Tuesday, 2018-07-24

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wiktorek140mal: audio during call fixed. removed audio xml from sparse08:40
malwiktorek140: hmm, which one?08:43
wiktorek140wait, i will check xD08:43
wiktorek140mal: /etc/pulse/xpolicy.conf08:46
wiktorek140i mean it was replaced during building image but that version work08:46
maloh, so you had some old versiin of that?08:50
malwell that would indeed cause problems08:50
wiktorek140mal: probably yes, it was copied when i make fixes and updates and forgot to remove08:51
ghosalmartinmal, krnlyng : am making a fresh X build, would it be best to use android 6, or android 8?09:24
r0kk3rz6 id say09:35
r0kk3rzit would be cool to do an android 8 build though09:35
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: are you maintainer of hammerhead as well? i saw your name on the repo09:36
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz, not really but I dont mind attempting it, I have a spare device09:36
r0kk3rzyeah it shouldnt need a lot of work to update09:38
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krnlyngghosalmartin, if you want to be bleeding edge use 810:00
krnlyngghosalmartin, if you just want to replicate the image use 610:00
krnlyngghosalmartin, but newer is always better right :)? at least newer is more interesting when talking about android :).10:00
krnlyngandroid apis*10:01
malghosalmartin: if you want to use it as a phone then android 6, if not then you can try 810:02
ghosalmartinmal, krnlyng : its to put on xda and alike so probably 610:54
krnlyngghosalmartin, if you want to bring android 8 adaptations further then android 8 :)11:09
ghosalmartinkrnlyng, ill make the testing one android 6, and the devel android 8 :P11:10
OhYashdoesnt like this app is sending messages11:48
OhYashwith proximity sensor enabled, screen goes black during a call. and I cant do anything to bring back.screen until.call ends. (which the other person would have to do)11:49
malso proximity sensor is not working properly11:50
OhYashmal: it works. Auto brightness works11:51
OhYashbut yeah, during calls its like its sending 'dark' reports.11:52
maldisplay blanking during calls is controlled by proximity sensor, if display doesn't turn on after removing what is blocking proximity sensor then it doesn't work properly11:52
OhYashyep, thats the problem.11:53
r0kk3rzauto brightness is ALS11:57
OhYashoh, then yep11:58
OhYashproximity is not working11:58
r0kk3rztest it with csd11:59
maldid you add the sensor fixes mentioned in faq?11:59
OhYashleemi recheck12:00
OhYashthe hw-settings.ini file only right?12:02
OhYashI have it.12:05
OhYashthe probem occurs with ProxSensor=1 value12:05
OhYashyep csd test shows its 'covered' constantly12:34
maltry cleaning the area on the device where the sensor is12:35
OhYashnope, doesnt help12:37
OhYashit works totally fine on android tho.12:38
demonaxshHi, everyone.12:45
demonaxshI rebuild fs with surfaceflinger (qpa-plugin etc) components:12:45
demonaxsh# Determine which node is your touchscreen by checking /dev/input/event*12:45
demonaxshLIPSTICK_OPTIONS=-plugin evdevtouch:/dev/input/event0 -plugin evdevkeyboard:keymap=/usr/share/qt5/keymaps/droid.qmap12:45
demonaxshBut now, screen does not switch from bootlogo12:45
demonaxshtest_sf not crashed, there are ideas, what can be problem?12:45
maldo you have the surfaceflinger qpa plugin installed?12:46
maldid it work before?12:46
malwhich android base?12:47
demonaxshandroid 6.012:48
demonaxshdevice based on mt6735 (mediatek)12:48
demonaxshyes, plugin installed12:48
krnlyngdemonaxsh, do you have the permission fix?12:53
krnlyngdemonaxsh, do you have the LD_PRELOAD?12:54
krnlyngdemonaxsh, do you have the surfaceflinger service enabled?12:54
Mister_Magisterhello mal krnlyng have a nice day :P12:55
demonaxshpermission? no, for what? for /usr/lib/qt5/plugins/platforms/libsurfaceflinger.so?12:56
demonaxshLD_PRELOAD - no, without it not worked? or you want say that plugin must first load, and then real libsurfaceflinger?12:56
Mister_Magisterdemonaxsh: no and no12:57
demonaxshfor libsf_compat_layer.so?13:02
demonaxshfor starting surfaceflinger need droidmedia?13:03
malMister_Magister: do you remember where the instruction for surfaceflinger method were?13:04
Mister_Magisteri have them in bookmarks but im not at home rn sorry :/13:04
demonaxshit's popular question? in faq nothing for this theme13:06
demonaxshis dark secret of the sith?13:16
maldemonaxsh: nobody has yet found where the recent instructions are, the old quite obsolete instructions have been found though13:19
maldemonaxsh: if you want you can try these, all before and including the big NOTE is obsolete and should not be done https://bpaste.net/show/10d83e7092c013:30
demonaxshok, I'll try13:32
Mister_Magistermal: demonaxsh: do everything below line 15 (including line 15)13:33
Mister_Magisterand it should be fine13:33
Mister_Magisterlines above line 15 are obsolate and basically breaking everything13:33
malMister_Magister: line 18 is very wrong13:40
Mister_Magisteri know :)13:40
malso why did you say to do it?13:40
Mister_Magisteri just fix it automatically :P13:40
malthat package is already included in build_packages.sh13:40
Mister_Magisterqt5-qpa-surfaceflinger-plugin? since when13:41
Mister_Magistermal: then from line 2213:42
malMister_Magister: since july 5th13:43
malit was included for android 813:43
Mister_Magisterim not following very much lately13:43
Mister_Magisterno new devices to port and busy with college :P13:43
demonaxshoh my god... gui worked15:36
demonaxshbut not worked touchs, but it's progress15:41
maldemonaxsh: touch device is defined in /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf you just need to find out which device is the correct one15:43
demonaxshls -l /dev/input/by-path/platform-10003000.keypad-event15:48
demonaxshlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 9 May 29 15:24 /dev/input/by-path/platform-10003000.keypad-event -> ../event015:48
demonaxshbut apparently it's hardware buttons15:48
maldemonaxsh: you can either check the names from there if something would hint that it's the touchscreen or just cat the /dev/input/eventX devices one by one and see which one shows something when you touch the screen15:50
demonaxshyes, thx I already understood15:52
wiktorek140mal:  some clue about fmradio? https://pastebin.com/TBnQSmBX  hadk tutorial and faq done16:53
wiktorek140https://pastebin.com/pJYd9ndF additional logs from journalctl16:56
malwiktorek140: your kernel driver might be one of those that need either patching or this https://github.com/piggz/qt5-qtmultimedia-plugin-mediaservice-irisradio note that that requires a env var called HYBRIS_FM_INIT_PATH to give path to init16:59
wiktorek140mal: where i can find patch?17:00
malwiktorek140: it depends on the kernel17:01
wiktorek140mal: what if i dont have /sys/module/radio_iris_transport/parameters/fmsmd_set?17:03
malshow your kernel sources17:04
* piggz checks the faw for anything new17:07
malwiktorek140: probably not related but you do have some old fmradio pulseaudio configs17:16
malwiktorek140: also you are sure the fm radio works in android?17:16
wiktorek140mal: not synced repo but i removed and symlinked like in your repo17:16
wiktorek140mal: yes, it was warking17:17
malthe iris-transport is built as module and you verified the module has been loaded properly?17:18
malwiktorek140: is bluetooth working on that device?17:19
wiktorek140mal: bluetooth yes, iris-transport build in, not as module17:20
maltry as module17:20
wiktorek140need to rebuld whole system or only boot and push it to device?17:21
malwiktorek140: kernel and droid-hal17:21
wiktorek140so whole system ;p17:22
malif you want you can manually copy the modules but it's easier to just package the droid-hal rpms and copy them to the device and install17:22
wiktorek140mal:  its a some solution ;)17:22
malif you think building whole image is easier than installing the droid-hal rpms then go ahead17:22
wiktorek140mal: impossible to build kernel with iris-transport as module17:29
malhmm, what error17:29
malwiktorek140: add here an #else with content "extern int radio_hci_smd_init(void);" https://github.com/wiktorek140/android_kernel_motorola_msm8916/blob/cm-14.1/drivers/media/radio/radio-iris.c#L524717:32
malor just move the extern int radio_hci_smd_init(void); out of the #ifndef MODULE17:33
wiktorek140mal: something like this? https://pastebin.com/aAVcMUDd17:34
malyes, that should work17:35
wiktorek140still the same17:37
wiktorek140mal: config_radio_iris can be module?17:38
malnot sure, maybe17:40
maltry building also it as module17:40
maland remove the change you made17:40
wiktorek140mal:  first try build with changes17:40
wiktorek140mal: complete with succes17:41
malyep, it seems both have to be modules for it to work17:42
malalso edit the systemd service to modprobe both if needed17:42
wiktorek140so changes are unnecesary, remove it17:43
wiktorek140yea, i remember it17:43
wiktorek140mal: that was strange, module in theory was build, but not packed in kernel17:58
wiktorek140that what i say. module radio-iris-transport was not packed in droid-hal17:59
malit's in the kernel module package18:00
wiktorek140no, its not there18:01
malbut it's in out?18:01
wiktorek140it dont exist in whole android tree on my pc ;/18:01
malare modules enabled in your kernel?18:02
wiktorek140i thing yes because wnal is from modules18:02
malso you built kernel the usual way using either make hybris-boot or make hybris-hal?18:03
wiktorek140make hybris-boot18:03
maldoes the build output show anything about iris module18:04
wiktorek140mal: hmm, i dont see anything. just tell that build it and nothing more18:05
wiktorek140mal:  i will try with make hybris-hal and see then18:06
wiktorek140mal: https://pastebin.com/AaHFjpyB probbly this. i will try to fix18:07
malso you'll just need to add some #ifndef MODULE around that line18:09
wiktorek140mal: that help, try to put it in device18:10
wiktorek140mal: radio work, audio no18:20
wiktorek140audio on radio of course18:21
wiktorek140still error connected with headphoneasfmradiolp18:22
malwiktorek140: are you sure you did the xpolicy change correctly, also depending on the device you might need to change the audio device name18:25
wiktorek140mal: yes its file provided with droid-config18:26
malhttps://github.com/piggz/droid-config-mido/blob/master/sparse/etc/pulse/xpolicy.conf.d/xvars.conf you might need that with input-fm_rx18:26
malor tuner, which ever works18:27
wiktorek140mal: tested both, still no change18:32
wiktorek140mal: can this fix it? https://github.com/kimmoli/droid-config-onyx/commit/e719fa422d9e20c95da83e1f8ccca3a44af60d8b18:32
malnot sure what that was for but you can try18:33
wiktorek140still nothing18:37
maldid you always reboot after changes? or at least restart pulseaudio18:38
wiktorek140reboot always18:38
wiktorek140mal:  half sucess xD culprit was bad symlink18:52
wiktorek140mal: but now in radio output i have mic input18:52
malwhich configs do you have now?18:55
wiktorek140kimmoli patch removed, input-fm_rx stay18:57
wiktorek140fixed symlink18:57
wiktorek140mal:  fixed, replace input-fm_rx with input-fm_tuner19:00
maltuner is the default so you can remove the file I think19:01
wiktorek140ok, i will try it19:01
wiktorek140mal: so left one thing, mce led diode19:27
malwiktorek140: what about it?19:31
wiktorek140mal:  config file created, correct path set in it19:32
wiktorek140but still no blinking19:32
wiktorek140white, binary led diode19:32
maldoes it only have such simple led19:33
maldoes the led have blink file?19:34
wiktorek140nope. only brightness and control19:34
wiktorek140both work with echo19:35
malwiktorek140: only blinking is the problem or does it completely fail?19:37
malwiktorek140: no max_brightness?19:38
wiktorek140mal:  oh, yes, max_brightness too19:38
wiktorek140but that doesnt matter, it operate on 0 and 119:39
wiktorek140and completly fail in system notification19:39
wiktorek140mal: maybe change backend from binary to white?19:40
maldepends on what kind of led it is19:41
wiktorek140mal:  in name - rgb, in specyfication  - dont know, in real  - binary white diode19:44
malyou can try white19:45
wiktorek140something other than baceend name should i change?19:47
wiktorek140hmm, start working, but it blink strange19:51
_svenbtw. nice led action on the geminipda while incoming call http://woelk.net/sw/video_2018-07-23_19-39-17.mp419:51
wiktorek140only for miliseconds19:51
wiktorek140mal:  some clues? on binary dont work. on white work strange20:11
wiktorek140mal: fixed. max_brightness return too high value20:20
wiktorek140create temp file with 1, and set it in config fix it20:20
neothefoxwhere can I adjust kernel boot options?20:25

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