI logo. I've got a log of Sailfish. This error is repeating every 30 seconds
malbranek: hmm, ok19:58
malbranek: it would be interesting to know which one was required19:59
branekmal: ok, one of next reflasing i will try to figure out...20:00
malsailfishos-porte: do not just take random parts of logs, get the whole logs, dmesg, journalctl and /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat also which device and android base?20:00
malbranek: wondering if it's some permission issue?20:00
branekmal: interesting is that first part of MAC was changed to C0:EE:FB when it was failing... now it's OUI, 94:65:2D - both are OUI from OnePlus...20:04
r0kk3rz[m]Whats the mac supposed to be?20:09
branekr0kk3rz: well, I suppose this one which is working: 94:65:2D, but will check what is in android when I restore it...20:14
branekok, next thing is cellular: device is dual modem, but I didn't set it as dual in droid-configs yet...20:18
branekrild is started20:18
branektwo channels, and ofonod is in process list...20:18
branekthis is also output of logcat -b radio:
branekit's complaining about /dev/socket/settingsd20:20
malbranek: assuming you have sailfish running then ofono supports multple config files, you can enable second sim slot like this
malbranek: of course you also need to enable the correct packages in patterns20:27
branekmal: do you have anything to add here:
malbranek: depends on the device, the multisim package and the mapplaucher at the end20:32
malbranek: with multisim package you should I the config I linked20:33
branekmal: ok, I understand, will do that now... anything about logcat output I copied above?20:35
malbranek: does the first sim work?20:38
branekmal: nope...20:38
malbranek: btw, depending on how the ril is in that device it might not work yet in hybris-15.120:39
malbranek: we don't have support for the new android side way yet20:39
*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius20:39
branekmal: got it, I was scared about that...20:40
malbranek: I think all devices have moved to the new communication method20:40
branekmal: what that means? I'll have to wait until support is done properly?20:43
malbranek: yep, android moved to binderized communication with ril and that is still being worked on, parts of it have already been done, not sure how much is missing20:44
malbranek: does ofono say anything?20:46
monichmal: in a few weeks ofono should get properly binderized20:49
branekmal: output of journalctl | grep ofono
malmonich: good to know, I saw the early work already being added to some places20:50
malbranek: ok, so you just need to wait20:50
monichmost likely binderization will eventually involve a) installing (pulling in) ofono plugin and b) modifying ofono config20:50
monichso that binder dependency doesn't get pulled in on the devices that don't need it20:51
malsounds a like good idea20:52
* branek is waiting patiently20:52
malbranek: meanwhile you can try to fix other other issues you might have20:52
branekmal: of course... next are sensors... I'm just scared not to get the same answer... :)20:54
branekmal: but, I will continue that tomorrow...20:55
malbranek: there are two options for sensors, do you have 32-bit sensors.something.so20:55
malif you only have 64-bit then there could be a problem20:55
branekmal: no20:55
branekno 32 bit...20:55
malthen there is an ugly hack I made which was never used but it might work, or not20:56
malI haven't tested if that would work with 64-bit stuff at all20:57
monichbinderized 32-bit ofono should be able to support both 32- and 64-bit androids!20:58
branekmal: could you please take a look here:
malmonich: we were already discussing other things, sensors20:58
branekthere is: ./system/vendor/lib/sensors.ssc.so20:59
malmonich: which reminds me, other things that have been binderized is gps support in android 8, I made one way to fix it but wondering if there is simpler way like that for ofono20:59
monichyes, I noticed I was just praising myself :)20:59
monichmal: yes, if it works nicely with ofono, a similar approach can be applied to other components21:01
monichthe low level binder stuff is a separate library, no ofono dependencies there21:01
r0kk3rz[m]Ofono needs binder now :/21:02
monichI know! I'm working on that!21:02
r0kk3rz[m]I mean thats lame...21:03
r0kk3rz[m]But its amazing its worked for so long21:04
pseudodevI keep on getting this issue after the packages are installed duing mic21:19
pseudodevqemu: uncaught target signal 11 (Segmentation fault) - core dumped21:19
pseudodev/bin/find: tracker terminated by signal 1121:19
pseudodevIt keeps on saying this and it is been 30 mins now. Any ideas why?21:20
malbranek: have you checked with strace which sensor lib it tries to load21:44
wiktorek140just strange, kernel in theory launch but it doesnt start telnet :/21:46
wiktorek140mal: possible that fix in hybris-boot will fix it in hybris-14.1?22:01
malwiktorek140: what fix? depends on what the problem is, you can try, some devices have issues with partial configfs support and full android gadget support at the same time22:04
wiktorek140the main and for now only one problem ;p kernel boot, but serial via usb dont ;p22:05
wiktorek140mal: on hybris-13.0 work everything correct, excluding that i cannot reboot device22:06
malwiktorek140: try the latest hybris-boot and see what happens22:06
wiktorek140mal: i building right now, and i will test it22:08
wiktorek140mal: it fix it, stuck before rootfs but something can be done now ;)22:13
malwiktorek140: good22:15
wiktorek140mal: better than nothing but now i need to find out what stop int from booting22:16
malwiktorek140: did you run the symlink script from faq?22:17
malwiktorek140: oh, you said it's before it gets to sailfish side22:17
wiktorek140yes, i will check it exist on device22:17
malso you are now in port 23?22:17
wiktorek140not 232322:18
malthe errors are usually either incorrect defconfig or something wrong with fixup or something like that22:18
wiktorek140missing mountpoints can cause that too?22:19
malI think so, it can fail to mount userdata22:20
wiktorek140mal: i supose it was my fault because i change by accident fixup-mountpoint and it didnt mount anything xD22:21
malnot usually missing fixup but broken fixup, meaning incorrect path for the source22:21
malthe error should be quite clear in port 23 log22:22
wiktorek140mal: i will test it with fixed mountpoints22:24
wiktorek140mal:  its got better, device only blink in system and disapear22:28
malwiktorek140: what did you rebuild? do remember that fixups are used also in sailfish side (droid-hal)22:30
malso just flashing kernel is not enough22:30
wiktorek140mal:  thats can be the case. only boot22:31
wiktorek140mal: need to rebuild libhybris and other?22:33
maljust droid-hal and then the final image22:34
malso -d and image build22:34
wiktorek140building final image, it will take a moment22:36
branekmal: I created link ln -s /system/vendor/lib/ /odm/hw/lib/ and now test-sensors returns with around 50 sensor list... so I guess that is ok.22:42
branekmal: tried to follow HADK, and results from IRC search, and now I am little bit lost, which file to change... because CSD does not work for any sensor...22:43
wiktorek140mal: fixed mount points = boot to gui in first try ;p23:04
malbranek: does harbour-messwerk show any working sensors?23:04
malwiktorek140: good23:04
wiktorek140so it need to be polished but main part work ;)23:07
branekmal: rotation - working, compas (magnetometer) - working23:11
branekother not23:11
malbranek: ah, have you configured csd?23:12
malbranek: something like this
branekmal: this:
malthat is needed also for many sensors to work23:13
branekno.... will try now...23:13
malif that is not enough you can then try something like this in addition to the csd config
branekmal: sensors are responsive now, with hw-settings.ini, all except compas...23:23
branekI will find out what is wrong with compass later.... thank you mal, lot of help from you. Good night to everyone in CET TZ.23:25
malbranek: sometimes compass only works on the second start of the compass app23:28

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