Wednesday, 2018-07-25

myke-81Having problems with sailfishx build01:06
myke-81This doesn't work "DEVICE=$HABUILD_DEVICE rpm/dhd/helpers/ $DROIDMEDIA_VERSION" a) rpm/dhd doesn't exist, there's droid-hal-device, from mer-hybris/droid-hal-device b) even if I pull it from git, it refuses to build because out/..../lib/ is out/..../lib64/ c) I had to call DEVICE=$HABUILD_DEVICE bash -c 'rpm/dhd/helpers/pack_source_droidmedia-localbuild.s01:09
myke-81I spent several days building according to; recorded all the steps (I believe)01:13
myke-81But cannot finish it, certain parts still don't mesh01:14
myke-81Ok I got some answers from reading previous irc logs; but you better update the build guide, because people probably would ask that over and over01:32
myke-81That tar not installed problem I kinda figured it out myself01:32
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mgroverif i ran out of disk space making syspart, cleared some and ran again and it finished, will it be corrupted? or will it or will it of realised?09:53
abransonmgrover: i'd do that again. too many weird and wonderful things to go wrong with a possible incomplete syspart.10:36
karachunthere is some problems with audio on my port. LOS 14.1, Android 7.1.2.I'm running "pulseaudio" via terminal. And it says "failed to find a working profile"11:23
r0kk3rzmgrover: is this with aosp6?11:23
mgroverr0kk3rz, yeahh11:23
malkarachun: are you sure you provided correct parameters to pulseaudio when started it from commandline? you need to check the systemd service how to properly load it11:30
ohyashhey. is the cpu usage normal. Doesn't look like to me.
ohyashand usually this is what happens. One cpu heavy loaded. Some bits distributed over 3 more but usuallly 4 cpus are ideal.11:44
ohyashand phone lags11:44
ohyashand gets hot11:44
ohyasheven battery drains fast11:44
ohyashplay a video or open a few apps; Ram consumption goes nearly full11:46
malcpu usage looks normal, hearing doesn't sound good, maybe get full logs after reboot, dmesg, journalctl and logcat11:51
r0kk3rzalso try to identify which process are using the cpu11:54
malr0kk3rz: based on that top output nothing looks bad11:55
malone thing that could cause heating is that the power management doesn't work properly11:55
malso cpus could be running on full frequency all the time11:55
ohyashmal: the last 4 are always at 0% usage. I just played a HD video.11:55
maland maybe not even sleeping11:56
ohyashand the video playback lags a lil bit many times. Feels like its struggling11:57
demonaxshhi everyone11:58
demonaxshI do not have Wi-Fi on my device. Faq says that wifi needs to be building as a module, is it necessary? In the kernel config, I only have this:11:58
r0kk3rzmmm mtk12:00
demonaxshit's bad?))12:01
r0kk3rzabranson: can you remember a mediatek wifi fix?12:01
r0kk3rznot bad, just unusual12:02
T4<NotKit> demonaxsh, do you have /dev/wmtWifi?12:03
T4<NotKit> try echo 1 > /dev/wmtWifi12:03
demonaxshbash: echo: write error: Input/output error12:07
demonaxshcat: /dev/wmtWifi: Invalid argument12:07
demonaxshit's from root12:08
krnlyngdemonaxsh, "test_wifi 1"12:09
krnlyngany difference with that?12:10
demonaxsh[root@Sailfish nemo]# test_wifi 112:11
demonaxshCannot load driver (err -1)12:11
demonaxshWiFi driver load state: 012:11
krnlyngdemonaxsh, can you run getprop as root?12:11
demonaxsh[init.svc.wifi2agps]: [restarting]12:14
demonaxsh[init.svc.wmtLoader]: [stopped]12:14
demonaxshwifi2agps crashed and restarting again and again12:14
krnlyng[service.nvram_init]: [Pre_Ready]12:16
krnlyngi think that's the problem12:16
krnlyngtry "setprop ro.crypto.state encrypted; setprop vold.decrypt trigger_restart_framework"12:18
krnlyngthen run getprop again12:18
krnlyngdemonaxsh, wifi2agps crashes because it wants that droid-hal-init (or init in android) has PID 1. but droid-hal-init in sailfish doesn't have PID 1 so it crashes.12:19
krnlynglooks good now:12:21
krnlyng[service.nvram_init]: [Ready]12:21
krnlyngtry "test_wifi 1" now12:21
demonaxshCannot load driver (err -1)12:24
demonaxshWiFi driver load state: 012:24
demonaxshit's not helped12:25
krnlyngand the echo?12:25
krnlyngdemonaxsh, hmm12:26
krnlyngdemonaxsh, try "/system/bin/start wmtLoader" and "/system/bin/start nvram_daemon"12:26
krnlyngand afterwards test_wifi 1 again12:26
krnlyngor the echo12:27
demonaxshsystem crashed... reboot12:27
krnlyngon which one?12:27
demonaxshafter "/system/bin/start wmtLoader"12:27
krnlyngtry all commands except that wmtLoader :)12:28
T4<NotKit> maybe it's missing firmware? reboot and check dmesg right after echo 1 >12:30
demonaxsh"/system/bin/start nvram_daemon" not helped too, echo and test_wifi not worked12:37
demonaxsh(0)[696:mtk_wmtd][name:osal&][WMT-FUNC][E]wmt_func_wifi_on(651):WMT-FUNC: wmt call wlan probe fail(-1)12:41
ohyashwhy does it spawn so many lipstick instances :/13:34
r0kk3rzdefine 'so many'?13:35
ohyashr0kk3rz, seem to be around 20.
ohyash30 exacty13:38
ohyash30 exactly13:38
r0kk3rzlooks wrong13:41
ohyashthats a gig of RAM consumed for no user app running.13:41
r0kk3rzyeah there should be 1 of those, not 3013:44
ohyashwhat could be the culprit... :/13:46
r0kk3rzyou have a few too many rilds as well13:49
malr0kk3rz: or is that just showing each thread separately13:51
r0kk3rzthey have different PIDs13:51
malthere was some toggle to show threaded apps tree13:52
mal*as tree13:52
r0kk3rzsurely different pid means different process, but worth checking13:52
malr0kk3rz: I also see similar on my device13:53
malpressing "t" shows it in a much nicer way13:54
r0kk3rzif i want to check processes i just use ps13:54
OhYash_literally every app is calling it self.multiple times14:06
r0kk3rzare you sure they are seperate processes?14:06
OhYash_like mediaplayer is loaded, it would further spawn 20 more instances of itself14:06
OhYash_if 't' makes thread tree. then they are threads14:07
malOhYash_: those are threads14:07
malpress "t" in htop and it would look very different14:07
OhYash_yep threads then.14:08
malOhYash_: press H, it should toggle showing threads14:08
OhYash_yep. the multiple 'threads' are hidden now14:10
OhYash_I believe booster-silica does it?14:11
malI think it's just Qt, it uses threads a lot14:11
OhYash_ok then14:12
wiktorek140OhYash_: did u get gui up or before gui?14:43
OhYashwiktorek140: Got GUI up and most things running. :D15:58
wiktorek140OhYash: hmm, once i have similiar problem, rebuilding image helped somehow15:58
OhYashwiktorek140: Interesting tho. My GUI booted finally with some marcos that arent present in hadk and werent there in faq until then16:02
wiktorek140OhYash: better than nothing ;)16:03
OhYashmal added them to faq after going through my logs. I wonder if I ever would be able read huge logs and understand shit myself xD16:04
OhYashwiktorek140: yep16:05
wiktorek140OhYash: did your device reboot properly?16:15
OhYashhappens normal16:16
wiktorek140before this solution too?16:16
OhYashthe macro solution? to get to GUI? I guess nope. I wasnt able to telnet in after mal and elros mentioned plenty of mistakes in my configs.16:19
wiktorek140OhYash: i mean rebooting16:19
OhYashum. yes, I never had problems rebooting as far as I can remember. with or without GUI, with or.without other bugs16:20
OhYashwiktorek140: did you expect reboot problems in the begunning? :D16:22
wiktorek140OhYash: nope, my device have this problem, stuck somewhere between kernel and init ;)16:24
OhYashonly when you reboot?16:24
OhYashor always on everyboot?16:24
OhYashnow thats some problem xD16:25
wiktorek140poweroff and reboot from gui, reboot from console16:25
OhYashi remember earlier you got GUI but telnet wasnt woring16:25
OhYashwiktorek140: which kernel version?16:27
wiktorek140OhYash: yea, that was my fault, now i dont remember what done wrong16:27
wiktorek140OhYash: 3.10.4916:27
wiktorek140OhYash: old repo with hybris-boot :)16:28
wiktorek140and problem with reboot sometimes show on android too16:29
OhYashsome kernel flags are different in 3.10 as compared to 3.4 and the errors/warnings detector still displays 3.4 flags. I have 3 flags which were not present in the out of that thing16:30
wiktorek140OhYash: i have it too ;p16:30
OhYashoh xD16:30
wiktorek140but what else should be changed16:30
OhYashand you dont get logs either? from telnet16:31
OhYashor ssh16:32
wiktorek140i can get logs from telnet but how get logs when telnet is shuted down? ;p16:32
OhYashI wonder how do you get GUI working at times then.16:33
OhYashif you get GUI, you can do the same from terminal16:33
OhYashget logs from within device16:34
wiktorek140OhYash: i have previously on hybris12.1/13 nearly full working device16:34
wiktorek140and then telnet work16:34
OhYashsilly question, but your USB settings is set to developer mode right?16:34
OhYasholder hybris are better then xD16:35
wiktorek140yes, now is on developer mode16:35
wiktorek140i dont thing so, now are more stable for me ;)16:35
OhYashdoesnt look like that looking at your telnet problem16:36
OhYashssh works?16:36
wiktorek140OhYash: now working everything except reboot ;)16:37
OhYashaha! so it was not set to Developer mode and that was the problem xD16:38
OhYashyou may as well.stop.rebooting16:38
OhYashshutdown -> boot16:38
wiktorek140OhYash: what if i tell you usb settings are set to developer mode, and still cannot reboot fully?16:40
OhYashdeveloper mode is only for telnet xD16:41
OhYashreboot bug is weird16:42
OhYashI just saw it doesnt poweroff either16:42
OhYashhow about you do "reboot" from console (which wont work) and take logs after it.16:43
wiktorek140OhYash: listen now. i can exec reboot. it work correctly. everything stopping. screen goes blank. telnet,ssh,other communication canals shuted down. but device is still powered on16:45
wiktorek140only way to reboot is force power off vie key combination16:46
OhYashgot it17:03
malwiktorek140: not if that is better or worse than what I have, I can't poweroff a device, it always reboots17:03
wiktorek140mal: i thing its better because it work correctly in at least one way17:06
OhYashboth are weird problems. mal can't save battery when he wants xD17:06
OhYashwiktorek140: try systemctl reboot17:07
wiktorek140OhYash: nothing changed ;)17:08
OhYashor go root then shutdown -h now. (I havent tried both of these just firing ideas I get from the internet)17:08
OhYashasin 'shutdown -h now'17:09
malOhYash: I know exactly what component on the device causes that but not sure exactly why17:09
wiktorek140mal: can u tell what it is? maybe on my device is the same component17:10
OhYashmal: take that component out xDD17:11
masyaCan anyone help me with audio?17:12
malwiktorek140: I doubt it's the same, on fp2 it's the new updated camera module that is causing that, even on android17:14
malat least on lineageos17:14
wiktorek140mal: that is realy strange, but how you detect that?17:15
malby changing the camera module17:15
malit worked fine when using the old module but new module has that issue17:15
malfp2 is a modular device17:16
OhYashwiktorek140: Not really useful here but this gives a history of shutdown requests :: $ cat /var/log/systemboot.log17:16 nothing is trustworthy17:16
wiktorek140mal: so you right, in my device its exist in all branch since 12.1 so i dont thing so its camera17:16
malmasya: maybe give some information what we can use, like describe the problem and tell which device and android base and provide logs, for example journalctl and make sure it contains messages from pulseaudio17:17
wiktorek140mal: if shutdown get Reason unknown what that can mean?17:19
masyamal: Audio is not working. Android 7.1.2, Lineage OS 14.117:21
malwhich device17:21
masyamal: Device is Xiaomi Redmi 317:22
malalso provide link to device repo17:22
mal(the lineageos device repo)17:22
OhYashwiktorek140: should be normal. My systemboot.log shows Reason Unknown for startup17:23
malmasya: add this file and then copy this to /etc/audio_policy.conf
malmasya: the first one goes to /etc/pulse/arm_droid_card_custom.pa17:25
wiktorek140masya: silly question, gstreamer and audioflingerglue builded ?17:27
malwiktorek140: not related17:27
masyawiktorek140: of course17:28
piggzlo all17:41
wiktorek140mal:  should be console in kernel comand line empty?17:45
wiktorek140when i cat /proc/cmdline in parameter console get null17:49
wiktorek140but in android config file i have ttyHSL017:49
malwiktorek140: so what exactly is the problem you are trying to solve with that?18:00
wiktorek140mal:  no clue with my problem so just asking and googling about stuff ;) maybe something can help with that18:01
malwiktorek140: so you are trying to solve issues that are not really an issue?18:02
wiktorek140mal: probably yes ;)18:03
malwhy did you even start looking at kernel commandline?18:03
wiktorek140i was just curious18:04
pseudodevCan't send signal 11 to application [22985] while launching video camera18:23
pseudodevany ideas?18:23
NeKitdemonaxsh, just in case, is /etc/firmware symlinked to /system/etc/firmware?19:07
NeKitthis was an easy fix on some MTK device19:07
ohyash_anyway I can use android apps on my community build?19:09
ohyash_or just whatsapp if possible19:09
NeKityour best change is porting Anbox, check #sfdroid19:10
NeKitbut it's not in daily usage ready state, I think19:11
ohyash_NeKit, Anbox is a desktop-first application and for the past 2 days I've been trying to run it on desktop. It just wont run at all. I am very suspicious of the sailfish port because of that19:12
malI have it running on a sailfish phone so it's possible :)19:13
ohyash_Infact I wont need a sailfish android solution if a single one of all these apps run on my ArchLinux desktop19:13
ohyash_mal, alrighty. I'll try if I have no other option.19:15
ohyash_but considering sailfish is not running very well on my device. How does anbox perform over sailfish installation/19:15
ohyash_mal, this link from sailfish-anbox etherpad is dead :
r0kk3rzits in its own repo now19:23
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malr0kk3rz: I think the patches are "lost" i.e. not in any repo anymore, need to dig those from git history19:26
r0kk3rznot these ones?
r0kk3rzbut if not, we've got them in git
malr0kk3rz: that repo contains the modules not the patches19:46
ohyash_Mister_Magister, is your libpurple facebook messenger plugin working still?19:49
Mister_Magisterohyash_: dunno i dropped it19:49
Mister_Magistershould be19:49
Mister_Magisteri mean libpurple plugin itself from obs is working fine19:49
ohyash_Facebook keeps changing its services thats what I was wondering19:50
Mister_Magisterim developing now libpurple client and im using it so19:50
ohyash_Mister_Magister, I may go with separate client then. Where's it?19:51
Mister_Magisterit isnt19:51
Mister_Magister doesnt exist19:51
Mister_Magisternot released19:51
ohyash_Ah damn thing. There's literally no single way of me getting android(specifically whatsapp) apps at the moment unless I move back to android/lineage19:55
r0kk3rzyeah whatsapp is evil20:07

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