Saturday, 2018-07-28

OrokuSakiSo... just to be sure... use CyanogenMod instead of Lineage?02:13
r0kk3rzyou can use lineage if you want07:43
r0kk3rzOrokuSaki: ^^07:43
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masyaHelp me please with GPS. Log is there . is in folder $ANDROID_ROOT/vendor/xiaomi/ido/proprietary/vendor/lib6411:23
ghosalmartinmal: for the android 8 x build, did you guys use 4.4 kernel?16:18
masyaHelp me please with GPS. Log is there . is in folder $ANDROID_ROOT/vendor/xiaomi/ido/proprietary/vendor/lib6417:08
masyaLOS 14.1, Android 7.1.217:08
mallogcat is the more interesting log for gps, that looked ok to me17:45
maldoes test_gps work?17:45
branek_mal: Hi... all sensors working ok on dumpling (OnePlus 5T)... thanks for previous help... now I started with 13.2 13.2 chaptersof HADK...18:04
branek_mal: but not sure should I uild it as in HADK or _32 bits version? How to know that?18:04
branek_tried to follow HADK, but have a problem with Waiting for service ""18:05
masyayes. Logs from test_gps
_sventhanks to krnlyng/netkit, we have a working wifi update for geminipda18:13
krnlyng_sven, suspend?18:15
_svenno more reconnects when closing the device18:17
_sveni will watch for battery drain18:18
masyaany idea?
malthat doesn't seem to have errors, you still didn't show output of logcat (/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat)21:05
malwhether the missing library is an error or not is not certain21:06
malyou did try outside or in a place where you are sure satellites can be seen21:07
masyathere are many errors like "CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE "/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/miniafservice": "/system/lib64/" is 64-bit instead of 32-bit"21:23
maldid you build correct version of miniaf stuff? how did you build those?21:26
masyaI built those according to latest HADK guide21:28
malbut how eaactly?21:28
malbecause to me that indicates you might have built 64-bit libs21:29
masyamake -jXX $(external/droidmedia/ $PORT_ARCH)21:30
malwhat device is that?21:31
masyaexternal/droidmedia/ returns "libdroidmedia minimediaservice minisfservice libminisf"21:31
masyaXiaomi Redmi 321:31
malalways use codenames devices, I'm not going to search the device repos based on that21:32
mal*for devices21:32
masyaxiaomi ido21:32
malmaybe try building 32-bit versions libdroidmedia_32 minimediaservice minisfservice libminisf_3221:35
maland miniafservice libminiaf_3221:35
masyaOk. I'll try. Thanks for help.21:36
branek_mal: this is logcat after built droid-media and pulseaudio...
branek_mal: camera sometimes starts, but all is black, but most of the time, it fails without error, after 10 seconds of strating-up...22:07
branek_any hint?22:07
malwhat android base is that?22:07
malI'll see if I'll have time to check the log tomorrow22:09
branek_ok... thanks...22:10
krnlyng_sven, cool :)22:32
_svenkrnlyng: Battery drain: 18:22 97% after enabling wifi and update the device, 20;10 94%, 21:43 85%, 0:00 76%, now 00:36 74%, device closed, same IP since last reboot 19:1922:37
_svenmy X has 83%, both devices were released from charger at the same time at about 13:00 yesterday. X with daily use of wifi/4G enabled, some browser activities and 2 calls22:49
krnlyng_sven, check what keeps the device from suspending in journal logs? i noticed that geminipda uses CONFIG_MTK_COMBO_CHIP_CONSYS_6797 which might need some extra or different handling22:51
_svenkrnlyng: journalctl -f output or do you need something special?22:53
krnlyng_sven, also mcetool --get-suspend-stats please to get an idea23:25
krnlyng_sven, i will return in some hours, time to sleep :)23:25

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