Friday, 2018-07-27

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masyaI have installed Gstreamer for my port. But Camera app and Browser are still not work. Xiaomi Redmi 3, LOS-14.1, Android 7.1.208:35
r0kk3rzmasya: check logcat08:42
masyamaybe the problem is here '"" wasn't loaded and RTLD_NOLOAD prevented it'09:07
r0kk3rzmasya: post the full logcat output when launching camera or playing a video or something09:22
masyatrying to launch browser09:38
TheKitmasya, you need Adreno quirks in hybris09:43
masyaok. I'll try. Thanks09:51
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TheKitis there a way to debug sound distortion issues? on Helio X10 MediaTek device, it plays, but there are extra clicks/noises and I think it plays slower than it should19:42
TheKitI tried setting sample rate both to 48000 (Gemini PDA is fine with this for comparison) and 44100, but it doesn't help19:43

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